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monsta x and their reaction when their gf back hugs them and then runs away straight after? (^*^~)


He would run after you straight away and demand more hugs. Once he manages to catch you, he would lock you in a tight embrace and refuse to let go.


He would look after you, his face full of dismay because he would think that it wasn’t a long enough hug. But later on he would be really cuddly with you.


He would smile widely to himself and think how adorable you are for doing that. Then he would find you and request infinite hugs.


He would shout for you to come back and when you don’t, he would chase after you and then tickle you as punishment. 


He would pout and ask why the hug was so quick and if you didn’t want to hug him anymore. He’d pout until you come back and snuggle with him.


He would laugh and tease you later about how cute you were and about your silly little run. Then he would hug you tightly and kiss your forehead.


He wouldn’t let you get far because he would grab you back immediately and wrap his arms around you while telling you how sweet you are.


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