((and yes his son was adopted from the streets just like the general did to him))

How Not to Adopt a Child, or That One Book Tobirama Clearly Never Read

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Tobirama slams out of the Administration Building in the grasp of a fit of pique he has no intentions of hiding. His chakra seethes around him, a furious tide, and the force of it cracks a wooden bench as he passes.

From behind him, through the open window of the Hokage’s office, a door crashes open, and he can distantly hear Izuna snap, “Brother! Go control your damned Senju before I literally set him on fire!”

Perhaps snarling at Izuna to get out of his way when the Clan Head only said good morning was slightly out of line. Tobirama can’t particularly bring himself to care. Being ambushed by three of the four Senju Clan elders and their increasingly frantic demands that he start planning to produce an heir managed to sour his fairly decent mood in an instant.

He had wanted, as a child, to be seen as his brother’s equal. Now that he’s receiving the exact same hounding that Hashirama was given before Tsunade’s birth, Tobirama wishes viciously that he could be rid of it.

“Tobirama!” One of the more persistent elders stalks out of the building after him, her robes flaring with the speed of her steps. Tobirama is snidely satisfied; he hasn’t seen one of the Elders move quickly since his father’s reign, and to be the one to push them out of their stately glide is more enjoyable than he expected. It does not, however, make up for the overall irritation of the situation.

“I’m going to train,” he bites out, and anyone else would take that as the threat he intends it to be, but Enko doesn’t even pause.

“Tobirama,” she says sharply, and Tobirama wonders half-idly how much Hashirama would yell at him for slapping a reverse-summoning seal on her and activating it. “You have a duty to your clan, and to the strength of your blood—”

Tobirama stops, because clearly there’s no escaping this. Even if he does manage it, next time they decide to press the point Madara might be with him, and if Madara thinks he’s holding Tobirama back in any way he’ll brood for days. There’s no way Tobirama has the patience for something like that.

“My brother has a child,” he points out, and it’s just barely civil. It is, he thinks in moments like this, very good that Madara was picked as Nidaime instead of him; Tobirama has no patience for politics, either. “Our bloodline is continuing. If that is not sufficient—”

“You know it’s not,” Enko says reprovingly, pushing her glasses up her nose with a sharp flick. “As brilliant as your brother is, you have your own skillset, and to lose that would be a low to Konoha in general, as well as the Senju in particular.”

It’s the fifth time in as many days that Tobirama has heard some variation of this lecture, and he’s irritated with it—the type of irritated that generally ends with his genin team assigning themselves missions as far from him as possible, and maybe entire graveyards rising from the dead if he’s feeling really testy.

At the same moment, a flash of dark hair and pale robes catches his eye. The son of the decimated Yashagorō Clan, the snake summoners, is just entering the square, apparently headed for the Administration Building. He looks tired and pale, worn in a way Tobirama is all too familiar with after a childhood spent at war. The boy is one of Saru’s students—Orochimaru, Tobirama thinks—but he lost his parents just a handful of days ago, on a mission that ended in disaster.

Skillset, Tobirama thinks, and then, Aha. Two enemy with one kunai.

“I see your point, Elder Enko,” he says.

There’s a suspicious pause. “Do you,” she answers, more statement than question, and her eyes narrow behind her oval glasses.

Tobirama offers her his blandest, most impolite smile. “Of course, and I agree. Such skills cannot be lost, but also may not be trusted to just anyone. However, I’m sure that you are quite aware of my attachment to the Hokage.”

“Believe me, Tobirama,” Enko says dryly, “no one has missed that detail.”

Ignoring that, Tobirama forges on. “Since I refuse to disrupt our relationship solely for the sake of an heir, we have decided to adopt.”

What?!” Madara half-shrieks from behind him.

Tobirama ignores that as well, reaching out to grab the passing Orochimaru by the shoulder and wheel him around to face Enko. “This is the boy. He will be a great asset to Konoha and the Senju Clan.”

Orochimaru blinks.

When wide golden eyes settle on him, Tobirama very pointedly looks back, trying to make the play along as clear as possible.

A beat. A pause. And then Orochimaru turns to Enko and bows politely. “Good morning, Elder,” he says. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Enko stares at him, one brow slowly sliding towards her hairline. She sighs, pinches the bridge of her nose, and then levels Tobirama with a look of deep rebuke. “I will be by in one month to see how your son is settling in,” she says meaningfully, then turns on her heel and inclines her head to Madara. “Hokage-sama. Congratulations on becoming a father.”

Madara gapes, entirely speechless. Lifting her chin, Enko sails past him like a tiny old battleship, towards where the other two Elders who accompanied her to harass Tobirama are still cowering near the main doors. She collects them the way anyone else might gather up unnecessary luggage before turning back towards the Senju’s area.

