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The Rooftop (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

(Collab with @nonstop-smashing-expectations)

Requested?: ‘Hi! Can you write a poly hamilsquad fic that’s very angsty and sad? Maybe the reader gets into some type of accident?’ 

Prompt: Reader has been missing for the past hour and the boys find her about to jump.

Words: 2500+

Warnings: Depression, Suicide, Angst


9:45 pm

Alexander was pacing the living room floor. His hands were feverishly running through his hair and he was murmuring to himself. Lafayette was scrolling through Facebook on his phone while he was lounging on the couch. John was in his studio painting while Hercules was taking a shower. It was a somewhat normal night for the four.

Except there was one person missing.


You were supposed to be home an hour ago.  

You were never a forgetful person. You always showed up on time for things, sometimes early if you felt like it. But you were never a late person. Yes, you disliked your job, but it put money in your account so you couldn’t complain. You were the Chief Editor for a local newspaper, meaning that you control what was or wasn’t going to be published. There were a few people on the editing team that tries and boss you around when really it should be the other way around. You were soft-spoken and had an anxiety problem so it was an unlikely job for someone as quiet as you. But, your boss liked your creativity and put you as the Chief Editor with no second thought.  

Your boyfriends were very proud of you for getting such a high rank and even took you out to dinner to celebrate when you told them you got the job. Those boys, they loved you to the ends of this universe and back. Alexander smothers you in affectionate love letters and sonnets, John loves to paint and draw pictures of you, Lafayette likes to cook for you and sing to you when you’re tired, and Hercules always insists on making your clothes anytime you grow out of them. All four of them simply adored and loved you and each other to no end. Not many people understood the poly sexuality and call it ‘cheating’ or something similar to ‘sister-wives’. Hell, your own parents disowned you for your sexuality and called you a whore. You ended up moving in with Alexander once he got his first apartment. That was a few years ago and you managed to move into a large apartment with all of your lovers living happily together.  

But, somehow, you weren’t happy.

Not with yourself.

You weren’t exactly sure why you weren’t happy with yourself, your life was almost as perfect as it could be. That’s part of the reason why you didn’t tell anyone how you felt, not even your boyfriends. People didn’t understand that just because you seem to “have a better life” doesn’t mean that you don’t have your own struggles.  

You were afraid that someone would tell you “other people have it worse, stop whining”.  Yes, other people may have problems that are worse but the dismissal of your concerns just adds to the struggles you were going through.

So no, you didn’t tell anyone.  

And that’s why you stood here, on your apartment complex’s roof.  

You had contemplated suicide in the past. You even made a list of all the quickest ways to kill yourself. You could hang yourself, overdose on Alexander’s prescribed sleeping pills, take a bath and then throw in a plugged-in toaster like in the movies, or throw yourself from the apartment’s terrace or the complex’s roof. All you knew is that you needed it to be quick and while you were alone.  

So that’s why you rushed up to the complex’s rooftop the moment you got home.  

You had been up here for about an hour. You had gotten multiple calls and texts from your boyfriends and friends, but you ignored all of them. You had put your phone on mute so that constant ringing didn’t drive you insane. You paced the rooftop, periodically looking over the edge. It was a long drop to the cement below. You’d probably die on impact if you were lucky. You had the urge to jump off, but something kept you back. A voice. Actually, four voices. They sounded like your boys.  

After sending Alexander’s twentieth phone call to voicemail, you opened Facebook. You rarely go on anymore because of work and your personal problems. You were scrolling through your wall, seeing all your friend’s celebrating birthdays and weddings made your heart ache. Just then, for some reason, an idea popped into your head. A stupid but somewhat fun idea.  

Facebook Live.  

You pressed the ‘Live’ tab on the status bar. Immediately, your front camera turned on and you pressed the red button. You wiped your eyes with one hand and fixed your hair. After a few seconds, you saw the viewers count start climbing. It stopped at four people. The chat came to life as well.

Angelica Schuyler: (Y/N)! What’s going on? Why aren’t you answering my texts & calls?

James Madison: (Y/N), is something the matter? You look like you’ve been crying. Did one of the boys say something to upset you? I’ll send Thomas over there if you need me to.

Peggy Schuyler: (Y/N)!! Hi!!! Are you okay? :? Do you need a hug??

George Washington: (Y/N), did Alexander upset you? Do I need to go into ‘father’ mode?  

You giggled weakly. “It’s alright, you guys.” You said softly, your voice crackly and soft. “Just stupid not important stuff.”  

Angelica Schuyler: Bullshit! (Y/N), what is the matter? Talk to be GDI! >:(

You ignored Angelica’s comment and switched the camera. You walked over to the edge of the rooftop and peered over, letting your phone get a full glimpse of the street under you. Some people down below had seen you and a small crowd was forming.  

Peggy Schuyler: … (Y/N) pls, tell me u aren’t thinking what I think ur thinking. :(

You turned the front camera back on. You took out a slip of paper out of your pocket and opened it. You gave a weak smile to the camera before reading.  

“‘My name is (Y/N) (L/N). I’m twenty-five years old and I live with my four boyfriends…’”


Lafayette was watching a video about the festival of colors in India when he got a message.

Angelica Schuyler: (Y/N)’s on Facebook Live.

Angelica Schuyler: She’s reading out her suicide note.

Angelica Schuyler: STOP HER.

Lafayette abruptly stood, ceasing John and Hercule’s conversation about anime and making Alexander stop his pacing. All three had their eyes on the Frenchman as he opened the ‘Facebook Live’ tab and turn on your live video feed.  

“… and everyone always says that I have a better life than others and I shouldn’t whine and complain,” Your voice came out of the phone’s speakers. “But I have problems too! I’m not an emotionless doll that doesn’t have stress or fears or insecurities. I’m human!”  

“(Y/N)…” Alexander murmured as he watched the video. You had tears streaming down your face as you spoke. You looked to be pacing back and forth.  

“A lot of you guys know I have this anxiety problem and that’s just not that. I’ve had problems with depression in the past, ever since I was a teen. My parents threw me out when I came out as polysexual when I was sixteen. I lost a lot of my so-called friends because of this. I was harassed and physically attacked by my classmates. I’m surprised I didn’t kill myself then.”  

Alexander already was racing to put on his shoes. Hercules did the same, handing John his sneakers. Lafayette turned off his phone and joined his boyfriends. Alexander was antsy and ready to go.  

“Come on!” He cried. “We have to get up there and stop her before she does something bad!”

Alex was the first one out the door, followed closely by John and Lafayette. Hercules was last and quickly shut the apartment door before running after the others.  

Alex headed toward the elevator doors, the elevator being the closest way up to the sixth-floor roof access. He was about ten feet away from it when he registered the “out of order” sign on the door.  

Alex turned around and ran back the way he came, grabbing John’s arm who grabbed Lafayette who pulled Hercules alongside him so that they won’t have to stop to turn around.  

Alex charged down the hallway, racing toward the door labeled “staircase level 4”. The old lady who lived toward the end of the hallway was trying to get into her apartment when she saw the boys running full tilt down the hall. She quickly flattened herself against the wall, sensing that something bad was about to happen, her groceries laying forgotten on the floor.  

Alex flung open the stairway door and started running up the stairs, taking the stairs two at a time. He had just gotten to the landing for the fifth level when his phone started ringing. He didn’t want to answer it at this time, worried that it would slow him down, but something was yelling at him to answer it.  

He hit the answer button, putting it on speaker so that he didn’t have to hold it to his ear and run.  He almost dropped the phone in his hand when the voice of James Madison came through the speakers. “Alex, I know that we don’t really like each other but this is important. (Y/N)’s live stream just cut off suddenly and no one knows if she’s ok.” He continued talking but all that Alex and the others could hear was that one sentence.  

Finding a burst of speed, they reached the sixth and final level of the building which contained the roof access.  Fear and dread filled them as they could only hope that (Y/N) was ok.  

They finally got to the roof access and ran up those steps. Alex pushed the door open onto the roof and darted forward into the middle of the roof, opening up space so that the others could get past him. They crowded behind him, coming to an abrupt stop as their eyes scanned the roof.

John was the first to start sobbing, having not seen his girlfriend on the roof. Alex clenched his fists, tears pouring down his face as he turned his head away from the emptiness that lay before him. Lafayette threw his arms around Hercules, pressing his face into Hercules’ chest. Hercules stared at the empty roof in disbelief, shock flooding through his body.  

After a few seconds for his body to register what he was feeling due to the shock, he pressed his face into Lafayette’s hair and cried. He grabbed John and pulled him towards them, and he in return dragged Alex into the group hug as well.  

A gust of wind blew their hair around, tangling it with each other. The same gust of wind took the still open access door and slammed it shut with a bang.

The group flinched at the noise, turning around to look at the access door that was built in the middle of the roof.  The group all had tears in their eyes, vision blurred.

