(((im sorry))))


George Harrison, MBE, born February 25th 1943, was an English guitarist, singer, songwriter, and music and film producer who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles. Often referred to as the quiet Beatle.  

“It’s being here now that’s important. There’s no past and there’s no future. Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever, is the now. We can gain experience from the past, but we can’t relive it; and we can hope for the future, but we don’t know if there is one.”

Wont be drawing for awhile

I have bought a new tablet but EVERYTHING IS JANKED

The strokes are WACK 

The pressure sensitivity is WACK

It’s been 2 days now and I can’t get anything right. 

I’m complaining too much. I’m so happy I manged to save up for an upgrade but I need to work at it to get it to a way I want it to work. So for now I wont be doing requests.