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  • Tyler P: *Trying to talk about teen wolf*
  • Teen wolf fans: DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN!!!!
  • Me an intellectual: Dylan is an amazing actor but are we all forgetting Scott is the main character in teen wolf, it isn't stiles and Lydia, it's Scott. Tyler posey is a talented actor and portrays Scott beautifully, and yes Scott doesn't have to be your favorite character or actor on the show he isn't mine (Lydia Martin owns my ass) but Dylan isn't the only actor on the show, Tyler deserves more recognition because he also is still brotp with Dylan and hasn't let jealousy get in his way and that's a very adult thing to do, and he loves this fandom so much and the least you could do is let him talk about something he's passionate about with some respect.
What your least favorite HQ!! Captain says about you:
  • Daichi: I BET YOU SKIP LEG DAY. never skip leg day. it's important. you hate dad jokes. Hate rules.
  • Oikawa: Kageyama is probably your favorite character? That middle school scene probably still bugs the shit out of you. Very critical of others. But like you can back your shit up real well. Stubborn af. You probably have more in common with Oikawa than you think. Ironically enough, there's a good chance you read Iwaoi fics. You love Iwaizumi.
  • Kuroo: You hate cats. Dog person? You take real good care of your hair. You want to give Kuroo a brush. You have a height insecurities. 178 cm?? Recent break-up?? Daishou, you're Daishou??
  • Bokuto: how dare you, you should be ashamed of yourself now go sit in a corner.
  • Moniwa: Bad memory. Very forgetful. It's okay.
  • Futakachi: Still bitter about Karasuno third year's loss to Datekou. How dare they block Asahi. Protects gentle giant with a glass heart at all costs. Will fight others.
  • Terushima: There's like a 76% chance you refer to him as a fuckboy? Very defensive of others. You remember all that wronged you and others very well. List maker.
  • Ushijima: You really love sunshine child--Hinata. Probably not caught up with HQ!! Manga yet. Big Oikawa fan. Very emotional.Passionate. Not a good gardener?
  • Michimiya: Hardcore DaiSuga shipper? Daiyui as NOTP/BROTP.
  • Daishou: I can betcha this is 97.8% of the fandom right now, if you are a manga reader at least. How about trying to pick a second least favorite captain as a real challenge, eh? Hard as hell, huh? Yeah, I'm with you on that one. It's okay. Let's think about Haikyuu!! Season 3 instead.

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Rules: List ten of your favorite characters from ten fandoms, then tag ten people

In no particular order:

1) America Chavez (Young Avengers)

2) Galadriel (Tolkien)

3) Itachi (Naruto)

4) Diana Prince (Wonder Woman/ DC)

5) Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

6) Peggy Carter (Marvel)

7) Toph (Avatar: the Last Airbender)

8) Finn (Star Wars)

9) Uhura (Star Trek)

10) Sadde (Glowfic… Which totally counts as a fandom, right. Or at least an RP genre)

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Fanfiction Plagiarism

So someone from another fandom just came to me telling me their fics were stolen. Fandom sites like tumblr, wattpad, lj, ff.net, and ao3 all have systems in place for creators to report such abuse. 

But the crushing reality is if someone was to steal a fic and post it on other sites, social media in particular as it happened in this case, there’s very little that can be done about it as far as I know. 

That’s terrifying. 

If you’re really that desperate - for whatever reason - to take someone else’s fanfic just think about what the characters in it would do. Guaranteed most of them would seriously frown upon any sort of theft. 

Even the antagonists and the villains. Seriously. They’re way more clever and proud than to stoop to stealing something from someone else to achieve their villainy. If you’re going to be an evil twat, at least have some self respect and class. 

And most importantly, people will stop posting fanfiction if everyone steals and plagiarizes them. And then you won’t have any to read or steal. Seriously. Think about that. 

Grow up and do your own work, or at least remember that your favorite characters featured in the works you’re choosing to steal would be ashamed of you.

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(1) want Harry to go solo sooner than later. Like, I know Zayn's receiving backlash from a huge sector of the fandom but at least his fans are free of this hot mess. The fun in the tumblr fandom is gone. It's all a popularity contest now. Everyone wants their favorite to be the hottest/most popular which is so childish because we are supposed to be here for the music. Instead I'm seeing people angry with Harry for receiving the most attention after shows and not interacting with their favorites.

(2) Harry is not required to interact with your favorite. Narry blogs are becoming worst than Larry blogs with their expectations. If Harry isn’t humping one of his band mates every concert then he doesn’t care for them and standoffish. These people are mad at him over something so childish. Harry is growing up. We can’t expect him to act the same way he did when he was a teenager or first entered the band. He’s there to entertain the fans not to fulfill your shipping fantasies.
(3) And for the “fans” complaining about Harry not sharing enough of his personal life with us/being boring…FUCK YOU. I’ll say it for him. He doesn’t owe you shit offstage. It’s not his fault that you don’t have a life and look to his for entertainment. He’s the most well-known/popular member in the band and therefore the most scrutinized. He has to be very careful with how he conducts himself or it will be twisted by the media, outsiders and “fans” for drama. (4) Tbh, most of you who want Harry to act out on social media are the other members fans who want something to use against him to make your favorite look better. I’ve actually seen people say they dislike him based on popularity alone and on a mission to “convert” other fans into liking their favorite. I’ve never encountered such pettiness until I entered this fandom. Adults who are willing to bring down a great person to make someone else look good. Portraying kindness as a bad/weak trait. SAD