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Ooh, I noticed there are some active trashing of Sherlock new episodes going on around here. While the posts are very tempting, as I do have the urge to rant about stuff that don’t make sense, I don’t quite think it does any good for me (or you, if you want to think about it) to dive in after the negativeness to soak myself in it. It leads no where, except to make myself angrier (and feeling justified about my anger?). Seems pointless, when I am quite sure that I don’t like the episodes. lol

So, while I do not love the new episodes (except TLD), I’d just continue to reblog bits (mainly John related bits) that I like etc. x

Bts’ Jin During and After a Fight!

Shouting: During fights Jin would barely raise his voice at all because he isn’t an aggressive person even when he is mad, the only time when he would is if you aren’t letting him get a word in and not allowing him to voice his opinion on the topic of the argument; even then it would only be slightly louder just so you will stop talking and let him say what he wants to say.

Mannerisms: While in a fight Jin would tap his foot pretty sassily because all he wants is for you to give in and admit that you’re both wrong and promise that you will, along with him, try to change so you can have a stronger relationship. Most of the time he doesn’t even care about the topic of the argument anymore, just about being alright and back to normal again since he hates arguments and values your happiness over his pride so he will give in and admit defeat most of the time.

Main reason for fights: Your health. He constantly worries for your health and it sometimes causes trouble because either you aren’t looking after yourself so he confronts you or he gets so pressuring, acting like your mum so much that you snap and he gets upset and it causes strain.

After: If he has given in and admitted defeat he will hang his head and apologise to you in a low soft voice before opening his arms for a hug of apology. If on the off chance he has decided he just can’t back down on his opinion he still wouldn’t be the type to leave because he still wants to sort out the issue. He would calmly say he is going to make dinner so they can finish talking over a plate of his delicious food, hopefully in a less upsetting manner.

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I decided to split this ask into 7 parts, one for each member, since it was so long. The others will be uploaded through the weekend!

-Love from Ailee <3

Finished Not Perfect
My mantra: Finished Not Perfect This video was edited by Kesh: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLMkh2PYXpQh52d3m2bzNNA Thanks for putting this together Kesh...

Back to normal programming soon… but I feel like this is an important thing to watch if you’re anything like me and struggle to put pen to paper.

My output of anything at all greatly reduced over the past few years because I’ve become self-conscious about doing anything that didn’t come up to the standards I set myself (so… everything I do!). I spend a lot of time comparing myself to my peers and artists I follow online, many of whom are a lot younger than me and already far better. Sketching and practicing felt like admitting how shit I am to myself and everybody else, so I avoided it altogether, and left larger things unfinished as soon as I hit any kind of snag or disappointment. I’m trying to swallow my pride and say HEY LOOK I’m nearly 29 and I still make a shit ton of mistakes and fuck up hands and I can’t draw faces.

The mantra ‘finished, not perfect’ has really hit the nail on the head. It’s painful to remind myself of my failings and how I haven’t worked as hard as I could have, but to confront them is the only way I can overcome them in the end.

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I have a cold at the moment and I've kinda lost my voice (partially) but its really horrible for me because I do a lot of singing and I use my voice to work out notes when I'm playing an instrument. What should I do?

What kind of question is that? Just rest and wait for your voice to come back.

Byakuya, be nicer!

What Byakuya said is true though, the only thing to do right now is to rest and take care of your throat. Don’t try to talk or to sing, you just need to wait a bit and things will come back to normal.

Fight Them Soft (Credence Barebone x Reader)

A/N: Based on a request for a Credence imagine where the Hufflepuff reader has recently graduated from Hogwarts and is Newt’s assistant. Hope you like it!

You had only been travelling with Newt for six months when the events in New York began. Being a very recent graduate of Hogwarts, you were slightly intimidated by the highly experienced wizards around you. You were a timid Hufflepuff, barely an adult. Being thrown into the situation wasn’t exactly the best thing that could have happened, but it did.

However, you were able to create a connection with Credence that helped him control his obscurus. You weren’t sure what was happening as you stood beside Newt in the subway station, your voice seeming to calm the scared young man. Once back in his normal form, he collapsed onto the ground, you immediately rushing to his side. It was a connection that only grew stronger as you helped him learn to control his magic.

