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Fic prompt: Bitty accidentally says something really hurtful to Jack when he's angry over the phone (like from Georgia or something). Jack takes it the wrong way and begins to panic and shut people out. Bitty doesn't realize what he's done until Jack doesn't reply to his apology a few days later and people text bitty because they're worried about Jack. Bitty has to quick find Jack and fix what he did and help him feel better

“You don’t understand!” Bitty shouts over the phone.

“But I do, Bits,” Jack retaliates for the umpteenth time this conversation.

“Jack, stop,” Bitty pleads, pressing the palm of his hand hard against his shut eyes. “You don’t, alright. You can’t. You haven’t grown up the way I did.”

“But I still–”


Bitty isn’t sure if it’s the crack in his voice, but Jack goes silent on the other end.

Bitty sighs out roughly. Time apart is meant to be good for their relationship–absence makes the heart grow fonder–but all it seems to have done for Jack and Bitty is create tension and frustration.

“Eric,” Jack begins as Bitty is trying to calm his breathing. It’s not the way he says it normally; soft and reverent. No, this is like the angry spike of syllables he got from Jack in his first year at Samwell. This is a slap in the face.

“No,” he says firmly, then hangs up before he adds on anything else that his heart is tempting him with by telling him it will feel so good to get off his chest. He’s got enough sense to know that he’d regret that when he’s cooled down. He doesn’t want to lose Jack, lord how much he doesn’t want that.

Bitty turns his phone off and keeps it off for the rest of the night. His fingers itch, and he knows that even if he doesn’t text Jack, he’d be tweeting something vague and passive-aggressive which will only cause worry for his followers, some of which belong to the SMH.


The next morning Bitty sleeps in after having stayed up late baking. He opens his eyes slowly, aware that this morning he’s going to have to turn his phone back on and face the fact of his conversation with Jack last night.

He does it like ripping a band-aid off. Phone on, apology text sent, then he leaves it on his nightstand and heads downstairs.

He eats, then he bakes and listens to his music louder than normal. He’s calm now, last night’s frustration gone, and ready to talk to Jack about what he actually meant.

Upstairs, sitting on his bed with his phone in his hands, Bitty is stumped. There’s no response from Jack. He sends another text, asking Jack to call him later in the evening, and leaves his phone beside his laptop on the desk and he starts editing a vlog entry.

That evening, there’s no call. No text either, which worries Bitty as it’s outside Jack’s normal mode of operation. The smallest bit of doubt trembles in his fingers as he sends another text to Jack close to midnight, just to check that everything is okay.

Two days go by with no communication from Jack. It’s strange, and what’s stranger are the messages flooding his inbox from what seems like every contact he has but Jack. They’re all variations on the same sentiment.

Hey Bits. Jack talked to you recently? He’s not answering my emails. Thx.

Bruh is Jack giving you radio silence too?

Could you let Jack know I’ve sent him those spreadsheets? Calls aren’t going through. Thanks man.

Do you know if Jack’s gone away or something?

Have you talked to Jack?

Is Jack talking to you?

Have you talked to Jack?

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And remember, It can be a short drabble or a longer fic. It doesn’t have to be explicit at all, you can end the scene before the smutty parts begin, just as long as the story involves the characters having sex for the reason listed

50 Reasons to Have (Richonne) Sex:

1.  Because you can’t get to sleep *CLAIMED*

2. Make-up sex *CLAIMED*

3. Break-up sex *CLAIMED*

4. Your friend told you about a new position

5. Revenge *CLAIMED*

6. Rebound *CLAIMED*

7. Paratrooping/Bangin’ for roof *CLAIMED*

8. Nothing good on TV *CLAIMED*

9. Because you’re in a hotel

10. Curiosity

11. It’s raining *CLAIMED*

12. It’s halftime

13. Diet/exercise

14. Celebrate recent weight loss

15. You finally get to show your childhood bed some action

16. Prom night

17. You’re already at their place and don’t want to have to move your car

18. Show off new lingerie *CLAIMED*

19. Celebrate major victory by favourite team and/or political candidate *CLAIMED*

20. Your chance to do it in a specific location (ex: airplane, Burger King bathroom) *CLAIMED*

21. To prove we’re not in a rut

22. Stress relief *CLAIMED*

23. Just shaved legs *CLAIMED*

24. Forgot to buy a birthday present *CLAIMED*

25. “Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye is playing on the radio *CLAIMED*

