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it’s so sad how there’s essentially no big fandom for the musical fun home on tumblr when be more chill and deh and those musicals get a ton of attention cause like…. fun home is an amazing show with great music and songs and a female lesbian protagonist and her sexuality is like a major plot point, and yet people would rather ship boys together when they’re not even explicitly stated as gay idk i wish it would get as much recognition as them

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I got it the all girls dance team goes against an all boys team (maybe Louis frat house😉) but there all dressed up and they low key don't notice each other because there both oblivious af

………………..oh my god

rival dance teams competing to be the kings (or Queens!!) of the nightclub. Between the dark club and the loud music and the face paint they are wearing, Piper and Louis dont recognize each other at first, and they develop a rivalmance.

help i need it

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Are requests open?? Could you do a HC or write a little scenario where MC is childhood friends with the RFA and they haven't seen each other in ages, so they don't recognize them at first when they show up in the chat? I'd love to see this written in your style! Thanks so much :D

Hello everybody and so sorry I’ve been awol again. However, I wasn’t completely useless as I established some MC’s so everyone has their own girl with their own personality as they do in the game. You can get to know the MC’s and check out my Masterlist 



“You’re singing it wrong.” Despite the words having been spoken gently Hyun tensed with shock, instantly spinning around to see whom had spoken. Usually he’d been uninterrupted when staying behind after class to practice singing. He told his parents that he was staying late to study, which in itself wasn’t a lie, he just wasn’t studying for school. Apparently the silence had lasted too long as the girl’s friendly smile wavered a little and she cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, but you had a little twist in words”, she continued, chuckling nervously. It was such a sweet sound, Hyun noted. Her voice was very soft and pleasant and it made him wonder what she sounded like while singing.

“Why don’t you sing it to me? I learn best by listening.” She blushed but gave a quick nod before clearing her throat and proceeding to sing. To this day Zen hadn’t heard a voice like that. Despite it being a traditional and complicated song the girl didn’t miss a single note, capturing him to the point he could merely stare in wonder. “W-who are you”, he’d asked, cheeks reddened. “My name is Macy Cain”, the girl had replied, bowing to him politely. “And you’re Hyun. I’ve been listening in on you for a while now. I’ve never heard such a pretty voice. I was really looking forward to hearing you perform at the summer festival, but it turned out you’re not in the choir. I was wondering why? It’s such a waste for you not to be.”

Usually Zen kept to himself but something about that sweet, little girl captivated him. That evening he told her about his parents and his brother, opening up his heart for the first time. Macy listened to his every word, never once judging or even interrupting. By the time the sun had started to set the two of them had talked for hours and Hyun felt a lot lighter around the heart. They talked like that every day, singing together in the empty classroom, a sacred moment shared between only the two of them. For three years their friendship lasted, until their ways parted when it was time to go to high school. That entire time though Macy never missed an opportunity to support and encourage Hyun. “You have to promise me something, yes? Follow your dreams and never give up. Your talent belongs on a stage and one day…one day I want to see you up there with the big ones.”

“Everyone, gather around. The live performance is starting”, Jaehee announced, getting all the members attention. Zen smiled down at you lovingly, offering a hand to help you up. You graciously accepted it, following him to the dance floor where everyone was gathering. You’d hired a band for the RFA party and they were about to open the dance floor with their first performance. Zen had already wrapped his arm around your middle, holding your hand in his when the woman began to sing. The two of you froze at the same time, both of you turning your gaze to the front. Zen’s eyes widened as he stared up at the stage, his silent gasp slowly turning into a smile as memories started to flood back in. Ah yes, that song, he’d heard it before. Zen closed his eyes for a brief moment, letting the music sweep him up. It was a sweet reminder of a much simpler time.

That is when it hit him. The faint sound of a familiar voice barely audible over the loud performer using the microphone at the front of room. It had changed, of course, matured over the years but it was nevertheless that sweet, gentle voice that had lulled him into safety all those years back. As he opened his eyes and turned to you the floor seemed to have been ripped away from under his feet. You were singing, lips moving as the melody fell from your mouth as easily as it did all those years ago. He couldn’t believe it. “Macy…”, Zen gasped, getting your attention. You stopped singing, turning your head to smile at him knowingly, just as gentle as you did in middle school. “It’s nice to see you again, Hyun. I’m so happy that you kept the promise you made to me. You really belong on the stage.” Zen laughed then, tears of joy gathering in his eyes. Who would have thought his first love would turn out to be his last.


