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What do all the letters and numbers in your description mean? LOVE ur blog 💙

Thank you very much for the compliment, anon! As to your question, these terms refer to different personality theories that I’m extremely obsessed with (my obsession is a bit embarrassing tbh lmao), that I could readily write extensive analyses about them. But I’m sure that you’re just curious to know what those letters and numbers refer to, so I’ll try my best to give a not-so-wearisome answer without adding much confusing jargon. However, if you are interested to know what they actually mean, you may access the links that I’ve provided by clicking the first character of each *term* in my description.

  • INFJ is one of the sixteen types of Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a typological theory created by Katherine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs-Myers based on the psychological types theory that was proposed by Carl Jung. Unfortunately, a lot of faux-MBTI tests available online (*cough* I’m talking about 16personalities and humanmetrics *cough*) determine people’s types based on outward behaviours or personal preferences alone, and suggest that types could simply be defined by letter dichotomies (e.g. I vs. E, N vs. S, etc.). Contrary, MBTI actually focuses on a person’s cognitive process; it analyzes and explains how a person thinks. When you study the theory comprehensively, you would learn about cognitive functions and “function stack”—this determines how each type processes information and makes decisions. Basically, this describes the “position” of the cognitive functions in the type’s cognitive process, and a person’s natural inclination/ preference to use each function. Each type has four primary cognitive functions in their stack: dominant, auxiliary, tertiary, inferior. I dare not make this response a more verbose read (as it probably already is) by giving a more thorough explanation, but the gist is, the theory is a lot more complex than letter dichotomies. That said, each type is defined by a unique functional stacking, and INFJ is defined by its functional stack: introverted intuition (Ni), extraverted feeling (Fe), introverted thinking (Ti), extraverted sensing (Se).
  • 5w6 512 are terms that pertain to the Enneagram of Personality, a typological system which explores nine different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting that arise from inner motivation, fear and desire. 5w6 means that its core type is Type 5 and has a Type 6 wing. I know that it might sound totally baffling, but, those who assent to the “wing theory” suggest that “wings” do not alter core structure, on the contrary, “wings” add potential characteristics to one’s core type. Like MBTI, Enneagram could initially be a daunting theory as well with all the stereotypes and deviations propounded. However, the most basic principle of the theory is understanding one’s core motivation, fear and desire. Hence, an Enneatype 5’s basic desire is to be capable and competent; and with direct opposition to that, its basic fear is the state of being useless or incapable. Type 5s are usually referred to as “The Thinker” or “The Observer”. General descriptions typically associated with the Enneatype 5 are curious, detached, focused, observant, insightful, studious, complex, perceptive, profound, unsentimental, exploratory, cerebral and independent. In addition, 512 is an Enneagram tritype. Tritype theory explains that an individual employs one Enneatype in each center of intelligence: Head (Enneatype 5,6,7), Gut (Enneatype 8,9,1) and Heart (Enneatype 2,3,4) though the core type is inherently dominant in a person. I believe that Enneagram, again like MBTI, is a map towards self-awareness of one’s potential for growth and development.
  • sx/so means that an individual has an instinctual subtype stacking of sexual-dominant and social-secondary (and self-preservation blind). In addition to Enneagram types, the theory suggests that individuals had developed basic instincts which are of biological vital importance and aid in human survival. These are referred to as instinctual variants/ subtypes. At its very essence, sexual instinct does not refer to libido or sexual desire, and does not necessarily allude to romantic interests. According to the theory, sexual instinct craves for intense experiences and connections in order to “complete” the individual inside. Though this instinct is usually associated into searching for that “all-consuming” intimate relationships, I totally concur that a sx-dom’s flare to look for intense experiences or connections could not only be found and embodied by another individual—it could be manifested by an idea, hobby or any other personal interest. Personally, the words that I attach to the sexual variant are: fixation, intensity and intimacy. And despite the fact that I somehow agree with Type 5 sx/so’s general descriptions as the “intimate Five” who usually gravitate towards one-one-one relationships, my “search for an ultimate kind of connection does not only center on relationship with a lover or life partner”. (x) Thus, though I greatly value my attachment with people I genuinely care about, my fixation, intensity and intimacy does not only revolve around them, but I’m also deeply passionate about subjects and ideologies that I took an engrossing interest at.
  • RLOAI is one of the 32 SLOAN types according to the Global 5 adaptation of the Big 5 personality traits. Gah, I know that sounds quite taxing already if you’re not familiar with any of those. I believe that the Big 5 model is one of the most distinguished personality theories proposed and is widely accepted by professionals in the field of Psychology. The Big 5 describes five personality traits which are: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism (OCEAN). Consequently, the Global 5 adaptation of the Big 5 consist of five elements, with each element having two oppositional type extremes: Extraversion (Social vs. Reserved), Emotional Stability (Limbic vs. Calm), Orderliness (Organized vs. Unstructured), Accommodation (Accommodating vs. Egocentric), and Intellect (Non-curious vs. Inquisitive). (x) I believe that similar to other personality theories, the factor called “Intellect” does not intend to measure one’s intelligence, but aims to assess one’s interest and/or curiosity to gain more intellectual knowledge. I’m RLOAI (with primary Inquisitive) so it means that I’m Reserved, Limbic, Organized, Inquisitive.

