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I am not here for smut. I don’t mind writing it on occasion, but then it’s under certain conditions:

A well developed relationship between our muses
Both muns being interested (not just you)
Being able to actually do meaningful threads with you

I’ve been asked far too many times, across my blogs, “How do you feel about NSFW?” or “Can we ship?”

When those are the first questions you ask, the answer will be NO!

I want the relationship to develop naturally
Not to jump straight into a ship with no forethought as to if they would even work together

I’ve even deleted blogs because the character was nothing but a sex toy to my RP partners

My female muses are not fleshlights, and my male muses are not dildos

I write them as real people

And I want them treated as such.

Other RP blogs, feel free to reblog if your muse, also, is not a fleshlight.

Viva la fluff

So you can add stickers on photos now.


I want to thank all of you for following this blog, for sending in quotes, asking us stuff, and just interacting with this blog in general. You’ve all been really great! Always respectful and passionate about the new things we add to the blog. This blog wouldn’t be half as fun without all of you.

We’ve got a bit of drawing requests! They all seem like a lot of fun to draw and I’ve already got some ideas for what to do with them. It’s gonna be fun and I hope you guys enjoy what we come up with.

Razor Blade

Writer - Aingeal

Characters - Dean, Reader, local barfly

Pairing - Dean x Reader

Summary - After a hunt, Dean heads to a local bar to see what he can find. A local girl walks in, with a reputation that the local barfly tries to warn Dean about.

Word Count - 820

Warnings - Mentions of stabbing/cutting (in a figurative sense, not literally! Like, someone “stabbing you in the heart” when your heart breaks kinda thing…)
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - Based on Luke Bryan’s Razor Blade
Beta work done by Grace! <3

Tags (Want on or off? Send a message/ask!) -


Sam and Dean had just finished up a job. Nothing overly difficult, just a low life demon. They sent the demon back to hell, took the vessel - who had fortunately survived the insistent - to the hospital, and finally headed back to their motel.

Sam had decided to stay in the room; all he wanted was a warm shower and a chance at sleep.
Maybe even read a little.
Anything to try to unwind after everything that had been happening lately.

Dean - on the other hand - decided to go check out the local nightlife.
He wasn’t looking for anything more than a good time and an open door.
Maybe some decent music, and a dance floor so he could watch the ladies let loose.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your blog! So I wanted to ask your advice... there's this boy at my college who I have 2 classes with and is SO ATTRACTIVE like I rarely get crushes but idk he just has these gorgeous blue eyes... we've never spoken until this past Friday, when I worked up the courage to ask him about the ECONOMICS TEST haha which ended with like a minute and a half long conversation which was nice but I wanted to talk to him again. What can I use as an excuse to talk to him?

some fun topics of interest:

  • the weather
  • another economics test
  • whaat you totally missed the notes on something and you need to get them from him now
  • beyonce
  • the cuban embargo
  • u need to borrow everything. pencils, paper, his dick, everything
  • how many children does he want, is he looking for serious relationships, where does he want his wedding, casual conversations like this

u welcome

Dating Hugh Apiston would include

Anon asked:  Can you do a “dating hugh would include” please!♡♡

Quick note: I’m mainly going off of book!Hugh because of age so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted

- You two walking through the garden and him telling you about plants because he’s precious

- Him introducing you to all his bees and you two having conversations about them

- I feel like the way you’d hold hands would be unconventional? Like you’d kinda interlock pinkies:

- I feel like when you’d cuddle it’d be a lot of spooning

- Of course you’re little spoon

- I feel like he’d really love running his fingers through your hair

- I feel like you two would sometimes just lean up against a tree and just take in everything. Like sometimes not even talk just kinda sit there with your head resting on his shoulder and taking in the endless world around you two

- I feel like you two would be really shy about PDA but that’s what’d make it literally the most adorable thing ever

- I feel like you’d go in for the first kiss cause he’d be too nervous 

- He’d literally hug you 25/8 

- If you were to fall and or get hurt he’d literally lose his mind like omg

- He’d name one of his bees after you

- He’d probably carry around some little thing of yours in his pocket like a small ribbon or pin of yours because he ‘always likes having a piece of you with him’

- I feel like his favorite part of you is your eyes 

-. He’s really tall so you probably have to stand on your tip toes to kiss him if you’re short as which is !!! so cute !!

- Hugh is !!! so cute !!

- He thinks you’re !! so cute !!

- Protect him !!! 

anonymous asked:

I was just scrolling down an saw this image of Zelo... How it's possible I haven't heard of B.A.P??? I want to know everything. How do I get in??

