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There’s this funny thing about being a doctor; you have to renew your medical license every few years. Red’s expired while we were down there, and then some. And when you don’t regularly renew your license… things get thorny.

He tried. God, he tried. And he’s still trying.

We were able to recover proof of his education, but he isn’t sure how much of it he actually remembers. He doesn’t really want to go and kill a patient because of some simple mistake. We’ve been steadily collecting textbooks so he can review, but… they’re a big expense for our budget. Sometimes we have to settle for older editions rather than the newest ones, and out-dated information can be devastating in a fast-moving field like medicine. But besides that, he’s going to need an internship during the renewal period, and we’ve already had the nearest hospital turn him down.

It’s alright, though. One of our neighbors has him helping out with livestock most of the week, and when he’s not working there our house has a tendency to become a walk-in clinic all on its own. The neighbors didn’t trust him at first, but since then they’ve become grateful that they don’t have to drive all the way into the city and pay a large bill every time someone breaks their leg. I’m glad for it too. Practicing medicine really lifts his mood.

And as for me? Heh, well, a lot of places really like to make up reasons about why they shouldn’t hire a worker with one arm, and Mr.Cunningham can’t afford to pay both of us to work. Red tells me that it’s fine, and that I don’t have to work, but…

I can’t help but feel like a burden sometimes.