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Thin Mints and Menthol(Part III)(Steve Harrington x Reader)

PART 1   


Pairings: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: It’s set a year after Season 2 has finished and you’re a senior in high school who’s often getting into trouble with the law for petty crimes. And Hopper usually gets you out of trouble. Then one night the new officer Steve Harrington joins him.

Words: 2.6k

Warnings:  Mild swearing, mild mentions of smoking, abusive behavior.

A/N: Third part is finally here! It took me so long because I was having a tough weekend but I finally got the urge and I just needed to write! I don’t think it’s as good as the other parts, but I really tried! I think that the next part will be the last, which is sad but I’m so glad I’ve had so many people message me saying they enjoyed it. It means so much to me!!!

Over the course of next couple of days Steve picking you up from the bus stop became almost expected. Every morning, bright and early,  he’d pull up in his car, roll down his window and casually ask if you needed a ride. It was nice for you to actually see a friendly face before school. Between your unpredictable father and the now constant glares from your peers, Steve was comforting.

However, today there is no sign of Steve. You try not to look up every time a car passes, however you’re beginning to get anxious. A heavy blanket of fog had covered Hawkins overnight, and you couldn’t help but worry about Steve driving in it. If he doesn’t show up you’ll be forced to ride the rowdy school bus, along with people who hated you. Before he’d begun to give you a ride you’d been essentially invisible to all your classmates, now you were the talk of the town. You try not seem bothered but you can feel everyone’s eyes watching you, each of them whispering behind your back making no secret of their opinions.

A girl walks up to you smugly, you don’t know her name but she seems to know you.

“No Harrington today, (Y/L/N)? I guess he realized what a loser you are.” She says to you, she looks expectantly at her friends who are all giggling behind her. You roll your eyes at her.

“Yeah I guess he did.” You tell her, flashing her a sarcastic smile. She scoffs.

“At least you know you’re a nothing. Your little boyfriend must have found someone actually hot.” She cackles, her friends joining in. One of them calls her ‘Becky’. They all look slightly younger than you. You assume they’re juniors, you generally know everyone else in your grade.

“He’s not my boyfriend, we’re just friends. Not that it involves you.” You reply.

“Whatever, freak. Stay away from him.” ‘Becky’ demands, she jabs you in the shoulder with her index finger. Her blonde ponytail smacks you in the face as she spins around, flouncing off to stand with the crowd of girls she approached you with. You watch her as she walks away your mouth open in disbelief.

It had already not been the best morning, to say it’s your birthday. It’s been pretty shitty. You’d walked downstairs in a blouse you had decided to wear despite the cold temperatures that Hawkins had been dropping to. You’d walked past your father’s half-opened door, his snores echoing down the hallway. You could smell the strong stench of vomit and beer wafting from his room. No doubt he’d fallen asleep in his own vomit again. Tears stung at your eyes, you couldn’t believe that this was your life now. The brushes on your wrist have faded now. But fresh bruises have appeared elsewhere. It didn’t take much to anger him and apparently just your presence had been enough to set him off the night before. A sharp kick to your ribs and back had been enough to satisfy him last night.

You’re so wrapped up in your own thoughts you barely realize that the school bus has pulled up until you notice that students are getting on. You sigh shakily and place one foot onto the step up.

“(Y/N)! WAIT!” You breathe out a sigh of relief as Steve is jogging towards you. He’s smiling nervously at you. Walking out of the way of people trying to board the bus, you cross your arms and raise one eyebrow.

“You’re late.” You tell him, he runs his hands through his hair. You notice his lack of uniform, he’s just wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

“I know, I know, I had… Business to attend to and I didn’t realise it would take so long.” He gave you an apologetic smile. You shake your head in mock exasperation. “Can I at least make it up to you by taking your bag?” He begins to gently pull at your bag strap. You giggle lightly and let him remove it, he slings it over his right shoulder.

His left hand grasps yours and he leads you towards his car, your face begins to burn. This is the first time either of you had done anything so overtly romantic. Your palms are starting to exude moisture. Praying that you look much calmer on the outside. As inside the butterflies that live in your stomach are awake and fighting to get out. You glance up at him, he looks as red as you assume you look. You bite your lip slightly. He instantly lets go of your hand when you reach his trunk, and places your bag into it.

He saunters up to the passenger side door and opens it. The smile from his face immediately drops.

“Hey dickhead I told you to get in the back.” You raise your eyebrows in shock and storm up to up to him. He’s aiming the comment at the curly haired boy who’s sitting in shotgun. You stop in your tracks.

“I was here first!” He shouts at Steve.

“Dustin, I won’t hesitate making you walk. I’m serious.”

“You’re such an asshole. You know that right?” Dustin snaps at him. He steps out of the car and squares up to him, despite the very obvious height difference he looks quite menacing.

“Yeah, yeah , yeah. An asshole who takes you to school when you crash your bike. Y’know normal kids just ride the bus.”

“I’m not a kid!”

“Yeah and you’re not normal either.” You clap a hand to your mouth realising it was you who just told him that. He turns, gaping at you. Steve howls with laughter, struggling to remain upright he clutches to the car door. Dustin’s face suddenly cracks into a smile. He steps towards you.

“Okay, I like you!” He pats you on the arm. He opens the back door and slams it shut.

“I’d say I’m sorry about him, but you can handle yourself.” Steve tells you. You lean in and sit down in the car. He hesitates slightly. “It was kind of hot.”

“Dude, what the fuck kind of compliment is that?” You burst into laughter, Dustin’s head is poking in between the two front seats a disgusted expression etched across his face.

“I was joking, shut up.”

“Pretty crummy joke,” you inform him, “now can you please get in the car we’re gonna be late.”

He throws his hands up, “y’know I feel really used right now.”

“Good.” Grabbing the door you slam it shut. He paces round to the other side of the car, yanks the door open and slips into his seat. His hair looks manic and less put together than normal. He pulls away from the bus stop, his hands casually holding onto the steering wheel. You sit up slightly, pulling at the hem of your dress.

“So how come you aren’t in your not suited and booted today?” You enquire. It was strange to see him without the khaki coloured uniform. It was nice to seem him look more casual however. A glimpse at who he really was.

“Oh, I have today off. I’m working Sunday instead.”

“How come?”

“So he can pick you up from school.”

“Dude!” Steve says turning to glare at Dustin. The younger teen throws his hands up in frustration. You burst into peals of laughter unable to contain it, your hand holds onto the doorframe to steady yourself.

“Oh wow, and I thought chivalry was dead.” You finally get out once the laughter has subsided slightly.

“I was going to try and make it more romantic or something, but no. I cart you two around and where’s my thanks? Nowhere.” His hand touches his temple massaging it slightly. You lean towards him placing a hand on his thigh, a reassuring smile on your face.

“You really took time off just to take me to and from school? I mean it’s a nice gesture but I think you have your priorities in the wrong place.” You fail to mention the part about it being ‘romantic’.

“No. I was also going to ask if you wanted to see a movie and go for something to eat. I guess you’re going to say no, maybe I miss read the signs, but I heard that there’s this new horror film and -”

“Steve!” You grab his arm and shout to stop his ramblings. “Who said I was going to say no?”

There’s silence, his face frozen in shock. “Oh,” it’s all he can get out. He swallows and nods absentmindedly. “I suppose I’ll pick you up after school and we’ll catch the 5 P.M showing of ‘Silver Bullet’.”

“Oh I don’t even get to choose the film?” He raises his eyebrows at you. You place your hand on his thigh. “Don’t worry, I’m joking.”

“Wow. I can really feel the… Electricity.” Dustin’s face appears between you, his eyes darting between you, eyebrows moving suggestively.

Steve whacks him over the head, as you roar with laughter in the front.

“And remember I need your essays on my desk Monday morning!” Your teacher shouts over the class as they all rummage to try and pack away to get out as quick as they can. You’re also scrambling to collect your books into your bag so you don’t leave Steve waiting. There’s a tap on your shoulder. It’s Nancy Wheeler.

You and Nancy had been friends when you were younger, there were a small group of you that had been close. One by one you had dropped off. Some becoming more popular, you fading away. Nancy had coasted clear in the middle, her and Barbara had been the only ones to stay friends. Then when Barb died she looked lost, you wanted to reach out to her but it felt too hard. You always held a torch for Nancy no matter what rumors surrounded her. There was a certain quality to her, she was kind and funny. You also suspect she can be scary if she wants to be.

“(Y/N)! I heard that Steve is taking you to the movies tonight.” You continue to zip you bag up, struggling to maintain eye contact with her.

“Yeah I am… I hope that isn’t weird for you or anything…”

“What? Oh no! I was just going to say have a nice time. Steve, Steve’s a really good guy.” She smiles at you kindly and walks with you out of the classroom.

“So, you’re on good terms? I didn’t want to ask what happened between you two.”

“I wasn’t the best girlfriend to him. I was faithful to him, but emotionally I was unavailable. I just didn’t know how to cope with the pressure I was under at the time.”

“You’re with Jonathan now though, were you in love with him when you and Steve were dating.” She grabs your arm to stop you.

“I don’t want you to think badly of me, I like Steve. It’s just what me and Jonathan has is different.” You nod knowingly, somehow you suspect that things are also different for you and Steve. Even now your heart is beating knowing that he is sat waiting in his car outside. Just for you.

You part ways with Nancy, she walking up to Jonathan. His smile at her is sweet and loving, receiving something as truthful as a smile from someone who loves you is a gift. You admire them for a moment longer, breathing in deeply you push open the doors to the parking lot. The sun is already starting to set, most people have left the high school. The only cars parked are teachers and a few students in their cars waiting for people

But leaning on the hood of his car, wearing Ray-Bans in the dim autumn evening is Steve. You stop dead in your tracks and laugh at him. You run up to him, he stands up clearly noticing him. He grabs the door handle to open it for you.

“You ready?”

“Yeah, let’s go!”

“That was kind of awful!”

“What! No it wasn’t.” Steve faces you, walking backwards down the sidewalk as you sip on the last few dregs of Coke in your cup after you get out of the movies. “I think it’s already a modern day classic.”

“It was scary!”

“Yeah it’s a horror film (Y/N), they’re generally scary.”

“Well I’m just glad nothing that strange happens here in Hawkins.” Steve chuckles.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He just shakes his head and takes your hand in his. You swing it back and forth slightly. “Is there something exciting happening that I don’t know about?”

“Now that would be telling.” He taps the side of his nose, you roll your eyes at him but lean your head on him slightly as you walk. He shakes his sleeve up his arm to look at his watch.

“Huh, it’s past eight already. We need to hurry to get our reservation.” He tells you, but you’re not listening. Panic starts to rise in your chest, building as the seconds tick away.

“I’m sorry, I need to go home.”

“What? I booked us a table!”

“Steve, please!” You forcibly grab his arm, hoping he understands the urgency of the situation. He slowly nods, obviously disappointed, he pulls his keys out of his back pocket and leads you to his car.

“I really am sorry, I just didn’t realise it would be that late.” He shrugs his shoulders and points behind him.

“Your birthday present is on the back seat, it was a real bitch to find.” You beam at him and reach back to grab it, the back of your blouse riding up revealing the purple bruises cluttering your lower back. You grasp the roughly wrapped gift and sit back, a childlike wonder takes over you. A small box of ‘Thin Mint’ cookies stare up at you, you scramble to open them. However the sudden tension in the car makes you hesitate, Steve’s watching you a concerned look on his face.

“Where did those bruises come from?”

“Nowhere.” You gulp, “I mean, I fell down the stairs last night.”

Bullshit. Hopper told me your Dad was an asshole I didn’t think he was doing that to you.”

“H-h-he isn’t, I fuh-fell. I promise.” Tears roll down your face, you can’t even bring yourself to wipe them away. He takes one hand off of the wheel and reaches out to you. Instinctively you flinch away. He looks hurt, his hand still outstretched. You hide your face in your hands, the embarrassment of the situation is unbearable. How could I be so stupid? You think to yourself. The car stops but you sit unmoving. The click of a seat belt echoes throughout the car and suddenly Steve is pulling you into him. You melt under his touch, still sobbing. He rubs your back, whispering to you quietly. You cling to him desperately.

“I would never, ever hurt you. I promise.”

He smiles sadly and kisses your forehead. For now you were safe. And even though you were scared about the horrors waiting for you inside you could live in this moment, just for a while, and forget that the world wanted you to suffer. 

PART 4????


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You Need To See This - Sweet Pea

Prompt - SP thinks his North side girlfriend is ashamed of him until Toni shows him a video of the reader defending him
Pairing - Sweet Pea x reader
Warnings - swearing 

a/n this is my first sweet pea imagine and request for riverdale i hope you like it


You had been dating sweet pea for almost 2 months now. You had gone to visit jug at the trailer park when you first met the cute serpent and both clicked more or less instantly getting together.

