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                               welcome to ILVERMORNY
                        the NORTH AMERICAN SCHOOL
                          of WITCHCRAFT & WIZARDRY

           located in adams, massachusetts on mount greylock ( the highest natural point in the state ), the school is concealed from non-magical eyes by appearing as a mere cloud around the peak. the school is divided into FOUR houses: THUNDERBIRD, HORNED SERPENT, PUKWUDGIE, AND WAMPUS. each house represents a different part of the ideal wizard. unlike it’s sister school, HOGWARTS, ILVERMORNY’S sorting process is much different. a student steps onto the symbol of the GORDIAN KNOT in the middle of the stone floor. in silence, spectators and the student wait for the enchanted carvings of each house to REACT to claim each student. the horned serpent’s FOREHEAD CRYSTAL LIGHTS up the room. the wampus ROARS, SHAKING WINDOWS. the thunderbird BEATS IT’S SPANNING WINGS. and the pukwudgie RAISES ITS ARROW TO THE SKY. but beware, more than ONE house can claim a student. in that case, the student THEMSELVES must pick their desired house. a rare…but beautiful occurrence.

rules & regulations

  • this gonna be a p chill verse. activity checks only about once every week or so. 
  • no ooc hate or drama. imma murk you if you do. 
  • no duplicate faceclaims or muses. duplicates can be plotted out and can be run by me. 
  • follow everyone ( not right away, at your pace ) and be welcoming pls. 
  • lets get lit p.s. no goddmodding bc this magic n shit it’s easy to do it 
  • this is not mutuals only, but mutuals get first dibs.
  • post a bio if u want. it dont matter, but u can
  • follow the tag: V. ILVERMORNY ( no caps )

application (it’s pretty simple). SEND ALL APPS HERE. 

    muse’s name . year ( 1-7 ) . house . faceclaim ( teen preferred and recommended ) . [ ooc name, age, skype (optional) ] 

muse listing ( under the cut )

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