Because of that, they weren’t entirely sure for a second if what happened after that was true.  

Hercules had seen it first and gasped, and the rest of the group looked to where he was pointing.

A split second later, they too saw what had surprised Hercules, as you walked around the access door wall from the other side of the roof, phone in hand.  

Your face was red and tear-streaked. Your body was shaking from the cold since you were wearing only a tank top and jeans. Your phone’s screen was cracked but still working. You had a look of terror on your face. You were shaking not just from the cold, but from shock too.  

“H-Hi..” You whispered. “I’m still here.”

It was Alexander who broke away from the group and slowly made his way over to you. He slowly reached out and cupped your cheek with his hand. He stood still for a few moments, stroking his thumb over your cheek.  

“Guys,” He murmured. “Do you see her too or am I seeing things?”  

As soon as he said that, the sky opened up and rain poured down, instantly soaking everyone to the bone.  

You shuddered, wrapping your arms around yourself as the thin tank top you were wearing did nothing against the sudden chilly rain.  

Lafayette saw you shivering and he walked forward past Alex to gently wrap his arms around you, the others still too shocked to move. He smiled with tears in his eyes as he said in a shaky voice, “Yeah, we see her too.” He gently brushed the rain from your face as he said, “Let’s all go back inside, it’s too cold to stay out here.”  

They formed a small almost huddle like group around you as they guided you to the roof entry door, trying their best to keep the rain off you.

One by one, they filed through the door and led you down the staircase to the sixth floor. From there, they continued walking in a group formation around you, trying their best to provide body heat when their clothes were soaked as well.  

Hercules jogged ahead of the group to open the apartment door, get blankets and to warm up hot chocolate for all of you.  

The rest of the group shut the door behind them and went to change into drier clothes. Soon, the hot chocolate was ready and everyone was sitting on or near the couch, hot chocolate mugs in hand.  

You sipped carefully from the hot chocolate, sighing in relief as you felt the chill leave your body.  

Everyone had at least one or two blankets wrapped around them and you were sure you left a trail of water to your door.  

A short while later, everyone was done with their hot chocolate and was no longer that cold. The soothing warmth coming from the blankets had caused everyone to drift off into a light slumber, yourself included.  

Blinking drowsily, you looked at your boyfriends that lay curled up near you, with a smile. There would probably be a lot of things to talk about when you all woke up but for now, it was quiet and you felt at peace. With a yawn, you leaned back into the couch and soon fell completely asleep.

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Hercules (Reader X Jughead)

Request : no, my idea

warning: NONE!

A/N: man I was watching the whole movie while writing this, but because I was writing I missed majority of the movie. As a result I watched it again, haha.

but I really hope you guys like it! I absolutely love this movie till no end.BTW fun fact about me, I used the term Aromantic because I’m Aromantic. So I thought I’d tell you guys. if you don’t know what romantic is, it’s: An aromantic person is someone who doesn’t experience romantic attraction. 

anyway, Hopefully you like this and You find no mistakes.( since I’m lazy atm to double check) and the Bold  parts are the song. 

Friday, my favorite day of the school week and the worst schedule of the week. The usual was going to happen, I walk with Jughead to school, have almost every class with him. Thank God because as I mentioned the schedule is terrible but I have Jughead to entertain me during every subject.

 It was finally the last period of the day, history, which I don’t mind because we’re learning about the Greek mythology. “Okay class I’ll need you all to do a project, which will be in pairs.. you’ll enjoy some movies to watch and you’ll come back to class discussing the movie you’ve watch to the class. Now I’ll be naming the groups.”our teacher informs us as she starts to look through her folder to look for the paper with the pairs .

 Name after name is called and I still wait to find out. Findlay my name comes up, “(Y/N)(Y/L/N) and… Jughead Jones.” 

 I take a quick look at Jughead a shove him with my elbow, of course Jughead being Jughead rolls his eyes but I could swear I heard him say “ thank God.”

 Casually Jughead and I wait till she comes to our table and tells us which God or Goddess we’ll be talking about. “Y/N and Jughead, you’ll be talking about Hercules and Megara.. I know Megara isn’t a Goddess but their love story is amazing in this movie! You’ll be watching Hercules the Disney movie.” 

 I hear Jughead groan while I’m literally bubbling with excitement! Jughead looks at me and shakes his head knowing how much I’m a sucker for Disney films. It’s officially the end of the day and I’m grabbing whatever books I need from the locker. 

Suddenly I feel the presence of someone. “What do you want Juggie.” 

 “ Y/N how do you always know when it’s me? Anyway, I was wondering we could watch the movie on my laptop at my home but if you think my home is a bit too small we could do it at yours.” 

 “ We can watch it at yours, i prefer your house more than mine.. your place actually feels like home, but it will have to be after 6 because I have cheer practice.” I reason with him while closing my locker. 

 “ okay sure, and how on earth does my house that literally consists of only my bed, desk, small fridge, small bathroom seem more like home than yours? I never understood why you entered to be a Vixen.”

 I laugh at his comment because I’ve told him over a hundred times that being a cheerleader would be good on my college application.

 “Trust me little Juggie, home is where the heart is.. and your drive-in house is where my heart is. Jughead, I’ve told you a million times that cheerleading would look good for college.” After our discussion, Jughead and I went our separate ways. 

As I headed towards the gym I end up meeting with Betty and Veronica. “ A little bird told me that you and our Beanie boy are going to work on the love story of Hercules and Megara.” Veronica speaks with a smile on her face. Of course I know who the little bird is because Kevin sits right in front of Jughead and I.

 “ Veronica just say it’s Kevin, besides it’s just a project.” I shrug my shoulders.

 “ yeah, but I heard it’s about the Disney movie and the movie literally is the cutest thing ever! Besides I think it will be a good movie to actually get you to admit your love for your Juggie. I totally see you as a Megara, a damsel in distress, sarcastic, and someone who doesn’t want to admit their love. Besides Jughead is in love with you, it’s obvious but you just seem to ignore any affection he shows you. ” 

 I laugh and lower my head trying to hide my face because I know if Veronica or Betty saw my pink cheeks I’ll never hear the end of it. I mumble a “whatever” and hear both of them giggle.

 “Y/N! Show them how it’s done again! These girls are going to to give me high blood pressure.” Cheryl shouts I nod my head and reshow the moves and Cheryl sits down. 

I could feel my body aching, being the co- captain can be tiring. Especially when the Captain herself isn’t helping. An hour later we are done with everything and I’m headed to Jughead’s home hoping he’ll let me take a quick shower. I knock on his door and he’s quick to open it for me.

 “ you’re on time, good job little miss perfect.” He jokes and moves to the side to allow me to enter.

 “ shut up Juggie, anyway; can I take a quick shower because Cheryl decided to murder my body once again.” He nods his head and said he’ll prepare the movie. I walk into the bathroom and start to shower. 

I’m glad that I decided months ago to leave my shampoo, razor and body wash here because I’ve noticed myself from time to time staying over at Jughead’s house. We kinda help each other out, in return I do Jughead’s laundry,iron and fold them, make him homemade food whenever we decide not to go to pop’s and help with the cleaning at his house whenever it needs cleaning. 

 When I’m done with my shower I notice that Jughead left on the toilet seat cover a towel and a shirt of his. I slip on my underwear ,the extra spandex I keep with me and his shirt. I walk out the bathroom and notice that Jughead has arranged the pillows around his bed and the laptop in front of him, with the movie ready. I I take my time walking towards the bed, but since it’s a small place it takes me seconds to reach there. I hop onto his bed and sit next to him as we start to play the movie. 

 We are now at the part when Hercules would “save” Megara and he’s all googly eyes and she’s being sarcastic. 

 “ (Y/N/N) remember when we were kids and these kids were bullying you because you were short and I came in to save you. I say our relationship is exactly like theirs.”

 I hum in response “ yeah and then I said the exact same thing she said .. that my name is (Y/N) but my friends call me (Y/N/N) that’s if i had any friends… I was new to Riverdale so I had no friends. Are you implying that you were all heart eyes when you saw me?”

 He laughs so loud that I don’t think I’ve ever heard him laugh that loud in my life. “ you were the most beautiful girl I have ever met at the playground, and that’s why I called you by your nickname when you said that because I knew we would be friends.” 

 I laugh and return my attention back to the movie that was still playing. Now we reached the part when Megara starts to sing the song “ I won’t say I’m in love.”

 Every word that was sung I felt the exact same way, I felt like the Muses are Veronica and Betty .. After dating Reggie and what he did.. it absolutely broke my heart, and I said I would never fall in love again.. I even considered myself for 2 years as an Aromantic. But then Jughead just always made my heart warm every time we would be together.


No man is worth the aggravation. That’s ancient history, been there, done that! 