You wanted to tell B&V about sweet pea but just as you was about to archie had started some form of feud with sweet pea and the serpents. Every time someone mentions them Archie would lose it so you kept your relationship with sweets a secret.

You and sweets was in pops car park when you saw Archie and Betty and Veronica in there. “you hungry” he asks, “no” you say too quick pulling him away from your friends. “I wanna go for a ride” you say trying to get him to leave fast.
Sweet pea knew something was up with you and as he looked up seeing the bright red hair of Archie he began to know what it was. Once back at the Southside sweet pea had given you the cold shoulder, pouting and being snappy.

You watched him go outside for a smoke following him out to find out what’s up with him. “why you in a mood” you asked him. “nothing” he snapped back at you not looking up from the ground.
When you went to go back inside he looked at you. “wait, are you ashamed of telling your north side friends about me” he said in a softer voice. You stopped looking back at him, “what no” you say back unsure where this was coming from. 

“Then what was today all about, you literally dragged me away from pops because that North side idiot was in there” he said looking slightly hurt. “when I call you and your with them you say you’ll call me back and act different, you won’t even let me drop you off at your door because Archie might see us, isn’t that what you said” his voice a mix of anger and sadness.

You felt bad as he listed all the things that made it look like you was ashamed of him, but you wasn’t you loved him. Stepping closer to him putting your hand on his, “sweets I know it sound like that but your wrong” you plead with him.
“then tell me, tell why I’m your secret” now he sounded more angry. “because of this fight your having with them, if  I tell them it’s going to cause more trouble than soon enough I’m gonna be made to between you or my friends and I’m not ready to make that choice” you say back now had tears in your eyes.

  Sweet pea stepped back moving his hand from you, “well I’ll make it easy for you, where done I knew being with a north side wouldn’t of worked and I was right, goodbye y/n” he said walking off to his motorcycle. As you shouted his name crying heartbroken.

It was two days after sweet broke up with you, you had tried to text and call him but each one ignored. you was sat in pops with Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica and Reggie who for some reason was Archie’s new bff. You wasn’t in a social mood, Archie was banging on about some fight he’d had with sweet pea and the other serpents. Every time someone said his name you felt your heart brake more.

In the end Archie was beginning to annoy you. “he’s nothing but scum they all are they are like an idiotic  plague ruining the Southside and that sweet pea is worst one” Archie shouted. That was it you couldn’t sit there anymore “really Archie, your calling them scum, they wouldn’t have bothered you if you didn’t cause it all to begin with” you shouted. “your the one who pulled a gun on sweets, in the middle of the south side and your calling him a thug” you continue to shout as the whole of pops watched.

Kevin looked at the tension between you and Archie making a joke to lighten the mood “oh y/n defending the serpent, your not into him are you” he said. Everyone went quite as you didn’t respond “Omg you are into that thug” Archie screamed.
What none of your group knew was Jughead and toni was sat in a booth on the other side of the diner. they both watched when Archie started talking trash. “remind me why he’s your friend she ask Jughead, jug didn’t say nothing not sure what was wrong with Archie lately. they watched as y/n stood up to Archie, Toni took out her phone, Jug looked at her "What are you doing?” he asked, Toni didn’t answer but kept filming the rest of the argument.

over at the south side sweet pea was with fangs and some of the other serpent’s, although his mind was else where. fangs had made fun of how distant he was how he never thought sweet pea would be so sweet for a north side girl. getting frustrated “shut up I’m not she was just a bit of fun” he said trying to lie to himself. sweet pea went to taking his anger out on the pool table beating almost everyone he played.

Toni can in calling him out, pea went to her followed by fangs. “what do you want Topaz?” he asked “seen your buddy Andrew’s at pops today” she said sarcastically. sweet frowned and went to go back to his game not wanting to talk about Archie Andrews or any other north sider. “sweet pea, wait you need to see this” she said holding out her phone.

he looked at the screen seeing his redheaded enemy and y/n, “what is this?” he asked not really wanting to watch her with the north siders a reminder he’d lost her to them. “just watch it pea” everyone round him said at once. sweet pea pressed the triangle button to play the video.

he watched the start as Archie ripped into the serpent’s, but didn’t look all he noticed was the say yet annoyed expression on y/n. He watched her back him and his friends “and your calling him a thug” sweets gave a small smile, he watched as the sheriffs son commented on her possibly having a soft spot for the gang member.

“your into ain’t you?” Archie asked her. for a few seconds sweets breath stopped as he waited to see her reply. “yes, yes I like sweet pea a lot actually I’ve been seeing him for a few weeks now!” she said, sweet pea felt a smile spread across his face. he couldn’t help laugh at the looked on the north side groups faces. “your not really dating that south side piece of crap your picking him over us” Archie screamed at y/n.

“yes Archie I was until we had a fight because I knew when I told you all this argument would happened so I kept sweets a secret and now he want speak to me because he thought I was ashamed of him.” y/n shouted back. y/n stepped out the booth looking back at the group “when at the moment I feel more ashamed to be your friend Archie” she said walking out the diner tears in her eyes, as the video ended. sweets could hear the crack in her voice, it hurt him to see her so upset, yet proud to see his girl have his back. sweets sent the video to his phone, then gave Toni her phone back “thanks Topaz” he said genuinely.

you sat in your room crying you had lost sweets and now your group of friends. your phone rang a bunch of times not wanting to talk to anyone you let it ring out each time. once the constant ringing stopped you looked to see who it was shocked to see 20 miss calls. clicking on the list you saw 5 from Archie 3 from veronica 8 from betty 2 from Jughead and finally 2 from sweet pea. your mind raced to why he would be calling you did he want to get back together or did you still have one of his jackets and he wanted it back. your finger hovered over sweets name as you fought with yourself if you should call him back.
lost in your own mind, you screamed when a knocked on the window came. looking up you saw sweets pointing for you to open it, you smiled running over. Sweet Pea climbed into your room, it amazed you how easy it was for him to climb up to your room. “what are you doing here you ask timidly, now unsure what he was doing here.

  he took a step closer to you "I saw an interesting video today that showed me how much of an idiot I am” he said. you was even more confused now, but before you could ask anything else you heard your voice from his phone. “who, how when, how did you get this” you ask. sweet looks at you chuckling “Toni, but that doesn’t matter” he said putting his hands on your hips. “what matters is I should have known you have my back, you stood up for me even after I pushed you away and I never want to fight and lose you again, I love you y/n” he said kissing you. You kissed him back putting your arms round his neck. when he pulled back you smiled I love you too sweet pea.

hwang minhyun|the heirs

member: hwang minhyun
genre: fluff
summary: heirs au! you never thought you ever had a chance with hwang minhyun, the heir to the empire hotels and to billions of dollars, but you never knew you caught his eye either, who would have thought that a masquerade ball could make everything possible
heirs series: hwang minhyun

