(( i want to touch his face))

Chen reaction to his gf trying to turn him on but not knowing how to do it

Only Chen chen? Ok then :P
I’ll try and make it longer, since it’s Jongdae only



Laughs at you straight away, being the brat he is, as you touch his face out of the blue and look him in the eyes. He looks at you as you pout and with embarrassment walk to the bed and fall on it. From your actions, he read what you wanted to do.
Chen: “Well, at least you tried.”
He wanted to cheer you up.
Chen: “You failed, but you tried.”
He smiled at you as you dig your face into a pillow with embarrassment.
Chen: “Oh, come on, don’t be sad now, I know you want me. Come here and let it happen naturally”

/Wtf happened to me, I’M INNOCENT! (I think)\


If you have ideas for exo reactions, or one-member reactions like this one, just ask ^-^

Lazy Day with Teuvo Teravainen (Requested)

“We should marathon something.” You uttered. It was a Saturday and neither you or Teuvo had any plans for the day. 

“What would you want to watch?” He asked, cuddling you close in bed.

“Maybe like Jurassic Park since the new one came out so recently.” You kissed his arms that were wrapped around your body, “Or maybe the Star Wars? No wait, how about Lord of the Rings?” You turned to face him, your faces just inches apart. 

“I like Lord of the Rings, I haven’t seen those in ages.” He closed the gap between your mouthes, your lips touching, the smell of coffee coming from his mouth. 

“We have to get pizza too.” You jumped up with enthusiasm, “You can’t have a real movie marathon without getting pizza, Teuvo.” You giggled, moving so you were now on top of Teuvo. You leaned down and kissed him delicately. 

“Babe, it’s only 10.” 

“It’s never too early for pizza.”  You kissed him again, “I thought I taught you that, mister, it’s never too early for pizza or too late for cereal.” 

“You’re so wise, y/n, you should be teaching everyone this knowledge.” He said with a grin.

You laughed, “Hey, this is important information just like, it’s totally okay to stay in bed and watch movies with the cutest and sweetest boyfriend in the world. 

Teuvo snorted with laughter, “You’re cheesy as fuck.” He lifted his head and kissed you, pulling you closer to him. 

“Teuvo,” He continued kissing you, barely giving you any time to breathe. 

“What, baby?” He finally pulled apart, you could see his cheeks were rosy, it only made him cuter. 

You jumped off of him, “I have to order the pizza and get the movie started.” You grabbed your phone from the floor. 

“You stopped kissing me for pizza?” He smirked.

“Baby, pizza is really damn good, I would do a lot of things for pizza.” He jumped off the bed and started to tickle you. You immediately burst into laughter, trying your hardest to run away from his, “Teuvo, no!” You shouted, dropping your phone and running to the living room. 

He pinned you down on the couch and continued to tickle you, you could feel your cheeks turn a bright red but you couldn’t stop laughing. “Is pizza really better than kisses?” He asked, still tickling you. 

“No! No!” You roared with laughter, he finally stopped tickling but laughter still spewed out of you, your cheeks hurting from smiling too much. “You’re evil, Teuvo.” You tried tickling him but he caught your hands.

“Don’t even think about his, missy.” He laughed, kissing you softly. “You’re so sweaty now.” He shoved you away jokingly.

You laughed, “Then why did you just kiss me, you monster?”

“Because I love you, even when you are sweaty and gross.” He brushed his lips against yours, “Now let’s order that pizza.” A giggle escaped your mouth. 

the-lone-wolffe-khaleesi asked:

Revenge time! “I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats." Kal to Vau :D

Slightly OOC, because this was a hard prompt. I went for the marriedKalon route.

Walon Vau was in a good mood, so when the door opened and he saw Mird’s excited tail wagging, he stood up and moved to greet his husband.
Kal looked like he just arrived from an arctic planet. He had a thick coat on with furry collar. Icicles edged his hairline like some kind of crown. His nose and face was red and lips slightly blue. Even the thick clothing and the golden gloves couldn’t hide his shaking. Walon felt himself softening at the sight, and he stepped closer, leaning down to briefly touch his forehead against the other’s frozen one. Winter turned his husband into an ice cube it seemed.