Yoosung was shaking with excitement, eyes constantly shooting between the open LOLOL server and the clock on his wall. It was two minutes to midnight which meant two minutes until his online friend KillingInSpanish would come online. They’d met about four years ago during a big raid. Amidst all the fighting Yoosung had spotted the username AlmostEvil665 and burst out laughing for some reason. Over the years they’d changed their username according to whichever meme they currently found amusing, but Yoosung still called them Evil whenever they talked. Back then Yoosung’d been only twelve years old and LOLOL was a relatively new game. Therefor he’d been more than eager to find friends and form guilds and after watching AlmostEvil665 slay an entire team he decided that they were a good start and attempting to chat them up.

At first talking turned out to be a lot more complicated than expected. Neither of them was really fluent in English, but AlmostEvil665 wasn’t from Korea so English was their only option, really. Luckily the language wasn’t that hard to learn and it wasn’t like they were discussing philosophy and foreign politics. However, language barriers weren’t their only problem. Yoosung didn’t know exactly where Evil was from, but their time difference wasn’t definitely a huge issue. For a good month or so the two of them constantly seemed to miss one another in their log-in times. On top of that Evil was only allowed to use her computer for one hour a day, which made a wise choice all the more important. Eventually they’d settled on midnight to one in the morning and from that moment on Evil and Yoosung chatted every single day for four years without miss.

Actually, it was mostly Yoosung chatting at Evil. They never really talked much about themselves. Yoosung still didn’t know their age, gender or even location. While he talked to most people via Skype call, Evil was never able to join. Still, they always laughed about his jokes and never let him down, so he considered them a friend. Finally the green circle appeared beside their username, indicating that they were online. 
KillingInSpanish: Yo, have some gd news
SupremeYoosung: Rly? What?
KillingInSpanish: M movn 2 korea
SupremeYoosung: srsly?!
KillingInSpanish: ya
SupremeYoosung: cool! maybe we can meet?
KillingInSpanish: nah, man. be busy with uni n shit. + god knows where w r
SupremeYoosung: tru. still sad :(
KillingInSpanish: don’t be a baby.  at least you won’t have to wait till 12am
SupremeYoosung: lololol I do dat anyway
KillingInSpanish: srsly? Idiot
SupremeYoosung: :(
KillingInSpanish: dnt have time for yo crybabying. cmon, raid is waiting.
Yoosung was a little disappointed that he wouldn’t get to meet his friend, but he still felt happy knowing that even thought he didn’t know where they were exactly, the two of them would be closer together from that moment on.

When you logged into the chat the topic was yet again Yoosung’s LOLOL addiction. You sighed. Either you were being compared to his cousin – which, incest much?! – or you had to defend gamers all over the world because Yoosung was giving them a bad name with his horrendous gaming habits. Goddamn it, you played LOLOL too, but you knew where to draw the line. You sighed, reading through the messages from Zen and Jaehee, rolling your eyes when Seven joined in as well. Strangely enough, he said some things you actually agreed with. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Seven is right”, you wrote, earning yourself a surprised emoji from Seven and a crying one from Yoosung. He’s really cute and somehow you’d fallen in love with him, but sometimes he acted like a huge child. “I only play a single hour a day and I’m still ranked third on the Shooting Star server, so really being good doesn’t take a lot of effort.

“Hold on, you’re SediLusiVic”, Seven wrote in reply, followed by a seemingly endless streak of lolol’s. “Yeah, problem?” You were surprised that Yoosung had grown silent all of a sudden, but figured he was just busy with yet another raid or something.“Not at all, dude. It’s just that I’m Hacker God and Yoosung is SupremeYoosung. We have the three best players in the world in one chat. Kinda funny lololol.” In that moment you realized why Yoosung had grown so silent all of a sudden. He was probably trying to digest the same information as you were. You’d been friends with Yoosung for the past eight years. You’d been the one he’d whined to, the one he made jokes with, the one he’d waited until midnight to game with. You’d been wondering why he made you feel so safe and comfortable from the start! Then you laughed. “Hahahahahaha Yoosung once cried himself to sleep cause I got an item and he didn’t!” Eight years of embarrassing stories to share with his friends. Perfect!


