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I’ll give you a tip, okay? I’m not your bud. And if you ever hassle Anne again, you’ll regret it.

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24 & 25 w Peter Parker pls

24. “If I die I’m going to haunt your ass”

25. “You know you’re not as scary as you think you are!”

Requested by Anon and thank you to @bucky-plums-barnes for brainstorming with me <3 

When Peter first told you of his Avenging secret you almost laughed in his face, it wasn’t until he dragged you back to his apartment and thrusted the familiar red and blue suit into your hands that you actually believed him. So when he asked if you wanted to see New York from his perspective, to say you were less than thrilled about the idea would be the understatement of the century. 

“If I die I’m going to haunt your ass” you grumbled peering over the ledge of your apartment building. Peter had told you he would meet you on the roof at 10pm as there was a lesser chance of the two of you been spotted. 

“You’re not going to die (Y/N)” voice was slightly muffled by the suit, you swore the suit actually rolled it’s eyes at you. 

“Oh well I’m sorry I have some reservations about this, you don’t see me swinging from building to building every Friday night”  you huffed crossing your arms across your chest as Peter pulled off the mask, his hair fluffing up in all directions. 

“If it helps, I haven’t been doing this for that long either” 

“You know, it really doesn't” you voice was laced with sarcasm as you gave your best friend a deadpanned look. 

“Come on (Y/N) let me show you what you’re missing” Peter extended his hand out to you. You looked at his hand sighing as you slipped your own into it. 

“This all feels very Aladdin right now” grumbling trying to crack a joke for the sake for your pride as Peter slipped on his mask back on, maneuvering your arms to wrap around his shoulders he made sure you were holding on tight.  

“You know you’re not as scary as you think you are!” Peter snorted as he stood at the edge of the building, your heart hammering in your chest. 

“I’ll have you know that I am very sacaARHHHH” but your attempt to defend yourself was lost as Peter jumped off the building, using his webbing to swing you both between the building of the city. 

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A blurb where y/n has endometriosis and she's in pain but she's with shawn on tour so he's worrying over her but she's worrying about him since he needs to get to the m&g?

Your cramps are always bad because you have endometriosis. Sometimes so bad that you really can’t do anything. You normally try to keep track of when you’re going to get your period, that way you’re prepared and you can take your pain medication, but since you’re on tour with Shawn, you haven’t been keeping track. 

While Shawn is doing his Q&A, you’re back in his green room. But your cramps start. The hurt so badly so suddenly that you honestly can’t even do anything. You end up curled in a ball on the couch, and you don’t move until Shawn gets back. He’s supposed to head to the meet and greet, but when he enters the green room and sees you, he refuses to leave immediately.

“Y/n?” He asks, coming over to sit next to you on the couch, “What’s wrong hun?” You only groan slightly in response, not moving at all. “Cramps?” He questions, immediately catching on and understanding the reason for your pain. “Did you take anything?” He asks, but you only shake your head. 

Ever since Shawn found out about your endometriosis, he always worries about you. He has had to see you in pain so many times because of it, and he absolutely hates that. This time is no different. He grabs your purse and pulls out your pain pills. He grabs a bottle of water from the mini fridge, and then he helps you sit up. He wraps an arm around you to support you, and hands you the pill and the water, which you take without complaint. 

He simply pulls you closer to himself, letting you rest against him. His free hand gently combs through your hair because he knows that always soothes you. He’s placing a kiss to the top of your head, mumbling, “I love you, I’m sorry you’re in pain,” When the door to the green room opens, and Geoff is standing in the doorway. At first he looks like he was about to yell at Shawn, but he stops himself. 

“Shawn, you’re supposed to be at the meet and greet.” Geoff says, and then adds, “Like five minutes ago.”

“I know man,” Shawn tells him, but his voice holds no remorse. “Can we push it back, maybe like thirty minutes?” 

Geoff hesitates, and even you know that is unrealistic. Concert days always have tight schedules, and thirty minutes is a long time when it comes to something like this. “Shawn, I’m fine.” You tell him, forcing yourself to sound better than you feel. “Go.”

“No, not with you feeling like this, I know you’re not fine.” He responds quietly so you’re the only one who hears. Geoff is still lingering in the doorway, torn between yelling at Shawn to get out to where he’s supposed to be, and allowing Shawn to stay with you because he can see the pain on your face, even from the doorway. 

“Shawn, go.” You tell him, more forcefully this time. “I’ll be fine.” And its true. You’ve gone through this so many times before. And as much as you wish you could have Shawn with you, you know it would be too selfish of you to keep him from the meet and greet. Both because it would disappoint so many fans and because it would throw off the entire schedule for the night. “I took the pain meds, I’ll start feeling better and I’ll probably just end up sleeping.” You tell him honestly, but he still hesitates. 

“You’re sure?” He questions, and you nod. He reaches down to the table beside the couch and grabs your phone off of it. “Text me if you feel worse.” He tells you, “Promise?” 

