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Being black doesn't absolve Iris from being a useless trophy girlfriend. She can be replaced by Patty, Lynda, Snart or a floor lamp and there will be zero damage to the plot. She brings out the worst in Barry, constantly lies and manipulates to her own gain. She is as trashy as she can get and skin color has nothing to do with it. The only person she truly cares about is HER. But go ahead, play race card since that's the only argument you can come up with.

LMAOOOOOOO u basically just proved my point you must not be watching the show because she literally is THE least selfish person (even when she’s dying she wants to save other people) but ur fav literally almost cost Wally his life cause she didn’t wanna admit she kept a stone for HER OWN PERSONAL GAIN and constantly lied for weeks (let’s not forget she’s the only one who only has “plot” when she has a love interest so try again) You really think her being black has nothing to do with the majority of the hate she gets ???? How blind can you be just cause YOU don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It’s also funny you brought up Linda and Patty cause it obviously didn’t work with either of them lol Maybe you should ask yourself deep down THE REAL REASON you feel so threatened by Iris 🐸🍵 and don’t lie cause like I said you would be all up her ass if she were played by ur white favs also minus points for saying I’m “playing the race card” like REALLY you’d rather not see the truth for what it is ??? This is why the issues remain because you don’t wanna listen and continue to live in ignorance you think all black characters have shitty writing to the point they receive the most hate? PLEEAAASSEEEEEEEEE and black women at that cmon now use your critical thinking skills

Overall grade: D- because you proved me right anon I felt all that anger and ignorance from you. Get tutoring and study more smh

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Jack woke up in a cold sweat. He looked at his arms and shirt. They were covered in dirt and dried splotches of blood. His arms were covered in bruises and cuts. He somehow survived through all of that. Jack looked around in the cell then tried to get up. He felt stuck. He tried to move again and noticed that he was chained against the wall. Jack tried to scream out for help..but it didn't work. Anti came back giggling as Jack grinned his teeth. "Still have hope?" Anti said smiling. "Help...me."

… Are ya trying to rip out my heart?