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In Due Time || Closed

There was something sort enchanting about London at dusk, all pink and purple skies, zeppelins flying over head, lights just starting to flicker on. It was even better way up here in her office in the complex Torchwood had taken over since the attack of the Cybermen. As per usual she was staying late at work – she had a mound of paper work to file through much to John’s chagrin. Normally she might have listened to him, just take her paper work home and curl up on the couch with a glass of wine as she filed through it all. But not tonight.

Tomorrow would be 12 years since her second trip to Norway – at the time she’d resented the Doctor for leaving her again, with a substitute him no less. He wasn’t a substitute, she knew that now but at the time… Her mind refused to finish the thought. The beginning had been so rough, the Metacrisis – John, struggling to be human and domestic and she hadn’t helped in the slightest. Oh sure she tried but it was no good and she knew it. How cruel had she been to him. It all worked out in the end, though. Tomorrow would be 10 years since the day they’d gotten married. Just a thought left a smile on her lips even if that was technically why she was there. It had left her in quite the introspective mood. Perhaps that was why John hadn’t pushed as much as he might normally. He was quite good at reading her moods.

That was enough of that, though. Broken from her thoughts Rose stared at the pile of paperwork littering her desk. She wasn’t getting anything done. Maybe a walk would do her some good. Just once around the block – maybe she could stop for a quick bite too, some street vender fair sounded mighty fine. Sure her family in this universe was quite well off but there were some things that just never changed. With that in mind Rose tore away from her desk, rising to her feet easily and collecting her purse.

Rose tried her best not to think as she headed down but it was hard not to be roped back in. She was becoming a bit like the doctor in her advancing age – prone to fits of brooding. Wasn’t good for the health her mum argued every time she saw her, arguing that she was already getting crows feet and she was far too young for that. ’Maybe a spot of Botox’ll do you well.’ The words rang clear in her mind as if she was standing there right next to her. Of course she wasn’t but still.

Suddenly a blast of cold air hit her in the face, whipping around her shoulders, pushing her hair back. When had she gotten out here? Bloody thoughts, she griped to herself. Wrapping her arms around herself she set out, instantly regretting the loose of her jacket which was sitting up stairs, hanging off the back of her desk chair. But she was determined, Rose Tyler Smith would have her walk!

Whurrr whurrr whurrrrr.

For one brief moment everything stood still. That sound, she knew that sound. With eyes wide Rose’s head snapped to and fro until she saw it. Right across the way was a little park, empty now save for one blue box that no one else seemed to notice. “No… Impossible.” Forget walks. Forget food. Forget the bloody cold! Her arms fell to her side and she ran, darting across the street and through the park, panting just slightly by the time she reached the familiar blue doors. Unfolding her hands, her palms pressed against the cool wood as if it were the most precious thing in the world. “But it can’t be…” Dimensional travel was impossible now! How had he gotten there! Was there a rip in time in space again!

“Doctor!” She yelled, hands balling into fists, beating at the doors and demanding entrance.

The small 11 year old scurried around the platform.  “Ced!  Cedric!  Where’d you go you were suppose to help me get on the train…Cedri…Opps I’m so sorry.”  The girl chirped after she ran into someone.