When Jaehee first picked up Judo it was mainly because she’d seen a movie where someone did it and fell in love with the strength…and the pretty uniform. Yes, such thoughts were immature, starting a sport for the uniforms sake, but in Jaehee’s defense, she’d been only six years old at the time. It wasn’t easy at first, since Jaehee wasn’t really the sportive nor the particularly aggressive type. She soon came to understand though, that Judo was much more about getting to know and control your body as well as defense more so than offense. It was like a dam had been broken inside of her and a whole new level of enjoyment was added to the sport. From that point on she gave it her best, improving rather quickly. Merely two years into her training she was already fighting with the older children, something she was extremely proud of. It was also then that she met Myung-Dae Chang for the very first time.

Myung-Dae was different. For one she tended to not come to practice as regularly as everyone else, something that Jaehee could not stand. On top of that she constantly seemed distracted. Even when the teacher tried to show them a new move she was often found staring into the air, mindlessly playing with her long, wavy hair and smiling at everyone like some sort of lunatic. For years Jaehee tried to keep a distance from that girl, as Myung-Dae tended to freak her out. That was until the teacher paired the two of them up and Jaehee had no other choice but to fight against her. For all the times she’d assumed Myung-Dae to be irresponsible for not paying attention, thinking to herself that she’d easily be defeated in a one on one, Jaehee was proven wrong.

Myung defeated her so easily it was almost crushing. It all seemed to effortlessly, the way she moved and reacted. Jaehee didn’t even see the movements coming and then she was on her back. After the training session she went up to the girl, telling her that she’d done well and what her trick was. Myung had turned to her, smiling easily as if the were friends already. “You take everything too serious, Jaehee. Relaxation is key. If your mind is on edge then so is your body and that makes you more vulnerable than anything else.” Sadly, she never got to test out Myungs way of living her life, as soon after her parents died and Jaehee moved away leaving the dojo and everyone including Myung behind.

When you see Jaehee at the party for the first time you cannot believe your eyes. During the chat she’d already seemed familiar – everything from the way she talked and acted to the looks – but you couldn’t have been sure. Not when the pictures were so tiny and her name wasn’t particularly rare. However as she stepped onto that stage there was no second guessing on your part. This was the young girl that even back than had been so entirely lost in being perfect and pleasing everyone that she’d gradually killed herself. It hurt to know that from her teenage years up to that point she’d been stuck in that very same routine. You’d tried to help her as good as you could and you were happy that she’d quit that job that made her so unhappy and took years of her life, but at the same time you were worried about her future. That was until she pulled you aside and gave you a key that felt more like a key to her heart than it did to a simple café. How could you say no?

“I am so glad that you finally understand what I told you all these years ago”, you said, smiling down at the key in your hand. When you looked up Jaehee was frowning at you in confusion until you gave her that very particular smile and realization dawned on her. “Myung? Your hair and your glasses! You look so different!” You laughed, amused and wholeheartedly. “I could say the same thing about you, funnily enough. But let’s not dwell on such things. Just be happy that it is me you asked to join your team because let me tell you that I studied art and if there is one thing I can do better than anyone in the world than it is coffee art and decorating a cake.” This time it was Jaehee’s turn to smile, beam actually, and it melted your heart. “I can’t wait to see.”


“As you know, beneficial relationships are the core of every business ”, Chairman Han said, kneeling in front of his young son so the two of them were on eye level. Jumin was uninterested, sitting in his chair as straight as a stick, hoping that his father would finish his speech quickly so he could return to reading the book he’d started that morning. “You met someone new”, he assumed aloud, neither shocked nor particularly moved.“Something like that. There is a business partner of mine coming to town. He’s looking to expand his business to Korea and maybe settle down here. He’s bringing his wife and daughter. The girl is your age. I was thinking about inviting them over to dinner. Maybe you could get to know her a little bit, make a new friend.”