Orochimaru looks after her for a long moment, then glances at Tobirama again. “I don’t think that went as you were intending it to,” he says, far more aware than any six-year-old has a right to be.

“Enko is a witch,” Tobirama agrees, though he can’t keep all of the reluctant admiration out of his tone. Enko was one of his mother’s friends, and she hasn’t aged so much as sharpened. “I hope you’re prepared to be the Hokage’s son.”

There’s a wheeze from Madara that both Tobirama and Orochimaru ignore. “Does this mean you’re going to teach me your jutsus?” Orochimaru asks solemnly, and it’s only then that Tobirama remembers Saru talking about how his student was a genius.

Maybe this will turn out better than he anticipated.

“I will,” he agrees. “Did you have business to finish here, before we leave?”

Orochimaru shakes his head. “I was coming to apply for lodgings.”

“No longer necessary,” Tobirama assures him, and puts a hand on his shoulder to steer him around Madara’s spluttering figure. “Our home is nearby. I will take you to collect your things first.”

“Now wait just one minute!” Madara explodes.

Tobirama arches one cool brow at him, pausing agreeably. “Yes?”

Orochimaru glances up at him, then turns to look at Madara with wide, sad, solemn eyes in a pale and too-thin face.

Tobirama can actually see the moment Madara’s will crumples.

Perhaps it’s not how he expected the confrontation to go, he thinks, giving his new son an approving smirk, but it’s not nearly as much of a disaster as it could have been.

“Dinner will be at six,” he tells Madara, already steering Orochimaru towards the street. “Don’t be late.”

Madara huffs something that sounds vaguely like I’m the Hokage, you can’t tell me what to do, you bastard, but for the sake of his dignity Tobirama pretends not to hear it.

Caged [9]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2597 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 8  Part 10

Yoongi was tapping an imaginary rhythm on the leather steering wheel while his eyes were fixed on the entrance of the fancy restaurant on the other of the street. He had been here since the early evening, since before Jung Hoseok had arrived, gotten out of his ridiculous sports car, and turned his car keys over to the valet. A short peek on the calendar in front of the receptionist of the law firm Hoseok worked at had told Yoongi where he would find him, and presumably his brother, that night.

Taehyung had come walking down the street about twenty minutes later, head high and even from this distance Yoongi had been able to see the bright smile his younger brother had flashed the doorman holding open the door for him.

Hoseok was an incredibly gaudy man for someone with as many secrets as him. He drove a Bugatti convertible – not Yoongi’s personal taste, but with a top speed of over 400 km/h he couldn’t deny that it was an impressive car – and was always dressed impeccably in expensive suits and with eye-catching accessories. He was one of the most charming men Yoongi had ever had the displeasure of meeting, and he could see why Taehyung had started copying some of his mannerisms after meeting him in Daegu more than eight years ago and following his budding career in the news.

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To Kill Or Not To Kill: Oliver Queen, Dark Felicity and The Green Arrow’s Evolving Morality

In your last review, when Felicity tells Oliver he has to “kill that son of a bitch” she’s not longer being his light and she’s pushing him to the dark. And when she asked him last year to kill Ra’s, what was she doing? also, i have to point out we don’t know much about this and Barry didn’t say anything when Oliver said he had to kill “him” (sorry it’s not Thea). So Barry is basically agreeing with him or at least to too against the idea. - Anon

I received this ask challenging my remarks in my 4x10 review and I’ve noticed a general discussion in the fandom around this idea of “Dark” Felicity. I wanted to clarify my perspective on the matter because I didn’t discuss it very much in my review.

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anonymous asked:

I saw you talking about people thinking Jason was the bad Robin and I wanted to give my piece of thought. Rather than thinking Jason was a bad Robin, I thinking he wasn't ready to be a Robin. Jay had a shitty life before Bruce adopted him, so it's pretty normal that he seek for love from the person who changed his life. Now, we already make some pretty bad mistakes when we want somebody's love, being sidekick for a vigilante this mistakes become dangerous, deadly even - as they actually did! (+)

Yes! I 100% agree with you.

In recent years *Glares are New 52* Jason, as Robin but just in general, has gotten a reputation for being reckless, bitter and downright mean. They use this as an explanation for why Jason was killed as Robin. If you read the old comics when Jay actually was Robin, you’d know that this idea of bad-boy Robin is completely made up. Truthfully, I think DC did it so that they could justify murdering a 15 year boy via a phone poll.

But honestly, Jason’s life and personality is infinitely more complex and interesting if anyone bothered if really look at it. He was abandoned by his birth mother at a young age, grew up with a criminal for a father and a junkie for a mother. Catherine Todd, however, did as right as she could by Jay and I believe that her good influence (before the drugs) is what caused Jason to be as big hearted as he was. After both of their deaths, he is alone, likely on the streets with zero hope for the future. Until someone notices him and takes him in, gives him a home and a new family.