 Who’d ‘ya think you’re kiddin' 

 He’s the Earth and heaven to you 

 Try to keep it hidden Honey, we can see right through you 

 Girl, ya can’t conceal it

 We know how ya feel and 

 Who you’re thinking of 

 I automatically think of what Betty and Veronica would always tell me..


 No chance, no way I won’t say it, no, no 

 I internally laugh because that’s always my response whenever Betty or Veronica say I should admit my love.


You swoon, you sigh why deny it, uh-oh


It’s too cliche I won’t say I’m in love

 I thought my heart had learned its lesson

 It feels so good when you start out

 My head is screaming get a grip, girl 

Unless you’re dying to cry your heart out. 

 After that verse I feel my head is screaming with joy! That finally someone or a song actually understands what’s it’s been trying to tell me. And that thinking of Jughead in a romantic way is wrong and I shouldn’t even bother.


You keep on denying 

 Who you are and how you’re feeling 

 Baby, we’re not buying 

 Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling

 Face it like a grown-up When ya gonna own up 

That ya got, got, got it bad 

 Once again Betty and Veronica’s words just keep playing … 


 You’re way off base I won’t say it

 Get off my case I won’t say it 

 I feel myself now having an internal conflict That it’s true .. that I’ll actually never say whatever my heart is telling me. 


Girl, don’t be proud It’s O.K. you’re in love

 The last line of the song is the line that hit my heart like a ton of bricks.


 Oh At least out loud, I won’t say I’m in love 

 When the song ended I feel like my heart has been warmed, that even though I’m in love with Jughead, I’ll never say it out loud. By the end of the movie, Megara and Hercules are happy together after Hercules saves her. And I feel like crying at how much he loves Her after everything she did. 

 Officially the movie is over and I turn to Jughead to speak but Jughead had something to say. “Y/N I need to tell you something.” I could hear the doubt in his voice but ignore it and nod for him to continue.

 Suddenly, I feel his right hand grabbing my side of my face and he pulls me in and kisses me. I feel like my stomach is doing flips and my heart is beating 100 miles per hour, but all I do is kiss back and letting this moment live

. When we pull away a whisper from Jughead is said “ will you be my Meg and I your Hercules?”

Personal Accounts: Meltdowns

Hi! We’re starting a new series of posts that will be called “personal accounts”. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin: real-life experiences from autistic people, concerning some particular autistic traits and how it affects the person’s life. The aim of this series is to underline the variety of autistic experiences, and to give writers some ideas on ways autistic individuals can experience life. 

Mod Cat and Mod Aira will share their experiences, but we’re only two people, and can’t possibly reflect the variety of points of view which exist among autistic people. This is why we will be taking submissions from autistic people. If you are autistic and you would like to share your experience with us, you can submit it, this would be greatly appreciated! For now, we’ll begin with the theme of meltdowns.

Here is Mod Aira’s experience with them:

In our recent masterpost, we explained some of the causes of meltdowns, what happens during one, and how a character can make one better or worse. But we think it could also be useful to writers to get a firsthand, subjective account of what one actually feels like. I (Mod Aira) don’t often get shutdowns, but boy howdy do I get meltdowns. In my case, they are most often caused by sensory overload, as I am extremely hypersensitive and due to the nature of my job and the place where I live, I’m unable to shelter myself from overload. I normally know well in advance when one of these sensory overload meltdowns is coming, and when possible, I remove myself from the situation to avoid having the meltdown happen. Sometimes it’s not possible, and I wind up actually melting down around once a week or so, on average.

I also get meltdowns at times from emotional overload and stress. These are generally very sudden and unexpected, usually in response to a sudden rush of frustration over something I try and fail to do, often something I didn’t realize was upsetting me until too late (alexithymia is fun). They also tend to pass very quickly, because normally all I need to do to calm back down is stop doing the thing I was trying and failing to do, saving it for another day when I’m calmer.

Since sensory overload meltdowns are more common for me (and more interesting, I think), I’ll describe one of those. This will be long, as I want to describe the full buildup as well as the meltdown itself, because we’ve had a few people ask about that.

It’s been a long day at work. I’m a teacher. Third grade. I love my job. I love my kids. But they never stop shouting. After four hours straight of being screamed at without the option of putting on ear protectors or leaving the room, my ears are throbbing. It feels like someone has boxed my ears. My tinnitus is worse than usual, too: a loud ringing sound that hasn’t stopped for four years. That just adds to the pain.

So class is over, the kids are gone, and it’s time for me to put away my things and head home. I grab my basket and head to the English teachers’ room to put my things away and put my shoes on. All the other teachers are already there. The room is tiny. I try to weave between people to get my basket on the shelf, but everyone keeps bumping me, following up with an “Oops, sorry!” accompanied by what feels to me like aggressive eye contact and putting their face really close to mine. I’m getting super fidgety. I don’t want to be touched right now. My body is on high alert, even more sensitive than usual due to the overload I feel, and every touch hurts. Eyes staring at me hurts. Faces close to me (so I can smell their disgusting, harsh perfume and hair products) hurts.

Worse still, they’re all talking. The voices all meld together to form a cacophony of voices. I swear they’re getting louder with every second. That might be true, or it might be my perception, my senses getting ever more acute as the pain increases.

Someone touches me deliberately. They’ve been talking to me. They’re annoyed that I’ve been “ignoring” them. Sorry, coworker. I can’t hear your voice right now. It’s mixed up with all the others in the room. I make an excuse, say I need to run, suggest they send me this in an email and I’ll get back to them in the evening.

Shoes on. Jacket on. Out the door as quickly as I can without tripping over the students in the hallway.

Down the street to the tram stop. It’s freezing outside. The cold feels like a million knives digging straight into my skin wherever it’s exposed. I want to cry. I rush to the tram stop. I can’t really rock back and forth here, in public and right next to the school, so I bounce up and down and walk back and forth, trying to disguise my stimming as just trying to stay warm.

So far, this is all business as usual. A typical end of the work day. If I can just hang in there until I get home, I’ll be okay. Then I can veg out for a few hours watching videos or playing Minecraft. But today, I am not so lucky. Today I have to buy food on the way home, both for me and for the cat. The cat has no food at all, so even if I’m willing to starve, I have to stop at the store and get something for him.

I get a seat on the tram, since my stop is near the start of the line. It’s a 25-minute ride to the stop where the supermarket is. The tram is hell. Every person has a smell. Perfumes which burn my nose, cigarette smoke, food smells which nauseate me. It’s winter, so there’s even a homeless person in the same car with me, trying to stay warm. I empathize with him, just trying to survive, what choice does he have, but the smell is so nauseating that I have to hide my face inside my jacket. There are teenagers talking in loud voices which hurt my ears. Someone is listening to music through ear buds and I can hear it. More pain.

Every time the tram stops to let people on, the doors open and the cold rushes in. It burns my skin. And then, worst of all, just before the doors close, an alarm shrieks to warn people to stay out of the way. It’s the loudest sound in the universe. It sounds like a train whistle, it sounds like a thousand harmonicas being blown into at once. It hurts so much.

A light in the ceiling is flickering. It hurts. I have to squeeze my eyes shut. My face is buried in my jacket. My ears hurt so much… My ear protectors are in my bag, buried under other things. I can’t bring myself to come out of my turtle position to try to find them. I could stick my fingers in my ears, but then everyone would think I was crazy. I feel like my brain is going to explode. I feel like I can’t breathe. If I can just hold out a little bit longer…

At least, the tram arrives at the supermarket. I practically jump off, taking deep, gasping breaths, trying to get the panic to subside. The cold hits me, slaps me, more pain. The supermarket door is just a few steps away, but I hesitate. The supermarket is worse than the tram. I review my mental map of the store and my mental list of things I absolutely need to buy right now. The cat food is there. The bread is there. The yogurt is there. The vegetables… Do I really have to buy vegetables today? I can survive without them. Deep breath… GO!

The supermarket is crowded. The lights are so bright I think they’re trying to pierce through my eyes into my brain. The whole place is chaos, a mess of bright colors, lights, movement, and sounds. And people. People everywhere pushing and shoving their way past each other. Nope, no way am I bothering with vegetables today.

I make a beeline for the yogurt, then grab the bread. Several people bump and shove me. The aisles are extremely narrow. Frantically, I try to remember what else I needed. I’m stood still in the middle of the supermarket, so overloaded that I can’t remember, I can’t remember what I need, I can’t remember where I was going, all I am aware of is pain and the fact that I’m in everyone’s way.

Cat food! Thank goodness, I remembered. Sometimes, I don’t. Sometimes I have to go back out after I go home. I rush over, grab a bag, get in line. The cashiers are always very slow. Deep breaths. Slow breaths. It will be over soon. Finally! Throw the items in my backpack, pay the cashier, mumble a polite greeting, and rush for the door. The homeless woman is there, as always, trying to sell magazines. I hate myself for not having the energy to look her in the eye and smile and at least have the decency to apologize for not buying a magazine today. I can’t do it. Not happening. Rush back to the tram stop.