“How is he?” Tina asked as you entered her apartment. Credence had stepped in a moment before, Queenie pulling him into the kitchen to discuss what the plans for the evening were. Newt stood beside Tina, his light eyes flickering across your face as he searched for any alarming changes.

“Really well, I believe,” you told her, a soft smile on your face as you watched him laugh at something Queenie had said. “He’s happier and calm. It helps to keep his emotions under control so he can control the obscurus.”

“There’s been no… accidents?” Newt questioned nervously.

He hadn’t been monitoring your sessions with Credence as you attempted to help him, and Newt wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. He worried that throwing you into something so challenging so soon would only lead to pain, but he didn’t dare intrude on your time with Credence.

“I am very happy to report that everything is under control,” you said with a large grin. “He’s doing brilliant, Newt. You would be proud if you observed one of our sessions.”

“Perhaps tomorrow?” Newt suggested as you began to head into the kitchen.

“Sounds perfect.”

Queenie sent you a large grin as you sat at the table across from Credence, your foot softly nudging his. You noticed his cheeks flush slightly, his eyes locking with yours before he looked down at his lap.

“Credence tells me you’ve been nothing short of a dream these past few months,” Queenie murmured as she used her magic to pour you a glass of water.

“Well, it’s easy when you work with the right person. He’s doing all the hard work, I’m just there for support.”

“That’s not true,” Credence spoke up quietly, his head raising so he could look at you. “You’re a lot more than just support to me.”

“He’s telling the truth, you know,” Queenie piped up. She knew about the feelings the both of you were harboring for each other, and she also knew that you were both too scared to say anything.

Queenie finished dinner as Newt and Tina sat down, her mind carefully sifting through your thoughts as she worked. It wasn’t until after dinner that she finally had enough of the thoughts from Credence about how much he wished he was good enough for you.

“Get out of your head,” she ordered gently as she pulled him into the hallway. You had gone to the living room with Newt and Tina and had no clue what Queenie was saying.

“W-What?” Credence stammered out. He felt his longer hair hanging in his eyes and quickly brushed it away. “I d-don’t know what-”

“You’re in love with Y/N,” she interrupted with a twinkle in her eyes. “You have to tell her, honey. Trust me, she won’t turn you down.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. I’ll go tell her you need her help with something. You go on to the guest room and I’ll send her in!“

Queenie scurried away, a light skip in her step as she realized that she was helping to ignite a flame that had been there for months. Once in the living room, she sat by your side on the couch and quietly told you where Credence was. You thanked her and headed off to find him; Queenie let out a squeal as soon as you were out of the room.

“What are you up to?” Tina questioned curiously, looking at her sister with a slightly scared expression.

Credence sat nervously on one of the beds in the room, his hands shaking as he tried to take deep breaths. He had never been so anxious in his life. Of course he wanted to tell you he loved you, but he was terribly afraid that you would turn him away. He knew he wouldn’t be able to live without you by his side, your soothing voice whispering in his ear how proud you were of him. He had grown accustomed to your presence and kindness.

“Is everything alright?” You cautiously asked as you stepped into the room. You gently shut the door before moving to sit beside him on the bed.

“I-I need to tell you something,” he whispered, voice wavering from nerves.

“Credence,” you began softly, turning to cup his cheeks in his hands. “You’re scaring me. What’s wrong?”

His mind raced, all sane thoughts escaping him as he stared into your mesmerizing eyes. He glanced down at your lips, his face leaning towards you subconsciously. When his lips brushed against yours, he let out a sigh of relief before kissing you with a tenderness you had never experienced before. The kiss was unlike the others you had had before you met Credence, and you were thankful. His mouth moving against yours showed you that the connection between you two was more than just a type of support system. It was real. It was love.

“I adore you, Y/N,” he breathed out when you pulled away. His forehead rested against yours, his eyes shut as he attempted to organize his thoughts. “I want this with you. I’ve never felt like this before, and I want to share this with you. You have changed my life completely, and I can’t pretend that I’m not overwhelmed by the love I have for you.”

“Bloody hell, I love you so much,” you sighed lovingly before crashing your lips together again.

Credence Barebone may not have had the most perfect life, but it was perfect with you in it.