“You are late, but I see the weather already punished you. Want some hot tea?” He asked, feeling awfully chatty and jovial for his own good. But since it seemed even the soul froze into a billion pieces inside Kal he decided, he deserved some spoiling.
He started to try to peal the layers of half frozen clothes off of his husband when he heard a weird noise.

Looking down at the smaller mercenary with raised brows, he asked slowly, choosing his words carefully.
“Can you actually mewl now, or was that some kind of mocking on your part?”
Kal glanced at him so innocently it looked kind of comical. Then the smaller man dropped the act and pulled back one wing of his thick coat to reveal the pile of furry kittens in his arm. There were three… four… five little white creatures with rosy ears and noses. Walon growled in frustration because their last conversation about Kal’s tendency to bring home all kind of strays was actually only two day ago.

“I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats?” Offered Kal a most ridiculous explanation to the problem. Walon showed him an unimpressed look. He wasn’t touched by the cuteness of the flurry, mewling things.
“Thank you for bringing dinner to Mird, Kal.” He said on an icy voice matching the season, already reaching for the kittens. He wasn’t actually kidding. The short man jumped back like he was burned lifting his empty arm to protect the animals.
“Don’t you dare!” He hissed and would have added something else, something really rude and not fitting any marriage when he saw movement fromt he corner of his eyes.

Turning slightly he was faced with Mird dragging the light blue sheet  - from their double bed Vau made his lover to sleep on instead of his armchair. The animal immediately started to build a comfortable nest in the middle of the living room, purring and softly whining as it looked up at the writhing kitten pile in Kal’s arms. The strill’s eyes were full of stars and happiness, it looked at the kittens like it used to look at children and Kal found himself actually smiling at the beast.

Before his tall husband could do anything he quickly stepped closer and placed the kittens into the impromptu nest. The strill curled around them and pulled them closer, growling happily as he started to warm up the tiny bodies.
“See? We’ll keep them.” Looked up Kal at the most unimpressed Walon Vau in the universe. Patting the strill’s head, he stood up, shrugged off his coat and threw it onto the backrest of their sofa walking past Walon, heading for the kitchen.
“So what about that tea you mentioned?”

jelly kyungsoo spam for you two! and i’m sorry you’re in a bad mood i hope you’re okay i hope this makes you feel better <3

this is one of my faves ever

like you didn’t even try to hide your annoyance

ksoo is usually very still during radio shows and stuff and he began fidgeting as soon as jongin’s friend phoned in

and also he didn’t say bye or hello which isn’t like him at all

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Part 2 of 2 screencaps I took 

New Io/Ryuu/Akoya clips

Omg mud masks… I think Akoya had fun playing with Io! Ryuu doesn’t want his face to be touched haha, I can’t believe Io let Akoya do that xD

Akoya takes Io to the spa, is it just me or does Io look really hot with his hair messy like that??

Ryuu thought Akoya was a girl… OMG I was waiting for the day that happened! 

Untitled pt. 7

Requested: yaaaas!

Summary: Luke and Y/N are married. They have a child together, but their marriage doesn’t seem to go so smoothly. pt. 7

Words: 2500+

Part one Part two Part three Part four Part five Part six

She took a step back, biting her bottom lip a little, an apologetic look on her face, as Luke stared into her eyes not able to form words. He heard his wife and he really wanted to answer her – yes, I do, I really do. But she moved away from him. She stepped away from him and it was making his ears hum and his fingers tremble and his heart pound faster in his chest. He wanted her to touch his face, to kiss his lips, to whisper in his ear, to hold his hand. But she stepped away and Luke couldn’t say anything with a dark fear of divorce clouding his brain.

‘I do,’ he felt his lips attempt to say, even though it was so quiet that for a moment Y/N hesitated if he was actually saying something.

‘Then show it to me.’ She whispered back to him before taking her final look at her husband and going up the stairs to their bedroom.

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hi louisa! can you please make a kaisoo spam of soo initiating moments? my friend keeps on talking about how kai is one sided pfft

hello anon sorry this is late lol kaisoo one sided

kyungsoo whispering things to jongin

i was wonder what he’s saying

cause he goes so close

and he has to say it to jongin

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Kissing Married Men (Oneshot)

Violet just turned 18 and she has a crush on her father’s older married friend, Harry, and he has a crush on her as well. He refuses to cheat on his wife, but what is his definition of cheating?