Now my senses are completely and utterly overloaded. I’m not even sure if I’m going to make it home. I’ll satisfy myself with being able to hold in my tears until I’m out of sight. My fingers are in my ears now. I’m rocking back and forth. There’s no point in trying to appear normal now. It hurts so much. Pain. All I know is pain.

No seats on the tram. Stand, hold on to the bar, rock back and forth, bounce up and down, one finger in one ear, the other is assaulted by the door-closing sound, face is buried in jacket. I want to run away. I want to hide. There is nowhere to run, no way to hide, not here. Two more stops.

Jump out into the cold. I have to get home. I have to get home NOW. I realize tears are leaking out of my eyes and down my face as the cold tries to freeze them. I wish I could run home, but my feet hurt with every step. Everything hurts. I have only one thought now. Home. Home. HOME. Home NOW. Have to get HOME.

I walk as fast as I can, every step sending waves of pain up through my feet, up my legs, through my whole body. Smells of dog poo and human urine and whiffs of perfume and restaurant cooking smells all attack my nose at once, sounds of voices and dogs barking and cars and trams and doors slamming and footsteps, my clothes are rubbing against my skin, my backpack is too heavy, the straps digging into my shoulders, the cold on my face, everything is PAIN. Home, home, home, home, HOME!

After the three-minute walk to my building (which feels like a million years), I reach the front door. Have to open the door. Keys. Keys are in my pocket. Digging, fumbling, it hurts more with every second, I’m not going to make it. I’m not going to make it home, it’s going to happen right here on the street, I want to go home! Hands shaking, fumbling, unable to grip the key properly, it takes four tries to get it in the lock and turn it. The door is so heavy, the door has tripled in weight since this morning, it takes all my strength to get it open. Nearly there. Up two flights of stairs, the weight of my backpack dragging me down, the other key, no the OTHER key, stupid fingers, they’re not listening anymore, they’re not working anymore, it takes five tries this time to get the key in, it won’t turn! It’s stuck again! Tears running down my face, I’m making some kind of animal noise now, I can hear it, it must be coming from me, surely everyone in the building can hear it. Finally, the door is open, I’m inside, I’m home.

I manage to get my backpack off somehow, jacket zipper won’t come off, finally throw the jacket down, the shoes, oh jesus get these horrible things off of me, I’m sobbing now, please make it stop, make the pain stop, get them off, please, my fingers don’t know how to untie shoelaces anymore, they can’t do it, somehow, finally, they are off, I’m on the floor, the pain is still not stopping, but there’s no one here but the cat, looking at me with a worried cat face (mostly worried that he won’t be getting his dinner yet), not approaching me. What are these noises? Yes, I’m making them, I can feel it in my throat, my face is wet with tears and my vision is blurry, that’s fine, I don’t want to see anymore. I’m home, but I’m still not safe, the pain still hasn’t stopped, I have to get away from the pain. The pain is hunting me, it won’t leave me alone, I have to escape somehow. I’m crawling under the table where the cat normally hides, I am writhing and thrashing, I bang my head on the floor, it hurts.

How long does this last? A million years, a couple of minutes, I’m not sure. Finally, the panic is subsiding. The threat has passed. It still hurts, but the pain is receding. I’m home. I’m safe under the table. The cat is poking his head under the table cloth, checking in on me. I beckon him over and he curls up with me, glad of the warmth. He purrs. I stroke his soft fur. I am still crying. I will be crying for a while. My head hurts, a different kind of pain now, the pain from slamming it on the floor. I have a lump there, again. That’s okay. That kind of pain is easy to deal with. Pain from injuries is nothing at all. Most people do not even know what pain means.

My ears are still ringing. They will never stop until the day I die, say the doctors. They will only get worse. Now is not the time to think about that.

Curled up with the cat under the table, I fall asleep for a minute or two, exhausted. I start to come back to my senses. I realize I only bought yogurt and bread for myself. What am I going to have for dinner? I can’t go back out to buy anything else. It’ll have to be some frozen or instant meal again. Again. I think back to all the people who told me how “high functioning” I was, to the person who said “you’re not autistic, you’re just on the spectrum,” I wish those idiots could see me now, I can’t even feed myself. I’m angry at the world for making me suffer like this, for forcing me to constantly behave in a way that does not come naturally for me, to expend energy putting up with their nonsense and accommodating their needs. I’m angry at myself for being unable to manage a simple trip to the supermarket. I’m embarrassed. I’m disappointed.

And I’m also proud. I made it all the way home before melting down. And meltdowns or no, I do my job, and I’m good at it. I live alone, and somehow I always manage. And I remembered to buy the cat’s food! Come on, buddy, you’ve taken good care of me, I’ll give you your dinner. Meow!“

Sweet Revenge

Anonymous said: “Can you please write an jackson wang imagine when I pull the I’m leaving you prank on him because he keeps pranking me Thank you”

I hope this was what you wanted! Thank you for the request <3 <3 </p>

Enough was enough. There was only so much you could take, and you had reached your limit. 

It was time for some sweet revenge. 

It had been funny when he rearranged everything in your kitchen cabinets so you couldn’t find anything, you had laughed when you had put your feet into your boots only to find them filled with water, you didn’t even get mad when you opened your bedroom door only to have a raw egg fall on your head. You weren’t phased when clingfilm was taped across the front door after a long day of work, and you forgave the time he replaced the hand soap with honey.

But as you pulled feathers from your hair, you knew this had to stop. By the time you realized that your favorite hat was full of them, it was too late. Feathers were everywhere, on the floor, in your hair, all over your clothes and some still floated around in the air.

You walked around your apartment, looking for ideas. You had never been one for pulling pranks, just watching them, and you didn’t know where to start. 

As you wandered into yours and Jackson’s shared bedroom, you noticed your suitcase sticking out slightly from the closet. Jackson must have bumped it that morning getting his clothes, and you made to put it away. That’s when the idea came to you, the ultimate prank that would put an end to this feathery, sticky, wasteful nonsense.

Now all you had to do was set it up and wait.

When Jackson walked through the front door several hours later, he wasn’t expecting to see you sitting on the couch waiting for him with a glare. He knew the moment he walked in that something was wrong. You didn’t great him with your usual kiss, didn’t ask how his day was, didn’t say anything for a full minute.

“Hey babe.” He said hesitantly. “Something wrong?” 

You looked up at him, and he noticed the glassy look in your eyes. “I don’t think this is going to work.”

He felt like the floor had been pulled out from under him, in an instant he felt like everything he had worked so hard for was gone. “Wh… What?” Surely you were talking about something else. You had to be. Maybe you meant that the trip the two of you had planned for next month wouldn’t work with your schedule?

“Us.” You clarified. “I don’t think we’re going to work. Who were we kidding anyway? This has to stop.”

You watched as Jackson dropped his bag, looking like he didn’t quite believe you. “Did something happen?” He asked, and his voice cracked slightly. “Babe, if I did something wrong, please just tell me, we can talk about this…” He walked over to where you were seated, sinking down on his knees in front of you. You could see tears welling in his eyes, and you felt a pang of guilt.

“It’s not that you did anything, we just… Jackson, we could never really work. Haven’t we been lying to ourselves for long enough?”

“I… No, you love me. I know you do.” There was a desperation in Jackson’s voice that made your heart feel like it was breaking, and seeing him cry made you cry too. You sniffed, telling yourself that you needed to stick with the plan. You stood, unable to look at Jackson anymore, and began walking over to the bedroom.

“If you’ll just talk to me, please, we can work this out. Is this about my parents? Your parents? People on the internet? Just ignore them, they don’t know us, they don’t know how much I lo–”

You turned around abruptly, facing Jackson almost nose-to-nose. “I’ve made up my mind, Jackson.” You opened the door, walking over to the bed where your suitcase sat.

“We’ll talk in the morning, it’ll be better then–” He stopped when he saw your suitcase, and his knees gave out. That was when you knew you couldn’t keep up the charade. 

You hurried over to his shaking form, kneeling down in front of him and putting your hand on his cheek. “Jackson, hey, look at me. Don’t cry, I’m sorry, it was a prank, I didn’t mean to make you so upset.” 

“It’s my fault, isn’t it? For being gone so much?” You realized he wasn’t even listening anymore, and leaned in for a kiss. He froze the moment he felt your lips on his, and looked reproachful when you pulled away.

“That’s not fair.” He whispered. “You can’t kiss me after dumping me.”

“Baby,” You said, feeling utterly horrible as you brushed a tear from his cheek with your thumb. “It was a prank, a joke, I didn’t mean it. I’m so sorry.”

“What?” His eyes were red, and he wiped his nose with his sleeve as he tried to understand. 