  • you’ve liked minhyun from the moment you stepped into 101 academy
  • the school for the elite of the elite
  • everyone was a heir to millions or billions of dollars
  • you included
  • your mother was one of the best fashion designers in the world owning several high end and normal brands with your father dealing with the business side
  • your mum inspired your love of fashion and the aspiration to be a fashion designer
  • in total your family earned around 300 million dollars a year
  • but your family wanted to make sure you weren’t raised spoilt so you three lived like a middle class family in a 3 bedroom house, normal car, normal neighbourhood, nothing expensive and you were homeschooled
  • but when you got to high school you were suddenly exposed to your family’s wealth
  • huge mansion, fancy cars, ridiculously expensive private school, luxury  everything
  • you got used to it after a while
  • but the luxury and grandeur of the school still amazed you
  • with a michelin star chef providing all meals and your own personal room with a bathroom and a closet
  • you could design the room any way you want
  • of course you made it into a fashion design studio
  • best bit was the second half of the day you get to make create and design clothes as that was your major, fashion
  • you can also request a personal tutor to give you advice with fashion and running a clothing business
  • it was an amazing school
  • but you still had to attend classes for the first half of the day which were really educational and suited for your fashion career
  • one of those classes was business with minhyun
  • you knew he didn’t need to attend the class or even school
  • he was ridiculously smart with degrees in hotel management and business from harvard
  • and he was in high school
  • he only went to school because his parents were alumni and insisted for him to go
  • you had absolutely no chance with minhyun
  • not only was he freakishly smart
  • he was part of the heirs
  • they were basically royalty, the 11 of them, the most eligible bachelors around, the richest, the most handsome, all the best in their own respective fields but they were distant towards nearly everyone except for a few of them, they were the kings of school
  • minhyun also was one of the most sought out guys in the school
  • he had the nickname emperor hwang i had to use it lol
  • minhyun would be taking over his family business of running the empire hotels. they’re the best hotels in the world every single of them 5 stars. and there were thousands across the globe. amusingly he’s named emperor hwang because he’s the “emperor” of his empire, his company.
  • he was also ridiculously good looking with milky white skin and jet black hair, his gorgeous dark brown eyes with an air of elegance and distant, nonchalant attitude
  • but that didn’t attract you to him it was his comforting innocent nature he hid under his mask he wore to the public
  • for some reason you wanted to be the one to crack the mask
  • but that was in your dreams even if he knew of his existence
  • he had so many girls after him
  • girls prettier, richer, smarter, nicer and more talented than you
  • you never stood a chance
  • you were completely wrong though
  • you caught his eye the moment you walked into his business class
  • there was just something about you
  • you carried yourself not with the arrogant stuck up attitude that so many did but with a gentle kindness
  • there was just a sweet softness making him instantly attracted to you
  • not to mention the gorgeous smile of yours and how adorable you were
  • and anytime he sees you laugh or smiling
  • he couldn’t help but smile
  • he knew he was falling for you
  • but he was just plain awkward around you
  • like no matter how he tried he could never say more than hello
  • and he didn’t talk to you in front of people because people would make a big fuss and give you a hard time
  • he even told the other heirs about it
  • they teased him endlessly and gave the worst advice which wasn’t surprising since they were all single
  • but both of you knew there was something going on
  • you had absolutely no fucking clue what it was exactly
  • he confused you to no end
  • when it was just you two or little people he was super sweet even though the interactions were always short
  • you’d glance at each other in class and share a smile
  • making you feel all soft and gooey
  • and whenever he’d say hello to you you couldn’t help but blush
  • but when there were other people he’d completely ignore you?
  • you just tried to ignore your feelings as much as possible
  • by basically avoiding him
  • not in sight not in mind right? lol you wish
  • but nope the feelings did not go down one bit
  • though you remember one incident
  • the one that gave you hope
  • you fell asleep in the library studying for exams and when you woke up you had the school’s blazer over you
  • the name tag: hwang minhyun
  • you had the biggest internal freakout at that moment
  • you’d fell asleep right in front of minhyun and looked really tired and cold so he couldn’t help himself but put his jacket over you
  • hoping maybe when you give it back you guys could start a conversation
  • but the next day you were too shy to give it to him person so you left it on his deck
  • he was super disappointed and pouted all day
  • and when you mustered up your courage to talk to him the next day
  • you found out he left for family business and won’t be back until new year’s eve
  • you cursed yourself for your bad timing
  • but that was a few weeks ago
  • you revert your attention back to the stunning dress in front of you
  • it was for the new year’s masquerade ball that ironically minhyun’s family was hosting
  • the ball would be extravagant with the finest food, expensive ball gowns and a special show of fireworks
  • it was your first time going to ball, you’ve been to fundraisers and dinners but nothing as big scale as this
  • and it was a huge opportunity to boost yourself into the fashion business on your own merit not your mothers
  • if people liked your dress you could give out your business card which led to business opportunities and connections
  • your attention turned to your dress
  • it was your best work yet
  • the gorgeous scarlet colour of dress contrasted amazingly with the golden embroidery which was done all by your hand
  • you especially dyed your hair into a super dark jet black to complement the dress if you have a black hair imagine the darkest jet black
  • with 2 hours left you needed to get ready
  • time flied by and you realised you were going to be late
  • you put your converse on there was no way in hell you were wearing heels plus the dress covered your feet you made sure of it
  • your limo pulled you out in front of the huge hotel as you put on your gold mask
  • the doors were nearly closing as you entered into a huge magnificent ballroom
  • which you had to go down a million stairs to get to
  • BANG! the doors closed and everyone’s eyes were on you
  • you went bright red thankfully with the dim lighting nobody could tell
  • taking a deep breath you walked down the steps as carefully and gracefully as possible
  • the lighting making the gold embroidery even brighter and the dress looked amazing
  • you got to the bottom and everyone was still staring at you making you super self conscious
  • before you could even walk a step
  • a tall handsome stranger decked out in an incredibly expensive looking suit and a black mask covering most of his face came up to you
  • he reminded you of minhyun
  • your heart sped up hoping it was but as the mysterious stranger said in a deep rough voice to you
  • “would you like to dance?”
  • you instantly knew it wasn’t him
  • minhyun’s voice was soft and sweet not rough and deep
  • but you automatically accepted annoyed at yourself for thinking about minhyun
  • as you started dancing the guy said “that was quite an entrance but i’ll say as much i am impressed with the dress the converse caught my attention a bit more” ending with a chuckle
  • you were properly mortified “oh gosh you saw? i knew i should of made the hem longer” you said trying not to look at him in the eye
  • “don’t worry i only noticed because i couldn’t keep my eyes off from you” he said smoothly making you blush and you literally wanted to swoon
  • before you could say anything he continued
  • “you made the dress?” he asked impressed
  • “yup, i’m a budding fashion designer” you said lightly
  • “well after this dance i’ll introduce you to all the people you should meet then maybe i get to keep you all to myself?” he asked hopefully
  • you laughed making him smile sweetly at you
  • “we’ll see pretty boy we’ll see” you answered mischievously
  • “well before i introduce you to people i should know your name right?” he said
  • “hmmm only if you give me yours” you quip back
  • “but i want to stay a mystery” he said jokingly whining a little
  • “i want to too” you say smirking
  • “well how about we reveal our faces and our names a bit before 12 in the garden and then afterwards we can watch the fireworks?” he compromised
  • “sure why not? but why so reluctant?” you asked
  • “well i think you’ll treat me differently when you know who i am” he said sheepishly
  • you smiled sweetly “i won’t i genuinely don’t care who you are or how much money you have, you’re already great company” you say sincerely
  • the guy gave you a beaming smile making you get butterflies
  • and for once in the last few months you think you might be able to get over minhyun
  • unbeknownst to you the guy you were currently dancing with thought the exact same thing but about you
  • minhyun felt different more confident, in the mask, plus the gorgeous girl in front of him just couldn’t help but make everything so much better
  • like he could not fuck up this opportunity with this amazing girl
  • plus if something goes wrong he can just run away and pretend none of it happened my backup plan for everything
  • the girl he was dancing with reminded him of you
  • you were both super sweet and sincere not to mention gorgeous
  • plus both of you made his heart beat way too fast to be humanly possible  with a single smile
  • but he didn’t think it was you because your hair was a different colour
  • and the dimmed lighting of the ballroom made it hard to see people’s faces
  • for just this one night he decided to forget how hopeless and awkward he was with girls especially you
  • and maybe even get over you
  • and try to be the gentleman that the stunning girl in front of him deserved
  • the type of guy you deserved
  • the next few hours you were introduced to so many people who loved your dress or were in the fashion industry or investors
  • you gave your business card to about 50 people which was amazing and so many more than you expected
  • of course your mystery partner didn’t get to see your name on the card
  • your mysterious guy also introduced you to 10 of his friends
  • “meet my friends” he introduced them
  • “hey it’s nice to meet you guys” you say friendly
  • “that dress is amazing who’s the designer” one of the smaller guys said in a cute non-pubescent voice
  • you instantly smiled “me actually”
  • the tallest guy said “damn really you’re ridiculously talented”
  • “if you make mens suits i need you to make me one WITH LOTS OF POCKETS” said another guy who had his arm around the guy with the cute voice
  • “i need you to be my stylist” another one who was standing extremely close to the tallest guy said jokingly
  • “you definitely need one dude” said one with a wicked snaggletooth
  • pointing at the dark purple suit the guy was wearing clashing with his blonde hair
  • you secretly agreed
  • “can we have your business card?” the smaller guy said again
  • “sure but you can’t show this guy over here we agreed to remain a mystery” you said with a grin while giving your partner a nudge
  • you handed them your business cards
  • mischievous smirks appeared on all their lips as they read the card
  • they all looked like they were going to burst out laughing
  • suddenly the tallest excused them and you said goodbye to all five of them
  • you didn’t see daehwi, jinyoung, woojin, jihoon and guanlin taking of their masks off because of how much they were all laughing in the corner of the ballroom
  • “so what is such a beautiful lady like yourself hanging out with my oh so awkward friend” a guy with broad shoulders said light heartedly while slinging an arm around your partner
  • “he’s actually quite gentleman and very charming” you quip back jokingly sassily
  • the guys looked shocked and stared bewildered at your partner
  • “ahh he finally decided to accept my old and wise wisdom” said one of the guys
  • “you mean old and useless” said the shortest guy
  • “DON’T DISRESPECT YOUR ELDER” the older guy said very motherly
  • the other guy raised his hands in defeat
  • one of the other guys came up to you and jokingly said to you
  • “take care of him, he’s annoyingly clean, he’ll probably be more in love with his vacuum cleaner than you and he’ll totally ditch his best friend, me. but i wish you and him the best”
  • you couldn’t help but laugh
  • “OK~, OK~, she passed, i like her she laughed at my kind of joke” he said
  • “please don’t encourage him” the one with the broad shoulders said with a smile that most girls would go crazy over
  • “i’ll try not to” you say with a smile of your own
  • “so when’s the wedding” the supposed elder piped in with a smirk
  • before you could say anything
  • “there will be no wedding because of me” another guy smoothly interrupted he was a definite charmer
  • “nah im joking” he continued light heartedly with a goofy smile
  • “but if he isn’t up to standard give me a call” he ended with an over exaggerated wink
  • does anyone have a doubt this is seongwoo
  • “never happening” you say teasingly
  • “i like her, she’s definitely a keeper” said the shortest one
  • and before you knew it the other 5 guys came back with their masks and all 10 of them were incredibly sweet said they hoped their friend was treating you properly
  • the one with the broad shoulders saying if he didn’t, to come to them and they’ll handle it
  • all of them agreed
  • you genuinely already adored those boys already and loved spending time with them
  • but all of them had people to meet and duties to attend to
  • so you parted ways
  • other than meeting people you spent the whole time with your mysterious partner
  • he was so so sweet
  • and such a gentleman
  • he always made sure you were comfortable and treated you like a princess
  • he also had the most impeccable manners
  • and not to mention the conversation never stopped flowing
  • your heart could not handle it
  • it fluttered, did backflips and died way too many times for you to count
  • you never thought it was possible to like someone this quickly
  • but you did and you loved every moment with him
  • especially dancing in his arms
  • the night was so much fun
  • all because of this one mysterious guy
  • you were dying to find out who he was
  • and before you knew it your mysterious guy was holding your hand leading you to the deserted gorgeous garden which was lit up with fairy lights
  • it was a few minutes before midnight
  • you faced each other getting ready to take the masks off
  • “you ready?” he asked slightly nervous
  • “definitely” you assured him
  • taking a deep breath both of you counted down “1, 2, 3″  
  • slowly you both took of your masks revealing your faces
  • you felt like your heart had a heart attack as you recognised his face
  • “MINHYUN??!!”
  • “Y/N??!!!”
  • you both exclaimed at the same time
  • you couldn’t deny it, it was minhyun
  • in all of his perfect handsome glory and of course at that moment he decided to do the hand through the hair thing
  • but why was his voice so different?
  • “minhyun why is your voice different?” you asked
  • “i have a sore throat, why the sudden hair change?” he asked in return
  • you groaned internally you dyed your hair of course he didn’t recognise you
  • “for the dress” you saw weakly
  • you both just stood there trying to process the whole situation
  • minhyun was cursing the guys for not telling him
  • you processed that you just interacted with THE HEIRS
  • and they knew who you were and approved?!!!
  • minhyun interrupted your thoughts by softly saying “y/n really thank you for the amazing night i haven’t had this much fun in probably years but it’s completely fine for you to go and search for other company” he ended dejectedly but politely
  • you were completely bewildered and asked earnestly “why would i want to do that?”
  • he looked a bit shocked too “because you don’t like me?”
  • “what do you mean i don’t like you??” you asked confused
  • “well you didn’t return my jacket in person and you avoid me like the plague” he answered with a touch of sadness and disappointment
  • you sighed in frustration and before you knew it words were spilling out of your mouth
  • “minhyun I LIKE YOU, i have since the moment i entered our business class, i avoided you and didn’t return the jacket personally because i knew i had no chance with you and i wanted to get over you not to mention i becoming a red blushing mess incapable of speaking”
  • you blush super red realising what you just said
  • but minhyun expression brightened like a million of city lights
  • he also realised how embarrassed you were
  • he sweetly said to you “if it helps i like you too, and it’s increased a ridiculous amount after tonight”
  • your head snapped up at his words “wait hold up, the emperor hwang, the one millions of girls want the attention of, the heir to the empire hotels and basically billions of dollars, likes me?” you said disbelievingly
  • he blushed more red than you at your compliments and he quietly said “yes y/n i like you a lot”
  • “i can’t believe it” you said completely shocked
  • he sounded sincere and you were slowly really believing it
  • you felt like your heart already died and went to heaven
  • your mind was going haywire but all of it stopped
  • to be honest you felt like the world stopped
  • as you felt a soft hand on your cheek leading you closer to him
  • you looked into those gorgeous brown eyes of his
  • his eyes flickered down to your lips and before you knew it
  • the softest pair of lips were on yours
  • and you were indulging every second of it
  • wrapping your arms around his neck
  • his hands around your waist pulling you even closer to him
  • you felt fireworks going off in your whole body
  • but you actually realised there were real fireworks going off which was the signal that it was midnight
  • you two parted and beamed at each other
  • “do you believe me now?” he asked with a bit of a smirk
  • “i do” you say with the biggest smile your arms still around his neck
  • you realised you just shared a new year’s kiss with minhyun
  • he came to the same conclusion as you
  • “happy new year’s minhyun” you said sweetly
  • “happy new year y/n” he whispered in your ear while hugging you making you melt into a puddle of goo
  • you both cuddled each other while watching the fireworks
  • both with the thought that this was the best start of new year either of you had
  • and both of you hoped to have the same start, the year after the next and for every single new year on

AHH THE FIRST INSTALMENT IS FINALLY HERE!! i want to thank everyone for voting again. i hope this was a good start to the series and i also hope this lived up to people’s expectation of the new series please please let me know if it did. i put a lot of thought and effort into it and i really hope you all liked it. i know it was really long but i hope it was worth your time! thank you for reading and please give me your opinions!!

also huge thanks to iris @alliwannado-w1 my absolute angel who helped me with this mess and its still a mess lol. and helped me make this into a better scenario, eep i hope. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IRIS. if you haven’t ever read her scenarios go to her blog like RIGHT NOW she’s the best writer i know and her scenarios are amazing!!!

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A Bet (Steve Harrington x Reader)

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Request- “Hii could you do a reader x Steve harrington where the reader was a bet but he falls in love with her(based on the movie 10 things I hate about you)”

Words- 1225

Warnings- Swearing

A/N- I haven’t watched the movie in the request, so I kinda just went with it.

You consider yourself to have pretty good instincts. Most of the time you know when something’s up, or when something is about to happen. Then, there’s Steve Harrington. It’s the equivalent of putting a magnet by a compass, suddenly North isn’t always North.

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Hard Work - Yoongi x Reader

   She buried her head into the couch pillow, soft moonlight from the window creeping over her sleeping body.  Turning she glanced at the clock, three in the morning.  Like most nights she was up late waiting for Yoongi to return from the studio, but the time he came back home seemed to go back further and further, and most nights she’d fall asleep on the couch waiting, and when she’d wake up he’d be gone before she could even make breakfast for him or even say hello.  

     The hour hand was a little past four before she heard the door unlock.  Her tired eyes looked up from her phone which she was blasting music from in order to try to stay awake.  Her eyes locked with Yoongi’s and she gave him a tired smile.  “Hey,”  She walked up to give him a hug but he walked past her mumbling about how tired he was and how he needed to get to bed.  


     “I said I was going to bed.”  His words stung her like a knife, his tone only made it worse.  

      “I’ll come with you,”

      “Why bother, you’re always mad at me now anyways.”

      She watched him walk into the bedroom slamming the door shut behind him.  When had she been mad at him?  She didn’t remember.  She had every right to be, but she never took it out on him.  It had gotten to a point where she heard more from Yoongi’s bandmates than she did from him and she lived with him.  Weeks of staying up late for him, not going back home to visit your family for him, and what do you get?  Locked out of your own bedroom that you take care of because your boyfriend doesn’t even show his face to you anymore after being with you for two years?  

      Getting up she opened the door to their bedroom the floorboards creaking as she made her way to the bed.  “Can we please talk, I feel like I never see you anymore.”  The memory foam bed sunk slightly as she set on its edge her feet tucked underneath her body as she stared at the wall too afraid to even look at Yoongi.  Usually she’d give him space but at this point she had given him so much space it didn’t even feel like they were in a relationship anymore.

      “I told you I was tired.”

