(((i just have to much feels for him lately it is so wrong)))

kittyheartsgot7 : I haven’t talked about him in a while. I was going to describe this perfection but something hit me really hard today. I was so busy focusing on his looks and jokes I forgot behind that smile is loneliness, sadness. We are always expecting him to be perfect. We are pressuring him so much to the point where he was compelled to go on a diet. We gave him an illusion that being slim is being perfect. This is wrong. Haters won this time and we lose our old Jackson who was full of life, who used to have thick thighs and was proud of it. It’s too late to realize what we did but I still think there is hope to bring him back. He seriously deserves all the happiness in this world. He is someone who tell us to be healthy but ends up getting sick and worn out for us. He tells us to ignore haters but ends up listening to them and goes on a diet because they said he is fat. I feel so hurt thinking of the situation he is going through. He have fans who expect him to be perfect. He have family but very far from him, he have friends I don’t know if they are even real (except GOT7). I am not trying to judge anyone but I think I have enough experience to tell if he is going through a hard time or not. If only we could give him 1% of what he’s been giving to us trust me he would be much more happier. Please take a moment to think if you’re actually supporting him or pressuring him? Take a moment to think if you actually love him for being a good human being or for being an idol? I learned my lesson and I will try my best to bring our old Jackson back. I hope our fellow ahgases will do the same

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Ohhh, you're ask box is open! Can I get some headcanons for Kakashi and how he would react if his partner said they wanted to have a baby?

is it cool if I combine these?

Kakashi Hatake

•It depends on what time period we’re talking when his partner mentions having a baby. Because Kakashi as Hokage would probably not be too excited about the idea. He’d barely have time to be with is s/o as much as he’d like to, so the idea of having a baby at home too just doesn’t seem right. A lot of his fears come from the idea of not being there if something goes wrong

•He’ll talk it over with his s/o a lot. Which could entail late night arguments and tension, especially if his s/o really wants a baby. Ultimately, Kakashi is not easily swayed, so if he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, then he’ll tell them that. But if there’s the smallest part of him that doesn’t want to disappoint his s/o, and he’s maybe even a little open to the idea, then sure. He’ll be okay with it. But he’ll be very nervous the whole time, and he’ll have lots of doubts 

•He’d still be a little uncertain even if he wasn’t Hokage. The idea of being a father kind of scares him tbh. He doesn’t know if he’d be a good dad and he doesn’t want to bring a baby in the world only to struggle with fatherhood. But he’s much more likely to be sucked into the idea of having his own baby when the title of Hokage isn’t on his shoulders. If there’s any point in time I can see Kakashi being up for having kids, it’s after he’s retired from his Hokage reign

•Now Kakashi with a baby during his time as Hokage, is a little tricky. Especially since he does tend to slack on work. So he’d be a bit hesitant about his s/o getting pregnant in the first place it if it was planned

•But knowing he has a s/o and child at home stands as an incentive to work harder and get done with his Hokage duties so he can go home to them

•But that doesn’t mean he has a lot of free time anyway. If anything, his family will have to come see him at the Hokage office on slow days if they wanted to see him

•During his s/o’s pregnancy, he’s very nervous. It’s probably the hardest part about the whole thing. He worries about his s/o being home alone and something happening when he’s not there for them. He might even ask someone to go keep watch on his s/o (kinda like what Minato had him do) He just worries something’s going to go wrong and no will be able to reach him in time

•When it gets closer to his s/o’s due date, Kakashi decides he needs to take precautions. He’s constantly asking for updates from any attendants he’s sent to watch his s/o, constantly asking his s/o if they “feel like the baby’s going to pop out today”. He needs to know when it’s going to happen so he can be prepared, even if he knows it’s useless to inquire. He just sits in his office, unable to concentrate on his paperwork because he’s just thinking about the baby. He might even keep a shadow clone at work so he can stay with his s/o in the final days before the due date

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So lately I've been noticing that this one guy I'm really close to is the only friend that has actually genuinely cared about me. He means so much to me and I really want to tell him that. The thing is we have mutual feelings for each other and we've put each other through hell a few times now so I'm afraid that will happen again because I'll word something wrong. And I don't have any other friends to ask about this haha. Should I just go for it and hope for the best?

