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A Guide to Manual Transmission Cars for People Who Have Never Driven One

Back when I was learning to drive, my family happened to have only manual transmission cars, so after I got through normal driver’s ed at school, I had to learn how to drive all over again. My one alternative was to take my driver’s test in the conversion van we’d used for a cross-country camping trip, which was like trying to dock a space shuttle every time I pulled into a parking lot. I chose to learn to drive stick. Anyway, I suffered for this knowledge and came out of the entire experience with entirely too many opinions about cars, so here is my gift to you:

A Stick-Shift Car Primer for People Who Have Never Driven One

In which I cover:

  • The clutch.
  • The gearshift and gears
  • Parking.
  • Some basic considerations for fic(tion) writers.

The clutch. The clutch is an extra pedal on the floor that you work with your left foot. It is in approximately the same place that the step-on parking brake is in many automatic cars. You need to depress the clutch pretty much any time you want the car to do something different: shift gears, come to a complete stop, etc. Working the clutch is basically the most different part about driving a manual vs. an automatic.

  • Stalling: This results from releasing the clutch too quickly before giving the car enough gas in first gear (ie, attempting to start again from a complete stop). The car cuts off and you must turn the key again to restart everything.
  • Revving the engine: This results from not letting the clutch out far enough before giving the car more gas than necessary. Can be done on purpose or by accident. Doesn’t really do anything to the car, although if you do it by accident and are continuing to let the clutch out, it can result in a jerky start.
  • The clutch point: The perfect point where you will neither stall nor rev and can change gears smoothly. This point can be identified in a controlled setting by very slowly letting the clutch out until you feel the car start to shake a little. A car with a “sport” transmission package will usually have a shorter clutch distance than a regular car. Knowing your clutch point is extremely important when having to start from a stop on an incline, because you risk rolling backward if you let the clutch out too far before you give the car enough gas. Learning to “feather the gas,” where you can basically hold the car right at the clutch point and then smoothly give it gas, is a rite of passage for the new manual driver.

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Jock Juice Part 2 - Show off

Part 1

As Roy opened his eyes he couldn’t believe the dream he’d just had. Never in a million years would he have such a wild fantasy. And with a man no less! He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and realized there was an arm dangling over his shoulder. “What the Hell!?!”

“Oh wha? I’m up. I’m up. It’s alright mom I’m not going to be late for school,” I started rolling around grabbing at my pants when I realized that Roy was glaring at me from his side of my bed. He must have gone back to normal sometime over the night. Well as close to normal as the formula allowed him to. Usually after the first dose he’d just gain a couple of pounds of muscle. I couldn’t really tell though. “Mornin’,” I smirked.

Roy continued to glare. “What was that last night?” If he was standing he’d be tapping his toe angrily at me.

“Just a little jock juice. You were being an ass so I wanted you to lighten up a little.”

“I don’t know what that is.”

“It’s a little powder that helps guys get really big. It usually works for one night and extended periods of use can help make the effects more permanent. So if you wanna be a big dumb jock you just gotta say the word.” It was the pitch on the box but it usually worked. Once they felt the effects guys would practically beg me for more.

Roy crossed his arms again. “Where are my clothes?” he demanded.

I saw a shirt in tatters and some shorts on the floor. “Here?” I lifted it up slowly seeing the holes in the shorts as well. He must have hulked out of his clothes last night. I completely forgot about that.

He sighed, “Whatever,” walking over to my dresser and grabbing a pair of shorts and a t shirt. “See you in class,” he flicked me off as he grabbed his keys and walked out the door. Walking back on campus he couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscience. Had he actually enjoyed the experience last night? He shook his head trying to deny it. But being such a big guy felt so good.

Thinking about it just made him more confused, and slightly aroused. But he was brought out of the experience as a Frisbee barreled towards his head. Dodging back he saw a bunch of guys waving their arms towards him. “Sorry man! Threw it a bit too hard. Can you toss it back?”