-Daddy Kink
-Young girl, older man

An hour had passed and i wanted to touch him. He stood there in front of me with a smirk on his face and i knew he wanted to touch me too as his eyes kept drifting toward me. His arm was wrapped around his wife’s waist as my father spoke to them both about their dinner plans for the night. My father was oblivious to the fact that his friend, Harry, was checking me out, as he was directing most of his attention to his wife, Janine. Maybe Harry was looking at me because he was just being nice, maybe i was just daydreaming. Either way he was lovely and i wanted to see more of him. I stared at his green eyes, the way they glistened as the sun shined through the living room window. I imagined what he would look like shirtless, if he would just unbutton two more buttons on his shirt. The way he chewed his gum and his long hair made me only imagine him using his mouth for something a little more fun and how i’d pull his hair nice and rough because of it. He seemed like the type of man to enjoy that.

“This is my daughter, Violet.” My father said, making me snap out of my daydream.

Harry and Janine looked over at me.

“Nice to meet you.” Janine said politely, putting her hand out in front of her.

I hesitated for a moment before shaking her hand and giving her a fake smile. Harry didn’t do as Janine had and a part of me felt upset. I wanted to feel the warmth of his large hands.

I let out a soft sigh in disappointment.

“Today is her birthday.” My father added with a big smile on his face.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into him before placing a soft kiss on my forehead as i rolled my eyes.

“Oh really? H-” Janine began before she was cut off.

“How old are you?” Harry asked immediately.

His British accent caught me off guard, making me feel things i had never felt before. He wanted to know my age. I believe he instantly felt strange asking as he scratched the side of his nose awkwardly and looked away for a second. Before i could speak, my dad opened his mouth and answered for me.

“She’s 18 today. My baby is all grown up.”

Harry put his hands in his pockets and looked down at the ground as i stared straight at him. Without even realizing that i was becoming lost in him, i glanced at Janine who was giving me a dirty look. I pushed my hair behind my ear and let out a soft cough.

“Um, i think maybe i should go upstairs. I have to get ready.”

My father nodded and i walked away quickly. As i rushed up the staircase i felt somewhat afraid. I had made a horrible first impression on Janine and now she probably thinks i’m in love with her husband. I wasn’t in love with him. I just wanted to feel him. Every single inch of him.

I walked into my bedroom and shut the door behind me, leaning back against it. My cell phone sat on my dresser and i rushed to grab it and call my friend, Destiny. I pulled up her name and hit the green button on the screen. After the third ring she answered.

“What’s up?” Her voice echoed through the phone.

“Des, oh my god.”

“What happened?” She sounded worried.

“Nothing, nothing. I just… My dad’s friend is over and he…” My voice faded out slowly as i didn’t know how to describe what i felt exactly.

“Spit it out!” She shouted before letting out a chuckle.

“His name is Harry. Remember David from freshman year? He looks like him, but he’s a grown ass man and i was staring at him and his wife-”

“His wife?” She asked.

I sighed, catching myself. What was i talking about? He’s a 20 something year old man who is married. He’s friends with my dad and i’m upstairs in my bedroom about ask my friend advice on how i can get him to fuck me. I’m in a complete daydream.

“I know… I don’t know what i’m talking about.” I groaned.

“How old is this guy? He’s your dad’s friend. He’s like 40?”

“No, he has to be 20 something. Maybe his late 20’s.”

I threw myself back onto my bed and stared at the ceiling. Destiny rambled on about something through the phone but i couldn’t help but keep thinking about his big hands. I wanted them to grab me and take control of me. I wanted them to hold me down.

My mind was in a weird place when i heard a creak at my bedroom door. I sat up and waited for someone to open it.

“Hold on.” I whispered to Destiny.

She instantly stood quiet and i waited bit longer before there was a soft knock. I groaned. My dad always had to interrupt me when i was on the phone. I stood up and made my way over.

“Dad i’m-” I opened the door and my mouth stood open as Harry stood there.

“Hi, love.” He whispered.

I tried to speak to tell Destiny i’d call her later but i couldn’t form any words. Instead i pressed the red button on my phone screen and attempted to place it in my pocket before dropping it on the floor. I didn’t bother to pick it up as Harry did it for me. He put the phone out to hand it to me and i stood staring into his eyes. As i took the phone from him the tips of my fingers brushed against his hand and i felt a rush.