Yes I say you should go for it - life is too short to NOT try for what you want. Inevitably you will make some mistakes, and he will too probably, but the important thing is that you’ll get through it all together. It’s better to be together than apart, I think. Good luck :)

Right is Wrong {Jackson Whittemore/Teen Wolf}

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Jackson x Reader
Request (anon):
Can I have an imagine with Jackson (teen wolf) where you’re news in Beacon Hills and you become friend with Jackson and you start to develop some feelings for him and one day you discover what he is and please make this cute & fluffy ? Ily xx
Title: Right is Wrong
Word Count:
I wasn’t sure whether you meant discovering him as the Kanima or a werewolf, so I went with werewolf :) I hope you don’t mind. Also, thank you SO MUCH for being my first ever request. I just hit 500 followers, too, yay! :D Thanks! (P.S. Adding this about two weeks after I started this imagine. I’m now at over 700 followers, and I’m so sorry this came out so late. Things should be more regular soon, when exams finish.)

Right is Wrong

To say that you were nervous when you first arrived at Beacon Hills High School would be a terrible understatement. You didn’t know whether to keep your head down or parade it high in an effort to display false confidence as a first impression.

Not that you’d ever been, or ever would be, good at first impressions.

After arriving quite easily at your locker, thankful for the simple map you’d been provided with, you collected your English books and headed off.

Your first class could have been very simple, if it weren’t for what occurred towards the end. In the last five minutes of the class, you were almost home free, almost undetected as a new student. That was until you saw the pencil roll off of the desk in front of you and silently hit the carpeted floor.

You stared intensely at the pencil, clenching your fist and biting your lip, contemplating whether or not to disturb the silent class and pick it up.

You sighed quietly before finally leaning over and wrapping your fingers around the pencil, tapping the noticeably broad shoulder in front of you.

You heard the sharp response along with the rest of the class, who all turned away from their work to look directly at you. “What?”

You trained your eyes on the boy in front of you as a shudder ran through you at the sudden attention. “You dropped this.” You told him, holding out the pencil.

His eyes visibly softened as he took it from you, and he nodded in thanks before turning away.

You looked back down at your work, still fully aware of the eyes that remained on you for the next 3 minutes, until the bell finally rang. You sighed, a mix of relief and terror. This was only my first class, you thought wistfully.

Just as you rose to leave, a large hand stopped you, making you visibly flinch, and it drew back as quickly as it had come. “Sorry, I just wanted to introduce myself. You’re new, right?”

You looked up at the piercing blue eyes of the boy whose pencil you’d retrieved and nodded. “Yeah, I just got here today.”

He smiled a dazzling smile that made you both wary of him and attracted to him at the same time. “I’m Jackson.” He said, the smile never leaving his face as he held out a hand.

You returned the hand with a soft shake. “(Y/N).”

It almost seemed that his smile grew as he repeated your name back to you in what was almost a hushed whisper. “(Y/N).”


It was only a short month later, and the two of you had become good friends. You’d learnt a lot about Jackson, particularly through his friends, Danny, Scott and Stiles, who were all on the lacrosse team with him. Apparently he hadn’t always been so friendly, according to most people you spoke to. Despite hearing this, you continued to be friends with him. He’d arrive at your house at least one night a week and you’d sit together on the couch with a movie, eventually falling asleep together and waking up with stupid smiles on your faces. You’d been to each lacrosse practice for the month, and it was the night of the first game you’d experience.

Jackson was picking you up on his way over to the warmups, so you brought a book along since you’d be arriving almost an hour early.

After settling on the bleachers, securing yourself a nice spot right at the front, you could practically feel the energy flowing towards you from the team out on the field.

You settled in with your book, huddling into your scarf and curling your legs in under yourself as you flicked page after page, not even noticing when a member of the opposing team – when had they even arrived? – approached you, taking the book gently from your hands and placing it beside you, on the cool metal seat.

“Hey, gorgeous.” He smiled, and if it weren’t for your feelings for Jackson, you would have almost found him charming. “I think you’re here for the wrong team.” He threw a joking gesture towards your sweater, which was clearly in the familiar red of the Beacon Hills lacrosse team.

You smiled back, a little uneasy, but still polite. “Definitely not.” You shook your head at him. “Beacon Hills. Go team!” You threw a half-hearted punch into the air, wishing that he would be called back out to the field or something.