‘Neanderthals,’ Roy scoffed, ‘Idiots who just got here on a sports scholarship.’ Staring down at the disc he couldn’t help but think about throwing it. Part of him watched as the other guys bonded so well together while he was busy studying. He thought about how they were able to just relax and have fun.

“Dude!” one of them called. It snapped Roy out of his daydream. He tossed the Frisbee back feeling a strange nostalgic feeling. “Thanks man!”

Roy waved back to stay friendly but continued cursing under his breath at how much he enjoyed tossing some kid’s stupid toy.


I however had been super excited it was another Thursday night. And that of course meant another study night with Colton. He was the new star athlete the coach had just recently found out about. But that was only because he’d just gotten that way. Over the course of a summer I’d been giving Colton more and more of the jock juice. He happily enjoyed it. Watching his body slowly gain more muscle gave him even more incentive to walk around without his shirt on. He took every opportunity to show off his big guns. Didn’t matter who it was, he wanted them to know just how strong he was. The small mousy nerd gained over 60 pounds of pure muscle that could easily be used for athleticism.

Sadly the gay effects weren’t as permanent as the muscle growth, or the IQ loss. He’d been going to college under an academic scholarship but after classes started back he realized just how boring and tedious school was. He wanted to go to the gym and have the ladies check him out. That was until he found Natalie. She’d sunk her claws so deep into him that she was never getting them out. Luckily she was pretty nice. Just a bit possessive when he said he’d see her in the morning.

“No babe. It’s just a study meeting with Sam. No. It’s just the two of us. No. No. Just me and Sam, his parents are gone tonight. No. Look babe… Because it’s not fun watching us study. You’ll just distract us, okay? No he’s not going to try anything. Yes I know he’s gay… Babe…” The conversation would go on like that for a few minutes. She’d eventually give up after she realized that he just wasn’t going to give in. I made a whiplash noise teasing him.

“I know. I know,” he smiled back. “You know she’d never let us do this if she found out, right? She’d absolutely flip.”

“Still an open bachelor here,” I joked.

“Bud… I’d consider it after all this you’ve got me through but I still not gay.” It annoyed me to know end. After the first show he’d put on for me I figured it would have some kind of lasting effect. But no, he still wanted to show off for the ladies more than me. “This it?” he asked holding up the cup of water I brought back for him. I nodded as he started drinking it. “Don’t know where you got this stuff but damn it works good.” He flexed his arm showing off the round bicep.

“I’m just glad you like it,” I smiled. “Didn’t think you’d be okay with it after finding out about the side effects.”

“Dude. I’m not that fuckin dumb,” his eyes were drifting back to his body. He really wasn’t dumb just not as smart as he used to be. More average than anything. But he flexed his arms again. It was his favorite part to watch. “And this is worth it.”

“I’ll say,” I said grabbing the arm. He flexed it again letting me feel the hard muscle. It always amazed me just how much bigger he’d get. I always figured getting to 190 was an achievement but watching his body just add more and more muscle felt so good. The trimmed but strong look suited him well, even if i enjoyed the large bulky bodybuilder form more. What was funny was watching the other football guys be jealous and the coach testing him for every drug in the book but couldn’t find anything. Just another star player who knew how to catch a ball. I gripped the muscle again adding more of my weight. He didn’t even react. “So strong…” I moaned.

“So fucking strong,” he echoed. He already stood a couple inches taller than me but the jock juice always made him taller. Staring down at me he met my eyes. His hand pulled my face closer to his. We locked lips for a kiss. Slowly churning as my hands drifted below his shirt. “I need to take this off…”

“No you don’t. I want to watch you tear it off.” The sleeveless shirt was already starting to stretch against his pecs. They slowly pushed at the straps.

“You gonna buy me a new one?”


“I’m going to need a yes,” he taunted my lips with his.

“Do you? Cause I’d love to see my jock boy just tear that shirt to shreds. You think you can handle it big guy?” I rubbed his growing muscles.

