I finally finished this old thing bc I was talking to may about bloodswaps the other day, brought on by that teal gamzee commission.

Also I have to actually draw tyrian karkat & not just tyrian kankri and even then I get four more pairs to draw… but thinking about this as an actual au has been fun.

Groans abt it all the same.

Edit; almost forgot

Their weapon is garden shears! For horticultural purposes only, absolutely. They would definitely never stab anyone with these, not even to get revenge if they were murdered by a seadweller… nope, that definitely could never happen! Good thing, too, or it would be really upsetting.

Nate Maloley Imagine - Toys.

Wattpad Request: can u do a nate imagine where he finds your toys…..and he’s not to happy about it coz he can make u feel better.

Finally posting another one, I promise - I’m gonna finish my list.

Contains smut and swear words (cuss/curse words).

– (Nate’s POV) –

“Y/N! Where are my red vans?” I yell, looking beneath mine and my girlfriend’s shared bed.

“In the closet somewhere, check the back!” She yells back, I open our wardrobe and push the clothes out of the way to check the back of our shared closet.

I see a box, I furrow my eyebrows and pull it out.

– (Y/N’s POV) –

Nate strolls in, his face stern and blank. I open my mouth to ask him what’s wrong but he cuts me off by covering my mouth and picking me up. I ask him what he’s doing but he can’t understand my muffled voice.

He takes me to our bedroom where my vibrators and certain toys are spread across the bed, I forgot I had those. I kept them for when he was away on tour, I guess I forgot to hide them properly.

“What the fuck are these?” He asks, his eyes cold yet lustful.

“Nate I swear, I got them for when you were away on tour.” I plead, cupping his face but he bites his lip and picks me up, dropping me onto the bed. I shove everything out of our way as he leans down and kisses me roughly, grabbing a fist full of my hair as we make out.

“You think you can please yourself without me huh? Think these can make you feel as good as I can? You’re wrong lil’ mama.” He grunts, shoving his hand into my sweats to begin vigorously rubbing me through my wet panties. I moan and pant, arching my back as he goes rough on me. The soft, gentle Nate is gone, and I’m not missing him.

“N-No Nate, I-I swear.” I yell, clenching the bedsheets in my hands as he then slips his fingers into my panties and into my entrance.

With his free hand, he reaches over and grabs a bullet vibrator, switching it on with a flick of his thumb, the teasing sound rings in my ears. He begins sliding it in and out of me, after taking off my sweats and panties, just how his fingers did and would. “That feel nice lil’ mama?” He asks, sucking on my neck as he proceeds to pleasure me.

“Fu-Fuck yes.” I moan, biting my lip as I scrunch my eyes closed. He then yanks it out of me, dismissing it to the side before shoving his wet fingers in.

“Wrong answer.” He grunts, forcefully gliding his two fingers in and out of me, hitting all the right spots every time.

I scream, squirming away from him but he keeps me in place and goes harder. He then strips me from every single piece of clothing on my body, his too. He kneels on the mattress between my spread legs and reaches over for another tactic, collecting the vibrating dildo. With a thrust of his own hips, he shoves it into me and begins using it as if it was his shaft inside of me.

I moan, grabbing my own hair as the feeling overwhelms me. I didn’t get this much pleasure on my own whilst he was on tour. “Do you like that?” He asks, quickening his arm’s pace.

Unable to respond, I nod my head. He grunts out a few curse words, mad, before replacing the rubber toy with his shaft. He thrusts in and out of me, building the amount of pleasure that these toys couldn’t even come close to giving me.

“Which is better?” He asks, pulling on my hair because he knows how I like it.

“You N-Nate,” I scream, arching my back. “It’ll a-always be y-you.”

With the confirmation he gained, he thrusts and thrusts and thrusts until he can’t thrust no more and collapses beside me, both exhausted after our heavenly releases.

“You know, I kinda’ don’t mind you having them, only to punish you with them though, not to please yourself.” He pants, running his fingers through his tangled, messy hair.

I giggle, rolling over to rest my arm and leg over him. “I’ve been a extra bad girl, you need to punish me more.” I whisper teasingly, he groans.

“Lil’ mama you’re not gonna’ be able to remember your name by the time I’m finished with you.” He chuckles before pressing his lips to mine.


“I’ll never leave you alone anymore ..”

* Hide with brown hair theory in this au

I finally finished this au ; u ; I’m so happy!!~ It took me a little longer time to finish but i’m glad i made it with good ending!

I had some problem with the historical settings. In the end i found some useful information on wiki, and there is even a samurai named Sasaki Hideyoshi (amazing!). Please correct me if something were wrong

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Finally finished. Double interview for you guys.

I haven’t managed to sort the colours out though. Yellow still the best option between the ones available.

It happened. I finally did it. I finished the first draft of my (very long) new Bethyl WIP, and now I can tell you all this:

1) It’s called “When I See You Again”
2) The first draft is officially over 33.3K words.
3) I have been writing this for like two weeks lord help me.
4) And now I’m going to go have dinner to celebrate because the thought of editing this monster of a fic is just too much hahaha hahaha hahaha *falls over*

Feaudal Era AU! Emperor Matsuoka Rin. Bow to your Emperor! (ノ◡.)ノ

I was finally able to finished this sketch during yesterday’s livestream! And oh me gosh, I couldn’t be any more prouder of myself! BEHOLD!! Dee can actually draw non chubby things too! Haha!  (´∀`*)

Want to take him home? Preorder your print here!

Sosuke, babe, you’re next on my hit–uh DRAWING LIST!  ( ̄︶ ̄)