Out on the field, Jackson was fuming. Scott and Stiles exchanged a look before approaching him, and Scott placed a hand on his shoulder, trying to calm Jackson’s heavy breathing. “Jackson.” Scott following his eyes to where you were sitting, the other guy still knelt in front of you.

Jackson couldn’t stop himself from listening in. He heard the uneasiness in your voice and saw you weakly punch the air with a pitiful, “Go team!”

Stiles stumbled in front of Jackson, blocking the view of the unfolding scene. “Yo, you okay there, buddy?” He waved a hand in front of the angered boy. “Earth to Jackson.” He glanced around at you. “They’re just talking. Aren’t they, Scott?” He paused when he saw a hand rest itself on your thigh. “Just… talking?”

That was it. Jackson let out a growl and started towards you before he just… stopped. Scott warily eyed him, ready to drag him away if necessary, before Jackson pulled himself away and started towards the school.

Scott and Stiles glanced back at each other before following after him.

You shifted uncomfortably under the opposing team member’s touch until, out of the corner of your eye, you saw Jackson walking quickly towards the locker rooms.

You jumped at the chance to get out of the awkward situation and brushed the boy’s hand off your thigh as you stood, excusing yourself briefly before taking off towards the school, seeing Jackson, followed by Scott and Stiles, enter.

Jackson could feel the anger rising, and he fought to control himself, but the image of his hand on your thigh wouldn’t leave his head, and he growled in frustration, slamming the locker in front of him with a yell, leaving a significant dent.

Scott ran to him, grabbing his shoulders and saying something about calming down, but it went right over Jackson. He grabbed his head and let out another yell as his eyes flashed a brighter blue, claws extending from his fingertips and hair growing along his face.

It was then that you stopped at the locker room door, your eyes trained on the sight before you.

Everyone froze, Scott ready to take control of the situation as Jackson glared at the wall, avoiding looking anywhere else, his partially wolfed-out form not dissipating until he heard it. The small voice from the doorway.


You stepped towards him as he stepped back, staring directly at you before looking away, his eyes a mixture of shame and annoyance, but mostly, you noticed, fear.

“Jackson?” You spoke again, forcing him to look back at you. “What was that?”

There was a long moment of silence before Jackson finally looked up, meeting your eyes for no more than a second before brushing past you with a sharp, “It was nothing.” As he left the locker room, you turned on Scott and Stiles with an expectant look.


“Jackson!” You grabbed his wrist as you finally caught up to him, but he didn’t turn to face you, rather standing stock still and refusing to move.

It had been three days since you had found out. And Jackson had been avoiding you like the plague. You’d approached him with the intent of congratulations after they won the match, but he was gone in the blink of an eye. You’d tried to get his attention during your one mutual class, but had instead been scolded by the teacher for being disruptive. You’d even tried to approach him about 60 times in the halls, but he always ripped his arm away from you and practically ran as far as he could.

Now was no different.

But this time, you weren’t letting him get away with the evasion.

You followed him out into the parking lot at day’s end, and sat on the road behind his car, not allowing him to pull out of his spot. You waited a minute, two, three, and it became apparent that he wasn’t going to come out, not even to tell you to move.

You let your bag fall from your shoulders and pulled out a book, crossing your legs comfortably and beginning to read.

It must have been a good 10 minutes later when finally, you heard the car door open, but you barely had time to react before you were lifted off the ground and placed on the grass, Jackson heavily seating himself beside you, still refusing to look even in your general direction.


You turned to him incredulously and scoffed. “Seriously, Jackson, you’re telling me to stop?!” You couldn’t help the raising of your voice as you shifted yourself to fully face him. “After all this?!”

Jackson said nothing, a blank expression staring out away from you.

You watched him for a moment before speaking blatantly. “I don’t care, you know.”

For the first time in what felt like forever, Jackson’s head snapped up and his eyes met yours. “Don’t-“

You shook your head. “No. Don’t you speak for a minute. Let me.” You paused to see if he would, and at his silence, you continued. “Scott and Stiles told me about what you are. They didn’t tell me any details, but they explained that, well… ‘all that’ exists. You’re a werewolf.” You could see his shoulders sag slightly, and you almost felt bad for your slight omitting of truth. Scott and Stiles had told you at least as far as Jackson having wanted to be a werewolf to begin with. They’d also mentioned that he went through hell and back to become one. “I’m okay with that.” You could almost feel tears in your eyes, just from being able to speak to him again. “I’m really okay with that.”