I really apologize for the lengthy (and possibly tedious) response. But thank you for your inquiry, anon!

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P.S. Writing the Enneagram and sx/so stacking (ESPECIALLY the sx/so stacking!) parts made me feel like I wrote a critical hack for others to get pass my layers of vulnerability. Nope, I’m still very elusive™, sorry xD

top five and bottom five kudos’d fics

I was tagged by @ladytharen Thank you my dear!

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What are your five most popular works? (in descending order)

5. Comfort (919 words, rated G)

It’s cold and miserable on Hoth. Cassian tries to make Jyn comfortable.

4. Nerve (894 words, rated G)

Jyn can’t seem to bring herself to ask Cassian a simple question.

3. Home (2484 words, rated G)

Jyn finds herself back on Wobani.

2. Lightning (4702 words, rated E)

Jyn struggles to cope with past demons.

1. One Night (6632 words, rated E)

They meet at a crowded bar, and sparks fly. She’s mesmerized by his dark eyes and easy wit, he’s smitten with her aloofness that belies a hidden intensity. A few drinks later they’re making out in the car, and barely make it to the bed in her apartment. She wakes alone, and never hears from him again. Weeks later, she misses her period, and there’s only one guy she’s been with lately…

a/n: No surprise that the top two are E-rated fics :-) Sorta surprised at Home, only because it was angst (albeit with a happy ending). Quite happy with Nerve and Comfort, I liked writing those two :-)

What are your five least popular works by kudos? (in ascending order)

1. Family (437 words, rated G)

Cassian is injured on the field of battle, memories of his past resurface.

2. Respite (411 words, rated G)

How Cassian deals with tough missions.

3. Trust in the Force (811 words, rated G)

They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die, but what if it wasn’t the life you had lived? What if it’s a life you should have lived, could have lived, could still live?

4. Family (1433 words, rated G)

Jyn struggles with motherhood.

5. Tender is the Night (464 words, rated G)

Cassian and Jyn deal with the aftermath of an argument.

a/n: So no one seems to like Cassian-centric fics, or baby fics, or angsty fics. Good to know :-)

August 20, 2017

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youre a hack-fraud

but see here’s the thing. i made that text post like an hour before i was arsed to make the popular post, a few laughs were had, and even though (like a shitty magician) i’d more or less just revealed the secret (and the punchline, for that matter), the trick still worked

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please. tell us more about your 'folk bangers' playlist. that sounds relevant to all of my interests. (folks and banging)

if you want a playlist for banging folks this probably isn’t the one for you, but if you want to Go Off, Historically then WHAT’S UP 


i wanted to draw some scenes from my Beauty and the Beast AU!!

i absolutely had to draw the snowball fight between Stan and the kids, haha. the second image is of everyone sitting in front of the fireplace, and Ford (as the journal) is telling them a story, while Dipper reads it aloud for everyone. the third is the ballroom sequence, and i changed around some of the colors here to fit the characters better.

