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Fic: Rule 47

“Weren’t you supposed to be writing today?” he asks, ruffling Will’s hair as he passes by.

“It wasn’t working for me.” Will smiles at Chris, leaning back to give him an upside down kiss as he places the iPad aside. “How was work?”

“Long,” Chris says, walking away toward the kitchen, “but good, you know?” He opens the fridge door and stares into it blankly before closing it. He’s not hungry or thirsty really, but tends to wander into the kitchen and look into the fridge for no reason he can discern. Will says it’s adorable.

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Fic: It's All About Priorities

Anonymous prompted:Klaine just got done settling into their apartment and Kurt is tired as heck but Blaine is a bouncy, excited puppy and he’s full of energy and it’s driving Kurt insane so he goes “why don’t you use that energy for something other than making me go crazy” and Blaine’s like “I thought you liked it when I make you go crazy” and he teases Kurt for a while, kissing him and annoying him a little but Kurt can’t really be mad at him, and then Blaine fucks Kurt

A/N: So I had a few anons this morning asking for top!Blaine and I promised I’d try. This is the result. I hope you enjoy! :)

“So, what do you want to do now?” Blaine lets himself fall sideways onto the bed they just finished setting up, grinning eagerly.

Kurt, sprawled on his back and arms stretched out to the side, body aching from an entire day of carrying boxes, snorts indelicately. “Mostly, I want to go to sleep. I think I don’t even want to bother finding the sheets. I’m just gonna sleep like this. For at least eight hours.”

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