      “And I told you I wanted to talk.” She snapped,

      “Why are you so mad at me all the time, huh?  I do nothing but work to make you happy and how do you repay me by sleeping on the couch cause you’re too mad at me to even stay in the same bed as me?”

        “Me?  Mad at you?” She yelled getting up, “I’ve stayed awake waiting for YOU to come home every night, I’m sorry I can’t live off of three hours of sleep every night to match the schedule of a boyfriend who doesn’t even acknowledge my presence or the hard work I do.”

       “Hard work? HARD WORK?”  His voice echoed off of the walls of their shared apartment and at this point it wouldn’t be surprising if they got a noise complaint, but at this rate she didn’t care, she couldn’t even speak.  Her body shook as his voice got louder, maybe she should have just stayed on the couch.  No, she needed to do this, their relationship depended on it.  “You want to talk about hard work? I work day and night trying to provide a life for you and what do I get?  A girlfriend who does absolutely nothing for me!”  

       Warm tears stained her rosy cheeks as she pushed herself off the bed.  “Fine then.”  The bed bounced back to its normal state as her feet hit the cold hardwood.  “It seems as if I do nothing but hold you back,” Grabbing her bag from the nightstand she began walking, the floor boards hissing and creaking with every step, “Have a nice life Min Yoongi, I’ll come get my stuff while you’re doing your stupid ass hard work tomorrow.”

       Hours of being away led to days of being away days led to weeks, and weeks brought countless ignored text messages and declined calls.  She didn’t get all her stuff, not yet part of her was too scared to go back and face him even if he wasn’t there, the other part didn’t want to admit it was really over.  

       Phone calls poured in from multiple members of BTS over the weeks but they went ignored too.  She didn’t want to face any of them, tell her friends why their friendship got ruined over a relationship they had no part in.  

       It was seven in the morning when her ringtone blasted throughout the small hotel room she was renting out till she could find an apartment she could afford or that wasn’t too big for one person.  

      Her eyes fluttering open she reached out for the phone, smacking multiple places on the small nightstand till she finally grabbed it.  With a tired groan she held the phone up to her ear, forcing herself to sit up her bones popping.             

           “Hello.”  The voice on the phone frantically spoke, and she could barely understand what was being said.  

            “I- I think you have the wrong number,” She mumbled.  “Oh, Yoongi?”  She shook her head at the question if she knew him, “Yeah, not anymo- emergency contact?”  She thought back to that conversation a year ago, when he told her she’d be listed as an emergency contact because she was the most important person in his life,  was that still true?  No he was probably too busy with his ‘hard work’ to even try and change it.  Maybe he didn’t even recognize they were broken up, maybe he just didn’t care.

           “Yes this is,yes,  I’m his emergency contact.”  As much as she hated to admit it her voice was laced with worry, it had been weeks since she had even brought herself to even see a photo of him, which was honestly awful when she opened her phone and saw the photo of them from a year ago.  It was quickly changed to something basic but that didn’t stop her from thinking about it.  “Look if this is a ploy to get me to talk to him I’d prefer not- hold on slow down, hospital?”  She forced herself up, throwing on a coat that was left lying on the ground, “Which one, talk slower.”

         Her heels clicked against the pavement as she walked up to the ramp leading to the hospital doors, as she threw open the doors to the waiting room 6 heads whipped around to look at her.  Their faces held anxiousness and worry as they looked at her, J-Hope getting up and giving her a hug which she awkwardly returned.  Hugs from your best friend are great but not when you just found out that your ex boyfriend is in the hospital for an unknown reason.  “What happened,”  She whispered to them.  

          “I walked into the studio and he was on the ground unconscious, paler than usual. Lips paper white.” Namjoon answered, before Jimin pushed himself into the conversation,

         “The doctors said he overworked himself.  He’s lost so much weight lately, looked so much worse, we knew it was bad we just- we didn’t think he’d get so exhausted as to…” He trailed off, staying silent before speaking again, “end up here?”  Her breath hitched as her eyes trailed across them.  

        “How could you let him do this to himself?”  Her voice was harsh as her eyes narrowed, “If you knew something was wrong why didn’t you stop it.”

        “Why didn’t you?”

         “Have you at least spoken to him is he awake?”  She scanned them again, looking for some sort of answer some sort of, ‘he’s okay now’ from this, but nothing.  It was just awkward silence till Jin spoke up.

         “He doesn’t want anyone to see him but his emergency contact,” He began, “And that’s you…”  

        The hallway smelled of rubbing alcohol and blood as the nurse led her down numerous winding hallways till she ended up left in front of a wooden door.  Knocking on the door two times she reached for the handle after no response.  Pushing it open her eyes fell on the man lying on the bed.  He was as white as a ghost, numerous types of equipment hooked up to his body.  This was him, this was the man she loved, no this was the man she was too stubborn to admit she was still in love with.  

       Walking up to him she brushed the hair back that was covering his eyes, “Yoongi…”  She whispered her hand gently stroking his cheek.  Cold.  He was freezing.  During winter nights he would be her warmth but now his skin was as cold as the ice water he once dumped on her jokingly.

       “I’m sorry,” He mumbled, forcing himself to sit up.  

       “Well at least you admit it.”

       “I’m on a hospital bed suffering and the only thing you can do is gloat you were right?”

       “Wouldn’t you do the same.”

        “I can’t believe I’m in love with you,” He said, forcing her to let out a chuckle.  

        “What happened to you Yoongi.”  She asked staring down at him.  

         “You.”  She stopped stroking his cheek, her eyes focusing on the window.  What did she do, he was the one who made her walk out, couldn’t he understand that.  Was his exhaustion that bad.

        “They said you exhausted yourself, you worked too hard, did that hard work bite you in the ass?”  She sat on the edge of the hospital bed her hands running through his dyed hair.  

      “I wanted to make you happy,”  He told her, reaching for hands forcing them to stop trailing through his hair.  He held onto them tightly as if he was worried she wasn’t actually here or she would leave him.  

     “Well if being happy means me walking out on you then I think you accomplished it.”  She whispered giving his hands a gentle squeeze.  

     “Are you happier without me?”  He inquired.

     “Of course not, you were my everything, you’re still my everything.”  She brought his hands up to her lips giving them a gentle kiss as she stared at him.  To say he looked awful would be an understatement, he was ten times skinnier than he had been since the last time they saw each other.  If he wasn’t eating at home he probably wasn’t eating at work, and now that she thought about it, she cared more about him spending time with her than his health.

      “I wanted to make you happier, I wanted to make you proud of me.”

       “Yoongi…I’m always proud of you how many girls can say their boyfriend is an international superstar.”

       “No I wanted to make you even prouder.”

       “What are you talking about?”  

        “I wanted you to be able to say my boyfriend wrote a song for me, that he was talented enough to make those songs top the charts.  That you could you got the best anniversary present ever.  I wanted to make it perfect, I wanted to make it flawless, something you’d love, something you’d thank me for, and that you’d tell your family back home.  I know they don’t like me much, but I wanted to give you something to be happy about, instead I made you leave, I made you hate me.”


Responding to a Creep in Only BTS Lyrics


“Here is fine,” Rick said when he saw the exit. The sky was getting darker, and Rick didn’t want them to risk it on the road. He thought it’d be best if they set up camp off in the woods out of sight from all threats. Michonne parked the vehicle and unbuckled her seat belt.

“Here will have to do,” she said rolling her head around slowly. It had been a long day. Seemed like they search for hours for nothing. A few bullets here…a few cans of food there. Some supplies here and there. The search looked bleak, but they weren’t giving up. They couldn’t.

Rick looked outside the window and pointed just to his right. “We can build a fire real quick. Heat up some of those cans of food we found,” he suggested. Michonne sat up and rested her gloved hands on her thighs.

“Sounds like a plan,” she stood, bending over to walk to the back of the van. A clear, plastic container sat behind the driver’s seat with a bunch of canned string beans and pork-n-beans.

“You know…I wish I could eat something that I don’t feed Judith all the time. I feel like I’m the baby,” she playfully complained and Rick opened his door, hoping out the van. Seconds later he opened the side doors for Michonne.

“What’s that I always say…The Law of-”

“Yeah, yeah…the law of averages. I know,” she mocked. “There’s just going to be a big room filled with food that we’ll find one day.” She smirked as Rick helped her get out of the van. Michonne sat the cans down on the ground, and started to collect wood for a small fire.

The weather was nice today. A breeze blew by across her bare arms that she appreciated. Sometimes….just sometimes, there were moments of normalcy out here. Her body would remember to right before the world fell apart, and it was like she was back in Georgia on her grandma’s porch listening to music…dancing…enjoying life. It was funny how a single breeze could do that.

“You miss Georgia?” she asked him. Rick smiled and nodded, beads of sweat coating his forehead.

“It’s funny… with the world the way it is, but I can honestly say I’m homesick. I never traveled before all of this. I never left the county. Maybe just to go to Atlanta a few times. That’s about it. The air don’t smell that great outside with all the decay, but it don’t smell like Georgia. That sound weird?” he asked as they dropped the wood they gathered it into a pile.

Michonne smiled, shaking her head. “Nope. It sounds pretty much like how I feel. Except, I used to travel all the time,” she told him. Rick’s eyebrows raised.

“Oh, really. Where have you been?” he wondered. She grabbed a box of matches and struck one, placing it against the wood.

“Florida…New York…California…Vegas…I traveled a lot for work. Met a lot of cool people along the way,” Michonne explained to Rick.

“I’ve met some cool people along the way, too,” Rick told Michonne. He thought of Glenn just now. He thought about his friend often, but he kept that to himself. Everyone was dealing with their pain their own way right now. He’d have to figure a way to deal with his.

Michonne noticed a sadness to his voice. Since that night in the woods; the night it all happened; the night they lost family, he’d been different. Just this shell of himself. Lately, he started to smile. He started to not let every little threat from Negan get to him, but she noticed things.

Michonne learned not to press the small stuff with Rick. He questioned himself all the time, so she couldn’t question him. As a lawyer she learned that sometimes the people who have nothing to say, have the most to say. Rick was that way. He had so much to tell her, but he tread lightly with his stories.

So she resigned herself to wait. Michonne would wait for him to tell her what’s wrong when he was ready, and comfort him when he sought it. He talked about Shane recently. He would talk about whatever was bothering him soon, because she was with him no matter what.

No matter what.


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I think I liked you better wen you didn’t have a knife in your hand... Chapter 108 - There’s just somethin’ I need you to see

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Originally posted by purlensoul

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit….


Chapter 108 - There’s just somethin’ I need you to see…

[Blake is at the Sanctuary and bumps into a person she certainly wasn’t expecting to be back so soon.]

Today felt like a good day- a rare thing in this world that was for sure!

After having what had felt like the longest lay-in Blake had had in years, feeling oh-so snuggly and sleepy under Negan’s sheets, that smelt of his deliciously heady, musky scent, Blake had dragged herself dozily into his shower.

The water had been hot and much needed and had felt so good, burning its way across her smooth skin.

She knew that, right now, life for her was good.

She was lucky to have found herself in such a good position in her life. Here, with a man she loved, and who loved her back.

She had gone for years being on the bottom rung…with David…living out there on the road…sleeping in horrible places surrounded by walking corpses and fearing for your life every time you ventured out to use the bathroom. So despite having everything she would ever want, right here with Negan, Blake knew she couldn’t take any of it for granted. Wanting to give the rest of the people here, exactly what she had. Making a better life for all of them.

That was why, after languishing in the shower for a while before heading down to her room to get a fresh change of clothes, Blake had headed out to garden, toiling here for a couple of hours….happy and content with spending time here and pulling her weight as and when she could.

But it was obvious that her love for the people here, was indeed, very much reciprocated. They cared for her, as much as she cared for them, none of them fearing her like they feared Negan, and treating her as one of their own.

And this made her happier than ever.

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So it was so cool that ‘A Dance with Dragons’ didn’t just start with a Jonerys chapter transition, but a Tyrion - Dany - Jon chapter transition right off the bat.  Haven’t been sucked into an asoiaf book this quickly until ADWD.  If you don’t want to read the entire series, you can just read this book, this is where the Essos & Wall/Beyond diverges from the show in the best possible way. 

So Tyrion starts his trip at the mansion in Pentos where Dany started her story and it’s really cool in the sense that Tyrion started his journey by travelling to the Wall with Jon, he unites wildling mountain clans and gets them to follow him into civilisation on his way back from the Vale, convinces themto join his family’s battle and later even includes them in his joint effort with his sister to protect their home against an invader. A nice condensed parallel of Jon’s arc and now he gets a mini version of Dany’s Essos journey too. Varys isn’t his travel companion yet but he’s similarly emo…

Jon & Dany both start out having a hard time adjusting to positions of power - Lord Commander & Queen, having problems with middle aged men in terms of politics and getting to Dany’s Meereen plot, it’s very well laid out. The Yunkai conflict is clear and doesn’t require guesswork like the show. Also it finally makes sense why her fiance guy was hell bent on opening fighting pits, because he bought shares in them while they crashed after Dany closed the pits and he’s using culture as an excuse to make profit. As someone who paid my way through college by investing during the recession at the right time, this finally makes sense. Even the reason behind her considering to marry him makes more sense, because he’s a rich & powerful guy with connection in Yunkai. I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy book Meereen…

Some cool quotes from my first Dany chapter in ages.. Like I laughed so hard at this I choked on my coffee… Out of no where during a serious political scene :D

If he proposes again that I wed King Cleon, I’ll throw a slipper at his head, Dany thought.