"The girl who used to be your best friend changed her profile picture"

We stopped talking to each other entirely six months ago. Two years ago I let her stay at my house so she could finish high school in her homeland. While she stayed in my home she had a certain attitude and disrespect towards my family who would give her a roof for nine months. My family didn’t ask her for anything she would just clean after herself. After graduation she went to live with her family and we stopped talking because everything between us was left in a really bad place,but a year ago she contacted me again. I forgave her, we went back to normal for five months, but then she asked me if she could stay at my house again just so we could pass our summer vacation together to repay me everything for letting her stay to finish school. I would have let her, but my mother said no and I felt so bad that I couldn’t answer her question for an entire week. After I told her that she couldn’t stay she blocked me everywhere and didn’t reply to my last message.

Today she re-opened her old facebook and an hour later she had already blocked me. I know I did wrong by taking so long to tell her whether she could stay or not, but after everything I had allowed her to do to me for years, the emotional state she put me through; I couldn’t let her in again and I’m relieved she didn’t even try contacting me. I don’t know if would have been able to go through the same thing and not speak my mind. I don’t want to break her by making her realize how much she broke me.

It'll Be... "Perfect".

Request: Draco x reader. Can you please write a Very smutty fic. Draco has been made Captian of the quidditch team. His girlfriend. Who’s a beater for the team. They meet in the prefects bath room and have sex

Here it is! Thank you for sending your request in! ((:

Warnings: Smut, Language.


You had a long week of quidditch practice. Today was a little less stressful because all you did was go over plays. You also happened to get a new team captain and that just happened to be Draco.

You were the beater for the Slytherin and with Draco being the new captain. He was much more controlling. You liked this side of him.

You were in the locker rooms changing back into your normal, everyday clothes. Before slipping on your shirt, you felt arms slither around your waist and you gasped when he did. You turned around to see who it was and your eyes locker with Draco’s familiar blue ones.

“Dray, what are you doing in here?” You laughed. You were the last one to change. It was like this everyday. You just felt very uncomfortable and self conscious about your body so you waited for everybody to be done before changing.

“Can I not come and check on my baby girl?” He asked huskily. Draco knew being called ‘baby girl’ was one of your turn ons. You bit your lip. Arousal began pooling between your legs. You felt the familiar dampness, and so did Draco.

A quiet moan escaped your lips and Draco smirked. “N-not here…” you said shakily. He nodded and grabbed your hand knowing exactly where to take you. You grabbed your things and ran behind him as he pulled your arm. He was very eager for whatever he had planned.

Once reaching the school, you both made your way through the halls. You were almost out of breath by the time you arrived back to your dormitories.

“Not just yet.” He whispered. Draco lead you to the Perfects room. You gasped and shook your head. Even if you were a Slytherin and you tended to get in trouble a lot, this was just one thing you could not do.

“Dray, we can’t. Not here. What if they co-”

“Relax. Everybody is eating. We’ll be fine.” He cut you off with a smirk. His lips crashed to yours. That familiar spark jolted your body to be more awake. You began stripped each other from your clothes without breaking the kiss. The only time you did so was to take off your shirts. You both stumble your way to one of the few beds that were in that room.

Draco pinned you down and began marking you as his. Moans escaped your lips as he began to suck on your sweet spot. After leaving a dark, purple bruise, his lips made their way down your chest and to your inner thigh.

He nipped at them slightly causing you to move under his touch. His tongue teased your folds before he began to tongue fuck you. Your moans filled the silent air. You had to cover your own mouth while Draco was busy doing his current actions while holding your legs down to stop you from moving.

It wasn’t long before he was placing himself at your entrance. He gave a reassuring look like he always did and you gave a small nod. You could see the lust in his eyes.

Draco wasn’t careful this time. His movements were deep and fast. Your hands moved to the sheets, gripping them tightly. You bit your lip violently as you were sure you had drawn blood. This was a different side of Draco. But, nonetheless, you enjoyed it.

You heard him mutter under his breath and before you knew it, you both reached your climaxes at the same time. His thrusts became slower and sloppy as he finished. You and Draco both had unsteady breathing. He smiled at you and placed a soft, delicate kiss on your lips.

He grabbed you and his clothes. Once dressed you went to go stand up but your legs felt completely like jello. Draco was shocked and he laughed slightly. You felt your face get hot and you reached your arms up signalling him to carry you. He picked you up bridal style and you quietly left the room.