F A M you’ve been missing out. Back in the day, EXO & BAP fans were at war because of ‘who were most popular.’ It’s sad to see how their popularity has dropped though :< Because of their company not promoting them correctly and then the whole lawsuit thing happened etc+

You can read a bit about them here, here & here.

All of their MV’s have been iconic (including the album tracks as well). Here are the MV’s they’ve released so far (not including Japanese releases): 

anonymous asked:

What do you think the showrunners and writers think about all the Malec strife from the last two eps? Do you think they care? Do you think they are going to try and change 2b? Do you think the higher ups called them to ask why the show was getting so much bad press?

I think they do care, because they all seem like really nice people who want to try to please us as much as they can, but just can’t seem to get it all right. I really hope they try to choose 2b, because the Malec is really bothering me. It wouldn’t have bothered me as much if Jace’s scenes were also behind closed doors, but the fact that we got a very detailed scene of him and the Seelie but saw nothing of Malec that bothers me. I’m not sure if they were called, but I’m sure the writers are trying to find solutions to hopefully make us happy in 2b. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, first off I just wanted to say how much I love your blog, secondly I wanted to ask how one would go about starting up a blog that's mainly centered around asks, like how you can't make text posts really unless you get a request/get an idea or ask blogs Because I've been wanting to start one but I'm not quite sure how.....

Mmhmm…well, I’m not quite sure what you mean, but I assume you mean like this.

This is an “ask” from my sister. See the little pencil right there? That’s how you answer questions. However, if you want to just post the questions without answering them (I hope that’s what you meant), just click it.

Just click “post”, you don’t even need to type anything in.

I hope I understood what you meant, it was a bit confusing…

But if this isn’t what you meant, and you are talking about not being able to make text posts, then there’s nothing you can really do to get rid of that feature. However, you don’t have to use it.

anonymous asked:

My psychiatrist already knows I daydream but How do I tell her that my daydreams can be violent and sometimes sexual? (I'm 13) And yes, I am fully aware that 13 year olds shouldn't be thinking about that, but it happens in my daydreams a lot and that's why I don't know what and how to tell her.

Hey, dw about being 13 and maddreaming about that, when I was younger than that I was having violent and sexual maddreams, it’s a normal part of madd. Have you showed them madd or told them about madd? Maybe try writing a little note and right at the end of ur session give it to her and then RUN LIKE THE WIND (im jk). But yeah you could try a note, tell her that the dreams you have can be violent and sexual but remember she is not there to judge you. Ask her to check out Maladaptive Daydreaming online (even direct her to this blog if ya want ;) ) Good luck and I hope things go well!!! Send another ask in to update us if ya want!

[little sidenote: lol ppl ask me for advice? i am an absolute mess WHY WOULD U ASK ME FOR ADVICE??]


So I was thinking about all the underrated characters in Hetalia that never really get any attention, so I was thinking about that it could be fun if I would ask you guys to ask me about them! Yandere asks of course! You can ask for anyone 2P Nordics? 2P Baltics? 1P Characters! Just Nordics! I don’t care who you ask for? Just somebody new from the usual Axis and Allies! I just want to give others a chance too! Thank you for reading! I am happily waiting for your asks!

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anonymous asked:

I want you to know I followed you just for that Zutara post. I will never not be bitter about them not being canon. Ever.

nice lets all put the force of our bitterness together so whoever decided kat**ng was a good idea can feel it 

anonymous asked:

Does long term commitment (like, at least a few years?) matter in your decision to hire new people? Do you ever worry people may want to work with you as a stepping stone to other jobs, etc?

You can’t really ask that when you’re interviewing people and you never know how things will change after the fact. You just kinda have to try to get a read on them and see what their overall motivations are, I guess. But if someone was coming to me and being up front about the idea of going somewhere else, I’d probably look elsewhere.


I’m sorry to bother you but I just wanted to ask how? How did you change your mind so fast, I mean I keep turning it over in my head, and thinking about that damn text you sent me two weeks ago, and I just can’t stop thinking about it, I drive to try and not think or drink or smoke but it all leads to more thinking, and I go to text you but then I remembered that you said if you wanted someone else you could have them and you were right, and I think sometimes that maybe if I would have said more things to you or held your hand a little longer that maybe you wouldn’t have chose her over me and I typed all this out knowing that I have no intention on sending it to you

let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17

things I’ve learned this year:
  1. Being kind is always worth it. Compliment a stranger’s sweater, bring your neighbor their mail, pick flowers for your mom.
  2. If you want to do something, don’t be afraid to do it alone. You can make new friends along the way.
  3. Never underestimate the importance of late night talks with new friends. They’re good for the soul.
  4. Speaking of, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Tell people what’s going on in your life. Your friends want to hear it.
  5. It’s okay to let people help you.
  6. Always do a little bit more than expected. 
  7. It’s okay to say no.
  8. But if something interests you even a little, say yes.
  9. You can have a conversation with anyone if you ask about their pets or their favorite show on Netflix.
  10. Text old friends when you think of that one really funny thing that happened. Even if you haven’t talked in years, it will make them smile.
  11. Making people happy makes you happy. Be kind. Be thoughtful. It will all come back around in the end.