Jumin’s interest was peaked then. Not because he cared for girls, but because he could tell his father did. This was trouble and he knew it. Still, Jumin could hardly deny his father so he’d merely nodded and mentally prepared himself for the worst. By the time the family arrived he was in his finest tux, the food being prepared by the best of chef’s with the house having been cleaned to the point of sterility. Jumin had expected a lot of things, but he hadn’t expected her. Madeleine Campbell was well-mannered, quiet and seemingly rather patient. Despite having been forced into the same room, their parents not minding them whatsoever, neither of them really talked. Actually Jumin mostly ignored her. That was until she sat down beside him, one of his books in her hand, and began reading herself.

He forced himself not to look but after some time he couldn’t help himself, glancing over to see that the book was in English. “Are you from England”, he’d asked in slightly broken English. Madeleine had looked up, smiling at him with a nod. “Yes, I am”, she’d replied, voice melodic with the authentic accent Jumin only ever heard in movies. It was amazing. “Will you read the book to me? I like the way your voice sounds.” She’d nodded eagerly, beaming at the boy before beginning to read. It was hours later that their parents came to check up on the, finding both of them asleep, Madeleine leaning against the headboard with Jumin’s head in their lap. From that moment on, the two of them were inseparable. So much so, that their parents arranged a future engagement. Sadly, it never came to that as the two families lost touch when Mr. Han met a woman that did not approve of such ties and ordered them cut. Jumin never heard of his friend again.

“My father will love you, I am sure”, Jumin assured his fiancée, a warm smile curling about his lips. You’d been nervous about meeting him the entire day now. Actually, you’d been nervous about meeting him for a week. Jumin had asked you to marry him without asking his fathers permission first and while he’d assured you that even without it his feelings for you wouldn’t change, you couldn’t help but worry. After all, their relationship had already been strained thanks to all the drama with the Choi sisters. Having him turn up with a sudden fiancée couldn’t possibly be helpful. Still, Jumin insisted and you weren’t capable of denying him anything, really. Especially since he was more than willing to gave you the world and some more. As you were lead to your table you saw a familiar face sitting at one of them by himself, coming to a sudden halt.

“Mr. Chairman, how are you? I haven’t seen you in over a decade”, you said, getting the mans attention. The man instantly got up, shaking your hand and beaming at you. “Maddy, dear, what a beautiful young woman you’ve turned into. Don’t tell me it’s you my son told me about”, he said, laughing lightly. That is when your face fell, turning to look at Jumin who was looking at you with a small, knowing smirk in return. “Hanny?!” Back then Jumin had introduced himself as Han Jumin, leading you to believe his name was Han, resulting in the nickname Hanny. Your childhood friend, the one your parents had wanted you to marry to begin with, was now your fiancé Jumin. Well, life sure was ironic. “Hah, I knew the two were a match made by heaven. Call your father. He officially owes me a 10.000.000 Won.” Needless to say that you had Mr.Han’s full and wholehearted blessing. Jumin had never been that delighted over a silly bet in his life.


“I always see you after mass, praying by yourself when everyone is long gone. You seem…sad?” The voice, however quiet, surprised him, causing Saeyoung to turn around and look for the source only to find a girl about his age. “I can’t really do much but when I feel sad I go in there”, she continued, pointing to the confessional. “You can tell an adult your worries and he’ll make it better, take away your sins.” Saeyoung frowned, looking over at the thing she’d pointed it. To him it was just like the closet his mother tended to lock him into sometimes when she got mad. There was nothing in the world that would get him to go in there. He shrugged it off, shaking his head. “I don’t believe in these kind of things. I thought that praying to God might help, but so far it hasn’t. It’s illogical anyway, to believe in God.”

The girl blinked then, turning her head to the side and mustering curiously. “Well, that might be true”, she replied, obviously in thought. “but praying to God is not like a magical cure to your problems. That isn’t how it works. God won’t solve your issues for you. What he can do is give you strength though, to solve them yourself. If that’s not enough, you can ask me for help. I’m definitely real so…”, she said, shrugging. She seemed so sincere and Saeyoung seriously wondered what she got out of it. He wanted to tell her off, send her away, when suddenly his stomach began to growl. A little ashamed off it Saeyoung frowned, looking away quickly as to hide his blush. There was a tap on his shoulder then before a sandwich was being held out to him. She put it into his hand and closed his fingers around it so it wouldn’t fall, smiling sincerely.