Jackson ran a hand through his hair and hid his face in his hand, and in that moment he looked more drained and hopeless than you’d seen him in the month you’d known him. But he also looked the most honest, and, ironically, the most human.

“You shouldn’t be.”

He couldn’t be emotionless anymore. He was too emotionally invested in the whole situation, and he knew, he was painstakingly aware of his feelings for you. He felt crushed by the inevitability that was hanging in the air.

“Jackson.” You let his name fall over the two of you as an invitation for him to speak again, and it wasn’t long before he did. The two of you were all but alone in the parking lot by now, neither of you aware of the few who remained.

“Look,” He turned to you, staring you blank in the eyes, refusing to run any longer. “It has always been a rule for me – I had to leave people before they left me. I did it with my last girlfriend, and I’ve stopped myself from being in that position ever since. I can’t just – It feels so wrong to just… allow myself to like you, and yet it…” He stopped, his words catching in his throat.

“It feels so wrong to not?” You offered, and he nodded, glancing away from you once again.

You nodded and turned away. “I get it. I do. You’re a freaking werewolf, Jackson!” You locked eyes with him and offered a light-hearted smile, seeing the corner of his lips twitch slightly. “It should feel wrong to be attracted to you, and yet it feels wrong to not speak to you for three days.” You shoved his shoulder, letting emphasis lace your words as he gave you a weak, sheepish shake of his head. “But that doesn’t mean… Well, you know. Sometimes the best things in life don’t feel like the right thing. Sometimes you just have to go against the grain.” You shrugged, and this time he chuckled.

“How much of what you just said was song lyrics?”

You shrugged again, your smile overwhelming your face at finally seeing Jackson’s eyes light up again. “Probably a lot.” You paused and turned serious once more. “But, you get me? I know about your past, and your family. You told me all of that yourself. But… That doesn’t mean you can’t…” You struggled to find the right words.

“Stay with someone?” You looked up at Jackson’s words and nodded with a soft, almost incoherent response. All you could focus on were his eyes, darting back and forth between your own eyes and your lips.

You both leaned in at the same time, neither one more prepared, and it took a brief tense moment for your lips to find each other’s in some wonderful bliss that you felt you’d waited your life for.

As you parted slightly, you couldn’t help but grin. “Does being a werewolf make you a great kisser, because damn!”

He shook his head with a grin of his own and rested his forehead against yours. For now, he was the most secure and comfortable he’d ever been. He felt like he could be certain that you weren’t going anywhere.

And that was when your lips met again.

It feels like forever but it’s only been two days. Thats how I know I chose the right one. All the days I wondered about him, picking all of the wrong people when he was right there. It took us only a few days to connect with each other. Thats how I know that this is all real. Thats how I know that this isn’t some fling, or a bullshit crush that never got anywhere. He smiled the first day he saw me after two days of talking until the early AM about nonsense. I had wished for something like this for, well, forever. Now that I have it I just can’t believe what i’ve been doing this whole time, searching for all of the wrong people and getting my heart broken, while he was waiting for me. It’s too early to say but, God, I love this boy.
—  10:56 PM: late night thoughts about you
The End of a Day

Title: The End of a Day

Pairing: Jongtae

Rating: pg

Warnings: some angst in the beginning

Summary: Taemin had saved Jonghyun without even meaning to

Notes: I listened to Jonghyun’s album and wrote this agiuehohe i’m just so proud of him and I have a lot of feelings. so this was inspired by jonghyuns new mv and also i was thinking a lot about that time that jonghyun said that taemin inspires him soooo here ya go. 

Sometimes, things just went inherently wrong in Jonghyun’s life. He had woken up late because his phone had died in the middle of the night. He had forgotten to eat breakfast. He had missed the bus to “work”. His guitar string had snapped in the middle of a song and the little old lady who had been listening to him lay out his life story with chords and half notes suddenly walked away, shaking her head. Realizing that he didn’t have a real job.