my favorite is Stan’s transformation into a human again. i was itching to draw that scene for a while, and i’m really happy with how it came out!!

my second favorite is Stan embracing Ford. Ford, since he was stuck as a Journal for so many years, can’t really walk or use his limbs all that well. so rather than trip and fall on his way to Stan, he waited for Stan to make his way up to him. and Stan is just so relieved that his brother is back that, in a show of raw emotion, he just ran and held Ford as tightly as he could, while Dipper and Mabel run over to join them

the final image is of everyone just celebrating the fact that the curse is finally lifted. Mabel and Dipper are getting formally introduced to Ford (which is why they’re holding his hand), and Stan is helping hold Ford up to keep him from falling over

(Wendy’s design is by @cirilee and Soos’ design is by @soupery!!)

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Do you have recommendations for a Klance slowburn fic? (Doesn't really matter if it's an AU)

Friend f r i e n d it’s been ages since I actually got to sit down and read a fic but I’ve read lots of them in the past so you definitely came to the right person :P (I actually wrote one of my own; it’s called Magic Me Some Love and is about Galra!Keith/Magician!Lance in a medieval fantasy setting, if you’re into that.)

Now. Slow burn klance fics that aren’t on pretty much every fic rec list out there already with a minimum of either 60k words or that are unfinished still:

Ignorance Is Bliss by YouAreInAComaWakeUp

As it turns out, learning that your house is haunted makes the ghosts a lot more aggressive. Who knew?
Ah, well. At least one of them is hot. And he’s the less-evil one, too, so that’s always a plus.


The Message by Shipstiel

Keith is texted by accident by some idiot one day, and honestly he’s not even sure why he responds. Or why he keeps responding. Yet somehow he finds himself drawn in, and okay, so maybe this fool is mildly entertaining after all. Who would’ve thought.

>>wrong number AU with an extra dash of angst. But if you’ve read any of the other fics this author has written you’ll know that they specialize in fluff and that absolutely shines through in the fic^^

Quest for Altea by fandomlicious

20 years after the legendary sword Voltron was drawn from its stone by Queen Allura, it is stolen and eventually lost in the dangerous Balmeran Forest. To prevent the rogue knight Zarkon, his witch companion Haggar and their army of Galra warriors from claiming the sword and conquering all of Altea, it falls to Lance, with the help of a dark-haired hermit, to embark on the treacherous journey, save his kingdom and reunite his broken family.

>>if you don’t mind OCs that you get to know throughout the fic taking on a more important role, you should totally check out this fic. It’s plot heavy and reads like a published novel :D

Foreign Scenes by bwyn

Lance has been dreaming of travelling since the first time he heard stories from his family as a child. Now, having finally the time and money to do it, he goes on a trip to Europe to see some of the most culturally rich cities on the continent. Except he keeps bumping into the same guy over and over again, in random cities, doing stupid shit, and ultimately dragging Lance into his trouble, too.

>>it’s one of the few fics that I haven’t read personally yet and still won’t hesitate to recommend. lots of my friends have read and praised it, apparently it’s fluffy and fun. it’s absolutely on my to read list :D

Crossroads by manamune

When Keith crashed his Lion into a Galra warship in order to stop it from destroying a solar system, and more importantly, his friends, he was fully prepared to die for it.
What he didn’t prepare for was to wake up in an alternate universe where he and Lance were dating.

>>this one. if you haven’t read it yet, go read it. it was my fav voltron fic for a long long time!!!! it’s got it all, plot, romance, character development, realistic amounts of angst- it’s very very good. 

Drive It Like You Mean It by Zizzani

The Castle of Lions is the venue for the city’s most dangerous illegal street races where drivers come to test the cut of their tires. Lance has long defended his title as champion, but when a newcomer shows up and threatens his position things take an interesting turn.

>>not into cars and street racing AUs? neither am i, my friend, and yet this is one of the best voltron fics i’ve read. trust me when i tell you that you want to read everything written by this author.

Sharps and Accidentals by Zizzani (! unfinished!)

Keith is a talented up and coming violin virtuoso. Lance hates him immediately.
Or an AU in which Lance and Keith both attend the same music university. Keith is deaf. Lance is Trying™.

