I remembered that Opie is a GOOD CHARACTER and a SOFT BOY and also Bagga has adopted him and is his supportive big brother now who is very happy that he is not alone and also takes Opie on camping trips to see cool astronomical events and stuff. He also got him a hat of disguise so they can pass through towns without trouble and he is a BIG OL’ CUTE. 

He’s got various d&d race parts in him, I like his tiefling horns and elfy ears. 

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly try and draw smol baby Tom? The show has given me all the smol characters except him and I need smol Tom in my life lol. Thank you for doing what do on here, I think I speak for everyone that we greatly appreciate your wonder pieces of art on here and your willingness to take so many request. Thank you for that.

Oh! Thank you so much! Your comment really touched my heart.  I’m always afraid to open requests/suggestions because I tend to feel like I’m being taken advantage of but your comment reminds me why I draw.  I love drawing and I love making people happy with my skills.  I know I’m not the best but I always try my best to make people happy.  

I hope you are happy too with baby Tom. As a baby I felt like his horns would be short and he’d teeth aggressively because of his fangs.  He’s so innocent as a baby! :D

anonymous asked:

Tord is pretty cute 💕 I like his horns I wanna see his eyes He's so awkward Somebody tell em he's adorable He deserves sorryimabotherimgoingnow

yeah, ah, y’know,, we actually think tord is really—

Tord: “Hey, um, I thought I heard my name.. did someone ask about me or…?”



Akon appreciation post

As requested by anon. :)

It is time for everybody to say what they like about Akon!

[Need more appreciation?]

Ukitake: He is very good at making life-sized statues!

Hitsugaya: Too good.

Byakuya: Much too good.

Byakuya: He knew proportions that he should not have known.

Hitsugaya: He knew about a freckle that I have…in my armpit!

Byakuya: He knew about that one strand of hair that is longer than all of the others.

Akon: Guys….Squad 12 has cameras everywhere.

Byakuya: That does not make us feel better.

Shutara: I like his horns

Shutara: The man has nice horns.

Nnoitra: Sure, if you like small stubby horns.

Shutara: Maybe I do.


Nnoitra: Ew.

Hiyori: In a squad full of annoying, stupid people, Akon was marginally less stupid and less annoying than the others!

Urahara: He helped turn Squad 12 into the research squad it is today!

Kurotsuchi: He can be relied upon to do what needs to be done.

Kurotsuchi: That is more than you can say for most.

Rukia: He survived both Kurotsuchi and Urahara. I mean……how?

Nemu: He has survived in Squad 12 for a long time.

Nemu: Mayuri-sama has never once implanted a bomb in him.

Nemu: He must be doing something right.

Weirdly handsome squad 12 guy: I really wish I had been more like him…

Ichigo: He got me out of that Quincy sphere.

Ichigo: He basically saved Soul Society.

Hisagi: He is so awesome! His horns, his hair, his face, his relentlessly calm and sardonic attitude….

Hisagi: Akon proves that even nerds can be cool!

Akon: ………even nerds?

Hisagi: I know, man. You are THAT amazing!