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so like i made this months ago with the intention that one day i’d draw the other outfit and,,, i never did. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anywho, this is fanart for @geek-fashionista and her Luck Us fic, which i totally loved everyone shoud read it (though, it is on the longer side, which is like dedication, so definitely go read it) and i know mari didn’t model the dress herself but,,, i like drawing her. hope i did the dress justice :)

Happy 30th Birthday Hunter Parrish! (May 13th, 1987)

I just remind myself of who I was before any of this started happening. And I surround myself with people who hold me accountable for my actions. That doesn’t mean I don’t have fun, but I control it. Self-control is something I think a lot of people lose when they achieve success in our business. 


When I am alone, I see you in the dark, I
Talk into the empty like you were with me
Started on a cold night, felt you in the low light
Noticing the reflex taking over me
I see you when I reach
Muscle memory

Thank you for 400+!! I haven’t drawn chrobin for a while, so I got some inspiration from one of my favourite songs. I drew a robin in place of a sparrow for obvious reasons. :3c


I’ve been thinking about how Kaneki’s mind set will have altered thanks to Chapter 122, and I think I can safely say there’s an upside and a downside to the recent developments.

The upside? Well, Kaneki has finally been pushed out of his little bubble of unhealthy thoughts, at least for the most part. Now he should be aware how important his own life is to others, and he should also now be aware that distancing himself from others isn’t going to help them in the slightest (it appears that Kaneki has already begun demonstrating this awareness).

That’s all sunshine and rainbows, however the downside to this is that Kaneki has likely made himself extremely vulnerable to Touka’s closeness, which by itself is a definitely a positive thing for both of them. The real problem here is if anything hazardous or potentially life threatening happens to Touka from this point onward. To me it seems very likely that Kaneki would end up going rampant in Kakuja form again, and this time his whole body will be clad in armour, which could potentially be devastating for everyone.

Back when Kaneki lost control after his very first Kakuja emergence, he presented a lot of danger not only to his enemies but to his friends as well. Luckily Kaneki snapped out of it before any of his friends were killed (aka Banjou Ex Machina). This time however that must not be allowed to happen, otherwise Kaneki could become far too dangerous for anyone to deal with, considering the vast amount of power he has obtained since way back then.

Long story short, please nobody touch Touka (And especially you Mutsuki), otherwise Tokyo might be dealing with a more threatening monster than we’ve ever seen in Tokyo Ghoul.

Aside Furuta, of course.

Aaaannnd yes, this is my secretavatar gift for numbuh424. I was your Secret Santa and I made some Kainora fluffiness for you, with dorky Christmas sweaters and hot cocoa, as you wished. I totally enjoyed drawing this one. Merry Christmas dear, and I hope your holidays will be great! 


what if bucky and steve used to make blanket forts when they were younger, using whatever old blankets they could find and a couple of tattered cushions to build a little fort to hide in, safe and sound from the harsh realities just beyond the thin strips of fabric.

what if present day bucky still finds some security in snuggling underneath a blanket fort, probably one he made in the middle of the night after another nightmare scared him awake. he doesn’t quite understand why this helps, hasn’t gained full recovery of his memories yet, but it’s warm within all these draped blankets and pillowed walls, and it feels safe, in a way he hasn’t felt since coming back. it feels safe, but also sort of wrong, like something’s missing.

still, for the first time, he sleeps through the night.

then what if steve comes in bucky’s room one day and sees this blanket fort, and is absolutely delighted. he refuses to let bucky be embarrassed about it, drags in his own blankets and pillows, and makes the fort even bigger. they spend the entire night holed up inside, talking about everything and nothing, until it finally clicks for bucky that this doesn’t feel incomplete anymore, that the missing piece was steve all along.

AND THEN WHAT IF SAM AND NATASHA JOIN IN. they extend the blanket fort beyond bucky’s room and suddenly there’s a complicated tunnel system, and specific “rooms” for specific things (nat includes a weapons room, what the hell)

and basically it all ends up in a big puppy pile underneath the awesomest blanket fort ever made by a group of grown ass adults


Y'know. I think about Foot Don a lot. Like, a lot, a lot.

and it always makes me happy because I see him as the most passive aggressive egotistical rebel of the bunch. Sure, he’s nice and formal up front but behind closed doors he’s conspiring with little schemes to quietly take more control over the Foot Clan. Eventually he’s aspiring to stick a dagger in the back (or shell) of whoever’s next in the chain of command up from him… 

Evil Dons give me life, I swear.

philosophium  asked:

prompt: kandreil and someone getting hurt (like physically, like during a game or something idk)

I CAN’T BELIEVE I LEFT THIS UNANSWERED FOR SO LONG by the way you are kind of like one of my favorite writers can i just say. your hcs give me life 

  • so get this: kandreil has been well-established for at least over a month. one of them can never be seen without one or the other or both
  • andrew is the least carefree among the three of them aka he is the biggest worrywart of The Century
  • he can’t get past the mentality that neil will get murdered because the midget’s a goddamn murder magnet
  • “Kevin, you’ll have to trail Josten all the time if I can’t be there to do it, or he’ll get himself murdered the moment we both leave him.” 
  • “You know, both of you could at least trust me to walk to class alone.”
  • “If I had it my way Neil, I wouldn’t burst a vein over you either. Come on, I’ll walk you so that Andrew will shut the fuck up.”
  • kevin, while being less worried in general, goes along with the set-up because he and andrew have this weird mentality that neil is the most fragile bean ever
  • (with him paying a guy $100 to knock him out back all those months ago, you’d think neil’s already attained Hardcore Status, but NO)
  • renee thinks the whole thing is very adorable but also suggested she teach neil how to fight
  • andrew immediately soured the first time renee mentioned this and said something along the lines of no one will so much as harm a strand of neil’s hair because i’ll end the life of whoever does
  • kevin’s face stoned at the idea of neil fighting because he’s a striker renee, he needs his fucking hands 
  • anyways, in the biggest plot twist ever, it is andrew that gets hurt first. damn

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You Look Happier (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “your imagines are so good omgomgomg!!! is it possible if you could do a grayson imagine based off the song happier by ed sheeran? and could it be grayson’s pov? thx!!:)”
Word Count: 2,049
Warnings: Alcohol abuse, heartbreak. I cry.
A/N: I love this song, it’s saaad. Like who hurt Ed Sheeran so badly? :( Anyway, hope you like this dear anon. Thank you guys so much for almost 200 followers. Also, this is my 100th post, yay! Listen to the song for the full effect.


“Walking down 29th and park, I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart, you look happier”

We had walked around town, Ethan and I, searching for a good location to film our newest video in. I hadn’t expected it at all, I hadn’t seen it coming. But there she was, in another man’s arms. She was standing outside a clothing store, bright smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around the man’s neck. It was like something had pierced my heart at the sight, because that smile was once only reserved for me. I stopped in my tracks, feeling like the breath had been knocked out of me and the tip of my fingers became numb. She looked so happy, way happier than she had looked when she was with me at the final stage of our relationship. Sure, it had been a month and she deserved to be happy because I had hurt her pretty bad, stuff that wasn’t supposed to be said, was said, and now she had moved on.

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