I really can’t stress enough how important it is to talk to your friends, family members, and partners regularly about their right to set boundaries, even ones that inconvenience you.

We absolutely live in a hierarchial abuse culture where people can and do impose their will on each other in a million tiny ways. A lot of people just expect it - they’ll make choices according to the assumption that you, too, are invested in controlling them to whatever degree - because unless you consciously make a point not to be, it’s possible that you are.

In a healthy relationship people ask for consent often - “Do you want to do this? Are you comfortable with this? Is there anything you think we should change about this plan?” And then, they clarify that negative answers are totally normal and okay.

Checking in can sound like, “Hey, you know I love doing X but if you ever don’t want to you know that’s okay, right?” It’s paying attention to nonverbal cues that someone is uncomfortable and giving them an out - “You don’t seem excited about this party, I want you to know it totally won’t be a big deal if you’d rather not.”

In a healthy relationship there’s a huge difference between “no” and “you shouldn’t have asked”. “No” is normal and expected and it’s assumed that sometimes it will be the response. There’s an intentional effort not to punish each other for not always giving each other what you want.

Normalize “no” in all your relationships. Seek it out! Give people extra opportunities to say no! And accept it. Recognise that it’s a good sign when your loved ones feel safe enough to not agree to things they don’t want out of fear of your reaction.

Just - check in. I don’t care what kind of relationship it is, don’t assume people know it’s safe to say no to you unless you remind them and show them regularly. Making space for healthy boundaries is one of the most important things to communicate with the people that you care about.

Seijou Players As (More) Things That Have Been Said In My Workplace

Oikawa: Joke’s on you, as my employee you’re contractually obligated to come to my funeral!

Iwaizumi: I kind of want to adopt you… if only so I could ground you and take away your internet.

Hanamaki: Look, I know the scones are a best seller, but they’re a bitch to make so I hate them on principle.

Matsukawa: I’m sorry, it sounds like you’re asking me to be unhappy about something while I’m holding a tray filled with fresh cooked bacon. I’m afraid I can’t do both and you will pry this bacon from my cold, dead hands.

Yahaba: I know our relationship is based heavily on sarcasm but right now I am being so serious when I say get the fuck out of my kitchen.

Kyoutani: Overtime?? Ugh, it’s bad enough I had to leave my house to get here…

Watari: HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT!! Everyone eat a cupcake and relax!

Kindaichi: (whispering) Why is everyone so gentle with the croissants, but so rough with my feelings?

Kunimi: Look, you’re my boss. And it is very important to me that you understand that that is the only reason I’m not flipping you off right now.

So You Want to Fight:

You are furious about last night, and I understand. So am I. You want to fight back against this fascist tangerine and the party that buoyed him to the highest office in the land. But you don’t know how.

I do. I am an attorney, licensed by the State of Nebraska. Here are a FEW ways you can start the fight.

1. Get involved with your local politics. Find the leaders in your area who oppose the vitriolic slime mold. Ask them how you can help their causes. Find charities and nonprofits that support what you believe. Give to them, either financially or with your time.

2. Stay on top of Administrative Agencies. Did you know that in order to make a regulation, it has to be opened for public comment? This is true at both the federal and state level. Flood them. Make it administrative hell for them to do anything.

3. Write your Congressmen and Congresswomen. Let them know what you think about upcoming bills and policies. Propose legislation (the more researched and drafted the better). Do this at the state and federal level.

4. Keep an eye on the Supreme Court(s). It is possible for attorneys admitted to practice before the various Supreme Court to submit amicus curiae briefs (legal arguments in support of a position even when they are not a party to the case). If you feel passionately, you can hire attorneys to write these briefs, or even write one to have an attorney submit (they will probably want to revise them, and that is a good thing. Let them. They know things about citation and argument styles that the courts prefer).

5. STAY DETERMINED. Do not let this fire in you die. Do not give into despair. Refuse the darkness and remain constant.

Last, but not least, work to change the hearts of those around you. Erode his support base by making the world kinder, by making the world realize that the foreign Other is neither as foreign or as other as they think. I can’t tell you how best to do that. Compassion, love, righteous indignation, zeal, whatever works best for you, and you feel will make the people around you understand and revise their opinions and feelings.