Five Aegons had ruled the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. There would have been a sixth, but the Usurper’s dogs had murdered her brother’s son when he was still a babe at the breast. If he had lived, I might have married him. Aegon would have been closer to my age than Viserys. Dany had only been conceived when Aegon and his sister were murdered. Their father, her brother Rhaegar, perished even earlier, slain by the Usurper on the Trident.

Oh damn, if only Rhaegar procreated to make a backup Aegon before dying, if only…

Though that could also be yet another hint dropping for this Aegon’s death end of the book, liek George has no chill with that in ADWD… On a happy note, this is a super cute dragon mom moment with hints that Drogon & Viserion might just have to fight at a much larger scale some day : 

Viserion sensed her disquiet. The white dragon lay coiled around a pear tree, his head resting on his tail. When Dany passed his eyes came open, two pools of molten gold. His horns were gold as well, and the scales that ran down his back from head to tail. “You’re lazy,” she told him, scratching under his jaw. His scales were hot to the touch, like armor left too long in the sun. Dragons are fire made flesh. She had read that in one of the books Ser Jorah had given her as a wedding gift. “You should be hunting with your brothers. Have you and Drogon been fighting again?” Her dragons were growing wild of late. Rhaegal had snapped at Irri, and Viserion had set Reznak’s tokar ablaze the last time the seneschal had called. I have left them too much to themselves, but where am I to find the time for them?

It’s interesting that the first Jon POV starts with him warged into Ghost but the funny thing about Jon chapters is George is really going to town with his death hints right from the start, with him constantly chanting Maester Aemon’s advise in his head, “Kill the boy” and saying “Ghost is more alive than I am.” *wink* because he’ll warg into Ghost post death… If it’s not obvious then there’s this prediction Melisandre casually drops on him :

Melisandre’s red lips curled into a smile. “I have seen you in my fires, Jon Snow.”
“Is that a threat, my lady? Do you mean to burn me too?”
“You mistake my meaning.” She gave him a searching look. “I fear that I make you uneasy, Lord Snow.”
Jon did not deny it. “The Wall is no place for a woman.”
“You are wrong. I have dreamed of your Wall, Jon Snow. Great was the lore that raised it, and great the spells locked beneath its ice. We walk beneath one of the hinges of the world.” Melisandre gazed up at it, her breath a warm moist cloud in the air. “This is my place as it is yours, and soon enough you may have grave need of me. Do not refuse my friendship, Jon. I have seen you in the storm, hard-pressed, with enemies on every side. You have so many enemies. Shall I tell you their names?”
“I know their names.”
“Do not be so certain.” The ruby at Melisandre’s throat gleamed red. “It is not the foes who curse you to your face that you must fear, but those who smile when you are looking and sharpen their knives when you turn your back. You would do well to keep your wolf close beside you. Ice, I see, and daggers in the dark. Blood frozen red and hard, and naked steel. It was very cold.”
“It is always cold on the Wall.”
“You think so?”
“I know so, my lady.”
“Then you know nothing, Jon Snow,” she whispered.

Wow she really has a weird way of flirting and if it’s still not clear than the prologue of the book is the death of a random wildling warg named Varamyr who wargs into a wolf after his death. 

“When the man’s flesh dies, his spirit lives on inside the beast, but every day his memory fades, and the beast becomes a little less a warg, a little more a wolf, until nothing of the man is left and only the beast remains.”

So this guy tries to warg into a human before dying but the person really puts up a fight and it seems like this warg’s spirit is expelled in a very trippy way before it finds a wolf to warg into… It’s a good passage if you’re curious about what’ll happen to Jon after his death…

The white world turned and fell away. For a moment it was as if he were inside the weirwood, gazing out through carved red eyes as a dying dying man twitched feebly on the ground and a madwoman danced blind and bloody underneath the moon, weeping red tears and ripping at her clothes. Then both were gone and he was rising, melting, his spirit borne on some cold wind. He was in the snow and in the clouds, he was a sparrow, a squirrel, an oak. A horned owl flew silently between his trees, hunting a hare; Varamyr was inside the owl, inside the hare, inside the trees. Deep below the frozen ground, earthworms burrowed blindly in the dark, and he was them as well. I am the wood, and everything that’s in it, he thought, exulting. A hundred ravens took to the air, cawing as they felt him pass. A great elk trumpeted, unsettling the children clinging to his back. A sleeping direwolf raised his head to snarl at empty air. Before their hearts could beat again he had passed on, searching for his own, for One Eye, Sly, and Stalker, for his pack. His wolves would save him, he told himself.

That was his last thought as a man.

True death came suddenly; he felt a shock of cold, as if he had been plunged into the icy waters of a frozen lake. Then he found himself rushing over moonlit snows with his packmates close behind him.

Thoughts on Getaway Car

So I just have a lot of feelings regarding Getaway Car and needed to get them out and I didn’t think it would be this long but here we are.

  • Oh my god I just love this song so much, it’s so beautiful, both lyrically and musically
  • The way she sings certain words is just so beautiful (listen to her singing “I knew it from the first” and “he was running after us” and you’ll know what I mean)
  • It’s strange but it almost makes me feel dreamy, and it seems somewhat whimsical, especially during the chorus, and because of this it sounds and feels like freedom at first
  • But only when you listen to it fully do you understand the true sadness in it
  • This is song of tragedy: the tragedy of an unwanted relationship; the tragedy of a relationship that would never work out; the tragedy of a relationship that was doomed from the start; the tragedy of wanting to escape so badly you make all the wrong choices; the tragedy of wanting freedom, only to become lost when you obtain it
  • It is the tragedy of becoming so intoxicated by freedom that you don’t care about the consequences of obtaining it
  • Parts of it seem almost accusatory in tone, with him refusing to acknowledge his part in the tragedy – they were both aware this was a doomed relationship from the start but he’s feigning innocence
  • The chorus after the first verse has the original air of freedom about it – she’s escaped, the wind is blowing in her hair as she cruises down the highway, laughing with happiness and freedom, ignoring all the warning signs
  • However, the chorus after the second verse is more ominous, with it almost seeming to weigh heavily with a sense of foreboding – she’s realised their mistakes, but it’s too late, everything is crumbling beneath them
  • The way she sings “we’re both sorry” makes me so sad, it’s just filled with such regret and melancholy
  • There’s almost a sadness in her voice in the bridge when she describes leaving him, and 
  • When she sings “I’m in a getaway car/I left you in a motel bar”, there’s such a soft sadness to it but it builds up into confidence 
  • I love the reference to Bonnie and Clyde because they’re usually romanticised and depicted as a couple insanely in love, which is far from the truth – beneath this veil they fundamentally had a toxic relationship and committed horrendous crimes, and while this is obviously not what she’s depicting in this song, I think it’s similar
  • On the outside, to the media, to the public, they appear to have the perfect and idealised relationship, but underneath that it’s far from the truth – there are cracks that cannot be fixed, and they ultimately turn out to be disastrous for each other
  • Undoubtedly the media played a large role in this, referencing back to the second verse when she describes their relationship being turned into a circus, and ultimately ruining whatever romance they may have had, leaving them both with regrets
  • The outro has conflicting undertones of anger, determination, and confidence to it but overwhelmingly has an air of freedom surrounding it
  • Although she’s describing how she was crying and dying throughout this relationship that she thought would free her, there’s almost relief in her voice now that she has finally and truly escaped 
  • I can almost imagine her stealing the getaway car and driving down the highway once again as she originally had in verse one, but this time she is alone and free and happy
  • Despite the conflicting feelings the outro gives off, it doesn’t give one of self-pity or sadness and I love it for that. It describes an almost toxic relationship that she escapes from, and she shows that she is not broken because of this. I just love that whether she intended to or not, this song shows that you can escape from relationships that are unfulfilling or unhealthy for you, and you’ll be okay afterwards
  • So basically, it’s the best of both worlds: It has a beautiful and compelling melody while simultaneously having meaningful lyrics, especially when analysed in depth
  • Honestly I don’t know if this is what Taylor was thinking when she wrote this song, and tbh it probably wasn’t, but that’s what I love so much about music and poetry and art – it can mean anything you want it to
BTS replaced you. - pt.2

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After the conversation we shared I muted the conversation, there was nothing I wanted to hear anymore and nothing I wanted to do but sleep. I was curious of what they had to say, if anything at all but at the same time I didn’t want to know because they probably don’t think it’s a big deal they’ve missed my birthday three years in a row. I sat at my dining room table, staring at the candlelit cake in front of me. It was their favourite, strawberry flavour and just looking at it reminded me of them and how they won’t be here again to share this too large cake for one with me.

For so long I believed that we were best friends, that we were inseparable and nothing or no one could come between the friendship we shared because we had been through so much with one another. But I was wrong. They let her get between us. I don’t want to be a selfish brat that I’m seeming to be, but they just forgot me so easily after spending a week with her, wouldn’t that hurt you? They used to be the first people to say happy birthday to me, even if they were away they’d never forget to FaceTime me at 12am - but this year, even though we were supposed to celebrate, they didn’t call at 12, they didn’t send me a text. Because they forgot, and they left me waiting for them like a fool standing outside the restaurant in the winter cold holding my own birthday cake. They promised. They promised that they were going to celebrate with me this year for sure, they even made sure they had no schedule clashes today so that we could celebrate, but just like that they forgot and I was replaced with someone new, someone better.

People looked at me funny, people who walked into the restaurant, had their meal and came back out to see me still standing there alone - they all looked at me with pity in their eyes. ‘That girl must’ve got stood up’ must be what they were all thinking. Yeah I was stood up by my seven best friends. The entire week they’ve been hanging out, the entire week they’ve dismissed me. ‘If it was important we would have remembered’ ‘Clearly wasn’t all that important’, that hurt to say the least, it only told me how much I didn’t mean to them, making it clear to me that they don’t need me in their lives anymore because they have someone new, someone that let’s them have the personal space that they needed and I understood now. I was only ever thinking of myself and what I wanted. Maybe they didn’t forget, maybe this was their way to tell me that our friendship is over. 

I blew out the candle without making a wish, wishes don’t come true. I’ve wished for the same thing the last two years and each following year I end up getting disappointed. I crawled into bed and went to sleep, eyes slightly wet from crying. But a few hours later, I heard my phone ring; I picked up without even checking the caller ID. 

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in an alternate universe, Steve brings Bucky back to the tower for the first time, and the only problem with that is that Bucky passes out before Steve can properly introduce him to the rest of the Avengers. but that’s okay, because when Bucky next wakes up, free of mind control, it’s to the sounds of pandemonium in the kitchen. this is how he learns that there is a Norse god of thunder living there. also, that no one should mess with Nat’s food. (and that Barton messes with Nat’s food, and reinforces the imperative that no one should mess with Nat’s food.) that Dr. Banner eats enough for, like, four people. and, maybe most importantly, that Steve brings plates of food down to his boyfriend.

“wait what,” Bucky says when this comes up within the first day. oh no, he thinks. Steve got a boyfriend and Bucky wasn’t even around to tease him about it?

“that’s wrong,” Clint tells Thor, who was the one who volunteered this information in the first place, “everyone knows zombies can’t eat food.”

“i do miss when Anthony ate with us,” Thor sighs heavily, and Bucky despairs inside. he missed Steve’s first boyfriend and Steve’s first boyfriend’s death? that’s so sad. what kind of a best friend is Bucky now?

it takes him a few days to corner Steve about this. “you got a boyfriend?” Bucky demands, at which Steve blushes and nods. “who?” and that’s how Bucky learns Steve’s boyfriend was Tony Stark, and now Bucky’s missed the demise of Steve’s boyfriend and Howard’s kid and that’s just really, really fucking sad. “is he the reason you keep going to the basement?”

“that’s where his lab is,” Steve says, sounding sad. he’s producing a photo of Tony now. actually, it’s half of Tony’s face, captured in a manic grin while a blurry Steve in pajamas tries to grab the camera in the background. “he’s been away for so long. i miss him.”

damn. that’s really sad. “hey, c’mon,” Bucky tries to comfort, “plenty of other fish in the sea.”