“Miyagi, come on. We have to go home, sweetheart.” It was her mother, Saeyoung assumed. Miyagi, so that was her name. “Well, I have to go now, but I’ll be back here tomorrow. I’ll bring you something better to eat then. Bye bye.” She ran off and Saeyoung was half convinced he would never see her again, the thought leaving him strangely sad. He was proven wrong. Day after day she came to him after mass, bringing him increasingly more complicated and delicious food. He never thanked her properly and when he left to work for the agency without a word of goodbye he hated himself a little for it. Especially when heard that mere days later her parents died.

When Seven wrote down his real name in the chat your eyes widened. Saeyoung Choi. You’d heard that name before. Now many people would argue how over twenty percent of the Korean population shared the same surname and that Saeyoung wasn’t rare either, but you knew better. The name Luciel should have tipped you off already, but now you were a hundred percent sure. You dropped your phone and jumped off the bed, running out to the main room where Seven was still sitting in front of the PC, frowning down at the phone after you’d so quickly fled the chat. “Saeyoung Choi? Saeyoung Choi?! I cannot believe that you are Saeyoung Choi. We went to church together until one day you just disappeared. I thought you were dead!” That is when Seven put two and two together as well, staring at you with wide eyes. “You? You’re the little girl that brought me food every day. You changed your name!”

You froze, tilting your head to the side in confusion. “No, I did not. Mi-Hi Cha.” He shook his head. “No, I remember your mother calling you Miyagi.” You blinked before bursting into laughter. “Idiot! She called me Mi Agi. It was the pet name she gave me. Miyagi isn’t even Korean.” You couldn’t stop laughing about how silly of a situation it was to meet your childhood friend that way and apparently Seven agreed as he joined in. “Damn it. All these years I thought you were some nice Japanese girl.” For a while the two of you laughed until it eventually died down, the atmosphere turning serious. With tears in your eyes the two of you closed the distance, pulling each other into tight hugs. Neither of you had ever forgotten the other, instead spending a life long worrying only to reunite in such a manner. “I never got to say thank you or return the kindness you ave me”, Seven whispered. “So from now you, please accept my body and soul. Agi…”

*Agi is a Korean pet name us as baby (actually meaning toddler and infant)

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Eren and zeke headcanon

For more Zeke and Eren, see here. I’m going to stick with the modern au here, as I’m still not super comfortable with my own conception of how their relationship would work out in canon, (which means I don’t really have one, so modern it is cause we’ve got that!)

  • Eren went to all of Zeke’s middle and high school sporting events, and he was the loudest kid in the crowd. He’d make posters and t-shirts, and sometimes would paint his face if Carla let him. He was like an unofficial school mascot, and the teams often lost when he wasn’t there. 
  • Zeke wrote Eren a letter on his birthday every year. He gave them to him when he graduated high school, and then sent him a new one every year after that. Eren tried to do the same, but his ended up being sporadic over the years, but the sentiment was there and Zeke loved it. 
  • They have fights over very small issues constantly. Coffee vs. Tea, Pulp vs. No Pulp, and Hogwarts Houses are some of the biggest topics. They tend to agree or respectfully disagree on the bigger issues like politics and religion, but it’s the particulars that kill them. 
  • They are both each others’ co-best man at their respective weddings. Marcel is Zeke’s other best man, and Armin is Eren’s. 
  • Eren wore fake glasses for a period when he was younger because he wanted to look like his brother. Zeke told him to stop because he looked like a dork, but was secretly so flattered by it. 