“I love you, I would never leave you.” You said, but he still didn’t look like he could believe you. “Look,” You said, standing to get the suitcase and bringing it back over to him. “It’s empty, see?” He watched as you opened it, and he took a deep shuddering breath.

“It was a prank?” He asked weekly, and you nodded. 

“Revenge for all the pranks you’ve been pulling on me. I think it might have gone a little too far, though.” Jackson sniffed loudly in response, pulling you close and burying his face in your neck. 

“I’m sorry.” You said again, and he let out a tired laugh.

“I guess I was asking for it.” There was a moment of silence between you before he spoke again. “So you’re really not leaving me?” 

“Never.” You said, and his grip on you tightened, as though he were afraid you might disappear if he let go.

“I think this was worse than feathers in your hat.” He pointed out, and you had to agree. “You know it’s my turn for revenge now, right?” 

You made a face, even though Jackson still couldn’t see it. “My plan was to get you to stop pranking me.” 

“You could have just asked.” You could tell from his voice that he was pouting, and you pulled away enough to peck him on the lips once again.

“I did.” You sighed. “And you responded with clingfilm across the door, remember?” 

He nodded slowly. “Oh, yeah.” He laughed, and you felt a wave of relief upon hearing it. “This was a pretty good prank, you know.” He said thoughtfully. “And you’re really good at acting, I even thought you were serious for a second there.”

“Oh really?” You snorted.

He nodded. “But your tears were totally fake, it was a dead giveaway.” 

You gasped dramatically, pretending to be hurt by the words. “I will have you know that those tears were one hundred percent authentic.”

He rolled his eyes, standing and pulling your to your feet at the same time. “Sure they were. Did you chop unions before I got here or something?”

You shook your head. “Nope, seeing you cry makes me cry.” He looked like he wanted to say something else, but then gave a slightly breathless laugh. 

“How am I supposed to be mad when you say stuff like that?” He complained as he tucked your hair behind your ear. You could tell that he wasn’t actually annoyed though, and decided that really, your plan had been a success.

You Just Left Me To Die! (Part 6)

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(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Pairing: Jason Todd (Arkham Knight) x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Swearing, blood and talks of wounds, smoking

Rating: Mature

A/N: GUYS! LOOK AT WHAT IS FINALLY DONE!!!! This is the last part! Guys thank you so much all the support and love! Honestly all of it means so much to me, it really keeps me going.

You could feel someone holding your hand, but it was faint and far off. Breathing was hard, your ribs screamed in protest each time you took a breath. As consciousness slowly came back to you it felt like the person holding your hand was shaking. When your hearing finally came back you heard crying. Your eyes jerked as you tried to open them. After almost ten minutes of working your eyes open, you finally opened them. The room you were in was dark, moonlight was streaming through the windows. “I’m sorry y/n, I’m so sorry.” It took you a second to register that it was Jason speaking to you.

“Baby…” you moaned quietly. There was silence, “Jason?” You move your head slowly to face him. His whole face is pained, his eyes were bright red and puffy. “Jason?” you try to get up but you become too light headed. “What happened Jason?” Softly, he pushed you back down on the bed. His hands softly rub your face and he kisses your forehead.

“I…” He pauses, his breath hitching and another sob raking through him. With shaky hands, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it, taking a puff. Slowly, you pulled yourself back up, slapping his hands when he tried to push you back down. You grabbed the cig out of his mouth and kissed his nose.

“These things will kill you.”

“Yeah, well so will a bullet to the heart but I walked away.” He snatched the cigarette out of your hands, placing it firmly back in his lips. You knew this was his was his way of calming down but it wasn’t healthy.

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The Bitch And Her Evil Brood

I want to emphasize I’m not a person that dislikes children. But for personal reasons, I have big issues with my personal space being invaded. That being said, I WILL get aggravated if you come to my line and encroach on my space. Anyway, I work at my local supermarket in a nicer area of town (more bitchy, privileged people). Where I work we have stickers for kids and this machine that kids can put tickets in to accumulate points so they can get prizes. So you can understand how aggravating it can be for me to have children yelling in your face “I want tickets!” While you’re trying to scan a fuck ton of groceries. On this day, I had a lady come in to my line with her two screaming, crying kids while she is on the phone unloading her groceries at a snails pace. So, while this woman is chatting away I start scanning her shit quickly to get her out of my line. Her daughter stands up in the cart and starts literally shrieking “I want tickets!”
I like to ask parent’s if kids can have them. (obviously if your kid wanders off mid transaction I don’t want to get bitched at) and I calmy stop to hand her a sticker and tell her to wait for her mom. Her brother is NOT having that and wants a sticker so I hand him one too (lady is still on her phone). At this point I’m done and trying to get her attention to tell her the total when her daughter throws the ticket back at me and starts screaming about the tickets. I’m saying “Ma'am can she have tickets ?” But the bitch is ignoring me and puts her hand up for me to hold on. At this point my line is backing up and I am getting aggravated. My boiling point is when her kid REACHED over my fucking register and till while crying and screaming for tickets and nearly touches my face. I slammed my till closed and said loudly “Your daughter needs to move now.” So the bitch gets mad and starts saying how she doesn’t like my tone but I had enough. I called my manager and walked away while he finished the transaction for me. She left the store in a huff. I really, really wish people would teach their kids about respecting adults while they work and enforcing boundaries.

You’re Safe Here.

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This is the third part to A Touch. The link to the first two parts at the bottom. If you want to be tagged in this or any of my other stories please let me know :)

Reader has a bad run in with one of Negan’s men. It ending with Negan saving her and being surprisingly sweet to her. This is a bit of a longer one.

Reader X Negan

Warnings: Swearing, almost rape.Blood.


After my kiss with Negan I threw myself in my work just wanting to forget everything. After a few hours Alexa made me stop and go get food. Her worried about me getting sunstroke.

Walking toward my room I took a drink of the bottle of water I had, lost in thought. Maybe that’s why I didn’t see Dwight and Daryl before I ran into them. I didn’t realize I bumped into them until I felt the hard floor on my back.

“Oww.” I say looking up only to be met with a glare from Dwight.

“Y/N?” Daryl asks his voice rough as if it hasn’t been used in a while.

“Daryl?” I ask standing up and trying to take a step closer to him only to be stopped by Dwight.

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Convention - Rob Benedict Imagine

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*This is the surprise imagine that is well over 2,000 words!*

Your POV

“Can you tell us a story about your son, Connor?” a fan asks.

I nod, “Okay so, if you didn’t know I have a son. His name is Connor and he’s five and three quarters as he likes to remind me.”

People in the audience laugh as I roll my eyes fondly.

“Okay.” I think, “Um. Last week when I got home from filming it was about 9:30 pm and he goes to bed usually around 7. So when I come home I always go into his room wake him up and talk to him for about 30 minutes. Well last week when I got home he told me that he lost a tooth. And that’s a big deal. It’s his first tooth. So, he showed me and everything. So, I told him okay put it under your pillow that way the tooth fairy can get it and bring you something special in the morning.” I pause looking at the sea of fans in front of me. “So he did. So, the next morning I’m in the kitchen making breakfast. And he comes in upset. I asked him what was wrong and he tells me that the tooth fairy gave him five dollars. Now I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with that when he goes on to say that all of his friends who had lost a tooth had gotten one dollar and that it wasn’t fair that he got five. So, I tell him that the tooth fairy made a mistake and she didn’t mean to. He has the five dollars in his hand and goes mommy can I have a dollar. I tell him yes and then I ask why. And he says that even though the tooth fairy made a mistake it wouldn’t be fair to his friends so he wants me to have the five dollars and have me give him one dollar. I have never been so proud.”

All the fans ‘aww’ at the story. A large grin on my face.

I stand up from where I’m sitting, “I know, I know. Adorable little munchkin isn’t he. So, next question.” I point to a guy sitting in the fifth row with his hand up, “How about you?”

“Hi, my names Oliver. I was wondering who watches Connor or what his schedule is when you are filming?”

I smile, “Hi, Oliver. I love all the questions about my kid. I think we should talk about that for the next thirty minutes until Rob and Rich join us. Well luckily I get to take him to school. So he’s at school and then he takes the bus home to Vicki’s, Misha’s wife, since West and him are good friends and so are Vicki and I. Then about an hour or two later Rob goes and gets him and stays with him until I get home, usually that’s how things work. Which is nice because Rob, Vicki and me all live in the same neighborhood. So, it’s easy to get things taken care of. When Rob is in LA or filming usually Vicki has him or a babysitter until I get home.” I sit back down, taking a drink of water. Leaving out the fact the Rob doesn’t leave the house after I come home, he stays there. Where he’s lived for over a year.

I pick another person to ask a question.

“Hi, Y/N.”

“Hi.” I wave.

