Monsta X Reaction to their girlfriend sitting in their lap for the first time

“Monsta x reaction to sitting on his lap for the first time (you two have been dating)”

A/N: I’m assuming that you’re dating them at the time, if you mean that “you have been dating” as in you two have broken up, then send in another request and I will write that too! :)

Shownu: *Very awkward but tries not to show it*

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anonymous asked:

Monsta x mtl boobs and butt? Like the seventeen one you have done? :) thanx

Of course my lovely :) We’ve discussed this and this is what we’ve agreed, its just our opinion so its not accurate but yeah, here you go! :) 


  • Minhyuk
  • Kihyun
  • Hyungwon


  • Jooheon


  • Wonho
  • Shownu
  • I.M

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