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Don't think (too much) of the likelihood that part of "Go, live your life, and forget me" was Maurice knowing that he was the reason she stayed in town and now she'd be free to leave and see the world as she wanted

OKAY, WHO KEEPS SENDING ME THE MAURICE STUFF?  Because now all I can think of are these times when Maurice catches Belle doing things that set her so apart from the other girls in Villeneuve that he can’t help but wonder if the village was the best fit for them.  Just think:

  • Maurice visiting the church and recognizing all of the books in Pere Robert’s “library” because he’s seen them strewn throughout his house, all of them, and he’s seen Belle enveloped in their old pages, and though he’s read almost none of them himself, he knows what they’re about because Belle’s explained them to him in vivid and intricate detail.  Every time Belle comes home with a different book he feels a pang of sadness at the fact that she doesn’t have more worlds to visit, and always keeps an eye out for more material at the market when he visits.
  • He sees her get bullied by the village lasses because of her plain looks and her disinterest in men like Gaston, and wishes he had a career that Belle could be proud of instead of one that was frowned upon by everyone else.
  • He catches her staring out the window far too much, and lets her ride Phillipe when he doesn’t need to.
  • One day, he sees her on top of the hills outside the village, and his heart is immediately calmed when he sees her–she’s never looked so happy and so free in all her life.  Just like her mother; unencumbered, unafraid, fearless.
  • He thinks of all this and more when he tells her to go and live her life, and he means it, because in that split second moment, he thinks that maybe his capture was the best thing for Belle at that time.  She was being set free; he didn’t have to burden her anymore.  And he wasn’t worried, he was proud; he had known from the moment her life began that she was going to be brilliant.  The brightest star in the sky.

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Hey I'm a femme and I'm always super worried that lesbians can't tell? And I feel like if I don't peg other lesbians' radars then that means that I'm not really a lesbian and I'm just kidding myself?

1. ur absolutely still a lesbian even if u dont ping on other lesbians’ radars

2. subtle things can really help! expressing a distaste in men, not participating in girls talking about guys, prioritizing women in all aspects of ur life, talking abt girls, etc.

3. other lesbians might not be able to pick up on it the moment they first see u, but i promise u other girls will recognize u as gay dont worry <3

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What if Ashkore didn't just randomly appear in ep 16 and he was actually one of the people that came on the mission with us all the time????? I mean the guys were there and some of the girls but there was other people there too that we don't know: Lazare, Valarian, Sonze, Layi, Martz....

but if that was the case, wouldn’t huang hua recognize him instantly? she felt like his aura was ‘familiar’ which means that she’s seen him somewhere but she couldn’t really tell where or when

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This is sad but I think my OT5-self is dying. Today I'm salty and sad af and I can't help it every time it gets harder to cope with the hypocrisy and double standards. I don't want to but I feel disappointed and I don't recognize 5H anymore. Camren, Normila and Caminah will always live in my heart but I don't know if I can (or want tbh) actually keep stanning for the group as of now. Anyway I'm just mad now, I hope tomorrow I can go back into my OT5 mindset

I hope you can too sweets, just try to remember that the girls have no control over it, that’s what I do - but I get it, it’s really hard to see LDNA support each other in public and not Camila 

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I can't get over how the baby girl cried and reached out for Sam as he's being poisoned by the mist. Babies usually don't reach out to strangers. I dunno, it's as if this pure child recognize another pure soul and seeing him hurt was hurting her.

YES. It’s just so perfect. The other adults, understandably, were cautious, but the baby girl was just like NO HE’S HURTING LET ME GO TO HIM. I identify with her. Those were my feelings exactly.

A Christmas with Strangers: the-girl-with-shadows

Gabriel Donn knew this day was coming. His son Max was now six years old and able to recognize that they didn’t celebrate christmas like the other families. How could he tell his son that they haven’t had a real christmas since his mother died Christmas Eve all those years ago? It was hard, but he tried and they managed to come to an agreement that this year was the year they’d have a real christmas. Fast forward months later and they were at the Hollyvalley Snowlodge, the family Christmas destination he had spent his childhood at. It had always been his and Alex’s dream to take Max there when he was older, and now Gabriel was making that a reality with a small basic room in the main lodge building.

Damon Darkstorm would be lying if he said he wasn’t a tiny bit excited to be spending the week of Christmas at Hollyvalley Snowlodge. When his parents had told him their business had bought the property to expand their reach, he had been the first to volunteer to go to the property and experience how they ran their business and create a plan on how to make it better. The Lodge called a month before and said they secured a room for him in the main lodge building, and the day had finally come to experience what Christmas at Hollyvalley was all about. However, the situation wasn’t as simple as that.

