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Monsta x - Exo flirts with you:


He wouldn’t be able to stop himself walking over to you and putting his arm around your shoulders, bringing you closer to him; as he had just witnessed Tao bend his neck extremely close to you in order to get your opinion on his Gucci cologne.

“yah, get your Gucci smellin’ ass away from my girlfriend”

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You’re at the MAMA awards watching Exo perform and Minhyuk couldn’t help but notice that, as Xiumin lifts up his shirt, he focus’ all of his attention on you. Frantically, he looks between you (completely engrossed in the whole performance) and Xiumin, before finally he rests his glare ahead on the Exo member.

*mumbling to himself* “ugh.. can ..he not see.. she’s with me”

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After watching Chanyeol put one of his fluffy, winter hats on your head, upon seeing you shivering, Hyungwon had decided to give both of you the silent treatment. Not only because he thought Chanyeol was flirting,but because he felt guilty because he hadn’t noticed that you were cold.

*thinking to himself* “Why did HE have to notice before I did?!”

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Upon seeing Suho trying to make you laugh by doing his signature awkward dancing, Jooheon would immediately run over to you both and try and upstage Suho. This would eventually end in a competition between the two boys to see who could make you laugh the most.

“See, she’s laughing the most at me, aren’t you y/n?!”

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Lay would purposely make eye contact with you while he, in his sleeveless shirt,  flexes his arm muscles. After seeing this, Shownu would stand directly in front of Lay, making sure you were watching him, and would continue on to then flex every muscle he could.

*no words, just constant smirking”

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After seeing Sehun try numerous amounts of pick up lines on you, he couldn’t help but interrupt him mid pick up,by slinging his arm around your waist, kissing you and then finally smirking at a shocked Sehun.

“Yehet your ass back to the waiting room and leave my girlfriend alone”

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Kihyun’s smile dropped immediately after he saw Luhan “accidentally” push your bottle from the table onto the floor; causing you to bend over to pick it up. Upon seeing Luhan obviously checking out your butt, he casually walked over to you and put a protective hand on your bum. Continuing, he then sat down, pulling you onto his lap paired with a smirk aimed at Luhan.

“The only flute she’s going to be blowin’ is mine”

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