>>if there is one deaf!AU you should read then it’s this one. it’s really amazing all around - i’ve been following it since 2016 and i still always get excited over e-mail updates.

Ghost of the Future / Shadow of the Past by wittyy_name & Zizzani (! unfinished!)

When Lance is thrown through time, his future self from one year ahead is transported to the past in his place.
When Lance is thrown through time, he finds himself one year in the future, in place of the Lance that should be here.


Stick It by noussommeslessquelettes

After a run-in with the law, former national phenom turned delinquent Keith Kogane is forced to return to the regimented world of elite gymnastics, facing old foes and new challenges.

>>!!!!!!!!!! it’s such a good fic!! based on such a good movie!!!!! i’m kinda upset that not more people have read it, it’s good, give it a try, it won’t disappoint^^

Not That Bad by varelsen

A college AU featuring coffee shops, silly rivalries, motorcycles, arcade games, friendships, and lots of warm, fluffy feelings that are both confusing and delightful all at the same time.

>>the summary nails it. also starring socially anxious!keith but despite that he seems pretty in character. it’s amazing and i really love this author’s style of writing :D

He Who Fights Monsters by magisterpavus

In a world where monstrous dragons terrorize humanity daily, the Garrison trains valiant Knights to slay the evil beasts and defend Earth. But when Knight cadet Lance Espinosa is kidnapped by a strange red dragon who kills its own kind, certain truths are revealed…and so are the true monsters.

>>dragon au i repeat dragon au this is not a drill everyone - this fic!!! is freaking!!!! amazing!!!!!!! it’s in my top 5 minimum go try it out :D

Altea High by Lixie (! unfinished!)

Go back to school they said. It’ll be fun they said. Yeah, sure. It’s tons of fun scaling lava walls, accidentally setting things on fire, and being babysat by the school’s flirt.
When Lance signed up (*cough* bribed *cough*) to show the new firebug around the school he thought it would be a piece of cake. He did not anticipate the sour attitude, spontaneous explosions, intimate moments in elevators…

>>the sky high au you always knew you needed :D it’s still in the very early stages but the fic is really fun so far!!

Blue Shells and Comic Books by SonofHades (! unfinished!)

Lance has too much time on his hands, Keith doesn’t have enough. Lance leans more towards being outgoing and sociable, while Keith keeps to himself and can be mostly unpleasant. Neither think they have anything in common. What they don’t realize, however, is that there happens to be a very popular graphic novel that connects them together. Lance happens to be an avid reader and Keith just happens to secretly be the author.

>>another fic i’m super pumped for oh my god. each new chapter mail has me grinning like a maniac. the waiting between updates is suffering but all worth it in the end. it’s fun and interesting and i love it!

Flirting With Death by drippingpen (! unfinished!)

Keith commits the ultimate taboo as a grim reaper: he saves a life.
More specifically, he saves Lance’s life.
Now they are forever linked, unable to survive without the other. Keith must protect Lance from the forces that are trying to right Keith’s wrong and kill Lance.

>>skdfghjksfhgdksjfhgjfjd i cannot describe it. the plot is really amazing and keith and lance are so attracted to each other but they can’t kiss because that would literally kill lance. it belongs to the top most interesting voltron fics out there :D

in your shoes by lydiamartin (! unfinished!)

The one where Keith and Lance live in different cities but swap bodies – and angry love notes – multiple times a week.

>>Kimi No Na Wa (your name) AU!!!! so basically anything but your typical body switch AU :P give it a try, you will be surprised by it, especially if you haven’t seen the movie.

Of Lions And House Cats by Ms_Towa (! unfinished!)

Keith is a superhero who’s been pining after the cute boy who works at the music shop across the street from HQ. He also doesn’t know that the cute boy is the same vigilante he wants to bring to justice.

>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the chapters are insanely long but they’re all worth it. the plot develops rather slowly but it’s perfect as it is :P the slowest of burns. despite that it never made me lose interest in it so definitely go check it out if you have multiple hours of nothing to do!! :D

I’m gonna stop here because this list is already insanely long but it is faaaaaar from finished, believe me. This fandom produces so many good fics I can’t keep up with it ; - ;