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I'm already seeing red over comments with the phrase "he's just a red blooded male". Um HELL NO, it's such a double standard. Claire should be celibate and in mourning for the rest of her life, but Jamie's a "red blooded male" with needs. Needs that didn't stop when told "no"...

Don’t forget, “he deserves it after all he’s been through!”

I just find it hilarious after people were up in arms about my post last night because they don’t grasp the double-standard. I just got another anon about it from someone stalking my Twitter—and they can fuck off. People are going to be really working overtime to justify this. Jamie can sleep with other people, but Claire better not with Frank! It doesn’t matter now, though, because we know she’s going to be celibate for 19 years. Ah, but those twin beds are just a pesky little detail!

I’m glad they removed the dubious consent issue, but I’m concerned they went too far the other direction in doing so. I have CONCERNS. I think I’m allowed to, based on my experience with this show. And not just about how it’s handled, how people will react to it.

I’m going to be hyperbolic for a minute in my predictions (but not really because it might end up playing out this way): We’re going to see all of the Geneva and Jamie “love” scene. I can’t wait for people to insist that it was blackmail—Claire doesn’t have that excuse, right? She’s just a cold bitch who forgot her dead husband. Nevermind that little ginger rugrat she carried inside her for 9 months who is now crawling and soon walking around as a constant reminder of him. Nevermind she said very clearly in 302 that she loved Jamie. Claire totally forgot about Jamie. But then they’ll be perfectly OK with Jamie sleeping with someone else, conceiving a child with her and enjoying it in the process, all while it parallels Jamie and Claire’s wedding night—the laces! the soft intimate lighting! the actress bearing a strong resemblance to Caitriona Balfe!—which will therefore diminish that special night in their marriage. Didn’t know there were so many Jameva shippers in this fandom! Congrats to you guys, sorry half your ship dies, too bad, so sad! Can’t wait for the gifsets, because we canna pass up documenting a shirtless Sam Heughan. Fingers crossed for a shot of the verra eager Highlander’s bum.

All of this because there seems to be a particular effort to make sure Jamie doesn’t look bad. That he’s not in any way flawed. Being blackmailed removes any fault for him. Even though there’s nothing wrong with that, because every human being has flaws. And people sure like to go out of their way to point out Claire’s.

I’d be fine with Jamie and Claire sleeping with other people if I had any confidence that it won’t undermine Jamie and Claire and the show will make it up to us when we get to Jamie and Claire. But I’m very worried, sorry. I think they’ll show Jamie and Geneva in full, probably some pillow talk. Bonus points if Jamie asks her, “Was it like ye thought it would be?” Because then the producers will be all, “What? You said you wanted more sex this season!”

Maybe it won’t play out this way. I really hope composing this was just a waste of 30 minutes of my life and I’m wrong, but these are my concerns. And if you don’t like me expressing them, on my blog, the unfollow button is very easy to find and use. But I hope you stay because I’m planning to cease with these diatribes and get back to gifing! Maybe you got a few chuckles from this? Because I’ve had wine…

Sigh, lol, I give up. I’m going to go take some Tums for the heartburn the hypocrisy and double-standards in this fandom give me.

talking about Atomic Blonde with straights: ah yes the John Wick director, it is going to be a #visual and #cinematic #masterpiece

talking about Atomic Blonde with queer people: Charlize Theron beats people up in every way conceivable??? and pins Sofia Boutella to a wall? what did we do to deserve this???

don’t touch cyberpunk if you don’t get it.

don’t act like you’re on some holy crusade when you make a video game with neon and rain and the look of cyberpunk but then throw in stuff like how women’s rights and basic income are the backbone of a dystopia

don’t make a movie with scarlett johansson playing a poor send-up to motoko kusanagi and then lack the spine to even mention the socio-political points of why the character prefers a caucasian chassis in the first place (spoiler alert: it makes incredibly unkind point about western women). especially don’t call it feminist when the themes and narrative are stripped away in favor of a generic revenge tale. don’t retell akira and put it within and about the culture that dropped those nukes in the first place. the teenage edgelord connoisseurs can just go watch these anime and film in the first place

don’t copyright the word ‘cyberpunk’ no matter how noble your intentions are. you have no real way of guaranteeing that your successors at your place of work will share your sentiments.

don’t tell another faux-deep story that cosplays badly as Blade Runner about a hacker or a detective or an android and his manpain 

don’t give me more cool-looking stuff that either lacks the teeth to get political or has the fundamental politics of the genre contorted and perverted so that spoiled Gen X dudes never have to challenge themselves or their way of life. 

just…don’t, okay?