((*drowns in feels*))

But must it always be a tragedy?
Maybe suns are meant to love
boys who fall into seas.
—  Dear poets, it’s time to rewrite Icarus | p.d

His hands were bruised from beating on the wall. It was dark like the cabinet where he hid to escape his father. His belly hurt like knives, throat cracked dry. He was alone. I pushed through and held his hand. It was all I could do.
He said, “Thank you.”

Thank you.

When season 3 starts and Mon-el comes back, I want not only a glorious tear-filled reunion. I want Kara to take him back to the apartment towards the end of the episode and it’s revealed that she kept his clothes that were there and his books are on the table. He asks why and she says she loves him and never had it in her heart to move them because then she would have to accept that he was gone and she would never do that