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ok, I love Life is Strange, but I have to say… it reeeeally skeeves me out that every single girl in the school (besides alyssa who’s only purpose is to be eeyore and have the world dump all over her constantly) is the same super thin, flat chested waif bodytype….

george holly & the sr malven (what’s his name? oh ya idc) are having a little tizzy and i don’t care why (something about george fucked his old gf???) and I’m not paying attention bc idc sooo I’m just going to pretend that george & sr malven fucked and someone didn’t stay for breakfast and now it’s Super Awkward

Still feel like a zombie but managed to pull off an O2S clear with the guys. The only part of it I routinely had trouble with is the mechanic where you have to face the right direction so you get blown out into the right spot……I am pretty sure I died 100% of the time on that. The rest is honestly just a far more Extra version of the normal mode fight, but I’m very lucky to have had a good leader calling everything out.

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Hi so who even is darko....? I've been playing for 3 years and either I've forgotten along the way or he was never explained. He's not a dark rider, he's just there with his unexplained powers, bad receding mohawk and hidden stuffed animal keychain.. Like. What is his relevance.

his role is to exist so that we can make fun of him

Okay, but for real is there a reason we don’t talk about the figure of death in The Arcana?

Because we’re introduced to the concept of death as a horse skull in the reading with Julian (though the tarot card of death represents change, in the normal position it is supposed to mean success on the heels of failure…though I am by no means an expert), and then we see it again twice in the paintings of Lucio.

In the first painting, the horse skull is among the guests he is inviting to dine with his goat-sona, and in the second the skull rests under his foot as if he is triumphant over it.

Like, I just feel there is a lot to dive into there? Was Lucio attempting to defeat death when instead he ended up hosting it? Is that what the plague was? Some malformed magic from Lucio (anyone can cast a spell if they want something enough according Asra via the apprentice)? Was the last masquerade some part of it? Is that why the advisors were upset? Not at Julian, but Lucio because they had discovered death dined with them?