It sounds like Little Orphan Annie but it’s better than that. Jason has such a hard time adjusting to this new life, to the extravagance, to the normal family routine. But Batman, that makes sense to him, punching guys who needs to be punched. Jason understands that more than a functional family. So he pushes his way into Robin probably for a few reasons. One, street logic, he feels he has to earn his keep so being Batman’s partner seems just the thing. Two, Jay is an honestly good person despite everything and he wants to help other people like himself who no one else will care about. Three, and this is just my opinion, Jay thinks being Robin will fix him. Every Gotham kid knows about Batman and Robin, I bet Jay looked up and saw that skinny kid laughing and doing flips and thought that kid had his life together (not really, Dick’s a mess). But I feel Jason would have known he was a bit bitter and broken and that Robin would make it better. It’s not a very mature point of view, but he’s about 12 by this time. He still believes in magic, or at least the magic that Robin can bring.

And of course Batdad can’t deny his new tiny son and he trains him and then takes him out as his second partner. Even Bruce says at the beginning of Death in the Family that he hoped being Robin would help temper Jason’s more aggressive tendencies. I kind of want to smack Bruce for being an idiot but this is coming from a man who dealt with his own trauma by diving into his combat training. Bruce honest to god believes that he is doing what’s best for Jason, Jason wants to help others and maybe help himself as well.

So I’ll raise you one anon, we can certainly sit and claim that Jason wasn’t properly trained when he went out as Robin, that he wasn’t ready enough for taking on the scaly panties. But even with all the love Bruce could afford to give (which is not a lot for a normal kid, much less a love starved one) and the advice Dick could dispense (who was still fighting with Bruce and avoiding Jay like the Plague) would Jason have ever been emotionally ready for the brutal life of a vigilante? I’ve always said that Jason really should never have been Robin at all. To me, putting on the costume was the worst thing for Jay’s mental and emotional health which degraded to the point where he put himself in a position that got himself killed.

Because think about it, Jason needed love and support and being Robin got in the way of that. Bruce can be emotionally distant but he’s lightyears better than Batman. By taking on the Robin mantle, Jay subjected himself more and more to Batman’s logic and taciturn way of doing things. Not to mention one of the reasons Dick was mad at Jason is because Dick felt the kid was given a title that wasn’t rightfully his. Dick invented Robin, the name comes from a nickname Dick’s mom gave him. So Dick very much felt like Bruce was dishonoring the costume by giving it to someone else as well, I’m sure, as feeling replaced.  The two people who could understand the pain and day to day consequences of trauma both became more distant due to Jason becoming Robin.

So Jay has all the bullshit of living on streets plus all the hardcore shit he’s seen as Robin weighing on his psyche. He is not receiving enough emotional support from the people who are supposed to care about him and he is struggling. It gets to the point where Bruce points out Jay’s behavior saying the boy seems “depressed” and “doesn’t have his head in the game”. This witch’s brew of problems and emotions is what drives Jay to, literally, the ends of the Earth in search of his birth mother. Because if there is even a sliver of a chance Jason can have someone else in his life to give him the love he desperately needs, he’d do anything. And it’s this goodness, this desire for affection that causes him to make his two big mistakes, trusting his mom and not waiting for Batman to catch up.

So Jay is a bit responsible for his death because his actions did lead to it, but Bruce and Jay and even Alfred sat and watched the build up for months either not noticing or feeling uncomfortable to deal with Jason’s problems. In this case, everyone’s a little bit to blame (except the Joker, he’s 10000% to blame). Wow ok this has turned into a dissertation. Let me wrap this up by saying that this behavior remains consistent in Red Hood (when he’s written well). Jason is angry at Bruce, not for being too late to save him, he understands that. But he’s angry at the fact that Bruce seemingly didn’t care about him, that he was replaced so soon after his death. He lashes out in anger because the alternative is to give into despair and Jason Todd does not give in. Ever. But you can see it in the various interactions with the batfam that Jason does still care for them, and he does still want acceptance/admiration from them but he’s done so much he’s not sure he can let things go and properly make up.

So, ahem, in conclusion, I don’t Jason should have ever been Robin. If Bruce truly knew what was best for his son (and why the hell didn’t Leslie or Alfred or anyone step in???) he would have given Jay as much love as he could and made sure he had what he needed in his civilian life. He would make sure Jason got help for his depression/PTSD etc and give the boy a future to look forward too instead of a past to drag him down (y'know, proper grieving). But the main point, Jay should have never put on the Robin costume until his emotional health was taken care of. Bruce forced himself to be like that and Dick was young and used to the bizarre, but Jason, Jay was always a little broken on the inside and he just kept getting worse until he let his heart rule his head. Bad Robin my eye, Jason Todd loved so much, so fiercely, that he died for it. Some people are just too good for this world.