((*is not listening to madonna*))

Yuuri and Phichit being late night bros is my jam

Like they hang out late at night in their room and tell each other secrets and do that sleep over thing and spill their fears and dreams and crushes, and maybe how they probably miss their families

They listen to bad covers of Madonna and try to make pork cutlet bowls in their dorm kitchen at 2 in the morning.

At 3 they go online look at old social media posts and laugh until they cry because being a teen and online is ridiculous. Yuuri has Bad Doodles posted online of his OC’s and Phichit posted about how he was 14 and ‘an adult now mom’ and could have as many hamsters as he wanted (he does).

Yuuri reveals how more than anything he’s afraid of disappointing everyone and Phichit tells him all he really wants to do is make Thailand proud, like, that’s all he really wants.

And they kiss a little and hold hands under the covers, since they’re bros and bros can do whatever they want.

Late night sleep over Yuuri and Phichit.


okay so me and @mon-d-i-e-u made an 80s AU for Les Amis and theres so many amazing possibilities like:

  • Courf in neon workout clothes, intensely listening to Madonna.
  • Hippie Jehan that walks around with flowers in his hair (yes we know this is the 80s but we nor Jehan cares okay?) ( @mon-d-i-e-u )
  • Jehan, Grantaire, JOLY, Bahorel and possibly Courf are stoners
  • Enjy listening to everything fro The Smiths to Adam and the Ants ( @mon-d-i-e-u )
  • Aesthetics AND politics??? Yes please
  • E personally planning to fight the governemnt and put an end to the AIDS crisis ( @mon-d-i-e-u )
  • Joly and Ferre helping as many HIV positive and AIDS patients as possible to the best of their extent for free
  • “Enjolras would have the most magnificent spiral perm known to man or beast” ( @bottlesandbarricades )
  • Montparnasse being a punk
  • og alternatively goth since goth had its humble beginnings in the 80s ( @mon-d-i-e-u )
  • Okay but Les Amis fighting fiercly for queer rights and fighting racisim and fighting for the rights of like miners and just fighing for what is right.
  • Also Enjolras is basically Mark Ashton.
  • And trying to get people to understand that it is actually a thing and shit
  • Courfeyrac and legwarmers
  • Grantaire carrying one of those huge speaker things (boombox?) with him on his shoulder lmao
  • Les amis facing hate and them getting through it in different ways and them taking care of each other
  • Courfeyrac would definitely host parties for queer people and stuff like that
  • Cafe Musain trying to make a safe space for queer people where they can live for a little time till they can get up on their own feet
  • Feel free to add to this!!!!!!!!!!!! Work in progress!!!!!!!!

I adore Lazuli but I really wanna bring back dark, angry Water Witch and see a showdown between her and the gems.

I guess that’s why I really enjoy my au Lazuli.

Also, I’m listening to Madonna’s Frozen and it just got really emo in here. I’m totally ok with this.

The Year In Chart Toppers- 2006 (listen)

Feel Good Inc.- Gorillaz // Stupid Girls- P!NK // Hung Up- Madonna // When I’m Gone- Eminem // Pump It- The Black Eyed Peas // Waiting On The World To Change- John Mayer // Beep- The Pussycat Dolls // You and Me- Lifehouse // Hate Me- Blue October // We Be Burning- Sean Paul // Get Up- Ciara // Jesus Take The Wheel- Carrie Underwood // Call Me When You’re Sober- Evanescence // Life Is A Highway- Rascal Flatts // Deja Vu- Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z // Rompe- Daddy Yankee // Too Little Too Late- Jojo // Gimme That- Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne // Sugar We’re Going Down- Fall Out Boy // One Wish- Ray J // Smack That- Akon // Bossy- Kellis // Shake That Ass- Eminem // My Love- Justin Timberlake // Unpredictable- Jamie Foxx // Shoulder Lean Young Dro // So What- Field Mob ft. Ciara // Sexy Love- NeYo // Don’t Forget About Us- Mariah Carey // Dirty Little Secret- All American Rejects // Laffy Taffy- D4L // Walk Away- Kelly Clarkson // Yo (Excuse Me Miss)- Chris Brown // My Humps- The Black Eyed Peas // I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper)- T Pain // Stickwitu- Pussycat Dolls // Because of You- Kelly Clarkson // Ms. New Booty- Bubba Sparxxx // Money Maker- Ludacris // Gold Digger- Kanye West // Dance, Dance- Fall Out Boy // Ain’t No Other Man- Christina Aguilera // Everytime We Touch- Cascada // Lips Of An Angel- Hinder // Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol // Unfaithful- Rihanna // How To Save A Life- The Fray // Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It- Dem Franchize Boyz // Dani California- Red Hot Chili Peppers // London Bridge- Fergie // Move Along- All American Rejects // I Write Sins Not Tragedies- Panic! At The Disco // SOS- Rihanna // It’s Goin’ Down- Young Joc // So Sick- NeYo // Run It- Chris Brown // Buttons- Pussycat Dolls // Me & U- Cassie // Over My Head (Cable Car)- The Fray // Grillz- Nelly // Be Without You- Mary j. Blige // Check On It- Beyoncé // Sexyback- Justin Timberlake // Ridin’- Chamillionaire // Crazy- Gnarls Barkley // Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield // Hips Don’t Lie- Shakira // You’re Beautiful- James Blunt // Promiscuous- Nelly Furtado // Temperature- Sean Paul // Bad Day- Daniel Powter

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wait wouldn't listening to Dazzler be like listening (exclusively) to ABBA?

I always placed Dazzler a little more like Madonna but that’s the only record they had in her bunker. That and ballet

I was tagged by @duranie100theunionofthesnake Thank you so much!! 💕

Last movie you watched: Casino Royale

Last song you listened to: Into The Groove - Madonna

Last book you read: haven’t finished reading a book in ages :/

Last thing you ate: Chips

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Wherever DD are :)

A fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Donkey from Shrek

What fictional world/universe would you want to spend a week in: Far Far Away xD

Last video game you played: rise of the Tomb Raider

i tag: @hitchin-a-ride-to-panic-station @grumpylikethewolf @simon-le-fucking-bon @anthropomorphictaco @depecheymode and anyone else who wants to! :D

Possible Tribute Video?

Anyone have any interest in creating a James and Sharna tribute video using the song Crazy For You by Madonna?  Was just listening to that song today and I think it would be an amazing song for one…especially fitting with these two.  I’m not great when it comes to creating those videos so I thought I’d open up the idea to others.  : )