Sometimes, when Jonghyun was sitting on a street corner, the morning mist clinging to the sidewalk and soaking through the thick denim of his jeans and the passing stares of business men and women who have no time for a boy with bleached blonde hair and a beat up guitar, he wondered if he had made the right decision. If dropping out of high school to follow his dreams had been the correct thing to do. If maybe he should have been one of those business people who stomped by with one hand warmed by a cup of coffee and the other gripping a cellphone close to their ear.

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Anonymous said:

Steve and Tony. I bet you have tried someone walking in on you having sex, who?

“You guys are forming the questions in the wrong way lately! You should have asked who didn’t walk on us while we were having sex, the list would be much shorter!”

“I’m starting to feel bad for Clint. First, he whined about bleaching his eyes out, now he got more immune and less surprised, so he just growls, that one more time he sees my naked butt, he will shot an arrow into it.”

“Hah! Yeah, I think he broke some record. It’s his own fault for wandering in the middle of the night around the Tower. And let him watch, maybe he will learn a thing or two.”

we all know jungkook used to be such a shy bean and has always been sort of bad at expressing himself and his true emotions. remember how he used to always harshly reject jimin and push him away?

Originally posted by yoongiwara

of course we all know jungkook always loved jimin and the members from the start, but remember all those running jokes about jikook being one sided that have been in this fandom since FOREVER ago? it must’ve been because he was so embarrassed to get that kind of attention on camera. he was just straight up embarrassed and shy.

but recently he’s definitely become more confident and sure of himself, to the point where now he’s going full out derpy meme lord on us.

Originally posted by orchid-bud

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and idk if you’ve noticed, but he’s also been so much more openly affectionate not only with jimin, but with all the other members too. and yeah he does have many past moments where he was openly affection with his members, but they felt kinda rare, unlike nowadays :’)

stroking hobi’s head so he can fall asleep

jikook slow dance?!

kookie playing with jimin’s hand

sugakookie back hug

sure i am onboard the jikook ship 4lyfe but honestly, it just makes me so happy in general that jungkook is opening up more, that he feels more and more comfortable in his own skin, comfortable enough to share with us glimpses of his true self. this boy who started off so early in the entertainment business, unsure of himself and afraid to express himself, now makes silly faces, takes hilariously derpy selfies and posts them for us to see, and trolls around even more with his hyungs (like when he was imitating tae and annoying jimin) but also equally shows them his love for them. and for this, i seriously couldn’t be any happier.  

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So here’s the deal: I’m having issues with my self esteem lately and I’m not having very good feelings about my appearance either… But my friend told me I should post this picture because he said it would prove to me that people don’t think that I’m ugly or unattractive like I think they do. I’ve been told by my mom for about two weeks now that I’m never going to get a romantic partner because I’m “too fucking fat”. So… I guess just reblog this if you think my mom is wrong. It would make me feel so much better to know if you all did.


late nights w/ michael. you lay next to him, facing each other. his hand gently pets your hair and your arm wraps around his waist and you both are probably naked. and you’d talk about something stupid like he’d ask you how you see your future and you’d tell him that you don’t see yourself without him and he’d stop talking for a few moments before telling you that he’s so happy to have you in his life and he’d slowly trace his fingertips along your eyelids, nose, lips, jawline and it’d be so romantic damn it and you’d whisper “kiss me” and he’d pull himself closer to you and kiss you and god he’d get those butterflies in his stomach cause he loves you so much and he’s genuinely happy to be able to make you smile and he’d do anything to make you as happy as you make him and it’d be wrong if i didn’t say that the feeling is mutual

One night stand  gone wrong-Jack Gilinsky ft. Sam Wilkinson imagine pt. 5

; sorry for the late posting,  you guys! Today was just super hectic for me. But here is part 5, finally! I got major Sammy feels when writing this, omg. And i’ve officially decided to say that this is both a Jack G and Sammy Wilk imagine, just since there’s been so much back and forth.

And for all you JG fans out there, there will be plenty of him in the next chapter ;) Enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated! ;

It’s been a week since I had last seen and talked to Jack and Sammy, and it wasn’t getting any easier with the passing days. They both have tried to talk to me over the week, but I just can’t bring myself to talk to them. I was so emotionally distraught that I knew if I tried to talk to them, it would confuse me even more.

I decided that I would finally tell Johnson and Nate what’s going on, if either of the other boys hadn’t already. I got in my car and drove the 10 minutes to Johnson’s place, where I knew both of them were. My nerves started to escalate as I pulled into the driveway, and I contemplated turning around and forgetting about it, but I knew I had to tell them sooner or later.

