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Wishing the happiest birthday to a girl who is astonishingly lovely, amazingly cheerful, incredibly precious, and indefinitely admirable!

To the girl who is truly One MINA Million, the girl whose success after unspoken hardship and countless hidden tears shines all the more: Happy Mina Day to our one and only Myoui Mina!

A concise list of things I ship (in no particular order)

1. Stormpilot

2. Kylux

3. Finnrey

5. Han Solo x crippling debt

6. Luke and Wedge

7. bodhi rook and happiness

8. chirrut and baze

9. jar jar binks and getting away from me

10. rey and moana (listen it just works for me ok)

11. general hux and skin tight body suits

12. poe dameron and The Lip Bite™

13. r2 and 3po

14. Finn + my own shameless self insert

15. kylo ren and a box of four ply tissues

Okay so Japanese chi has these quests which are quizzes. Basically they give you a question with three options and each option corresponds to a portal. You enter the portal that corresponds to the right answer you find the boss. You enter the wrong portal a giant Darkside one shots you. 

The main reason I bring this up is…it’s weird getting these wrong. Like they’re in Japanese so I have to guess (cause more effort than it’s worth to translate) but I know if they were in English I would ace every one.