Hey Guys!  So I’ve had more than 50 or so asks in my queue for a while now and I can never really seem to get to them and the more I answer the more I get.  It actually kind of eats away at me that I can never get to them and if I do I can’t go as in depth with them as I would like.  So for these reasons I have decided to turn off my asks feature.  In return I promise to do more tutorial like posts, and I’ll probably start an FAQ section here soon incase you’re interested.  I will say that most of the questions I get are about how I got my start, schooling and the like.  If you’re interested in that I explain it pretty well in an interview I did with Chris Oately.  You can check it out here:


I’m sorry if I never got to your question!  Thank you all for the support and interest in my art.  Now back to the drawing board…literally.