“I first want to say that I love your character, Ashley on ‘Supernatural’. My question is what is it like having a kid at such a young age?”

I laugh, “well I’m not that young. I’m 33. If you want to talk young ask Osric. Because everyone but Misha and Mark are in their thirties or lower. Rob just turned 39. He’s getting up there.” I joke with everyone. “I was twenty-eight when I had, Connor. So, once again not that young. It was hard because I was by myself. So, it was hard and it still is. I don’t regret having Connor. It’s definitely the hardest thing I have ever done though. Being a mom that is.”

A staff member picks a fan this time.

“Does Connor ever get to see his dad?” The fan asks.

I freeze for a moment before answering, “Sadly, no. Connor’s dad was in the army and before that he worked with my dad. I was with Connor’s dad for a few months and we broke up because he was about to leave. So, I found out four months after he had left that he died in combat and then two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Sadly, Connor will never get to meet the amazing person who his father was.”

I pick another fan to answer a question.

“First I just want to say I’m sorry. And I was wondering if you would play Fuck, Marry, Kill?”

I look at my phone, “Hold on for like a minute because Rob and Rich are going to be joining me and then all three of us will play. How does that sound?” The whole crowd cheers. “Now one more question from the guy in the black, seventh no tenth row. I’m blind!” The fans laugh.

“Hi. Excuse my blindness.” I say to the guy.

He laughs, “It’s fine. I was wondering how it feels to go from being in three episodes to a series regular. Or more regular than Mark Sheppard at least.”

I laugh, “I don’t have my wallet. Thank you for that. It feels great. I was expecting to die. I still am truthfully. But, it’s amazing. Not only that I already knew some of the cast beforehand. So, it’s amazing. I think that is my favorite word.”

The guy laughs sitting down.

I look behind me to see that Richard and Rob haven’t shown up yet.

“Okay.” I sigh. “Looks like I can take one more question.” I point to someone further in the back.

“Hi, Y/N. I was wondering if you have any future projects coming up.”

“Hello, sweetheart. I do have a few. I’m allowed to talk about some of them too. So, while someone is hunting down Rob and Rich, I will tell you about them. First I will be starting a YouTube channel that’s going to have a lot behind scene stuff and when I’m not filming, my kiddo. Another project that I’m allowed to talk about is ‘The Walking Dead’.”

The crowd screams.

“Yes, that is right I get to be on ‘The Walking Dead’. I’m not suppose to say anything about my character except for this, Negan.”

The crowd screams again.

“Awesome you got them hyped up for us.” Rich says sitting down next to me, surprising me.

“Actually I was talking about ‘The Walking Dead’.” I tell him, the crowd laughs.

I look over to see Rob sit on the other side of me, he gives me a soft smile before looking at the crowd. “Hey guys! I hope you have some questions for us.”

“Hold on. I heard something backstage about Fuck, Marry, Kill. That’s what I want to do first.” Rich says.

The girl from before stands up again, “Hi so the options are Misha, Jensen, Jared.”

I laugh at the looks on Rob and Rich’s faces. “Hi. I already know. Kill Jared, fuck Jensen, and marry Misha. I would get to also marry Vicki if I marry Misha so that’s a benefit.”

“Why kill Jared?” Rob asks.

“I’ve heard to much about his sex life. I know to much, nothing would be a surprise. Jensen I’ve heard a few details same with Misha. Leaves more mystery for how they are.”

Rich shrugs, “Makes sense. And I have to agree with you, Y/N. Not exactly with your reasons but I agree.”

“Rob?” I ask.

“I’m in shock. But, I’m going to say kill Misha, fuck Jensen, and marry Jared.” Rob says.

“Anyone else got a round of FMK for us?” Rich asks. A few hands shoot up. “You in the blue dress. What are our options.”

“Rob, Rich, and Y/N.” The fan tells us. Handing the mic back to a helper before we can question her.

“Well then. That is interesting.” Rich says.

“No shit.” I say to him.

“Does anyone know their answer?” Rob asks.

I shake my head no, lying. I definitely know who I want to marry.

“I do. I will fuck Y/N, marry Rob, and kill myself after doing both.” Rich tells everyone.

“I’m sorry, Rich. I feel bad now. Because I’m going to kill you, fuck myself and marry Y/N.” Rob says, getting cheers from the fans.

“There’s a term that goes everybody wants to fuck themselves, so I think you know one of my answers. I’m going to kill Rich,” I pause to laugh. “Fuck myself and marry Rob. He practically lives me with anyway.” Well he does live with me but you guys don’t need to know that.

“Wow! My best friends just killed me so they could have each other. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. I’ll do a bit of both when I’m going to sleep tonight, alone.” The crowd giggles at Rich’s answer.

“Alone? Is that what you call -” The rest of my answer is cut off by Rich’s hand over my mouth.

“You aren’t allowed to finish that.” He takes away his hand.

“Yes dad.” I say, sticking my tongue out at Rich.

“Okay. Anyone have a question?” Rob asks, ignoring us.

I lean my head against Rob’s shoulder, giving him a small smile when he looks at me. I turn to the fans and see one standing up, a nervous look on her face. I take my head off his shoulder. “Hi, sweetheart. How are you?”

“I’m good. You?” She stutters out.

I smile, “I’m doing fine. What’s your question?”

“My question is actually for you. I was wondering where Connor is right now.”

“I can answer this one!” Rob yells.

“Me too!” Rich yells, getting laughs from the fans and me.

“I will answer the question. Connor is currently hanging out with Uncle Misha. He was very happy when I told him that he got Uncle Misha to himself for two hours long.” My eyes on the girl who asked the question.

“Before we came out here. We were hanging out with Connor and Misha. I have to tell you. They are playing a really intense game of monopoly.” Rich laughs.

Rob nods along with what Rich is saying. “I think Misha was getting ready to throw the board across the room.”

Suddenly I feel something wrap around my legs. I look down and see Connor, his blue eyes staring at me. The ones from his father.  A dopey smile on his face.

“Mommy! Mommy! I beat Uncle Misha. He lost all of us his money and now he’s after me.” Connor explains, out of breath into my microphone.

I’m about to pull him into my lap when Rob beats me to it. A habit he hasn’t been able to break since Connor fell in love with Rob and vice versa. Setting Connor on his own lap. “So you won?” I ask him.

Connor nods, speaking into Rob’s microphone. “Yep. I kept on putting hotels on things and he kept on landing on them.”

I laugh, “Your uncle is horrible at monopoly and he knows it. It’s his own fault for playing that game.”

“Should we go beat up Uncle Misha?” Rick asks Connor.

Connor jumps out of Rob’s lap, “NO! That’s not nice. You’ll get in trouble. Mommy will ground you and take away cookies.”

Rob and me laugh at Rich’s face.

“Not the cookies!” Rich looks at me.

“That was Rob. That was all him. And I think he did it more for himself than anything. But, I will ground you.” I laugh, remembering that day.

I had just came home from shooting, earlier than usual. Rob was sitting on the couch, his head in his hands, shoulders slumped.

“Rob what happened?” I ask, my eyes scanning the room. Looking for anything out of place. I sit next to him.

He lifts his head up. Giving me a sad smile. “Connor hit a little boy at the park. And I didn’t mean to but I got mad at him. I didn’t yell but, I wasn’t very nice. I’m sorry, Y/N. You trust me enough with your son and I just screwed up!” he mutters, angry.

“Rob.” I chuckle. “It’s okay that you got mad. I’m mad. The one thing I’m happy about is that you didn’t yell at him. That would’ve made the situation worse. I still trust you and he’s grounded. You can decide another punishment for him to.”

“Really?” He asks.

“Yeah. Now why did he hit a little boy?” I ask, surprised by my sons behavior.

“Well he wasn’t really little. He’s older than Connor. The kid said something to Connor about not having a dad. Connor got angry and well punched the kid.”

I sigh, “I had a fun day planned out. Now, it’s mostly ruined.”


“Mostly.” I whisper, a smile playing on the both of our lips. Pressing my lips to his.

Connor nods with everything I’m saying.

“Okay. It might of been for my own needs that I took the cookies away. But, your mom grounded you.” Rob says to Connor.

“I’m fine with the grounding I deserved that. But, Dad you took cookies away. And not just any cookies, mom’s candy cookies. No one deserves that punishment.” Connor tells Rob.

I stop breathing. The word ‘dad’ slips out of his mouth like he says it everyday. Everytime he sees Rob. He’s never called Rob that. Not once in the two years Rob and me had been together. The word had not once escaped from his mouth.

I look at Rob in shock. Taking in everything displayed on his face. The joy and shock. The tears in his eyes as he sinks onto the floor, pulling Connor into his arms and just holding him there. I see from the corner of my eye Rich trying to help the stagehands close the curtains so the fans won’t see us. I hear a stagehand yell to him that the microphones have been turned off, as well as the fans screaming, right as I also sink to the floor.