Walking into the girls dormitory, you heard voices inching closer and closer. He lead you to your bed and set you down carefully. You scooted over for him to lay with you and he accepted. Eventually all of the other Slytherin girls come in and once they saw you, they got quiet. With the silence, you both fell asleep.

I’m watching the news with my mom and suddenly the screen glitched for a few seconds and I was like “moRIARTY IS THAT YOU FINALLY?” but then it went back to normal but like ajdkakj I’m tinhatting so hard, it’s driving me insane.

It was a little weird how Sherlock going to therapy was a big reveal at the end of that one episode, and then it was never touched on again. Just like him relapsing. It’s all shock factor with no follow up. Did he stop going after John absolved him of his guilt over causing Mary’s death? It seems like that guilt was in part internal, but I guess it was only directly linked to John’s reaction because as soon as John changed his mind, Sherlock was back to normal again.

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One time my mom sent me a 3 paragraph email about how I never talk to her anymore and she's sorry for whatever she did, but it's best if she tried to stay out of my life from now on. She didn't talk to me for 3 days. Then one day she slipped up and said something to me, said "I guess I'm not doing a very good job staying out of your life", and things went back to normal?? So I feel you. Three cheers for childish moms who thrive on the drama.

lmao this is amazing. and also this is literally my mom. she would make a huge deal about a small thing but she’ll forget about it the next day. oh moms, we learn to love them just the way they are.

Friends! Read this if we chat regularly ^-^

It seems that all my relationship connections have been limited or weakened, likely related to my period of rest and rejuvenation. 

If we are chatting and things aren’t quite the same, it’s not you and it’s not me. It’s our astral connection that has lost power.

I anticipate things will be back to normal within a week.

Brighten Your Day

Summary: College!AU: You skip class and instead opt for going to the grocery store for your parents, where you meet a certain boy who works there. 

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2960

A/N: So I actually already had this written, but wasn’t going to post it. But because I’ve been a terrible human being, I’ve decided to go ahead and post it. My first week of school is almost over and my final designs for my show are due today so everything will go back to normal after today. Thanks for being patient and I love you!

Warnings: Sassiness (?)

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There is one thing that specifically compelled me to stay home today. It’s called waking up. Just like most mornings, it is always lurking and has a terrible sound that it makes.

“Hey, Y/N, were you planning on at least waking up to give me a semi-believable excuse for not going to school today?” My dad asked with the most sarcastic voice I heard from him all day.

“Oh, my dear father, you would not understand the pain that exists in this tiny body of mine. It’s so unimaginable I could never possibly explain it to you.” I said in response with my most believable soap opera, dramatic voice and then collapsed back onto the bed.

“Well, I am so glad I got to see you before the end of your days.” He made his exit just as any abnormal dad would. My Dad was like that. He didn’t care about what I did. As long as he could follow in the fun.

My mom was the other parent. Not the super strict parent, but a good compliment to my dad. Every now and then she’ll join in on the fun, but she likes to remind us that she actually lives with two children instead of one.

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Fresh calm down i actually learned a lot of words from you too. I use them to replace cuss words when i get upset. My little sisters are now wary of 90's lingo. So thanks for helping me out with that.

Fresh’s expression goes back to normal. “Oh, well okay then. That’s a radical choice, my friend. Stay frosty!” He points finger guns in your direction. “But we can’t have Red going around and being a straight up bad influence on other people, now can we? I think he still needs a talking to.”

I’m just really upset about everything that’s going on politically honestly. I’ve tried to avoid it, but it’s going to impact too many things and harm too many people for me to bury my head in the sand just to feel a little more comfortable. This coming administration is going to do astronomical damage to our government, our citizens, and how we function as a country. The effects of this will be felt years after he is out of office. Things won’t just go back to normal. I’m scared for everyone. I’m not hopeful. The outlook is very grim and I can’t pretend like it isn’t.

important announcement!!

so, i’m very sick. ( i don’t want to delve into this too much in this post but if you have questions you can im me. ) i’m currently going through chemo therapy but monday will be my very last treatment session!! i’m really excited but nervous. so, in order to prepare for that, i won’t be around here as much. i will be going on semi-hiatus. my replies have been very selective and i haven’t been on much at all. i should be back to normal around mid-next week.

you can find me on any of these or on my aim: kczama

thank you all for your patience with me.