I knocked on the door and Nate was the one who answered, pulling me into a side hug and bringing me into the house. “So nice of you to finally grace us with your presence” Nate joked, giving me a light kiss on the temple. I chuckled at him and walked into the living room, giving Johnson a hug and sitting on the couch next to him.

“So what brings you over, Y/N?” Johnson asked me, turning the TV volume down.

“I’m pregnant” I said bluntly, the exact same way I had first told Jack. Nate choked on his water that he was drinking and turned to me, Johnson staring at me with wide eyes.

“You’re what?!” Nate exclaimed, setting his drink down.

“I’m pregnant. With Jack’s child” I said the last part rather quietly, feeling slightly ashamed after everything that had happened last week.

“Wait, wait, wait. When did that happen?” Johnson asked me, concern in his voice.

So I explained everything to them, from the drunken hookup two months ago to Sammy coming over and going to the doctor’s appointment with me to him and Jack fighting in my living room.

“And now I’m so scared that I’ve pushed both of them out of my life for good, but I honestly have no idea what to do.” I finished my story, tears streaming down my face as I retold every detail.

“Oh, baby girl.” Johnson cooed, pulling me into his arms and rubbing my back. Nate took the opportunity to sit next to me on the couch and joined Johnson in consoling me.

“Well, it does explain a lot of G’s behavior lately” Nate commented, causing me to pull away from JJ and look at him.

“What do you mean?” I sniffled, turning completely to him.

“G was acting so weird….so unlike himself. I mean, yeah he’s good with the ladies, but he never hooks up with them as frequently as he has been. Plus, he’s been real quiet around us lately, only talking to us when he’s drunk or high, and you know him; he’s normally one to talk about his feelings. This must’ve really been eating him up, Y/N.” Nate said. Johnson agreed with what Nate had said, and it tugged at my heart, making me want to reach out and talk to him.

There was a sudden knock on the door, followed by the person just walking in. “Yo, Johnson. I need to talk to you man.” I recognized that voice, and before I knew it Sammy was standing in the living room with us. His eyes had deep, dark circles around them, and his face looked lifeless, like he hadn’t slept in days.

“Y/N” Sammy whispered, and he looked like he could break down at any moment.

“Hey, Sammy” I squeaked out. He walked closer and sat on the coffee table right in front me. He reached out and brushed the hair out of my face; a simple gesture that made me want to burst into tears.

“Can we talk? Please?” he pleaded with me, even his eyes begging me to say yes. I glanced at both Nate and JJ, needing some sort of reassurance that this would be an okay thing to do. They both gave me a small nod, and I stood up, looking down at Sammy.

“Outside?” I asked him. He nodded, so I headed out to the back. Once outside, I stood on the edge of the porch, my hands resting on the ledge.

“I’ve missed you” Was the first thing Sammy said to me. I turned to him, and I noticed his eyes glossy with tears. I walked to him and wrapped my arms tightly around him, pulling him impossibly close to me.

“I’ve missed you more, Sam” I said into his chest, it coming out more like a mumble. I could feel his tears falling on top of my head and I pulled away.

“Why are you crying?” I asked him quietly, not wanting to set him off anymore.

“Because I thought you hated me. I thought you wanted nothing to do with me, Y/N. I hope you know that what I said to G was true. I am more than willing to step up and be the one to support you, I can be the man that you need in your life” He explained to me. I sighed, wiping away his tears.

“I know, Sammy. You’re too good to me, ya know?” I said with a small chuckle. That’s when he lightly grabbed my chin between his thumb and pointer finger, forcing me to look at him.

“You deserve nothing but the best, Y/N. And if you let me, I will give you the best. You are the sweetest, kindest, most caring and loving person that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I can only hope that you’ll let me be the same to you. Jack’s a good guy, but he can’t give you what you want, what you need. You need someone who won’t back down, no matter what. I want to be there, right by your side the entire time. I want to be the one you wake up at 2 in the morning because you’re craving taco bell and pickles. I want to be the one who gives you a foot massage when your belly is so big that you can’t see your swollen feet, but you look absolutely adorable because pregnancy is a good look on you. I want to be in your life in any way you’ll let me. Whether it’s just as friends or something more, I want to be there”

His voice was so quiet and soft spoken, his lips mere centimeters away from mine. I wanted nothing more than to close the gap between us, but I had no idea how that would change the dynamics between us.