“Why… What… Why are you… What happened?” I asked softly, brushing my hair behind my ear once more and looking down at the ground.

Harry smiled. I stared at his mouth and began dreaming of it hanging wide open in awe as i ride him harder than anyone ever has and i bite my lip. As i caught myself i covered my mouth with my hand and looked away.

“What did you call me when you opened the door?” He asked quietly.

“I… I thought… I thought you were my dad.” I answered hesitantly.

He chuckled softly and moved closer to me. He placed his right hand on my arm and brought the other up to my mouth slowly. His thumb pressed against my bottom lip and i gasped at the sensation. I had been waiting for this, for him to touch me, and i wouldn’t have had this moment any other way. I wouldn’t have asked him to touch me anywhere else.

His big hands. He’s touched his cock with these hands and who knows what else. His big dirty British cock. God, i am so dirty. My heart began to pound in my chest and i closed my eyes as the tip of his thumb entered my mouth. He moved even closer to me and leaned in to whisper in my ear as i began sucking on his thumb. His other hand moved to the bottom hem of my shirt and he snuck his hand underneath, making me gasp once more.

“Open your pretty little eyes, love.” He demanded, still trying to stay as silent as possible.

My eyes opened slowly and i was in awe as his face was only an inch from mine.

“Tell me again. Who did you think i was?” He added.

I knew exactly what he was doing, where he was taking this and i loved every second. We stood there in the doorway and i felt afraid that my father would walk upstairs, or worse, Janine. As i opened my mouth to speak, his hand trailed higher and higher up my shirt.

“I… I thought. I thought you were my dad.”

“Who?” He asked knowingly.

“My dad.” I replied once more.

His eyes were locked on mine and his breath hit my face. I wanted to kiss him. I had to taste him. Even better, i wanted him to taste me. I wanted him to taste my youth. I wanted him to feel like a dirty man, cheating on his wife with a young girl.

“What did you call him when you were a little girl?” He asked.

My legs began to quiver and i could feel my panties soaked between my legs. Something took ahold of me and i felt myself becoming bad.

“Daddy.” I said in a childlike voice.

Harry bit his lip and shook his head in amazement. He sighed and i felt the tips of his fingers pitter patter against my stomach.

He stared into my eyes, almost as if he refused to look away, as if he would die if he did so. He leaned in closer and rested his forehead against mine, still not moving his thumb from my bottom lip. Harry was such a tall man and i was such a little girl, he was leaning completely forward. I knew the feeling brought him dominance and i loved it.

“Say it again.” He begged.

I opened my mouth and began rocking my body back and forth before standing on my tip toes begging him to move his hand into my pants and touch my wet pussy.

“Daddy…” I said before i bit down on his thumb gently.

“Good little girl.” He was unsettled as he spoke.

The tone of his voice let me know that he couldn’t hold back any longer. I was going to kiss him and show him that i’m not the little girl he thinks i am. I shut my eyes and leaned forward, hoping he would move his hand away so our lips could meet. When he didn’t, i was shocked. He let out a smug laugh and pulled his hand out from beneath my shirt. He grabbed ahold of my chin with the hand that was once placed against my lips and moved in, his lips nearly meeting mine, before placing a soft kiss on my cheek. He pulls away and grins.

“I’m a married man. You can’t be kissing married men, love.”

Taken |2|

Part 1

You step out of Nate’s house to be greeted with the cold air on your bare skin and the taste of your own tears on your lips. You begin to think over what just happened. Has he really met someone? You can’t help but think if her lips has ever touched his or if he’s told her everything he’s told you. Your whole body aches in pain when you think of them together. You don’t know her name, where she comes from or what she looks like, but you know that she must be something special. 

Once you get home you check your phone to see you got a text from Nate

“I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me tomorrow? Come to mine at 12?”

You’re stomach comes alive with butterflies and a smile creeps up onto your face without you even realising. You quickly text back “Of course” before putting your phone on charge. Even though he’s met someone you can’t help but wonder if you had a chance. Did he ever even like you? 

You open your eyes to be blinded by the sun creeping in through your window. You reach over to check the time, you had an hour till you meet Nate. Your chest becomes tight and sense excitement rushes through your body whenever you think of him. You quickly get ready and rush out the door to meet Nate. Once you got there you walk into his house calling his name so he knew it was you. You walk into the living room to meet a pair of eyes you did not recognise. You knew who is was right away. Her eyes were kind, a sort of kind not many people had. Her ebony hair curled with the most perfect spirals, her tanned skin glowed like the sun. She had no faults, she was perfect. 

