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ok little bit of a uh could we say controversial question here? do you think snape genuinely cared for harry or at least kinda grew to like him? we know he always saw james whenever he looked at harry (sans the eyes) but idk it's something brought up sometimes and i just want your personal take on the question :) sorry if you've already answered something like this before lol i'm fairly new to your blog (i'm totally pro snape btw)

this is such a hard question to answer. on one hand, i want to say yes, but on the other hand we just can’t ever really know. 

but here’s the facts: snape spends a lot of his time looking out for harry. snape, in my opinion, goes above and beyond in that aspect - things like scolding harry when he gets reckless with his own health (book three, book five) or trying to teach harry better methods of survival (book five, book six). there’s something there in those occlumency lessons - some sort of understanding or, at least, a potential for understanding that never really gets exploited. 

however, i think it’s the unfortunate truth that so much of harry for snape is built out of his parents’ parts - good and bad. snape sees harry’s recklessness, his independence, his aversion to authority built from his abuse, and sees james potter’s arrogance and disdain for rules he didn’t think applied to him. he sees harry’s eyes - perhaps is even able to see harry’s compassion, harry’s acceptance - and sees lily. so i don’t know that snape ever really gets to know who harry is as his own person (much in the same way that sirius never really does either) and that makes it all the more difficult for snape to like harry as his own person. 

and i do remember someone commenting quite some time ago about how snape turns defensive in that scene in tpt when dumbledore asks if snape has come to care for harry after all - he turns the conversation quite neatly over to lily without ever really answering the question, leaving it very open-ended. 

i think snape cared whether harry lived or died. i think snape even had some sort of sympathy for harry, at least at the end - once again, the “you have raised him like a pig for slaughter” line strikes hard precisely bc it’s snape speaking on harry’s defense, and that disgust feels genuine and deep. but without getting more snape’s thoughts, more of snape’s reactions to what harry himself has done, it’s difficult to say if he wanted harry to live for harry’s sake, or for lily’s.

however, i would like to say that i definitely don’t think snape HATES harry as much as he portrays. i do think that a lot of snape’s more negative feelings about harry are carefully constructed and portrayed for the benefit of death eater children who might be watching him. of course, i do think snape harbors some negative feelings toward harry, but his disdain is almost certainly exacerbated. look at those occlumency lessons - the way snape treats harry there compared to how he treats harry in his potions classroom is almost astronomically different. 

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