Crossember Challenge

Helloooo everybody. I noticed that it’s almost december and,as some of you already knew,I was working on a Crossember Challenge list! I almost forgot about it,sorry ^^;; (Also I’m posting this from my phone so I can’t make this post too organized,sorry again >_<)

What’s this,you ask? This list is filled with drawing prompts about Cross,Underverse and/or X-tale. Each day of december,you must draw one of these,depending on the number. Of course, you don’t have to do them all if you can’t, this is mostly just for funsies :D do what you feel like drawing!

Feel free to let your imagination and creativity flow,be as creative as you want while you follow the prompts. That’s the whole point of this ^^ and to enjoy this little challenge, of course!


1 - KNOCK KNOCK, IT’S CROSS! - Let’s start the challenge by drawing Cross coming into your life (and bothering you for the next 31 days,probably).

2 - UNDERFELL - Cross going to Underfell was a wild ride! Why not drawing something about the Episode 0.2? Or maybe something you had in mind? What if Cross came back? Let your imagination flow! Just draw Cross with something related to Underfell.

3 - UNDERSWAP - As many of us already know (and it has already been confirmed) the next AU we will see in Underverse is Underswap. What do you expect to happen in 0.3?

4 - THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM - Everything was okay before Error came to take Cross’ Soul.

5 - WHAT IF… - Ever thought about something that could’ve happened in an episode,instead of what you’ve seen? Tell us what you had in mind!

6 - CROSSCOLATE - Chocolate everywhere!!!

7 - CROSS IN YOUR FAVORITE AU - Perhaps Cross will go to your favorite AU…perhaps he won’t…either way,what would Cross be doing in your favorite AU?

8 - CROSS vs ERROR - Let’s make an hypothetical Cross vs Error fight! (Extra rating points if you give it a context!)

9 - MEANWHILE IN THE STUDIO… - The stars of the show need to take breaks between each episode. What could they be doing right now? (It doesn’t have to be related to the current events of the studio).

10 - LET THE X-EVENT BEGIN - Use your imagination for this prompt!

11 - ANGST - Oooohhh boy so sad! Is Cross suffering? Or maybe his loved ones? Whatever it is,make it as sad as you can.

12 - THE “SLIPPERCIAL” attack - Cross can’t run away from his past. The chancla will haunt him forever!

13 - FAVORITE PART OF UNDERVERSE - Re-draw your favorite part of the animated series.

14 - FAVORITE PART OF X-TALE - Re-draw your favorite part of the comic.

15 - TACOS! - Give this dork some tacos.

16 - RUN CROSS! RUN! - Cross screwed something up,and he must escape from the consequences. What does he have to run away from? (Try also adding context. Be as creative as you can!)

17 - I CHOOSE YOU! - Cross decided to become a Pokemon trainer. What pokemon or team does he have?

18 - HAVIN A GOOD TIME - Let this suffer ball be happy for once.

19 - SWAP - Cross could use some new clothes,don’t you think? Swap his clothes with someone else’s!

20 - CROSS YOUR LEGS - Who needs knives with legs like these? Draw cross as sexy -and funny- as you can (with mettaton legs of course).

21 - NOTICE ME SENPAI - Cross wants to get someone’s attention. Who are they?

22 - PUNS AND PRANKS - Cross could use some spare time to make some jokes and pranks. What puns,jokes and/or pranks does he do and who is/are his victim/s?

23 - X-PET - Cross was starting to feel alone,so he got a pet. What did he get? (Maybe he stole it lol).

24 - SANSTA CROSS IS COMING TO TOWN - Sansta Cross is planning something for Christmas! But what is he up to?

25 - MERRY X-MAS - Draw Cross having lots of gifts -or none at all- or just someone giving him a gift,or even him giving a gift to someone. Spread the christmas spirit,Giant X!

26 - FRESH!CROSS - Draw the freshest rad Cross possible!

27 - THAT HEART LOCKET DOESN’T BELONG TO YOU - Looks like Cross is pissed about something.

28 - INK & CROSS - \Imagination//

29 - REJECTED - It’s almost new year! new hopes and dreams for everybody…I wonder if Echotale!Frisk is going to notice Cross!Chara and his charms? -probably not-

30 - THANKS! - Let’s give a huge thanks to @jakei95 for creating this wonderful character by drawing her and cross together! :D <3

31 - THE END - Let’s say goodbye to this 2016 so we can give a warm welcome to the brand new 2017!

Or course,there are some prompts that probably Cross!Sans fits perfectly,but if you have an idea with Cross!Chara and it follows the prompt,you can totally do it!!

I hope that everybody can have some fun with these prompts~ ^_^ Enjoy this little challenge!