His hands gripped the straps and he almost started to pull. He’d already completely forgot about his protests. But paused, “Man… I need a shirt.”

“Do you…?” I goaded him, testing the strength of his bicep. “I didn’t think big guys like you liked those kinds of rules. You have such an amazing body. Don’t you want to show it off?”

“Fuck yeah!” he shouted tearing at his shirt. It ripped right down the middle. Looking down at the tatters of his shirt in his hands he wondered why he had any doubts. Shirts were so constricting and unnecessary. Colton needed to show off his godly physique. “Yeah!” he went into another flex.

“Feels pretty good…” I moved closer to rub his pecs. He pulled me in for another kiss forcing my other hand to touch his body. “I like it more when the shirts have sleeves though…”

Colton gripped the collar of my shirt, “like this one?” Adding a grunt as he pulled the fabric apart. “I like it too.” He didn’t like my frown though. “Don’t be like that. I’m still your massive fuck beast.” He pushed me down on the couch and moved to the other side of the coffee table. I sat getting ready to enjoy the show. “Just tell me how big I am.” He did a crab pose showing off his whole body; easily as big as anyone on stage. We’d weighed him at the beginning. Easily 240’s, his tall broad shoulders and thin waist made him look contest ready.

“So big…” I replied still frustrated about my shirt. He went into another pose.

“Don’t be like that,” he grinned. Because my eyes never left his amazing body. He could tell that. Even after all the time we’d spent together I couldn’t help but be amazed at his strength. Colton swaggered over to me and pulled down my shorts. My raging hard on finally freed. “You can’t stay mad at me,” he mocked.

His head met with the tip of my dick. Whatever snarky remark I would have made lost in the sounds of my moans. He’d gotten so good at this part; teasing me just before he stuck my dick into his mouth. I’d feel the tip rest on his lips and then he pull the whole thing in. My body squirmed as his tongue went to work. Slowly moving around working the whole member. But he knew how to keep me from coming. Constantly on the edge; wanting more.

“You’re not done yet,” Colton teased. His large body stood up. The thick imposing frame looked so sexy. His large hands pushed my back deeper into the couch as he positioned himself above me. He spread his knees to the side of my legs and kissed me again. “You haven’t finished worshiping my body yet. Tell me how big and strong I am.”

Colton’s hands still rubbed against my flat chest while my hands gripped his biceps. “So strong. Amazingly strong…” I said. “I couldn’t do anything against you even if I wanted to. You could easily make me do whatever you wanted.”

“Fuck yeah!” he shouted adding another flex. “I could do anything I wanted to to you.”

“But you don’t want to,” I grinned. Colton agreed going into another kiss. His ass dipped down onto my dick as I said it. He loved making me guess. Finally sitting all the way down on my dick. Colton’s head shot back for a second as he regained control over his body. I knew he that’s what he wanted the whole time, he just liked to pretend it wasn’t. The cocky jock loved to play that he was in control but couldn’t wait until his ass was filled.

“Nuh-uh,” he shook his head slowly riding himself up and down on me. Colton grabbed my hands forcing me to rub his thick muscles. “But you gotta still worship this bod.”

I nodded, grabbing and feeling around his abs and chest. He had almost no body fat. “You’re just so amazing,” part of me was still in disbelief at how well the drink worked while the other part couldn’t get over the fact that I had a body builder sized guy working himself all over me. Colton picked up the pace, and gripped his own dick.

“Uh-huh,” he grunted as he bounced up and down on me. His head reeled back as he shot loads of come onto my chest. “Fuck!” his deep voice could probably be heard outside.

I wasn’t able to have as coherent of a thought as I unloaded into him. Just a vibrating series of noises came from me. Colton put his big hands on me and raised himself up. He added one more quick peck on the mouth and went to go clean up.