Steve looks horrified at this. “Buck, i’d never!”

oh, no. Howard had a kid and that kid was Steve’s boyfriend and then he died and Steve isn’t even over him yet. Bucky thinks this is the worst possible time he could have been unbrainwashed.

at the end of his first week, he inadvertently suits up with them on a mission, despite Steve’s protests. Bucky pretends he doesn’t see Steve kiss the folded picture of Tony right before they go into the battlefield, like he’s about to help take down this horde of evil robots in his honor. that’s really, really fucking sad, holy shit, how’s Bucky supposed to comfort him through this?

about three fourths of the way through the mission, a man in a metal can joins them. “sorry i’m late!” says its garbled voice. “alarm didn’t go off in time.”

“because we turned it off,” Natasha says exasperatedly as she snaps an evil robot’s neck between her thighs. “can you even walk without the suit right now?”

oh, there’s a man in there? Bucky doesn’t get to ponder it until after they’ve dealt with the evil robot army. then they’re piling back into the quinjet and the metal man’s mask is folding away (fascinating) and Steve is taking him into his arms and kissing him and what? what happened to ‘i’d never!’? and then Steve pulls away and Bucky gets a good look at the man’s face and recognizes it from the crumpled photo Steve tucks into his pocket– “wait i thought you were dead.”

“i don’t understand but i’m offended,” Tony Stark says.

“your boyfriend’s not dead?” Bucky directs to Steve instead.

“Tony’s not dead,” Steve says, aghast. “of course not. why would you say that?”

and that’s how Bucky learns that this whole time, Tony’s been very much alive and just holed up in the lab working on a new arm for him, and that Steve was, in fact, not taking meals down to the lab because he wanted to feel close to his dead boyfriend’s spirit, but because he wanted to eat with his alive boyfriend. “so you just carry his picture around even though he’s not dead?”

“that’s a perfectly normal thing to do,” Steve defends.

“you kissed it like he was dead and you were thinking soon i will join you, my love.”

Steve goes scarlet. Tony preens and goes all, “aw, babe.” then they’re making out and Bucky’s somewhat horrified because he’s been so preoccupied thinking about Steve’s boyfriend being dead that he hasn’t spared a thought about how awful it might be to witness Steve and his living boyfriend’s disgusting love in real life. but hey, Tony’s really not that bad and he makes Steve happy, and Bucky gets a free arm out of it. (with which he punches Clint because it was totally Clint’s fault that he believed Tony was dead to begin with.)

why is ‘tyren’ pr?

I’ve had a few asks about why Ty and Lauren are PR. If you can’t see it after this post, I’ll pay for your eyes testing. Just a heads up, i’ll apologise in advance for all the ‘tumblr:camrenexposed’ through out, it seems certain accounts on Twitter have a thing about copying my posts and not crediting me. Sorry guys!

With that being said…

First off let’s talk about Ty, known for his blatant misogynistic attitudes towards women across the industry. That’s a title to be proud of, not. When I hear grown men belittling, demeaning and degrading women in the way he does, I always wonder how they would feel if their female family members were being spoken about in such a disrespectful manner. They’d find it incredibly inappropriate right? So, what then gives these men the right to say those things about someonelse’s mother/sister/daughter etc? The answer simply is, it doesn’t.

Then we’ve got Lauren. You literally couldn’t get more opposite personalities if you tried. Lauren passionately campaigns for our fundamental human rights, engaging in social and political activism whenever she can. She generously donates thousands of dollars to fans with ill health and those who need it most. She’s the first to defend herself and who she is, confidently allowing fans to realise that no matter what, everything will be okay. Regardless of who we are, what we look like tumblr:camrenexposed and who we love she teaches us to embrace what makes us ‘different’ and be proud of who we are. My problem is the negatives hit the headlines before all these incredible things she does make them. She always seems to been labelled the “bitchy” one of the group, but for what? For showing passion? For speaking out against the fucked up political state of our global society? If that makes you a bitch, sign me up. 

So, for starters and most obviously; we’ve got the collaboration between the two. As I predicted a few weeks back, this would be on Ty’s album and released as a single. If I’m correct, there’s a video in the works for ‘In Your Phone’. So statistically, this is the THIRD solo track Lauren has released outside the group. ‘In Your Phone’, ‘Back to Me’ ‘Strangers’ AND we’ve got the Steve Aoki collab dropping any time soon. Now let’s quickly bring Camila into this. Whist in the group, Camila was granted special release of her tracks to mainstream media. She released 2 tracks whilst in the group; ‘IKWYDLS’ and ‘Bad Things’. That’s two individual projects, right? Now let’s look back at Lauren tumblr:camrenexposed In total, considering when the Aoki collab is released, that’s FOUR solo project’s she’s been granted release. Four. That’s double Camila’s. So you’re probably asking, why the fuck is this relevant? Here’s why, After Camila’s departure, Lauren is golden girl. The label and management are pushing her to the front, because as they unfairly did with Camila, they’re seeing the most potential in Lauren as a solo artist. It makes complete sense she’s the only one from the remaining members of the group partnered up with another artist in the industry. This is when the PR comes to light. Do you guys know how much it costs to keep relationship afloat between 2 well known artists in the music industry? Thousands and thousands of dollars. Why? Because they must make sure that reputation isn’t tarnished or ruined in the process. So you’re probably asking why invest money into a PR? Look how many fans Lauren is gaining on Ty’s behalf and vice versa. It’s actually very very clever. I’ll get into that later on.

I’ll set you all a painful task, log on twitter go to Ty’s likes and look at how many posts he has liked with icons of either pictures of Lauren or the other 4 girls. It’s the merging of the fanbases which is why the whole thing this was created in the first place. Lauren’s voice is perfectly suited for R&B. She’s said countless times how much she “hates cheesy pop” which unfortunately some of the groups music falls under. Her solo work and ambition is to get as far away from that as possible. As much as we dislike him, Ty has a lot of connections with major R&B artists across the industry. His attitudes and behaviours are disgusting, but for some reason he’s well regarded across that specific genre. The Label tumblr:camrenexposed is trying to disassociate Lauren from her younger fans, and set her up with a more mature and developed fandom. Hence pairing her up with someone like Ty. They’re doing the tumblr:camrenexposed opposite with Camila. Camila’s team are encouraging that all age fan base and it’s well working. The thing with Lauren is, only ‘Fifth Harmony’ fans KNOW who she is and what she stands for. People outside our fan base don’t have a clue. Therefore, the media is buying and promoting it, because they don’t see any wrong in Lauren, but we see her as going against what she’s preached to us all for the past 5 years.

 Interactions between the two are blatantly staged. When one uploads a picture, the other has to evidence fans that they are together. So the Lauren update accounts, and the Tyren accounts then confirm this to fans. It gets people talking and speculating. Now, by all means correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re the private person we all know that Lauren is, there’s no way she would be uploading videos/pictures of her and her respectful partner all over tumblr:camrenexposed social media. These pictures are HQ and the same picture is being posted on both accounts, just hours apart. Where’s all the cute/candid shit that real couples post on social media? There isn’t because it isn’t real. Where’s the intimacy and romance in these pictures? They’re clearly faked. At his album release party the other night, he had his back to her half the time and when they interacted it was forced and cringey as fuck. There’s no “love” in their eyes, just a contract.

Yes, Lauren is to blame for her social media presence and who she’s presenting herself as lately BUT she’s doing it for a reason. We’ve got to look at why this reason is, and that’s her unhappiness. From January, we’ve seen her behaviour tumblr:camrenexposed deteriorate to the point where we are at now. Half of me thinks this has A LOT to do with Camila’s departure the other thinks it’s Ty’s influence. What we can’t deny is the time Lauren and Ty spend together for this PR to work. Now, whilst she’s in his company, she has to fit in. Unfortunately, his circle is drug and alcohol fuelled. It’s no secret she’s been using weed for a while, but there’s no doubt in my mind that when she is around Ty and his circle, she’s taking something stronger. In half the pictures, the pair take, they both look completely drugged up. But she’s literally contractually bound to him, she’s giving in to the situation because there’s nothing she can do. That’s fucking sad.

Another point to make, is why have these rumours speculated for months, yet it’s taken the album release for Ty to “confirm” the two being together? It fucking screams PR. He said himself in an interview, he was a private person when it comes to his relationships. If that was the case, why has he mentioned Lauren in tumblr:camrenexposed EVERY SINGLE interview since his album release? Why dos Laurens activity on Instagram undertone her longing and sadness for someone, yet he seems to think they’re “king and queen” of the music industry? It’s so wrong that it’s laughable.

Also, remember when Ty tweeted out this:

 And now he’s tweeting things like this:

His team are using Lauren in the process to try and clean up his image so he’s more appealing to younger/more mainstream fans. In the process of Lauren losing fans, she’s gaining more in the genre and route she wants to take her music down. Because mainstream charts are where all the awards are, remember that. And also remember, awards are competition.

Laurens image is only really damaging within our small fandom, the media see no difference in her. We know Lauren better than we all think. We’ve studied her behaviour and watched her grow for 5 years. We know this isn’t her. If we can’t see this is PR, we’re letting her down and letting the label win. As a strategy, we’re gonna have to ignore it because it’s only gonna get worse. We as fans have predicted things between the two that have come true and been shown. Her mind is her strongest asset, yet it’s her weakest. Let’s not be a part of that weakness.

Most recently today, we’ve got Ty supporting one of Lauren’s close friends Shawn, who has just brought out his first single. Why didn’t he take a picture with Shawn when they’ve met on countless occasions at Label/Award show after parties and gigs? He’s never promoted him before so why now after Lauren posted about him? 

A few more pointers:

  • Why hasn’t Ty helped promote Dinah’s individual song with French Montana and Daddy Yankee? 
  • Why didn’t Ty promote Ally’s solo song with Lost Kings?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote any of Camila’s solo music, regardless of her leaving the group, he still did a song with her?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote Lauren’s interview with OUT magazine, where she addressed her sexuality?
  • Why is Ty’s acknowledgement of the group through Lauren and not directly to the girls?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote or support Lauren and Halsey’s ‘Strangers’ performance on GMA?

Final thought. If this was a genuine relationship, do you really think we’d predict their next move? 

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Headcanons for losers club meeting in group therapy.

I took this a bit further than I meant to, I hope you like it though because I love addressing mental health
(I based it off my own experiences and knowledge so I’m so so sorry if anything is not accurate)

- They all have the same therapist (she’s called Jackie) but they’ve never met each other

- she takes them all for different things

- Bill has depression from loosing his brother (‘n-n-not dead…j-j-just m-m-missing) and anger issues from getting frustrated with his stutter

- Beverly has depression and PTSD from her father and addiction to smoking

- Ben has social anxiety and topophobia from moving so much and getting bullied

- Mike has insomnia and PTSD from his parents death and having to work on the farm

- Richie has ADHD, bipolar disorder and addiction to smoking just from genetics and how his parents treat him

- Stan has chronic OCD and anxiety from his father being a perfectionist

- Eddie has chronic Mysophobia , anxiety and is the worst hypochondriac she’s ever seen

- She has problems with all of them being closed off for some reason

- Bill doesn’t like talking because when he tries to talk about loosing his brother his stutter gets worse, then he gets frustrated and gets overwhelmed

- Beverly just can’t bring herself to talk about it, talking about her dad sets off her PTSD and she gets super defensive about her smoking

- Ben is actually quite intimidated by Jackie, he knows deep down that she wants to help but can’t help but feel like he’s just putting his problems on someone else’s shoulders

- Mike is the easiest one to open up, he needs to know that someone is there and supporting him but at the same time he can’t talk about his parents without tearing up

- Richie talks about everything that isn’t his problems and wastes their hour pretty much every time, although some days he comes in and pours his little heart out

- Stan has told himself if he lets people know about his problems and says them out loud then it’ll make it all worse

- Eddies the only one who’ll willingly talk about what’s happening although he’s insecure about telling her incase she thinks he’s stupid

- so basically, she has a hard time with all of them but she still wants to help them all so bad

- So she proposes to her team leader that she should have an extra session with them once a week where they’re all together

- once she gets the all clear, she tells them about it

- They all agree sounded slightly worried and unwilling, other than Richie who was having a fantastic day and is ready to meet his new fucking friends

- the first session was…interesting to say the least

- Jackie set the chairs in a circle

- the first to arrive was Stan, he always needed to be early no matter what incase he missed something and took the seat next to Jackie

- Eddie was the second to arrive, he took the seat on the other side of her

- As a therapist, this warmed her heart as she knew they did that to feel safer

- She introduced them and got them talking about why bedrooms should be kept tidy, needless to say they become friends right away

- Bill was the third to arrive, he had gotten the wrong room at first and was kinda upset

- he walked in whispering the paragraph that helped his stutter, looking down

- He didn’t look up until he was sitting down at the furthest seat from Jackie in the circle

- She started to introduce them but he honestly wasn’t listening, he was too busy staring at the cute boy with curly hair in front of him

- Stan catches him staring but that doesn’t stop him, he just watches as Stan’s cheeks redden

- next to arrive is Ben and Mike, they weren’t really friends yet but they helped each other find the room

- And finally, Bev and Richie walked in taking as if they had been friends for years (slightly late)

- apparently Richie’s lighter had given up on him so Bev offered hers up, they became friends pretty quickly

- Ben is awestruck by Bev

- They both sat in the remaining two seats left

- As soon as Richie sat down he noticed the small boy next to Jackie and ended up doing the exact thing Bill did with Stan

- Jackie goes around the circle, asking everyone to introduce themselves and their problem and also say how they’re feeling today

- When it comes to Richie, he’s still looking at Eddie

- ‘I’m Richie, I have ADHD and I’m so fucking gay right now’

- Everyone (including Jackie) laughs, they like Richie already

- The session went okay, nothing too interesting happened and they just talked about stuff

- Jackie definitely noticed how they became more open as the hour passed by

- Although Richie spends most the time flirting with Eddie

- Stan leaves last, Bill waits for him by the front door and Stan swears he didn’t tear up a little

- Bill does this and walks Stan home after every session, after the sixth time they start holding hands

- Eddie eventually grows super fond of Richie so one day when said boy walks in and doesn’t talk or even really look up the whole hour, Eddie is pretty worried

- after the session, Jackie asks to talk to Richie privately and Eddie waits by the front of the building even though it’s raining

- Richie comes out after ten minutes, sniffling with red tearful eyes

- ‘Oh hey, Eddie spaghetti….isn’t your mom worried you’re not home yet?’

