I would turn the sink on, and close my eyes, and I would pretend that I was under water. That I was floating in a pool or something at the bottom. It was all quiet, just floating there and couldn’t hear anything. No one could get to me. No one could touch me. I was safe. Did it make things better? No, but it made me forget how bad things were.

I need more blogs to follow!!!!

I constantly feel like my dash is lacking content for a lot of the things i’m interested in, so I need some new people to follow! feel free to like/reblog if you post any of the following:

-steven universe
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🍵 for the au thing (also klance and shallura :D)

🍵 : A coffee/tea house AU

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hey can i just say: i think its amazing & lovely how popular faranda is on here like…. 90% of ppl i follow here ship it + im super glad about that….. 

in general as a gay dude, i feel pretty catered to in fandom spaces (m/m ships are usually popular in like. every fandom) and i always feel super sad for my wlw friends cus the ships w girls get overlooked so muchhh in sooo many fandom spaces but ?? in my corner of the dghda fandom at least, faranda really seems to be taking off in a big way and i’m so happy for all of you girls who like girls out there!

we should really, as a fandom, do like a faranda week next month or something w art and fics and whatnot because?? good ship?? the goodest ship, even??

A little artist PSA post here, adding to 50 thousand posts just like it on this site

DO NOT. I repeat do not trace, copy, edit/ etc someone else’s work and then post (or use in any way) as your own.  My art is for ME, my characters are for ME, and my stories are for ME.  If it does not say “use with credit”, “if you use it please credit” or anything like that in the art’s description.You DO NOT use it. unless you have permission from me. Especially if it’s my (or someone elses) OCs. Again I have to say it: That was not cool.

I don’t care how “It looks exactly like my OC!” ,I don’t care how you didn’t post it directly and how it might not have been a “big deal” to you. I’m sure you thought that I would never see but guess what, I saw it. And it bothered me. 

The reasons are A. you went directly to my blog and saw it and said “I want this” and took it without even considering how i’d feel. B. You then edited my art (poorly) to make it your character, your art, your blog’s face, when it wasn’t in the first place. C. the fact you didn’t post it directly (yet) tells me how much you knew it wasn’t okay. You coward =).

Anyways that’s all I have to say on the matter (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
*leans into the mic* Please do not copy, trace, repost, edit/etc any of my art (or OCs) K thanks!