Our First Time *fluffy smut* - Yoongi

I sat on the couch that was positioned at the corner of the room. It was a sunny afternoon. Yoongi and I just got back from a breakfast date. We sat and ate at this little Diner just down the street from his place. Normally he lives with the rest the boys at the Bighit building, but Yoongi rented out this little room that looked like a very modern garage but it wasnt. It was a room. He would take me there anytime he wanted more alone time. Hey I never complained, I loved being alone with him. How could I not? So after our breakfast here we are. Sitting here side by side on this beige colored futon looking couch. This past year of dating him has been very eye opening for me. For one, I had never had a boyfriend before, and all of these things were so new to me yet so exciting. I still remember the first time we kissed. I still remember how I felt. My heart was beating so fast I was kind of embarrassed hoping maybe he wouldnt notice how flustered I was getting. It started off with him just showing me around his studio. Which he even kept locked up. He wanted to show me a few songs he was working on. At this time we had already been dating for 2 months. After he showed me his songs, we sat down and we talked about his inspirations, what he thinks while creating music, what he feels, his worries, etc. then I dont even know what happened. I just looked at him and maybe you can see it in my eyes that I yearned so much to kiss him. Cause then I just see him glance at my lips and he started to sound a bit nervous. I felt the tension or maybe it was just me. But something came over me lean into him slowly then he grabbed my shoulders gently with his hands and kiss me ever so deeply. I felt his lips on top of mine. Not only was it my first kiss, but it wasnt just a peck, and for me it felt even more amazing since it was with my first ever boyfriend. I felt light headed after that kiss but strangely in a good way. It felt like a dream, and even to this day after we have gotten more comfortable with skinship, I still remember what that first kiss felt like, and ever since I yearned for my first time with him. But I didnt want to rush into it. I wanted to be sure that he was in love and as ready for it as I was. For some reason, I felt this time would be right. It was a very chilled afternoon, it was quiet inside, the sun was shining, and we both had just woke up from a small nap on the sofa. After a good hour of just enjoying eachothers company things elevated quickly. We lay on the bed next to one another like we usually do. One thing led to another and he started kissing me. His lips moved slowly yet passionately on mine. Some how I gently ran my hands through his hair as he kisses me. He looked at me as though asking for permission. I sniled at him and continued kissing him while pulling him on top of me. I kissed him back just as passionately. I felt my face get hot and my heart beat increase. He placed his hands gently on my waist. I felt his hands on the flesh of my waist as he kissed my neck sweetly yet deeply. I took off his jacket for him and removed my shirt. He took off his and for the first time ever I felt the skin of his entire body on mine. I kissed his fingertips and intertwined his hands with mine. I felt him enter. Painful at first but it faded after a while. He was so sweet and patient with me. Wanting to make sure I was okay before he went further, making sure I wasnt in pain. I dont know what was the best thing about this, his skin on my skin, the fact that this was our first time and the perfect timing knowing we both love eachother, or just the spirituality of this whole experience. As though we were becoming one and being vulnerable to one another. As though our souls were coming together. As we reached a point we both got tired, we were struggling to breath. I breathed him in I breathed me out, he breathed me in and breathed me out. I felt him running through my veins. I felt the heat from his body. Slight clamy inbetween our chests, a nonexistent gap. You could probably just hear heavy breathing and while I ran my hands around his back. He kissed me sensually down my neck down to my stomach. He returned his lips onto mine. Yoongi wasnt the type to openly express his love in a very flamboyant way, but through his touch, his kiss, the way he handled me I knew he truly loved and cared for me. When we both got tired we fell asleep in eachothers arms. I went to sleep peacefully knowing that this was another stepping stone into our relationship.

black-isthecolour  asked:

We are so doomed. How can life be the same again after this weekend? I can't go back to "normal" anymore! Oh, killed by Fedal is he sweetest death.

I know…

When we have known the perfection that is Fedal being on the same team, life is different.

Fedal finals are NOT enough now, because Roger and Rafa are 1000 times better on the same side of the net, playing doubles, cheering for the same points, coaching each other, and jumping on each other.