- 'I’m more concerned about you than my mom right now’

- Richie offers to walk Eddie home, giving Eddie his black denim jacket littered with patches somewhere along the way

- Richie also uses this time to explain his ADHD and bipolar disorder to Eddie

- 'Is there any chance I could get my jacket back? I’ll probably stay out for a bit’

- 'Sure…why are you staying out if it’s raining?’

- 'Just, parents and stuff yanno’

- with that, Eddie demands Richie stay over until his mum comes back or the rain stops

- Ben starts writing little notes and poems which he puts on Bev’s seat before every session and are signed anonymously

- Bev thinks it’s Bill at first but she sees Stan and Bill holding hands on the way home so she crosses him off the list

- one day, whilst she’s out smoking to get away from her dad she bumps into Richie

- she decides he’s a good smoking buddy and they become close, sneaking out pretty much every night to smoke together

- Richie saw Ben putting a note on Bev’s seat one day and honestly he just can’t keep it to himself

- 'Why don’t you ask Ben if he’s your secret admirer?’

- 'I might just do that’

- She leaves a note on his seat one day, with her number and the words 'my heart burns there too’

- To say Jackie is pleased with them and her decision to make their group is an understatement

You know what to do (add more) - xo

Eight Months.

Even eight months after the break up, Harry still felt the overwhelming urge to check up on you and your life. He would check your social media accounts a few times a week, more so before going to bed when thoughts of you plagued his mind. It felt naughty, wrong in a way; after all, it was him who ended your two year relationship.


“It’s never going to change, Harry! Things will always be the same! You ‘forgot’ my birthday and you spent the day with Kendall. You ‘forgot’ our date night and you spent the evening with Cara. I know it’s what the media want and expect from you, and I know management want you to do this, but I think you want to as well” you sigh, the words you had held for so long in your mouth now finally spilling out.

“You’re joking, right? That was a joke? You seriously think I want to spend any spare time I have with Kendall or Cara over you? Management need me to do this, if I don’t, I can kiss goodbye to my pay cheque! Half the things I do in this job is for you! How the fuck else would you get the latest handbags and purses and shoes?! Who else is going to pay for your education? Because I don’t see you or your family offering to cough up!” he spits almost bitterly.

You gasp in shock at his words. He knew your financial situation at home and that your parent’s worked so bloody hard to provide for you, but it just wasn’t enough. Your future career depended on your qualifications, and those qualifications could only be acquired in higher education in which Harry had offered to pay for, before he knew anything about the money side of things.

“Really, Harry? That’s how you feel? You think I’m with you for the money? I don’t give a damn about the shoes or bags and purses or latest fashion trends. I love you because you’re my boyfriend and I see myself living the rest of my life with you. I don’t love you because you’re Harry Styles from One Direction!” you spit back, your words truthful.

“I’ve heard that one before” he tells you, his eyes averting to the floor.

“So now you’ve got trust issues with me? Other girls may have treated you like that in the past, but I’m not like other girls, Harry. Two years we’ve been together and you really think that of me? When you guys broke up as a band, and you didn’t know what was going to happen to your music career, who was the one sitting up with you every night holding you whilst you cried? Other girls would have run a mile because of the uncertainty of your future. I love you even if you have nothing!” you shout at him.

Harry shrugs his shoulders and bites his lip. “Look, it’s not even just this causing arguments. They’ve been going on for a while and maybe having Kendall and Cara as friends is something you can’t handle. But I can’t live my life like this anymore. I’m done arguing with you all the time” he tells you softly.

“You’re making it sound like I don’t want you having friends, which isn’t true. I want you to put me first, like you did at the start of our relationship. You would have done anything back then for me, Harry. I hate arguing with you too. Maybe if we arrange some sort of schedule and arrange dates in advance to see each other?” you suggest.

Harry shakes his head. “I think it’s too little too late, (Y/N).”

You frown, your bottom lip beginning to quiver as you ask the dreaded question. “Are you breaking up with me.”

Harry’s eyes avert to the floor once more and the silence between you both speaks more volumes than words ever could.


Your Instagram account had been almost inactive for the first month after the break up, with only the occasional bog-standard photos of new make-up purchases and Starbucks coffee. But no selfies and nothing that indicated any happiness in your life. After three months, your social media accounts portrayed some happiness returning to your life as you took selfies with friends on regular nights out, but Harry knew as well as anyone that social media is one massive cover up for reality. Were you really actually happy? Were you living or were you just alive?

It seemed to him that your life continued to appear happy, but after four months of opening the app, he noticed someone by your side. Photograph after photograph, upload after upload, this person would be stood next to you. You had a side when taking photos with Harry, but now somebody else was standing on Harry’s side, taking his place, standing where he should be standing. Then tagging each other on Twitter began taking place. Simple things such as “coffee dates” and memes.

Five months after the messy break up, Harry sighted a picture of the two of you kissing; you and your new beau, as it was publicised. Your lips on his, no doubt his tongue down your throat and he wanted to vomit. It didn’t make social media, but it made the headlines in the news. The media had left you alone a little while after the break up, but of course, a new relationship for you meant gossip amongst the public, especially One Direction fans and Harry girls, and the tabloids couldn’t resist the opportunity.

Upon reaching seven months, Harry noticed another change in you on social media. You were becoming more and more inactive by the day, rarely replying to tweets and the amount of photographs posted reduced. Anybody else would put it down to business in studying and spending time with loved ones, but Harry knew how much you had loved your interactions on social media, and something didn’t sit quite right with him. But then he remembered that he’s not yours and you’re not his, and you have someone else taking care of you now.


Eight months later, and Harry still had you on his mind almost every minute of the day. He would awake in the morning with the help of his alarm but your hair wasn’t sprawled across the pillows as he would expect; he no longer bothered eating breakfast in the mornings; gone are the days when he used keep something warm on the stove for you, for when you awoke, ensuring you had something warm for your hungry tummy in the mornings; he had nobody to send a morning text to. His routine was completely out of sync and nothing over the last few months made it any better.

He would come home every evening to an empty apartment. He had nobody to cook dinner for. He had nobody to talk to about his day. He had nobody to snuggle up to at night. He had nobody to kiss. He had nobody to love and he had nobody to love him.

Some nights would be simple; Harry would climb into bed and flick on the television, watching a favourite film in which he no longer got pleasure out of. He’d check his social media, and then check yours, before setting his alarm and falling asleep, his dreams of you haunting him throughout the night.

Other nights, he’d yearn for you. He loved you, still loves you, and wants nothing more than to hold you whilst you sleep and keep you safe in his embrace. But he would yearn for you in other ways too, awakening in the night from happy dreams of you, his cock hard for you. He would lay awake between the sheets, grinding his hips into them and rubbing himself vigorously as he imagined being inside of you. He would let himself go completely when he could imagine the moans that would leave your lips, the breathlessness you would encounter, and it was as though he could almost feel you come around him.

He hadn’t been in another relationship since the split, but there had been a couple of one night stands. In a way to get over you, ironically, he would fuck others that had similar traits to you. The same hair colour, the same laugh, the same smile. But neither of those girls were you. He didn’t really want them, they just happened along with the alcohol consumption of both parties involved. After two girls, he stopped. He wasn’t sure if it was the reality of the situation that made him stop, or if it was the slap he received one night.


The music was pounding against the speaker, the DJ’s were screaming out and giving shoutouts, mostly for people’s birthday’s and other celebrations, bartenders were leaning over the bar in an attempt to actually hear what the customers were ordering in the club, and everyone was like sardines, squashed together, but everyone seemed to be enjoying it and having a good time. Everyone except Harry.

He occasionally moved around and shuffled his feet in an attempt to dance, but he felt so lost without you there. He kept an eye out to see if you were around, almost forgetting that you didn’t go there together. He always used to keep an eye on you, making sure you were safe on the dance floor and that no drunken men took advantage of you. He was your protector. 

“What’s your name?” a young blonde asked. That was the only thing that was same about the two of you. You’re blonde and so was she. But she wasn’t you. Harry wasn’t too sure if she was just acting oblivious to the fact that he was the most famous, most well-known person in the club, or whether she was just so drunk that she barely knew her own name, let alone his.

“Harry” he told her, placing his hand on the small of her back and pulling her closer so as they could hear each other’s spoken words over the thumping music.

The girl nods. “Louise” she tells him. “Fancy getting out of here?” she asks. 

Harry nods. He realises she’s not as drunk as he thought she was, but taking in her features, she looked a few years older than him. Maybe she really didn’t know who he was.

“Mine or yours?” she asks as they stumble out of the nightclub and onto the streets of London. Louise quickly hails a taxi as Harry replies, “yours.”

Whilst his own place seemed more appealing as he wouldn’t have the awkward ‘leaving after a shag’ stage, he didn’t want to take her, or anyone, to his bed. Only you got the privilege to be in his bed. He didn’t fuck anyone else in his bed, only you. He didn’t want anyone else to come in the sheets besides the two of you together and for each other.

The taxi ride back to hers was soon over and they stumbled through her apartment, his lips pressed to hers. Their eyes remained closed as he thought about you. Undressing you. Running his hands up and down your body and caressing your breasts as you laid all bare for him, for his eyes only.

Harry breathlessly pulls aways as he lifts up the miniskirt. They both quickly realise this is nothing more than sex up against the wall. She’s not taking him to bed either, and Harry wonders if Louise is also getting over someone. Within the next thought, he doesn’t care. He does’t love Louise. He loves (Y/N).

The blonde grabs at his belt, unbuckling it and unzipping his trousers, his length exposed to her. He quickly reaches into his back pocket before letting his trousers drop and rips open the packaging. Covering himself with the latex, he soon pushes himself into her. She gasps, taking him in, before moving quickly against him.

They’ve both been drinking and he knows his performance will be affected greatly, so he’s not surprised when he quickly comes inside of her, moaning her name. She gasps and he withdraws from her quickly. Before even getting the chance to dress himself, her hand collides with his cheek.

“Louise! I told you my name is Louise!” she yells at him angrily.

And in that moment, he realises that he moaned your name when he came.


He arrived home from the studio and continued his evening rituals. No work the following day meant he could have a later night and whilst he was glad to be able to sleep in later and not have the demands of an alarm clock, he knew from experience that on a day off where he lacked a busy schedule, you would be on his mind more than ever.

The night passed with Harry doing nothing more than eating his evening meal and lounging around in front of the television, flicking through channels to find something to entertain him for a few hours. He occasionally reached for the bottle of whiskey, pouring himself small measures each time. Whilst the drinking had become a regular habit a few months back, Harry had realised that drowning his problems with alcohol helped nobody, not even himself, and he kicked the habit almost as quickly as it had started. No amount of alcohol got you out of his head.

The comedy shows provided some entertainment, and whilst there were a few forced laughs, Harry did find some of the jokes genuinely funny. He couldn’t remember the last time he laughed properly.

Tapping his watch with a yawn, he checked the time. Flicking off the television set, he threw the remotes back on the sofa and picked his body up from the position he had been in for hours. A loud, repeated knock on the door made him jump slightly. The banging got harder and more frantic and he could only wonder who would be calling in on him at this hour. “Alright, I’m coming!” he yelled in frustration. Couldn’t his unwanted and unwelcome guest wait two minutes?!