A computer glitch was what they called it. A glitch that put three different reservations inside a four bedroom family cabin instead of I’m individual rooms inside the main building. Gabriel and his son were the first to arrive at the cabin after accepting the offer to stay without paying the difference. There was no way Gabriel was going to give up on giving Max a good Christmas. If he had to stay with strangers to give Max a week of Christmas heaven, then he would.

  “Wow, Max! Look at this!” Gabriel stared wide eyed at the beautiful bright wood cabin.

When they went inside, the space was large and warm, and the air smelled like cinnamon. A fireplace was going in the living room with stockings hung on the mantle, snowglobes on top, and a large picture of santa in his sleigh instead of a TV. Nice. The kitchen sat off to the left, boasting christmas decorations on beautiful cedar cabinets. Red and green rugs covered the floor, blankets were folded on every couch and sitting chair in the living room. Garland and ornaments hung on the all the walls and from the ceiling. Four doors lined the right hand wall with chalkboard signs hanging off of them and pictures of reindeer and stockings. Gabriel felt his eyes tear up. It was beautiful. Alex would have loved it.

He just hoped the strangers they were sharing the cabin with would be okay…


                           THERE’S no human smell besides the one that belongs to both of them in that place. For now, Twenty-three and Eleven are SAFE. But not for long if they don’t find something to eat && all the squirrels in the forest are too scared to stay around them, the prey recognizes it’s hunter […] Both of them aren’t the most talkative children, but they don’t need to use common language to communicate with each other. Twenty-three looks at the other girl that is near her, as she thinks about her empty stomach. “ Food? ” It is a question, in some ways, to go to the city to gather what they need. Twenty-three doesn’t think that they’ll be able to hunt, for now, the animals are too quiet and too far away, she can’t hear their heartbeat with her aching stomach. 

@skerdas ♥ for a starter

I get so sad seeing posts made by mixed (with white) people who get very upset by all of the comments/posts made about white people on tumblr. It’s like they feel like everyone is making a personal attack on their white family and they can’t see past that and recognize institutionalized oppression, white privilege,  and the like. 

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Hey, I'm new to being a feminist and I have a question. I've started liking and supporting a lot of feminist ideas. However, I still kind of agree with the people who say a lot of modern feminists are blowing issues out of proportion? And also I sometimes don't see the point of critiquing media or taking gender studies classes when girls in other countries can't go to school? I'm a bit confused about these issues. Do you have a point of view on this? Thanks!

It might seem to people unfamiliar with gender studies and feminist ideology that certain issues are being “blown out of proportion”, but it’s important to recognize that a lot of seemingly smaller issues are symptomatic and connected to larger issues. For example, I’ve gotten one or two comments on my FF video saying that focusing on sexual harassment is a waste of time when we should be focusing on sexual assault instead. This is super misguided because sexual harassment and assault are both connected under the larger cultural issue of rape culture. And as I said in my video, harassment often escalates into verbal abuse and can lead to sexual assault and physical violence (65% of women surveyed by the national study of street harassment experience sexual harassment and over 20% of women surveyed reported having been victims of sexual assault in addition to harassment). Harassment may look like a smaller issue in comparison to rape and assault, but they’re both perpetuated by the same need to dominate women (and other subordinated groups.) As for taking gender and women’s studies courses, most majors offer (or require) classes focusing on global women’s issues that would actually be beneficial for learning more about the oppression of women in other countries. And the women’s studies classes I’ve taken frequently acknowledge issues faced by women in other countries. Also, I don’t really understand the argument that it’s pointless to take women’s studies courses when girls in other countries aren’t receiving education? If anything wouldn’t this make you want to educate yourself even more, especially on issues pertaining to these women?

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um. sorry if you don't wanna get into discourse but the thing about false positives irt lgbt and ace that is the main problem is that acecourse is actively, personally harmful mostly to wlw because the intersection of lesbophobia and the split attraction model turns, for so many young girls, into "okay, you don't have to be attracted to boys! you're ace aro welcome to this community that regardless of intent, is actively homophobic and ableist so much of the time."