I just hope Roger will warm up to the idea of playing doubles with Rafa after being crushed by an overjoyed 85kg Spaniard in a hug, and decide they should team up to play on the tour, united as one.

Day made. My last call of my shift today was to a little girl having a severe asthma attack. Her mom said she’d tried everything and was starting to freak out so she called us. I got her up into the truck while my partner stood outside talking with her mom about any sorts of other things we needed to know about. After about thirty seconds, she started to calm down. It’s amazing how just talking about something as simple as her favorite TV show helped to calm her down to where her breathing started to return back to normal. After everything, I got the biggest hug in my life from her followed by her telling me she wanted to be just like me when she grows up. It’s calls like this that make me really happy to do what I do.

Thoughts and theories post S307

We got a clue to how the different dimensions work. These three dudes are obviously iterations of the same Rick who all encountered the same event in varying degrees of severity. It could just be that these three dimensions are right next to each other, but the numbering convention suggests that they’re true splits from one original dimension, caused by that event. 

If that’s true, it means that every time a major event occurs, timelines splinter into different offshoot possibilities. The Ricks that stay most “normal” keep their original dimension number and the others take on an iteration of that number based on the level of divergence. This also helps account for how the population of the citadel bounced back so quickly after the massacre in S301. As time goes on more splits in dimensions means a constant influx of more Ricks and Mortys.

Not every rick invents the portal gun. The portal gun is rick’s ultimate source of power and what allows the citadel to exist. From what we learned from the half-truths in S301′s portal gun origin backstory, Ricks ostensibly go from dimension to dimension giving portal technology to other Ricks rather than each Rick inventing it on his own. Plus we saw in the last episode that the Mortytown Rick tries and fails to make portal fluid, and cop Rick calls it out “bootleg,” plus the factory Rick demands a portal gun because he must not be able to make one of his own. 

For the Ricks that didn’t invent their own, portal fluid and guns are regulated and not allowed to all Ricks freely. It begs the question of how many Ricks actually invented the portal gun on their own. In theory, it would only take just one figuring it out and then sharing it with all the others.

More evidence for Evil Morty = Rick’s original Morty. This has been a fan theory since Evil Morty first showed up but after S307 the evidence is even stronger. Evil Morty dodges questions about his original dimension and Rick, instead diverting with “we moved around a lot.” That basically leaves the door wide open for the reveal of him being Rick’s og Morty.

Plus, if the moving around part wasn’t a lie, that means he and Rick skipped universes Cronenberg-style more than once (Rick did say he’d pulled that stunt before). Think how disillusioned just one dimension move made our Morty, it’s no wonder Evil Morty turned into what he is if he went through multiple ruined dimensions. Beyond that, our Morty has been shown to be getting more jaded and downright cruel this season, enough that people were thinking he was turning into Evil Morty. If our Morty has devolved into his current state with just being around our Rick for a few years, imagine how the Morty our Rick was around since when he was a baby would have turned out.

Cop Rick is alive for a reason. He killed Cop Morty and turned himself in expecting to be shot off into space, but in the end he’s released by Ricks under evil Morty’s control. Him being alive still is not insignificant, even if just for the narrative and character implications more than plot reasons. 

Cop Rick’s first instinct is to trust. He trusted the Morty in the room with the crib. He trusted Cop Morty to do the right thing. He wants to believe in true justice and the goodness in people, and acts on that belief no matter the outcome for him. 

The real gut punch is he’s not just an outlier. He shows that Ricks do have an infallible sense of justice when it’s not smothered out by narcissism and nihilism. We’ve seen that our Rick, despite being an asshole, will choose to do the right thing- even if it’s the hard thing- at crucial moments: He puts the collar on Morty instead of himself when they’re falling to their deaths in the void, he turns himself in to the Galactic Federation in order to save his family. 