You take your phone. And you nod. “I promise.”

“I’m sorry I have to go, but I’ll be back before you know it. Try to sleep, okay?”

You just nod, and gently push him away because he isn’t leaving fast enough.  


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I’m very tired but, instead of sleep, here’s a quick thing of Graves featuring loud subordinates and a certain face from this interview?
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Since T'challa has a PhD is he Dr. King T'challa or King Dr. T'challa?

He’s tried both in the past, but neither quite fit his aesthetic. After consulting his groupchat (Rhodes, Ororo, Sam, Shuri and Misty,) he settled on His Majesty King T’Challa, V.I.PhD. (Very Impressive PhD.)

T’Challa knew damn well that Rhodey was joking when he’d suggested the title, but let it never be said that he wasn’t also King of Being A Smartass.

Power Rangers Living Together Headcanon

Created with the help of the lovely @catyz101 and the wonderful @vintagecarter go ahead and give them a follow please.

- Two years after the attack, when the rangers graduate highschool, they decide to build a house together in the mountains near the ship.

-When goldar went down billy managed to save a lot of gold
“Like my dad said, you find it you keep it”
Needless to say they’re fucking loaded.

-Kim and Trini adopted a cat courtesy of her brothers. The twins found him and managed to keep him for a week before their mom found out and he was sent to live with Trini.
“Take care of gato for us”
“Wait you named i-”
“GATO, is in great hands”

-The cat loves everyone but Zack and Jason. Every time the cat cuddles up to Billy “traitor” can be heard faintly whispered through the house.

-Zack goes to the kitchen at 1 in the morning and finds the cat just sitting there staring at him, they have a staring contest for two mintues until he slowly backs away back into his room.

-They rotate dinner every night. They all make something thats authentic to them but the weekends are take out nights. It an unspoken rule of the house

-Zack almost breaking his neck doing a double take on Trini leaving from Kim’s room in the early morning

-“ITS NOT A WALK OF SHAME IF ITS YOUR OWN HOUSE” Kim passing by headed to the kitchen “you are definitely doing the walk of shame babe.”

-Billy quietly comments from the back “why are you so surprised, thats the 5th time this week.”
“Billy, its tuesday”

- “Hello, yes, i found your number in the yellow pages i was calling to tell you that MY BEST FRIEND JUST GOT LAID also a large pizza please”

-Trini watches a novella one day outta habit, and suddenly Jason and Zack are addicted. “No, trini you cant change the channel we are watching that!”

-Kim puts pink hair dye in her shampoo to figure out who keeps using it. The culprit was Jason…… and Trini

-“Who the fuck put jello in the toilet”
“You see its not actually jello its this silicone-”
“I’ll take it you’re upset with me….”

-Theyre the hardware stores best customer. The owner thinks they own a construction company. He is yet to be corrected

-One day the boys come back from the store early and hear a scream in the house. They all barge in too kims room and walk in on the girls.
“Oh my god GET OUT”
Billy closes his eyes and runs smack into the wall putting a hole in it while jason and Zack are running out dodging pillows.

-“Steve come here girl” “Zack we are not naming our dog Steve” “what about zordon?” “you wanna name my daughter after wall dad? How dare?” “you were about to name her Steve?!” “Personally i thik she looks like a Steve…” “Thank you billy”

-“Oh well if it isnt satan himself coming to visit my room when it does not belong here!” “Guys the cat isnt that bad”
“Billy do not speak on matters that do not concern you”

-“Who taught you savages to do the laundry?” “Trini relax.” “Relax? Jason, Isnt it bad enough my hair is pink but now my white tshirts are too because Zack put your shirts in with mine.”

-“Hey yellow, pink, your hell cat just attacked steve.”
“Do you dare slander my cats good name?! YOU CAN MEET ME IN THE PIT!!”

-They have color coded bath Towels. Zack likes to steal someone elses each week which isnt a problem until he struts out the bathroom in pink towels when Kim’s parents come to visit.

-“I know DAMN well i had last nights episode of Rupauls drag race recorded who DELETED IT?!?” “Sorry Zack that may have been me, but dont worry i have it recorded on my tv too” “Billy, you are my hero”

-Gato steals steves bed all the time and its the leading cause of argument in the house.

- “Satan’s spawn please, my daughters bed is too big for you and she cannot sleep in your small bed” hiss hiss “Okay that was rude” hiiiisss “TRINI! CONTROL YOUR SON AND GET HIM OUTTA MY DAUGHTERS BED RIGHT NOW”

-Fire alarm goes off at six in the morning. Multiple voices are heard screaming “KIM” from 4 seperate rooms

-She was just making toast.


been thinking about this for awhile

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What do you think about johsnavi?

i dont get it??? like im not a fan of crossovers or crossover ships in general, but like i watch blackish and????? i cant even imagine johan and usnavi getting along let alone being a thing

also usnavi is way too in love with actual perfect human vanessa so