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A warm up/break piece I managed to complete in under three hours~! I reblogged @yraishi ‘s beautiful art the other day, and was so enamored with their boy that i thought i’d go ahead and draw him! If you’ve not yet seen their beautiful cat, please go check them out!


[Youngjae apologizing to Daehyun]

Daehyun: *makes fun of Youngjae’s belly fat*

Youngjae: *cursed at Daehyun for teasing him*

Himchan: Youngjae! Apologize to Daehyun now!

Youngjae: No way!

Himchan: *glares*

Youngjae: Fine…

[5 minutes later]

Youngjae: Dae, I understood that I was wrong

and I wanted to apologize to you. Here is the

card I wrote for you.

Daehyun: *smiles* r-really?

Youngjae: *smiles back* yeah…

Daehyun: it’s okay Jae, I forgiv- *opens the card*


magnusragnor  asked:

“I might never get another chance to say this.”

34. “I might never get another chance to say this.”

They got engaged a year into their relationship, married several months after that, and had children together. Many told them they were moving too fast, but both Alec and Magnus knew that their love didn’t need to be confined on a strict timeline. 

Their lives have been far from perfect, but if Alec was asked if he could change anything that happened, he knows the answer. The journey he and Magnus had been on over the past 70 years will be written about, will be talked about as a history-altering, boundary-pushing relationship. 

The past few days have been tough, Alec’s health deteriorating quickly. It hit them all out once, but he knew full well what was coming. 

As he lies in bed, his breaths becoming more labored and closer together, he can’t help the feeling of pride–for their relationship withstanding the hardest of conditions, for creating a rift in their world.

Alec has tried to drown out the sounds of machines beeping around him, knowing full well they won’t do anything. It’s easy to forget when he’s still in the comfort of the loft, the place he’s called his home for most of his life.

Magnus stares down at Alec, tears dripping onto his shirt. 

“How are you feeling?” Magnus asks, lightly brushing hair away from his forehead. “Do you need anything?”

Alec shakes his head. “I’m fine,” he breathes out, a shaky hand coming up to tough Magnus’.

“Alexander, do not lie to me,” Magnus laughs, although the sound is hallow. “What do you need?”

He feels his body growing tired, his breathing weakening. And he realizes he does need something from Magnus.

“I’ve had the most amazing life with you,” Alec says, looking to his husband sincerely. “You changed me in the best way possible, and for that I can’t thank you enough.”

Magnus stitches his brows together, waiting for him to go on. 

“I might never get another chance to say this,” Alec begins, but Magnus doesn’t let him finish.


Alec wipes away a tear rolling down Magnus’ cheek, smiling sadly at him, no pity evident on his face.

“Don’t say your goodbyes,” Magnus pleads.

“I love you, Magnus Lightwood-Bane,” Alec says proudly, although in his current condition, it comes out as a whisper. 

Magnus shakes his head and squeezes his eyes tightly. “Please stop saying your goodbyes. This isn’t goodbye. We’re not saying goodbye yet.” 

“I need to hear you say it. Please.”

Magnus clenches his jaw to stop the painful release of a cry. He looks up to the ceiling for a moment before looking back down at his husband.

“I love you, too, Alexander Lightwood-Bane.” 



“I seek the truth,” Shallan said. “Wherever it may be, whoever may hold it. That’s who I am.”

A Goodbye Announcement.

I’ve been throwing the idea around and honestly, I think it’s time to say goodbye. As I mentioned in previous posts throughout the week, my interest in ffxv has slowly been smothered by other interests and if things follow their familiar pattern it will only be a matter of time before I taper out here entirely anyway. The fact that I’m only able to be here on the weekends and already feel like people have lost interest in roleplaying with me will only accelerate this.

Perhaps this will not be a final goodbye but a well needed break and I will return but I would rather say I’m going and have my return be a pleasant surprise than string you all along with a neverending semi hiatus. This fandom was really good to me and I thank you all. You’ve been wonderful friends and writing partners. I hope the years ahead of you are kind.

Catch me on my personal ( @mythologicalgift​ ) or IM me for my discord if you want to stay in touch. 

tl;dr: goodbye, i guess. it’s been golden.