Cop Rick is still alive because he’s the hero our Rick would be if he wasn’t such a jaded asshole. He’s the proof that despite everything, Rick is at his core trying to be good. Maybe that kind of Rick is valuable to Evil Morty, or maybe it was just valuable to us to see this side of Rick so explicitly.

Evil Morty wants control. Evil Morty is living the ideal Morty existence, in control of himself and the universe around him. It’s all he’d want after a life where Rick was always in control, where he could do nothing to stop the machinations of the universe from nearly crushing him every adventure. As we saw really plainly with Copy Morty, when a Morty gets enough knowledge, experience, and freedom, they can’t stand being treated like sidekicks anymore. No wonder the Ricks put them in a school designed not to teach them to be more competent on adventures but instead to keep them helpless and subservient. 

It’s easy enough to follow the same trend in our Morty. He’s been fighting for more control all season– He chooses not to try to rescue Rick from prison. He’s fine with going against Rick’s plan in the Mad Max world. He’s the one who makes them go on the adventure with the Vindicators (and Rick loses his shit when he doesn’t get to be the only one saving the day anymore). And perhaps most telling, Morty’s ideal toxin-free self abandons Rick entirely and creates a situation where his whole job is to manipulate and control other people. 

Evil Morty is what happens when Morty’s struggle for power goes to it’s furthest degree. He wanted so bad to not be the sidekick anymore that he’d do anything, even if it meant becoming the villain. 


An AU where everything is all fine and dandy, and they go to school like normal kids do?? that’s all I ask for c’mon

Part 2

Excruciatingly Normal

I was running a 5e one-shot wherein the players were officers under an airship captain. During one engagement, the druid shifted into a small animal and hid in the captain’s bag, as circumstances limited the amount of people they could obviously bring with them to an encounter. They got into a fight, the druid shape-shifted without leaving the bag first, and the poor captain was then down one bag.

The airship was currently parked in an impoverished fishing village, so the druid didn’t have a lot of options.

Druid: I search the town for someone who can make me a new bag for the captain.

DM (me): Alright, roll investigation. (He rolls moderately well). You find an old woman sitting on a rocking chair, spinning yarn. She appears to be somewhat of a craftswoman.

Druid: I approach and say, “Hello, Hag! I require a bag”.

DM (me): Uh… do you say exactly that.

Druid: Yes.

DM (me): *Rolls an insight check for the woman to see how much she’s insulted, rolls low* Ok, she takes it as a light-hearted greeting and answers “Alright deary, I’ll have it ready in three days.”

Druid: “But I didn’t tell you…”

DM (me): “I’ll have it ready, don’t you worry.”

Party Cleric: That bag’s going to be soooo cursed.

Three days later

Druid: I go back in the morning for the bag

DM (me): Alright, you walk to her house and find her on her porch, knitting a sweater

Druid: “Hag! I have returned for the bag”

The rest of the party is between laughter and trepidation at what she gives him.

DM (me): The old woman goes back into her house, and returns with a normal leather bag. She holds it out to you.

Druid: Arcana check? 

He rolls well

DM (me): Inspecting the bag, you find out that it’s completely normal. Glaringly normal. Almost  excruciatingly normal, this leather bag.

The party then spends the next ten minutes freaking out over a completely mundane bag, before giving it to the captain. He wonders why they look so nervous after he takes it, but doesn’t bother to ask.  

The Reunion

Originally posted by lovelynemesis

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader - Avengers x female!Reader

Request: Hey Bae 😚 would you like to do an imagine where you were Buckys wife in the 40s and after he got taken by Hydra you went through the same fate. Now 70 years later they found you during a mission captured and take you to the compound. Bucky feels overly happy but fears you won’t recognise him, but you do. So over the time you slowly get along with the new life and also your feelings for Buck didn’t change, you just experience a more intense love life 😉 this would be great & some smut hehe -anon

Warnings: Smut/NSFW (18+) - fingering and oral (female receiving) - some language - a wee bit o’ angst

Word Count: 3.6K

A/N: College is really stressful and I’ve had such a bad mental week, it’s been great. Any ways, here’s some good ol’ smut! There’s plenty more where this came from, so I hope it’s what you were searchin’ for. Requests/asks are still open, so feel free to drop somethin’!

