((avoiding homework))

Group chats
  • Person A: I'm avoiding my homework
  • Person B: chuck e cheese is an Aquarius.
  • Person C: look at my dog!!
  • Person D: death is near.

40 years later, you return to this spot. You are much older and have made many decisions in your lifetime, but this is the only one that haunts you. It was an impossible situation, an unwinnable conundrum. Even though you tell yourself you made the right choice, you continue to wrestle with the decision. Perhaps, in another life, you would feel differently. But this is not another life, this is reality. The reality with the conclusion you chose.

“Is it possible to move on?” you ask yourself.


Every time I see this tweet going around I think of this, and as far as I’m aware no-one’s done this before…

(I know it’s not the actual source but the tweet has been flying around this website under so many different re-posts this is all I got)


Just Imagine

Imagine Voltron in its first fight against Prince Lotor, and Lotor somehow is able to comunicate (maybe he got one of his cronies to hack Voltron’s communication system). So the entire time Voltron is fighting, they hear Lotor making snide comments in the background, like “Is that the best you have?” “My father must have been weak if he couldn’t squash you like the bugs you are.” And it looks like the Galra are going to win, and Voltron is about to lose when Lotor makes a remark about how, after he kills Voltron, earth is next one to go.

And Lance fucking looses it.

Suddenly, enemy ships are being cut and frozen left and right, the number of Galra ships decreasing rapidly. All the while Lance is screaming over the intercom, saying things in English and Spanish alike. But everyone, including Lotor, gets the gist of what he is trying to say:

“Get anywhere near earth and I will fuck you up.”

Lotor never hacked into Voltron’s communication system again.