Heading into the hallway, he unlocked the door, pouting his lips to express his emotion, making sure the person on the other side of it knew he was angry at the disturbance and the complete lack of respect for him and his property. As far as they were aware, he may well have had work the next morning. Swinging the door open,  he gasps, taking in the demeanour of the person standing in front of him, the sight almost killing him as bile rose in his stomach and a nauseous feeling took control of his body.

The Arcade -- Steve Harrington

Requested: Anonymous– “Do you think you could make an imagine in which Steve and the reader are dating and they take the kids to hang out maybe to the arcade or to a diner? I’m not sure if a diner is cool or not . But Steve and the reader would get teased by the others bc they act like a married couple with kids sorry for taking your time up !”

Warnings: None.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: You and Steve take the Stranger Things kids out for a night at the Arcade like the cute, couple you two are!

Words: 1175

GIF credit: @jyncassian

Listen to: I Wanna Go Out by American Authors

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Note: this is a continuation of a post // extremely long

101 reasons why Jikook/Kookmin is my ultimate OTP
or 101 times Jikook made my heart flutter (Part 2)


51) A jikook compilation wouldn’t be a compilation without THE back hugs.

Hands on waist…

Chin on shoulder…

52) Not long after Jimin tweeted a pic of ramen, Jungkook indirectly replied to him by posting FOUR selcas of him along with a message telling him his ramen looked bland. idk about you but i found this interaction cute.

53) The artistic couple.The muscle pig and manggaetteok drawings that were featured in Snow App. They even drew the chicken drawings on the menu at Isac. I can imagine them sitting and drawing random things together. ㅠㅠ 

54) Jimin posted not one but three videos on Jungkook’s birthday, which means he wished Jungkook three times on SNS and made my head spin thrice.

55) Jimin and Jungkook took photos of each other sleeping.

56) When Jungkook thought there was no camera around when they were rounding the corner so he went up to Jimin and slid his hand around his waist. Little did he know they got caught on camera. I’d like to thank Yoongi’s vj for this awesome footage.

57) The many times Jimin has summoned Jungkook for Armys. In simpler words, Jungkook always tweets something after Jimin, and we all know how seldom he appears on Twitter.

58) “hyung has cute toes” Okay but like who lingers around his friend’s photo shoot and randomly blurts out that he has cute..toes????

59) The look! Jungkook’s expression when he’s feeding Jimin earns him a spot on this list haha. Tbh They’re kinda like eyefucking eo when jimin’s being fed. look at Jimin’s eyes. Apart from that I like how Jungkook fed him.

60) Their interactions the whole ISAC. Masterlist 👣

61)  How can I miss this? Jikook in Japan..this one has a special place in my heart. Back in 2016, it had been just a casual discussion between me and my friends on kakao. Never thought jikook would continue displaying PDA every single time they go to Japan. What’s more when they have very strict no-camera policy during concerts.

62) The amount of heart eyes they shoot at each other.

63) When they had a dinner date in the dorm to promote Mala Hot Chicken. What baffled me was that Jungkook mentioned beforehand he wanted to sleep but he still accompanied Jimin. I’m soft.

64) Jimin has made it very apparent, truly obvious that he likes jungkook. Whether it’s liking him as a dongsaeng, or just someone he’s extremely comfortable with, Jimin always, without failing, reminds us who he dotes on. “Why do I like you so much?” Lately, I’ve been crazy because I like Jungkook so much. I think of this as a start of something beautiful, and I am so glad Jimin didn’t even hesitate in expressing his feelings towards the maknae. I think this might have helped jungkook unwind. Look at jungkook now. That’s some character development right there :)

65) Massage. Quoted line from AHL mentor, Tony Jones “They are very touchy feely and to them, it’s nothing. I’d walk into the room and Suga’s massaging V’s neck or Jimin’s giving Jungkook an intimate back massage..”

66) When Jungkook bent down so he would get closer to Jimin and put the rein-kook headband on Jimin’s head. They’re separated a lot of times during fansigns but somehow they managed to get tgt at the end.

67) When Jungkook blows a kiss, then turns to Jimin whose lips are puckered and does the same to him, using the same fingers he used earlier. Okay I’ve been meaning to say this. Realistically speaking, if you pucker your lips and you put your fingers on them, wouldn’t your saliva stick to your fingers? I’m not trying to imply anything here, just genuinely asking haha.
140529 Ameba Studio

68) When a webtoon artist gave Jimin two dolls, but Jimin decided to give one to Jungkook. She even posted a webtoon of them. To be honest who wouldn’t?

69) *screams to the people in the back* ALL-NIGHTER FRIENDS!!! As written by the man himself, “ALL the time, it’s just the two of us doing something at night. I don’t know what we do”

70) Jungkook scribbling hearts all over Jimin’s birthday drawing. He’s one whipped man.

71) Just other instances Jungkook and Jimin flirting on stage. 

//gif above isn’t mine//

72) When Jimin and Jungkook chose each other when asked “if you were a girl, who would you date?”

73) The shocking fact that Jungkook demanded an apartment from Jimin as a graduation gift. Like, apartment? of all things? What kind of domesticity is this?

74) The way Jungkook takes care of Jimin even though he’s the younger one, and how Jimin is there when he’s the one seeking comfort.

75) I will never forget the Gayo Back hug, ever. I’ve mentioned back hug somewhere above, but this is different.This deserves a point of its own.

76) When Jimin took off one of his rings at the airport and gave it to jungkook.

77) When Jungkook stopped in front of Jimin during his part in For You at Osaka concert, and kind of directed the lyrics for Jimin. Jimin just couldn’t stop smiling afterward :(((
The lyrics are:
It smells like you
The road that I walk on
I plug my earphone to my status
My true feelings lie beyond there

78) When Jimin and Jungkook steered away from the bunch and instead opted for some alone on the cruise. people say you smile the brightest when you’re with someone you love, yes?

79) The fact that Jimin wanted to become napa cabbage after seeing Kook dressed up as a bunny, so he could eat him, albeit choosing to be cheese initially. What even is that statement lol 👣 

80) The morph of their dynamic. I kind of miss their old moments, when Jimin was bolder, more carefree, and Jungkook seemed to be too shy to reciprocate. (on camera). Now they have matured. They have grown up well. A wave of nostalgia sweeps over me. The transition of their relationship is extremely beautiful.

81) When Jimin became Jungkook’s makeup artist for a day, hovering around the set, even drawing a pic of a bird that’s used as a prop later.

82) their size difference might be exaggerated at times, but you really can’t deny that it is cute, even if it’s not much.

83) When Jungkook changed the lyrics in Spring Day to Jimin.                      
Like a small piece // Of Jimin // That floats in the air 

84) When Jungkook showed to the world what a sweet boyfriend he is,making jimin laugh, sitting him on his lap, hugging him on his birthday. Sweet sweet jungkookie.

85) Let’s state the obvious- 21CG choreos!!! i love how they evolved, just like their remarkable, legendary nmd lift.

86) Their sensual dance covers.

87) When Jungkook guides and encourages Jimin during games/missions.

88) The many times Jimin has been spotted wearing Jungkook’s clothes, despite the well-known fact that Jungkook doesn’t share clothes. Newsflash: Jungkook wears Jimin’s too!

89) We know Jungkook knows Jimin like the back of his hand, but that doesn’t mean that Jimin knows any less. I think they spend time together way too much.👣

90) How often the word “JIMIN” trips off Jungkook’s tongue- this what fascinates me the most. At one time he even mistook Jin for Jimin.

91) Jimin’s eagerness to kiss Jungkook for his Coming of Age, being the first one to hold out a hand for a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Bon Voyage season 1

92) When Jimin waited over an hour for Kook to finish filming BTS Flower Boy mini drama, even though he’d finished his part. Jimin couldn’t even stay mad at him for not telling, like how fond is he?

93) The fact that Jungkook is more than comfortable speaking in banmal with Jimin.He once said in Idol Party that he prefers talking in jeondaetmal (polite language) with his hyungs but look at the amount of times he’s dropped the honorific and called Jimin by his name. uhm, let’s talk about treating the other as equals?

94) Jimin and Jungkook, the human embodiment of Piske Usagi.

95) When Jungkook’s bro drew Jungkook as Muzi and Jimin as Con, the inseparable duo on Kakao. Bro knows. 👣

96) In Kkul FM 2016, When Jungkook and Jimin nearly intertwined their fingers . Scoffs bh seemed to think it’s okay to abruptly cut off their scene. What intrigues me most is that they weren’t even looking but their hands still somehow managed to find their way around. Also other instances they hold hands. I love how Jungkook’s slightly bigger hands envelop Jimin’s smaller ones. *Jimin’s pinky tho!*

97) How they’re destined to meet. The fact that they’re both from Busan, have matching moles, Jungkook’s bro named Junghyun and Jimin’s bro named Jihyun..imagine what would’ve happened had Jimin not been the last one to enter Bangtan.

98) When Jimin said he’d be looking at the ocean with Jungkook but Jungkook straight up rejected him and chose to go on a trip with his bro instead. It was quite a strong statement but a moment later Jungkook proved it wrong by reaching out and squeezing Jimin’s hand underneath the table, kinda like a reassurance that it’s all part of a joke. He cares. He truly does.

99) During Jin’s birthday prank at MAMA, these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The moment they entered the bathroom, they almost shut everything out-talking to themselves, picking on the cake- until the members gave them the signal to stop w/e they’re doing. Months later Mama kindly revealed another footage, this time consisting of just them, in the bathroom, jungkook right in the middle of buttoning up his jacket, wearing nothing underneath. How was I supposed to sit still?

100) When Jungkook and Jimin take skinship to a whole new level, or simply put, the times Jikook makes us question the real intention behind their acts and excessive skinship.

101) Last but not least, Perhaps my all time favorite moment- When Jungkook was caught observing Jimin’s every move, literally had his eyes only on him.

(Mark 1:17 onward)

I super love this video bc the song chosen matched so well with the situation- like they wanted to reach out but couldn’t so they stayed put, could only observe the other from far…

and that’s it!
thank you, you made it to the bottom of this post! In short, everything about jikook makes me feel content. I had thought of doing more  but despite my brain literally screaming at me “Include this! You forgot this!”, I had to stick to 101. Anyway, I hope this mends your longing hearts. Have a lovely day! Thank you for reading!

Bonus because I have to:

when the members revealed on BTS KKul FM 2017 that Jungkook bought a birthday present only for Jimin. Am I your favorite hyung?

When Jungkook, the youngest in the group, called Jimin who is 2 years older than him a baby. 애기야가자 !

Bruise [ IX ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by loverkoreanasian

Red was the color that painted your skin through the sleepless night alone. Your eyes grew red from the endless stream of frustrated tears that dripped down your temples. Your cheeks changed hue from rawness, the sleeves of your sweater scratching away at them until they near bled. Your phone battery drained to zero, red painting the icon when you stared at it, debating calling him so his voice could fade your consciousness. Your lips drew too much blood to the surface when you bit down on them to stop another sigh from slipping out, desperate for it to all stop. Desperate for everything to be a dream you could wake up from rather than something you had to deal with when the sun rose back up into the sky.

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just the two of us

Summary: You’re quite the shy one, but Steve always manages to get a few words out of you, no matter what.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: Someone tell me to do my college work, and stop writing fics! who am I kidding, though - I can’t stay away from this angel. Also, I am not very good at writing shy readers, apparently :/ I will do better with the next shy reader fic I’m writing, I promise! enjoy xx | masterlist

Originally posted by franciscastle

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Case Closed (Jungkook x Reader)

Admin: Candi
Request: Can i request a rough jungkook smut? Thx btw.. – anon”
Fandom: BTS
Member/reader: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut, Lawyer!AU
Warnings: Smoking, language, hair pulling, daddy kink, spitting, slapping, choking
Words: 3.6k
Authors note: O this is a treat for all you jungkook stans, hope you enjoy it and lemme know what you think. Thank you! Also I ain’t a lawyer so don’t judge my case scene lmao.

           As a child you always thought you’d end up being a vet, then during your teens you wanted to be a tattoo artist since you entered the rebellious phase at that stage. Throughout the years you never saw yourself as a lawyer but here you are, your first case was happening today and you were going against the most respected and feared lawyer in the company. His name was Jungkook and he always won every case. You wanted to kick your boss in the teeth for putting you up against Jungkook for your first ever case but you were also quite flattered knowing that your boss thought you’re good enough to go against Jungkook.

           The case has been going on for a few months, your client was a victim of identity fraud and Jungkook was defending the person who did it. If the judge had any common sense you’d easily win the case but it’s not about that, it’s about knowledge and confidence, it’s much like having a debate; the more facts you put forward the more likely you’ll win.

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