Bucky’s P.O.V.

Y/N. Her name was Y/N.

It’s missions that this that remind me of her. The flakes falling around us bitterly kiss my face as Steve and I trudge through endless mounds of snow, heading for the large, rusted metal door embedded in the rough stone of the mountain. This is where I was kept under HYDRA control - where my previous life has ended and this new one began.

Y/N was my comfort - she kept me grounded. We had first met during a night-out in the city. I had convinced Stevie to go to a club with me, and she was the first woman I saw when I stepped into the dim room. We spent the whole night drinking and chatting, and by the end of the night, I knew she was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with - I just never knew our time together would be so short.

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Insecure ; Min Yoongi

Couple: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Angst

Originally posted by inuera

Part 1:

You and Yoongi have been together for almost two years. You have never been the jealous type, but sometimes you got insecure about you relationship. You never told him tho, cause you trusted that he loved you.
In that period he was working on a song with Suran and he spent all his time with her at the studio. You always thought that she was hella beautiful and talented, and the fact that she was always with you boyfriend didn’t really made you happy.
You could only see him late at night, if you were still awake, and most of the times he was too busy to even answer his phone.
For the first weeks you kept quiet and didn’t say anything every time he got home late, just saying he had been busy before falling asleep next to you. After sometime, you started worrying. You didn’t want to seem clingy or annoying, but you started texting him more often, hoping he would understand that you were missing him and that you wanted him to be with you and not with her.
One day, he came home at a decent hour and you had the luck to see him, or so you though. You went to greet him and hug him, but he didn’t hug you back.
《How was work?》you asked
《Like always》he simply answered
《What did you do with Suran?》
《Jesus Christ! Every time I come home you ask me what I did with Suran! We worked. Not that you would understand the meaning of that, you do nothing all day》he snapped
《I didn’t mean it like that》you whispered
《Of course you did! Do you think I didn’t see how fucking clingy you have been recently?》
《I’m not clingy, I only miss you》you shouted back
《Just admit that you are jealous and stop bothering me》
《I’m not jealous》you said
He rolled his eyes and turned back, to go the bedroom. You couldn’t hold it back anymore, so you decided to take it all out.
《I’m just fucking scared that you’ll leave me for her! A relationship with her would be easier, you wouldn’t have to hide her from everyone all the time. And she is beautiful, talented, and famous like you. I am nothing, just a normal girl that you met at a caffe, and that clung to you right after. Sometimes I really wonder why are you with me. We barely see each other and we have to hide from the world every time we want to do something. You should be with someone like you, not waste your time with me》
You were a crying mess, and your boyfriend was looking at you with a blank look on his face.
《You know what? You’re right》he said, and your heart dropped to your feet 《I should be with someone that’s worth it, and not waste my time with you》
He went to the bedroom that you two shared, and left you alone in the living room, frozen in you place, with tears running down your face. You forced yourself to react, you took you phone, put on you jacked, and run out of you house.

There will be a part 2. Hope you like it.


Some Alternative Titles

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: How NOT to write a good sequel 

Kingsman: We literally and figuratively blew up everything good in this franchise 

Kingsman: That moment when you forget Eggsy has a family seriously where was his sister even his mom showed up for 5 seconds 

Kingsman: I wish I could have retrograde amnesia after watching this 

Kingsman: At least we got to see some good gadgets 

Kingsman: If those were real dogs we wouldn’t be so happy about their deaths

Kingsman: Roxy deserved better 


Kingsman: Charlie you twat 

Kingsman: If you loved the first movie, don’t worry, this has none of it

Kingsman: Discretion my ass 

Kingsman: Our flashbacks are in no way meant to show how deeply in love Eggsy is with Harry seriously no homo we swear 