Burying my head into Rob’s chest and holding Connor to the both of us. Rob’s arms wrapped around the both of us tightly. I can feel him crying into my hair as I try to hold back tears but fail.

I press my lips to Connor’s forehead. “I love you so much.” I release Connor from my grip, scooting away to give Rob and Connor a moment.

Rob kisses Connor on the forehead, the same place I did. “Connor, I love you.”

“I love you too, dad.” Connor replies.


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#kdramawomensweek: day 3 // 40+ up women in stories that you adored

↪ dear my friends

Once I saw this category I immediately knew I would be choosing the Dear My Friends women. And as I was making this gifset and rewatching the scenes I started crying. That’s how impactful these women were for me and how deeply they touched me. They’re the kind of women you see and say, “I want to be like you when I grow up.” Their stories were so painfully truthful that after an episode, I felt a deep aching in my heart. Their sadness, joy, fear, and love was my own. Though I’m not at their age, they were still women who felt relatable in some way. Their friendship really added to my love for them, because you saw how much they depended on each other during uncertain times. Separately, everyone was interesting and watching them live their individual lives was a great experience, but together they were incredible and made watching the drama even more enjoyable. I really applaud Noh Hee Kyung for writing such complex women and this was only elevated by the amazing performances given by the cast.
Maybe it’s kind of cliche to say, but these women did teach me lessons. And the one I take close to my heart is: keep going. It’s something everyone tells you all the time, but with Dear My Friends, I felt the lesson really penetrate and stick with me. It was in the small moments, the way the women lived their lives, how they laughed hard after days of worrying and crying, and when they said death could wait, but their farm needed tending to right now.

“They have no shame but they’re not shameless. They had struggled to survive for over 70 years, I regretted being mean to them as if I understood them all. I wanted to tell them that I’d been ignorant & foolish.”

First Dates I

this is my first fic on here! Feel free to read n enjoy!

genre: comedy/angst/light smut? idk, etc

pairing: johnny x reader

word count: 2345

Parts: I II III IV

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Perfect Perfidy

ANGST JUMIN X READER. I pantsed this story pls forgive my sad trash soul.

You hop out of the cab and walk into the large apartment building after paying the driver, for some reason when you had texted Driver Kim to come pick you up he had responded with a text saying he had orders from Mr.Han and could not pick you up. You were confused since Jumin knew you were visiting your parents’ house and needed a ride but you dismissed it and called a cab, deciding to ask Jumin what had happened while you were gone.

You got into the elevator and scanned the penthouse access card, jabbing the highest level with your thumb, in a hurry to go home and meet Jumin after a long day and share a peaceful glass of wine with your love. The elevator door dinged and opened, serving as the front door of your shared penthouse. Instead of normally announcing your arrival like you normally would, you decided to give him a ‘surprise’ instead. You smirked as you walked in quietly after slipping off your black pumps and placing your handbag on the kitchen counter and walked towards his home study only to find the light wasn’t switched on. You furrowed your brows and walked to the main bedroom, you heard a faint groan as you neared the door and … panting?

You sped up in fear that Jumin was in pain and hurt but a light blush covered your face when the thought of him … relieving himself, crossed your mind. You slowly opened the door and your heart sunk as your hand flew up to stop the gasp that was about the escape from your mouth, you stood there silently, as if you were waiting for the scene before you to just disappear, hoping it was just a trick of your eyes but deep down you knew it was real and that you were torturing yourself as you watched, your soulmate, your lover, your husband, Jumin with another woman in the bed you two had previously shared together.

Your vision blurred as tears filled your eyes, you let out a choked sob on accident when you saw her roll her head back in bliss, the bliss that Jumin was giving her. They both snapped their heads toward you once you had made your presence known.

“Juju, who is she?” the woman under Jumin asked, however, her question was answered with silence.

You stared at Jumin and he stared back, however it was hard to specify his expression because of your crying which blurred everything out so you angrily wiped at your eyes with your sleeves and tried to calm yourself down before looking at him again. He looked shocked and guilty, his mouth hanging open and completely unaware that the girl he was screwing crawled out and was redressing herself, you let out a shaky sigh and closed the door and ran out of their like your life was on the line, because you knew, if he called you, you would break.

You paused for a moment as you looked at the ring on your finger, you scoffed and painfully yanked it off your finger and slammed it down on the kitchen counter, grabbing your handbag and slipping your shoes back on and running into the elevator without a second thought as to where you would go or how you would get there, you jabbed your thumb on the carpark button and watched as the doors closed just as you heard him scream your name.

As soon as the doors closed your legs felt like jelly but you didn’t let yourself collapse, you brought out your phone and texted Zen.

I’m coming over, sorry”

Instead of waiting for a reply you switched your phone off and tossed it in your bag, you didn’t want Seven tracking you and you didn’t want to be reminded of Jumin if he called or texted you. You knew you couldn’t go to your mothers as you had just visited and assured her everything was fine, you didn’t know where Seven lived, Jaehee was already stressed as is and Yoosung is still in college, much too young to worry about things like this. Besides Zen was a close friend and you trusted him with your life.

When the doors opened to the carpark you spotted Driver Kim and ran over to him banging harshly against his window, he jumped in fright but when he realised it was just you, he rolled the window down.

“I don’t give a flying fuck what Jumin ordered you to do, I need you to take me Zen’s apartment, now”

Driver Kim nodded and started up the car as you hopped in, grateful he ignored however kind of mess you looked like right now. As you sat there in silence you allowed yourself to cry after sliding the partition up, you wished you could forget what happened, what you saw, but your life revolved around him,  even this flaming car smelt like him.

Your throat seized up as you cried only allowing a loud gasp to pass through once in a while as your lungs burned for air, your eyes swollen from irritation of you repeatedly wiping them and your legs and fingers quivering the entire duration of the ride.

You were a mess.

You felt the car come to a halt and lowered to partition.

“Thank you for the ride and please, I beg you, do not under any circumstances, tell that fucker Jumin where I am" 

With that, you waved Driver Kim goodbye and stepped out of the car before watching him drive off. You turned around to walk into the building but you were already greeted with a soft hug with who you guessed was Zen. His tight embrace triggered your break down and you leaned against him, melting into his arms and nuzzling your face into his chest to muffle your cries. He stroked your hair silently as he rests his chin on top of your head for a couple of minutes before pulling away to look at you, you really wish he hadn’t.

"We should go inside babe, you can tell me all about it tomorrow ok? Did you eat?”

You nodded your head when in fact you haven’t eaten dinner yet, you had lunch at mums and left hers around 5 because you wanted to eat dinner with Jumin but you didn’t really feel hungry. As Zen led you inside, punching in the passcode for his door, you checked your wrist watch, it was almost 7 and you wanted nothing more than a hot shower and sleep.

You and Zen walked in and you were engulfed with warmth, his home smelt like Zen’s cologne, which wasn’t a surprise since he was the only one who lived here. You slipped your shoes off as Zen walked off and you put your bag down as he came back with a towel and a pile of clothes.

“You can borrow my clothes for now and the shower is just down the hall, I’ll sleep on the couch too” Zen instructed, you thanked him and walked into the bathroom, avoiding the mirror as you stripped down, putting your hair up into a bun and stepped into the shower. 

It felt weird to use another man’s body wash but you were too tired to care. You tried to wash away your painful feelings as much as you could until you noticed your pruned fingers, you shut off the water and dried yourself off, accidentally looking in the mirror, it was still slightly foggy but that couldn’t hide your swollen eyes and tired face, despite feeling fresh after a long shower. You sighed and put the clothes on, ditching the track pants because they were too big and Zen’s shirt was practically a dress which hid his soft boxers that you wore underneath.

You walked out of the bathroom as you took you hair out of its up-do and spotted Zen sitting on the couch drinking a can of beer and reading what looked like a script. A thought crossed your mind as you looked at his beer and are reminded of the clenching pain in your chest and anxious feeling in your stomach, you wanted to know what it felt like to drink your feelings away, find out if you really can forget the pain of today.

Zen had noticed your gaze on his drink as you were standing there for some time, at first when he saw you he had blushed, struggling to keep the beast at bay, but when he saw your face his own expressed one of concern. He got up and walked to the fridge grabbing a can of beer and handing it to you.

“Here have one, you’ll feel more at ease”

You grabbed the can after nodding your head in thanks and took a big gulp, the alcohol burned your throat but you liked it this time around, last time you had alcohol was with Jumin and you were drunk and reckless after three glasses of wine, after that fiasco he had banned you from any alcoholic beverages.

You sat down on the couch silently staring into nothing as Zen read his script, his company more comforting than small talk. The more you drank and the more you sat there in silence your mind began to wander, depressing thoughts filled your head as you tried to think of possible reasons why Jumin would do that to you, you knew that you were just a commoner and he was from a world of elites, the two of you were never meant to be, but you couldn’t figure out where you went wrong or when he started showing signs of malcontent.

