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On this day in music history: January 19, 1974 - “I’ve Got To Use My Imagination” by Gladys Knight & The Pips hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 1 week, also peaking at #4 on the Hot 100 on the same date. Written by Gerry Goffin and Barry Goldberg, it is the sixth R&B chart topper for the Atlanta, GA family vocal group. After seven years with Motown Records, Gladys Knight & The Pips depart from the label just as they score one of their biggest hits with the classic “Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)” (#1 R&B, #2 Pop) in early 1973. Buddah Records eagerly snaps up the group and puts them in the studio to work on their first album for the label. Among the people that then label president Neil Bogart has them collaborate with are songwriter and producers Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise. Best known for producing Kiss and The Stories chart topper “Brother Louie”, Kerner and Wise are initially concerned that the group might not want to work with them, being white and Jewish. This does not prove to be problem with Knight and Pips, who love their work on The Stories record. On the day they first meet with the producers, Gladys breaks the ice, exclaiming “hey, you’re white!!!” when they walk into the room, with everyone immediately dissolving into hysterical laughter. Among the dozens of songs reviewed as potential ones to record, they narrow it down to three songs they produce for the group. Among them are “I’ve Got To Use My Imagination” written by veteran songwriter Gerry Goffin (“Will You Love Me Tomorrow”, “The Locomotion”) and Barry Goldberg. The group love the song and agree that it should go on the album. The producers record a demo with singer Tasha Thomas (“Shoot Me (With Your Love)” performing the lead vocal as a guide. The basic track is recorded at Bell Sound Studios in New York City in mid 1973. Afterword, Kerner and Wise fly to Detroit to record Gladys and The Pips vocals on the track at Venture Sound Studios. Capturing Knight’s soulful and fiery lead and the Pips tight and precise harmonies, everyone agrees that it is a smash, and make it the title track of their first Buddah album “Imagination”. Released as the follow up to the classic “Midnight Train To Georgia” in November of 1973, “Imagination” also races up the R&B and pop charts simultaneously. “I’ve Got To Use My Imagination” gives Gladys Knight & The Pips their third million selling single in under a year, becoming one of their best known and loved songs, and a highlight of their live peformances for years after.  "I’ve Got To Use My Imagination" is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

Just Update: My Favorite Mistake, Chapter 3 - Secret Garden

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Summary: They begin as simple acquaintances who quickly become confidantes. When Katniss Everdeen’s friendship with a very-married Peeta Mellark morphs into something deeper, mistakes are made that will change their lives forever. Originally written for PiP Day 7 - Dreamscape Week - Thorns (7). Gifted to @akai-echo .

Thank you so much for reading this fic! And extra special thanks to @akai-echo, for the banner and for inspiring me to write this story.  Also, to my betas, @eala-musings, @akai-echo and @thegirlfromoverthepond, who do such great work, reading the mush that my brain produces. Thank you, ladies!

Continuing on my Institute rant

So, if you’re working as an undercover agent for the Railroad while in the Institute, when asked to kill Coursers that put Railroad operations at risk the sole survivor has the option to ask if doing so would blow their cover. PAM and Desdemona respond with, well, if no one is left alive, then there will be no one left to tell the tale of your involvement.

This would be all fine and well if there wasn’t CLEARLY a way for the Institute to track the Courser chips. The moment you kill a Courser, back-up synths are teleported immediately to the Courser’s location. It would only make sense that the Courser chips used to relay them into the Institute have tracking signals, otherwise how could they triangulate their location for teleportation?

Courser chips, one of which the sole survivor has conveniently installed into their Pip-boy for transport in and out of the Institute. Sure, no one may be alive to tell the tale, but I imagine it might get MIGHTY SUSPICIOUS after a while if the sole survivor’s tracked location kept coincidentally ending up wherever Coursers were annihilated. There’s only so many times you can believably say, “I saw they were in trouble and tried to help but it was no hope, they were all destroyed.”


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Once apon a time Pip was woken up when Alex and Thomas were going @ it and yelled 'CAN YOU TWO CUT IT OUT I'M TRYING TO SLEEP' and that was the day Phillip truly became a savage

I believe it

The governor says “remember me” Right before he kills himself (“do not forget me”)

Also, the saw games are starting to remind me of the pips, and eurus killing the wife when they didn’t fulfill the terms of her game reminds me of killing the old lady when she started to describe him.

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bOI I Just got Fallout4!! and lemme say I love Dogmeat and Cordsworth[?] Now man, btw have you some tips?

idk your build/playing style but

  • you WILL die alot, often unexpected, so save/quicksave plenty
  • hold onto your 10mm, its highly modifiable (don’t neglect your Gun Nut and Science! perks, modding weapons is useful af)
  • settle on a ‘home base’ you can always come back to to store all your junk (Red Rocket is a good starting point, you’re gonna find cooler places later on tho)
  • scavenge and loot absolutely everything, especially for valuable junk like adhesive and screws, which you can tag for search in your pip-boy
  • join the BoS, those armored powerhouses will give you cool shit to play with (energy weapons, power armor, etc) which can give you an early game advantage
  • invest in lockpicking and hacking skills early if you don’t wanna backtrack much
  • for the love of god, save plenty
  • don’t mindlessly take on packs of ghouls, especially in the early game

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When Pip has his first dance, he doesn't ask Theo, he was going to, until he saw how sad Angelica was that she couldn't go. So he asked her instead, the smile on her face for the rest of the night was payment enough (but the kiss from Theo at the end of the night certainly didn't hurt)

XD so pure

This is definitely reminding me of a twisted version of moriartys great game… i noticed moriarty merge with eurus’ reflection in the gross glass sex scene, i get that there’s a thing there… but it’s just really not, like, striking me as the final problem, the fifth pip if you will, of that same first game.

Unless we are talking extended garridebs / John’s TAB, then this is totally like john strapped to a bomb vest while a timer ticks down.