Kingsman: It’s perfectly normal to preserve your mentor’s house as if he’s coming back any day now 

Kingsman: Thank goodness for fanfiction because I’m going to ignore everything canon in this movie and keep on reading fix-it fics 

  • Chariot: I've had it up to here with you constantly stealing my kitchen utensils, power tools, and duct tape to make your stupid robots!
  • Croix: My dear, once I get enough extension cord, this power drill roomba-kill-bot is going to revolutionize warfare!
Try to make me look bad? Hope you didn't enjoy your job.

Very long story. TL:DR at the end.

September 6th, 2017 will be an ordinary day for most people, but that day, today, marks the end of my quest to right a grievous wrong committed against me by a co-worker who was worried that I might usurp his easy job in the company.

Let me take you back roughly five years. The engineer of our company called me into the office. I had spoken to him before, primarily whenever we needed a tolerance adjusted for an order that began production over or under a limit, in order to avoid completely throwing away anything that we had already spent time and money producing. I figured that $engineer simply had a question about one of the machines, or about an order that had been ran the night before, but instead he had a proposition. I was to be offered a spot in our in-house testing lab, and to start training the next week. Obviously interested, I took the offer on the spot, and that Monday I began coming in earlier in order to do training with our only lab technician at the time.

Enter, $labtech.

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The Mysterious Death of Kenneka Jenkins

In the early morning hours of September 10th, 2017, the body of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins was found inside a hotel’s walk-in freezer. Kenneka had been attending a party the night before in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rosemont. 

Several hours later, at around 4am on September 9th, her mother, Tereasa Martin, received a call from Kenneka’s friends stating that they couldn’t find her. They explained that she had gone missing when they left her in the hotel plaza to go back up to their room for something they’d forgotten, when they returned, Kenneka was gone. 

In the recently released CCTV footage, she is first seen walking through the hotel with her friends at around 1am after the party. She appears to be steady, and is walking normally. However, when Kenneka is next sighted exiting an elevator sometime after 3am, she is alone and visibly impaired. She staggers out of the elevator, briefly leaning on the wall for support before heading down the hallway.

The cameras next catch Kenneka in hallways at around 3:30am, also alone. She struggles to head in one direction, and nearly falls over several times, but catches herself. The last clip of Kenneka alive shows her stumbling through the hotel kitchen, which appears to be empty.

She walks out of view of the cameras at 3:32am, the last time she was seen before her body was discovered.

Many people question how Kenneka opened and closed the heavy freezer door by herself, and how she went from seemingly fine to what appears to be heavily intoxicated during the time she was left by her friends, and when she is seen exiting the elevator by herself. Many believe foul play was involved.

An investigation into Kenneka’s death is underway, and police are currently awaiting results of a toxicology report that should help to shed some light on the young girls strange behaviour during her final moments.

I’m done with you, Mr. Wayne - Bruce Wayne x Reader (angst?)

First, thank you very much for your comment, and then here for a somewhat angsty story based off your prompt  :-) ( I never know if I achieved my goal in making people feel with my stories so you know…). Hope you’ll like it :


No matter what his brothers were telling him, how hard they were trying to reassure him and convince him that he did nothing wrong, Damian still thought it was his fault. Without him, none of that would have happened.

If he had been more careful, this all situation could have been avoided. His father wouldn’t be heart broken, and his mom…his mom…

No matter what his brothers were telling him, how hard they were trying to reassure him and convince him that he did nothing wrong, Damian still thought it was his fault. Without him, none of that would have happened.

Without him, his mother…He couldn’t even think the words. It hurts too much. To think he was the cause of it all ? It was even worst.

No matter what his brothers were telling him, how hard they were trying to reassure him and convince him that he did nothing wrong, Damian still thought it was his fault. Without him, none of that would have happened.

Without him…Without him…Without him his mother would have never left.

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