Auuugh! I wrote all this up once and the post got lost because I discovered a pile of ants and then my computer died while I was rushing around trying to save my food ;___________;  I’ll put some of it here until I can remember everything else i had typed, I’ve forgotten now!

Names:Wyatt Crosskill //  Honore Velez //  Pluma Rocío

Ages: Crosskill 31 //  Rocío 28 //  Velez 25


Crosskill has an older brother in Idris.

Velez doesn’t talk about his family.

Rocío has a young son named Pascual who lives secretly with a mundane sheriff in the south.


Sorry I haven’t been up to posting much, I’m going through some growing pains right now but not all of them are bad! I’ll be closing up my shop for the holidays at the end of the month, but wanted to post here first incase you guys wanted a look at some of the new stuff! Your support means so much to me always, hope you’re taking care <3


Show me your Eros.

It had been a difficult enough challenge on the ice. Here, in the close quarters of Viktor’s room, it meant something else entirely.

Yuuri heard his own voice as though from a great distance, before he could second-guess himself.


Moments blurred. His hand on Viktor’s chest, gently pushing him onto the bed. The pale eyebrows raised in surprise. Viktor’s hand sliding up his arm, pulling him down with him.

He remembered to breathe.

Some time passed, and Yuuri’s hand moved lower. Viktor made a sound beneath him, pressing his face to the pillow, eyes closed. Something tightened in Yuuri’s stomach: a sudden clarity, of knowing what he himself wanted. His free hand caressed Viktor’s cheek.

“Look at me,” he said softly.

Viktor’s eyelashes fluttered. A memory stirred, perhaps, of that fateful night, now many months behind them, before Viktor had pledged to stay. For several heartbeats, Yuuri feared he had asked too much, too soon–to be met out on this unknown edge of vulnerability.

But Viktor’s lips were curving into a smile against Yuuri’s thumb. He tilted his face back, a faint flush on his cheeks, eyes opening. For a moment Yuuri was lost in their pale blue. He forgot to breathe.

Vsegda,” said Viktor.

“He’s so beautiful…”

(mabel in the background “MATCH MADE!” and pacifica just having her jaw dropped)

i can’t get enough of this au auuugh

i love the little mermaid and i can’t believe i just rewatched all 3 movies AGAIN.

(BTW bill isn’t in fact unconscious he’s just pretending to be, so he’s thoughts are just “I’m beautiful??! what about you mysterious gorgeous angel fish whom i would just love to know more about” lol )

My friend just got a series of asks full of “evidence” how feferi was abusive and deserved to be killed. Paired with reasoning that it makes them uncomfortable that other people like her. And I have had a bad day so I will just start with; AUUUGH!

People SUCK at fandom ethics!!! THEY ARE SO BAD AT IT!!

This is not how any of this works. You can’t put the text in your context but not the metatext. People aren’t going to like this, but there’s no two ways about it; Andrew Hussie is not a great dude. People have been talking for years and years about when Homestuck becomes racist and sexually inappropriate and it has had 0 impact. His narrative is a moral crapshoot. He has a long history of racist and sexist work that stumbled upon an audience that challenged him to do better by pure accident. Every goddamn character is morally compromised because they don’t have any actual agency and are being written by a particularly fallible goblin. But we come after women for having the wrong interpretation of a girl that was murdered?

You know how there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism? Where there’s no goddamn ethical meta about which thirteen year old characters are moral that makes any sense in a story written by a guy who has made this many fucked up choices. It is plainly bizarre.

Observations about real-world problems like ableism, abuse and racism are meaningful. But the lived experiences of who you’re talking to matter more than a canon that never did a very good job of talking about these things to begin with, and never had the right to. Transformative work and reinterpretation by women, poc and abuse victims is Homestuck’s only hope to be morally coherent. Literally do whatever you want with this messed up text, it has nothing to offer that isn’t improved by your insight. Sometimes our interpretations aren’t going to sit well with each other, but that should be fine

Trying to get your way with other fans based on something some douchebag wrote is just. Silly. Homestuck’s canon is the shittiest possible prybar you could use to crack the nut of moral authority, and arguments about “u can’t do that bc you have to acknowledge character X’s behavior” start to make less and less sense the further you get from the most cut and dry cases. And the thing is? I don’t think Andrew Hussie even wants his shit to be taken that seriously.

So I don’t know if any of my followers read The Captive Prince, but I’m obsessed! I’m not completely finished. I reached chapter 20 of The Prince’s Gambit and then stopped. I want to prolong reaching the end as long as I can ;A; but I just needed to sketch out my vision for Laurent and Damen.

God I can’t wait till book 3….

Auuugh no. No, Rogue One does not have a trio. It has an ensemble. Don’t start that, ‘cause you’re cutting out amazing characters by reducing the RO cast to a trio ala the main saga.

Stuck :: Open!

He’d been walking for hours - desperately trying to lose himself in his own thoughts as he wandered through Montreal, getting utterly lost more than once. Bee’s leg was aching in its prosthetic, and his limp was so much more pronounced with every step. The sun had risen now, so it had to have been about 7AM - He’d left home at 3. Ridiculous.
Bee had to take a moment to rest, leaning up against a brick wall, hand firmly gripping it as he stood on his stronger leg. He was trying to either find his way home, or to a bus stop, or just something - the moron having forgotten to take his phone with him to call a cab.

Despite the concern that he might be bothering someone, he piped up to the first person he saw on the street, a little awkwardly.
“Hi, excuse me, sorry, I don’t mean to bother you, but I’m struggling to find my way home, and uhm, I can’t find a bus stop? Can you help me?”


Remember that post I made explaining that the henchmaniacs sometimes bully Dipper? That’s uh- probably not a thing anymore. 

Besides someone has to instill Dipper with self-confidence and that someone’s not going to be Bill for a while

Bill’s mostly frustrated because auuugh it’s so hard to make Dipper LIKE him but everyone else makes it so easy it’s almost like you have to treat someone like an actual person to gain their respect or something what the hell is this

alright, friends….everyone knows I love fanart. You know it. I know it. And this is not calling out anyone in particular. But let’s…..let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that every time I’ve drawn Lapis in colour in Soviet Spies AU I very purposefully give her darker skin.

Granted, I am myself sometimes lazy/forgetful when drawing her (I will be the first to put my hand up). Oftentimes I don’t even bother with shading or making her hair dark at all (there are quite a few times this happens). Other times I look back and think to myself “auuugh!! I definitely should’ve darkened her skin tone more and it’s too late now to go back and change it!” 

So, let’s all be better about this.

Reaction to hearing “No pussy for a week!” from their female s/o.

~Admin Vivi-tan


“My, is this your way of punishing me? And here I was hoping to give you the time of your life tonight.”


“Wh-What did you just say?!”


“…! You wish to deprive me of my sexual needs? Hmph, then so be it.”


“But that’s so mean, (Y/N)… at least let me play with you for a little bit.”


“H-Hey! Forgive me already.”


“Auuugh… the darkness you have dealt has wounded my soul!”


“Pussy? Cats are adorable and all, but I think I’d rather be spending my time with you, (Y/N)!”


“A-Are you certain you won’t reconsider, milady?”


“A week? …Fine, no matter. Instead of you, I’ll just occupy my whole entire time reading books.”


“…My apologies. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.”


“That’s… unfortunate. I was looking forward to having you in my bed tonight, little princess.”