A/N- Sorry if this is a disappointment I’m trying:) A big thank you to Carly who suggested the idea of ‘Taken’:) and part 3? ~Rose

EXO reaction to their girlfriend being really ticklish

Here it is! I’m back! Hope you like it ^^ Admin A~

/I don’ t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *He tries to tickle you but you defend yourself, he is even more ticklish than you*

Kris: “C’mon Jagi.. Open your arms… I know you want..No tickles I promise” *Teases you*

Sehun *Imitates how you react when he tickles you* “Hahaha, you are so funny Y/N”

Tao: “OMO! Your face is hilarious!” *Laughs at you*

Kai: “Wow jagi…” *He just discovered a new way to blackmail you*

Xiumin: *Enjoys his new discovery* “So… what happens if I touch you here…?”

Baekhyun: “Come here Jagi!!! Don’t hide! I can see you”

Luhan: *GIF*

Chen: “Tricks you so you put your hands up and he can surprise you with a tickle session”

Kyungsoo: *Creepy Soo* He is totally into it, he will tickle you until you can’t laugh anymore

Lay: *Speechless* During sexy time he starts touching you very slowly, but instead having the reaction he was hoping for, you start laughin like crazy*

Suho: “But Jagi… I was trying to hug you… why are you like that?” *Plays innocent*


Gladio one layer process~

This mother butt is just too handsome for me to animu… Doesn’t help that i’ve decided to one layer it either. I also wanted to show a bit of what I do as a lazy alternative to colouring and linerating, hehehe. 

I think i squished his face a little too much now that i’m looking at it 

he has a giant nose don’t touch me

I’m so fucking pumped for this game. Square, hurry the fuq up please

Luke When You're Sick Blurb/Short Imagine

“Luke please!“ I whined, my voice heightened from my nasals. He chuckled.

"I’m sorry, its just you’re sick voice is so cute. I can’t help but imitate it.” He said with a grin, his arms wrapping around my waist. We were front to front, I looked up at him with a pout on my face. His lips softly touched my forehead.

“Baby-girl, you’re burning up,” He cooed, pushing hair out of my face, getting a feel of my warm cheeks, “my poor girl.“

I whimpered, snuggling my face into his chest. I sniffeled for about the hundredth time today. My nose was clogged, my throat was scratchy, I coughed incessantly. Being sick sucks, and I just want to be babied. My lunk of a boyfriend didn’t seem to get it through his head.

"Take care of me.” I whispered into his body, but I know he heard. I felt him smile.

“It would be my pleasure.”

And that’s how the day started. He sat me down in bed with tea, forcing liquids left and right, and showered me in attention.

“Luke, this chicken soup is amazing! How did you make it?” I said, slurping a noodle. It was such a comfort.

“I’m not one to cook and tell.” He responded with a wink. What a dork.

“Liz?” I guessed.

“Yeah.” He admitted, face turning pink. I kissed his cheek in adoration, still appreciating what a great boyfriend he was. The afternoon was spent with more soup, tissues everywhere, and board games. He let me win almost all of them, I knew his big heart wouldn’t want to kick me while im down. We laughed the day away, making fun of the way my voice sounded and who had a better Britney Spears impression. (Due to my throat, I had a better time impersonating her, but Luke any other day would have wiped the floor with Hit Me Baby One More Time).

By the end of the day, my illness hadn’t gotten better, but my mood had. We were cuddled and ready for sleep when we started to whisper.

“Thank you Luke, you make being sick enjoyable.” I confessed, sinking further into his warmth. He giggled a tad.

“You make everything enjoyable.” He told me, wrapping himself around me tighter. We were just about to go to bed when Luke sneezed loudly. He utterly groaned after, face palming his forehead.

“Welcome to the club.’ I snarkily said.

Don't tell me men can't be a part of feminism

I have a friend in college.
He always tries to gain muscle.
He gets berated for liking long walks and for ‘sitting like a girl’
He gets called ‘queer’ because he is 18 but has never had a girlfriend.
He gets laughed at because he takes pride in his appearance.
When a girl hit him I had to defend him because 'men can’t hit women’ and if he was abused he wouldn’t have much help.
If he rejects a girl who won’t stop touching him when he doesn’t want to be touched then he’ll get teased and she won’t face any repercussions.