“please” he said, one more soft, pleading word.

“I don’t know, Sammy….” I trialed off, not thinking straight.

“Give me a chance to prove it to you” he said against my lips, before placing a soft kiss on my lips.


Title: Reality
Pairing: JiKook
Length: 600+ word drabble
Summary: It’s movie night and Jeongguk may or may not be nodding off.

Jeongguk knew he shouldn’t be kissing him, it was wrong. Though, it just seemed to have happened and he couldn’t get over how warm and smooth Jimin’s lips were against his. The feel of them sent a warming sensation throughout his body, like the effect of a bonfire on a cold day at camp. Jeongguk, still leaning forward on his hands, faltered when he realized Jimin had gone still in front of him. It was then that he realized, he screwed up. 

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Okay so I have so many thoughts and feelings on that last Klamille scene in the premiere. I have seen a number of people upset about one thing or another whether it be that Cami was too harsh with Klaus or others saying she wasn’t harsh enough. So I just want to throw in my 2 cents on the matter.

So, this quote stirred up a lot of talk since the premiere.

Whether you hate or love Klaus, I think it’s fair to say that Cami was absolutely 100% right in what she said to him. Don’t get me wrong, I love Klaus but he’s a fuck up, especially lately. The last few episodes of S2 showcases that well. But at the same time, I really did feel for him in this instance because he has been obviously clinging to Cami something serious during the last few months. I understand it because well he has no one else, aside from Hope who is a baby and well Freya but she’s not too close to him. But everyone else pretty much don’t fuck with him too tough right now, understandably so. But her words really hit him hard because she has been the one person for as long as they’ve been in each other’s lives to pretty much always be there for him when he needed it and basically just always had his back and never really made him feel like he was less than. She’s literally sacrificed and done a lot for this guy and that’s what he was used to. So her words cut him deep.

But what I really want to get into is Cami’s POV. I just don’t like how so many people have an issue one way or another with what she said to him. We first need to backtrack a bit. Like I stated before, Cami has always had Klaus’ back. She’s been nothing but a great friend to him. But she needed to put up these boundaries because Klaus needs to learn on his own that not everything revolves around him. They’ve had 3 maybe 4 instances of cut and dry almost kisses, and EVERY TIME it was Klaus that walked away from it. Literally, every single time. Cami is an adult, she don’t have time for these games Klaus is playing, whether he is doing it intentionally or not. He can’t expect to keep whispering these sweet words to her and then when she is opening up to him, back away and leave. Only so much of that a person can take and after the last time in the S2 finale, she sees that he isn’t ready for a relationship. And she is tired of being let down, point blank. 

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Comfort 4/4

/I forgot to post this on here but oh well better late than never :)/

Calum  I feel like he would try his best to cheer you up but every attempt would be a failure. Until he decides to just crawl in bed with you, pulling your body into his chest, his hands trailing along your body and massaging your back, his actions quickly soothe you along with his soft whispers about how much you mean to him lull you to sleep in his strong arms.

Michael would be such a cute dork at first telling you the cheesiest jokes ever to get you to smile until he just decides to order pizza and gather every item of junk food you have in your shared home and builds a fort out of pillows and blankets, somehow convincing you to join him in his ‘fortress of happiness’ for a night of unhealthy eating and watching all your favorite movies

Luke would probably try and get you to tell him what was wrong but soon he realized you weren’t in the mood to talk so he went and got out his acoustic guitar and sat across from you on the bed serenading you with all your favorite songs breaking out a small on your face, soon he puts down his guitar and pulls you onto your feet as he slowly begins to slow dance with you while he sings some cheesy love song

Ashton would definitely be the romantic one, not forcing you to talk about it because everyone has those days and he understands that. So as soon as he sees that your upset he goes into the bathroom to run a bath with your favorite bath bomb and bubbles because c’mon they’re the best. After the both of you are settled in the bathtub with a bottle of wine that he decided was necessary you begin to tell him what happened and he just listens patiently while kissing your shoulder making you lean into his touch loving the way he always knows exactly what to do to make you feel better.

- @thedimplesofashton