…wow, okay. Listen, I recognize the split attraction model is flawed, which is why it’s important that people who find it helpful can use it if they want to but it shouldn’t be applied to anyone who doesn’t want to use it–which, hey, is kinda like how aro/ace people would really like others to stop calling them straight. But this message seems to be assuming a premise and associated conclusion that otherwise makes very little sense to me, especially the accusation of ableism in the aro/ace community, because I literally have no idea what that’s referring to. If anything, aphobia tends to be deeply ableist, with people often assuming there’s something wrong with us–mentally or physically–that needs fixing so we can be “normal” in our relationship to sex/attraction, rather than accepting our lived experiences and the idea that we might have perfectly valid orientations instead of being broken. Hell, the DSM still classified asexuality as a disorder as recently as 2013, so if you want to talk about ableism, well…there’s that.

Anyway, I know @acephobia-is-real has been talking about this kind of thing a lot, as well as ways that aphobia and biphobia tend to overlap, so I’m sure they’d be able to address this better than I can.

Amy just said “Being around young people really inspires me; they’re so passionate about things, have really strong opinions, have no regrets… And I go around and meet people and I find out that talented, shy Asian girls like me and it’s very touching.”

Why I Don't Look Like Katniss (And Other Musings)

I can’t remember the first time I picked up a book. Or watched my first Disney film. But I do remember dressing up like my favourite book heroine, Alice (from the Wonderland sort) in fourth grade and all the girls laughed at me because “Alice isn’t Asian”.

I dressed up as Princess Anna this past Halloween for a charity event. I used light foundation, put on the red wig, drew freckles and wore blue contacts. Everyone said, “You look awesome! I can’t even recognize you!”

I grew up in Toronto, Canada where diversity was common. I went to school with the kids from all over the world but I never fit in with a specific racial group.


Because I am a melting pot. I have too many ethnicities in my blood to count but I know Chinese, Native American and Irish are scattered amongst them. I didn’t have many real friends, so I found them in books. Even so, all the heroines were blonde, blue eyed beauties. Not like me at all.

The first PoC character I came across was Cho Chang from Harry Potter. I remember being so proud that Harry had a crush on a Chinese girl! Who cares if she was a crying emotional mess! She’s a PoC! (I submitted my audition package when they were casting Cho. They kindly said no.)

Then there was Katniss Everdeen. While her ethnicity was unclear, I imagined she would look like me. I mean, she had dark hair, grey eyes and olive skin. Why shouldn’t she look like me? I cosplayed her once and uploaded the photo on a forum. I eagerly awaited the response. I got it an hour later: “Katniss isn’t Asian.”

I wasn’t surprised when Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss. I wasn’t even shocked or upset when the casting call only went out to Caucasian actresses. That someone as diverse as Malese Jow couldn’t even audition. After all, it’s Hollywood. I was pre-conditioned to think that I, or any other PoC girl, could never look like Katniss because we weren’t white.

I’ve accepted that I’ll never look like Katniss. Or June. Or Cinder. People will always see what they want to see and believe in their image of these characters. But one day, maybe ONE DAY, we can learn to accept that heroes and heroines come from all corners of the earth.

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You can cherish a human for being born poly, gay, ace, bi, trans, demi, etc by drawing them. MIND YOU this is based strictly on how they are born, but then straight people don't deserve that? The majority of the world doesn't deserve that because of how they were born? You're discriminating scum, you judge people by their BIRTH.

 I decided to do these pride doodles because for one, it’s PRIDE month and I wanted people of other sexualities to be recognized even if it was just by a little drawing a 17 year old girl did in her spare time. I’m even learning about a few that I’ve never heard of before and I love hearing about these things and hearing what other people have to say. I apologize for making you upset, but I’m not planning on drawing a straight flag anytime soon.

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at moments it looks like cait. Others not. But, this is it. I don't think Sam knows he's being filmed, and he's with the girl on a date, whoever she is

Something just doesn’t feel right. He must know that he’s being filmed. There appears to be a photographer and then someone with a phone recording it and the actual video we’re seeing. The man works in front of cameras all day long, he knows how far away he can be from them and still be recognized.