26. Celebrating the joy of life after a near-death experience *CLAIMED*

27. Your one chance with a celebrity

28. Time an egg

29. To avoid cleaning, studying or work of any kind

30. She wants to *CLAIMED*

31. It’s cold outside *CLAIMED*

32. Cheer someone up (pity) *CLAIMED*

33. Keeping up with the neighbours

34. Your roommate is out of town and you can do it on the couch *CLAIMED*

35. Some very protected sex to celebrate the fact I’m not/We’re not/you’re not pregnant

36. Practice

37. They have air conditioning and you don’t

38. Because he/she is from one of the countries you haven’t had sex with a person from yet

39. “Damn, your calves look good in those cargo shorts” sex

40. Called/texted the wrong person but she was into it anyway *CLAIMED*

41. To make a baby *CLAIMED*

42. Breaking in a new apartment *CLAIMED*

43.  Because he said he loves you and you’re not ready to say it back yet

44. Wingman diving on the friend grenade

45. Your condoms are about to expire *CLAIMED*

46. It’s getting a little hard

47. Miscommunication (Cheetos sex)

48. To reinforce good behaviour (such as shaving& dental hygiene)

49. To change the subject *CLAIMED*

50. Love <3 *CLAIMED*


Panic! At The Disco frontman brings song, prizes to Vancouver
Radio contest win nets man $1,000, special performance, 1972 Impala
By Stevie Mathieu, Columbian assistant metro editor
Published: August 31, 2014, 8:29 PM

Max Andersen will have quite a story to tell when classes resume at Evergreen High School this week.

The frontman from one of her favorite bands, Panic! At The Disco, rolled into the 17-year-old’s apartment complex Sunday afternoon behind the wheel of the red, 1972 Chevrolet Impala convertible from the band’s “Miss Jackson” music video.

Singer and guitarist Brendon Urie parked the Impala, and while meeting with a group of about a dozen fans, hugged Max and let the Vancouver teen take a selfie with him.

Max looked at her family and mouthed “oh my god” after embracing the rock star.

Then Brendon slicked his hair back under his baseball cap, slung a guitar over his shoulder and belted out a couple of songs while standing near the hood of the classic car.

And that wasn’t all.

The car was a gift for Max’s father, Neil Andersen, who had won the Impala and the chance to meet Brendon in a nationwide iHeartRadio contest put on by Clear Channel Broadcasting.

Max might know each word to every Panic! At The Disco song, but Neil said he’s a pretty big fan too.

“I always loved their music,” Neil said. “I now know everything Panic! At The Disco plays.”

Neil said he was driving to work at about 5 a.m. one recent day when the radio station he listens to, 102.3, Alternative Radio for Portland, asked listeners to text in the word “brother.”

Neil works as an engineering technician for Oregon Aero in Scappoose, Ore., a company that manufactures airplane seats.

A couple of minutes after he sent the text, Neil got a phone call and learned he had won $1,000. He also was entered into a drawing with 239 other people around the country to win the chance to meet Brendon and get the car.

Since discovering he won that nationwide contest, “I’ve been riding on cloud nine,” Neil said, adding that some of his coworkers have asked him to buy them lottery tickets because he’s been so lucky.

On Sunday afternoon, the Andersen family, along with a few friends and neighbors, sang along with Brendon as he performed two songs: “Miss Jackson” and “This is Gospel.” The singer appeared amused by the group’s enthusiasm and broke into a laugh a couple of times as he sang.

After his brief performance, he joked that the group was better at backup singing than his band. “You guys are loud, that was awesome,” Brendon said.

Max then gave Brendon a drawing she sketched of him, and admiring the picture, he told her: “You’re super talented. That’s insane.”

After snapping more photos with his fans and autographing the glove box of the Impala, Brendon ended his 20-minute meetup with the Andersen family and was whisked off to prepare for his evening concert at the McMenamins Edgefield Amphitheater in Troutdale, Ore.

After the star left, Neil said he was happy to see Brendon was “such a standup guy.” He also called Sunday one of the best days of his life.

An Impala is “one of the cars I’ve always loved, and now I own one.”