Don’t tell me men can’t be a part of feminism.
Don’t tell me he can’t go to feminist meetings.
Gender equality is an issue for all

i don’t know what i’m doing so if you want to punch me in the face after this you know where my askbox is.

The first thing he remembers learning from his father is not to touch things that don’t belong to him, especially if their owner is a dreamer.

One night Niall comes back from one of his usual trips and finds him in mother’s lap, stuttering as he reads aloud from a Winnie the Pooh picture book. He doesn’t know what’s different this time, but he’s being dragged away from her the second his father’s eyes land on him. There’s betrayal in them, and he doesn’t understand why. He gets told he’s already six years old and he should stop clinging to Aurora’s skirts like a baby. Next there’s a letter of acceptance from an elementary school with lions on the crest and a six digits tuition fee shoved in his hands. He cries and shakes his head and tells him he doesn’t want to go but when he wakes up the next morning his uniform is waiting for him at the bottom of his bed.

He’s careful not to let his eyes linger on anything for too long after that, lest it be taken away too.

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Happy father’s day, Patrick Jane!

I’m sure that now in the early stages of their marriage Patrick still finds it hard to believe that he has been given so much, a second chance. A man that was broken and forever marked by his tragedy, he must be feeling blessed now that he wakes up every day by the side of his beautiful wife, the love of his life, and sees how his baby is growing every day inside her. I’m sure he’s more observant now than ever and he listens for Teresa’s every little wish, he sees every tiny change in her body and in her face and he spends days dreaming about the time when they finally welcome their child and see its face for the first time. I think he looks closely at Teresa’s features and imagines what their baby will look like hoping that they’ll have her eyes perhaps and her adorable pout when they want something. I imagine him touching her belly as she sleeps ever so tenderly or putting his ear to it, I imagine him and Teresa thinking and arguing just a little bit about the names for their baby, and Jane explaining Lisbon’s unsteady mood by the strong character of his child, and also looking back on her pre-wedding behavior and understanding why she was like that, something he’d never seen in her before. He will never have to feel alone and desolate again, whenever he reaches out for her, he’ll find his Lisbon by his side and not as a trusted friend but as his wife and mother of his child. He will be busy every day building a house for them and feeling that he’s happy, feeling that he finally has a home, that his life has a meaning again. He will look at his baby and see how it grows and he will see part of himself and his effort in it every day, and he will remember his little Charlotte and do for his child everything he couldn’t or didn’t have time to do for her. He will be the best dad, caring and overprotective, understanding and always present. And he will be given the most faithful love that there can be, love that endured so much and only got stronger, the love of Teresa. I’m so happy for him now that I know they have a home and family together, because time has come for them to anticipate good things, to be happy and let their love show and shine – without fear, fill their life.

Prompt Fill

Fenders - I wish I could hate you.

(This is Fenders, but it’s also kinda pre-Fenders.)

- - -

“Do not touch me.”

The mage withdrew his hand from Fenris’ sweat-soaked brow. Despite his threat laced tone, Anders’ face held nothing more than mild irritation as he turned to wring out a fresh cloth into a warm basin of water.

“Fever seems to have broken…”

Fenris shifted himself further away on the lumpy cot, wanting to demand that the other man cease his soft words. This mocking play at concern that he showed was far better served when directed at the paltry Darktown dwellers that frequented the derelict clinic.

“Then I will return to the mansion.” He said as firmly as he could manage around a wet cough, which had mutinously scratched its way from his throat the moment he opened his mouth. He shifted his legs and braced his weight on his elbows, moving to get up.

When his chest was met with an insistent hand bearing him down, he let himself be pressed back into the cot, blaming his weakened muscles for his compliance. He did not bother to let his thoughts linger on how nicely the scent of cotton and herbs masked the bite of the sewer air that awaited him outside the clinic’s doors.

Despite allowing himself to be settled back into the cot, he fixed the other man with a meaningful glare in response. “I told you not to touch me, mage.” He mumbled through still more coughs. “I am well enough now, I no longer need your help. I never need it to begin with.”

Anders ignored him.

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