You sighed as one drink turned into three and three turned into five, you were too tired to cry over this anymore, your eyes were sore and your throat felt scratchy and the alcohol wasn’t helping. You looked over at Zen as he read his script sometimes mouthing the words, his brows were scrunched up in concentration trying to memorise each word, you leant back as you watched him, he was a refreshing sight for you since he wasn’t an elite, you smiled as you felt your senses dim and the feeling of sleep cloak over you.

Zen checked the time on his phone ignoring all the calls and texts he had gotten from the RFA, it was nearing midnight. He looked over at you and found you asleep with your mouth hanging slightly open and smirked as an idea came to him, he opened the camera app on his phone and snapped a couple photos of you laughing as he did, as soon as he was done he picked you up and plopped you onto the bed.

“Jumin? Your hair looks kinda white”

Zen flicked his eyes back to you in surprise, you had grabbed his hand while half asleep thinking he was Jumin and pulled him into the bed with you.

“Can you sleep with me Jumin? You’re warm and I feel cold” you muttered.

Zens heart ached as you said his name again and sighed in frustration as he let you snuggle up to him, clinging to him like a koala would do to a tree. How did Mista trust find kid he manage to steal you away from him even in your sleep, his bed and his house? He scoffed before looking down at you, your face looked peaceful as you slept on his chest, a stark contrast from a couple hours earlier.

He turned on his side and draped an arm around your waist pulling you close, he knew this wasn’t the right thing to do when you were at your worst, it was obvious something major had happened, but he was going to ask you about it tomorrow and to his defence, you had confused him for Jumin, yanked him into the bed and clung to him like a lost child. Just this once he wanted to hold you close while he had the chance. 

He fell asleep holding you close, trying to shield you away from the horrors of the world even in his sleep.


Character: Sunny & (slightly) Yoona (SNSD)
Word count: 1722
Summary: Sunny would always be there for you, even during your hardest moments | #angst #fluff

Originally posted by k-pop-poppers

The shouting is what made Sunny wake up.

She shot up, blinking owlishly and trying to figure out what was happening. A book lay next to her, with a cold cup of tea on the bedside table and the room shrouded in darkness. The last thing she remembers is reading, then obviously falling asleep at some point. While this explains where she was, it didn’t explain the cause of the shouting.

As she listened closely, she could make out your voice.

Curiously, she slides off the bed, sliding across the hardwood in her fluffy socks to crack the door open. Light from the hallway flooded in, blinding her momentarily.

Sunny seen you run by, followed by Yoona, trying to grab onto your arm. “No, please, just listen - ” she says, trying to keep her bathrobe shut as she ran. Another figure followed after her, fixing their clothes and tenderly rubbing at the hickeys on their neck.

Sunny swallowed back a gasp.

Would Yoona really do such a thing?

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Living with anger issues I can’t work on
  • I get angry at technology A LOT
  • When people tell me how to feel the only thing i feel is ANGER
  • I’m not gonna calm down because your voice is whispered and kind
  • i’m still angry
  • there are some days where i don’t want to here a single person’s voice.
  • if you try to tell me something you found on the internet i will get extremely impatient
  • i fucking hate when i’m being so unfair but i don’t know how to not be unfair
  • there are sometimes i really want to cry but i can’t because I’M ANGRY. 
  • I am a total ass to everyone and everything 
  • i’m a pacifist but even i wanna throw a bag of bricks at your face when you tell me how i’m supposed to react
War of Love (Lafayette x Reader) Part 8

Words: 1408

Warnings: Some parts may make you feel anxious, beware; Mentions of death

Tags: @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandomsinabookshelf @pearltheartist

A/N: Took longer than expected to post, my sister wanted me to drive her to the mall (And we were there for 5 freaking hours)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

You dropped the pamphlet on the ground, staring at Washington. He looked happy, happier than you would expect. He stood up, and walked around the desk to you. He held out his arms, expecting for a hug. Instead, you backed up away from him, panicking.

No, this couldn’t be true. Your father told you he was an only child, that you had no cousins and you and your sister were the only ones to carry on your family name. Washington dropped his arms at your reaction, clearing his throat.

“Now, I know this must be strange. Your father must have told you about this-”

“No, he told me my sister and I were the only ones. He said he was an only child, that his mother died after his birth.” You interrupted Washington, steadying yourself on the chair. He sighed, rubbing his head.

“Maybe we could talk to him about this, so he could clear up this whole situation. Your aunts and uncles and I thought he died crossing the sea to England. We didn’t know he had a whole life away from us.” You looked at the general, shocked. “I would like to meet his wife, your mother, as well. She must be beautiful, since you are such a handsome lad.” Your heart broke at his statements. It would hurt to tell him, right after thinking his brother was alive, to undo his happiness.

“You cannot do that, sir.” You said. Washington laughed, shaking his head.

“You’re my nephew, son. No need to call me sir-”

“They’re dead, sir,” you ignored his comment, “they died in a hurricane. The ship was broken to pieces, and their bodies were never found. My sister died years ago, from… from a sickness. They will not be able to see you, sir.” You said, your voice cracking. It hurt to talk about them, and you couldn’t help but begin to cry. He looked at you, his face broken. He reached over and tried pulling you into a hug again, but you flinched, backing away.

“I’ll be on my way, sir.” You gasped, turning, and running out the tent.

“James!” He yelled, but you ignored his pleas. You opened your tent door, running into the boys laughing at Mulligan. You walked past, your head down in your hands. You didn’t want them to see you this distraught.

“Hey, Wash, Mulligan just tried to flirt with one of the women in town, and she threw water in his face, calling him a pervert. Isn’t that hilarious?” Laurens laughed, patting his friend on the back. Mulligan frowned, crossing his arms. Hamilton snickered, writing something on a piece of paper. Lafayette went over and touched your back, feeling the shaking.

Mon amour, it was not that funn-” Lafayette looked at your tear stained face, and his grin dropped immediately, placing both hands on your shoulders. “Y/N, are you okay?” You shook your head at his question, and he pulled you into his arms. You were hyperventilating. The news of Washington being your uncle brought back too many back memories. You could barely breath, your breaths short and leaving you dizzy. Lafayette whispered into your ear, telling you to breathe deeply in and out, and you followed his directions.

After a few minutes of this, you calmed down, opening your eyes. All the men were around you, alarmed. You stayed in Lafayette’s arms, feeling comforted there. The tent door opened, and you all turned to see Burr walk in. Laurens and Mulligan tensed up, and Hamilton gave him a smile. Burr looked at Lafayette, then at you.

“General Lafayette, General Washington needs to see you about the plans. You were supposed to be there ten minutes ago.” He stated.

“I’ll be there soon, tell him to give me five minutes.” Burr looked shocked, standing in his place. You were shocked as well, looking up at Lafayette. He was glaring at Burr, flicking his head in the direction of the general’s tent. Burr cleared his throat, and walked out.

“You need to go Lafayette.” You whispered, still shaking. He shook his head, kissing your forehead.

“Not until you’re okay.” You rolled your eyes.

“Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette, go to him now. I’m serious.” You stared at the taller man, pulling out of his arms. He bit his lip, fighting the battle that was going on inside him right now.

“We’re here, Laf. Y/N is going to be fine.” Hamilton said, smiling at you. You gave him a weak close-lipped smile back, then looked at Lafayette. He sighed, standing up and walking to the entrance of the tent. Before he walked out, he looked back at you, smiling, and whispering in French that he’ll be back soon. Once he disappeared, the three boys looked at you.

“Are you okay, Wash? What happened?” Mulligan asked. You tightened your fists, and he became flustered. “You don’t have to tell us if you don’t w-”

“The general is my uncle.” You stated, and they sat there, shocked. “I’m not crying because of that, I was just thinking about my sister and my parents and I just, I broke. I never thought about it and pushed it away, making sure to ignore my pain. But when Washington told me… the emotion just took over.” You shivered at the cold, and Laurens pulled you into his arms.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. A few of my family members passed away recently, and I know how hard it is to deal with it. We’re here for you, if you need anything.”

“I second that.” Mulligan said, messing up your hair. “You should cut it again, you look like a girl.” You laughed softly, pushing his hand off. You stood up, and Hamilton paced over, pulling you into a tight hug. You hugged him back, knowing about him being an orphan, just like you. Sometimes, you and he could relate to a lot of things.

Mulligan cleared his throat, stretching his arms. “Let’s get outta this tent. It’s too small, and we need some space from each other.” You all looked at him, and he chuckled. “It’s not that I hate you all, but…”

“It’s true. I’ll be back in a few minutes, you guys.” You said, grabbing your satchel off the floor. You touched the necklace around your neck, then jogged out the tent before they could say any more.

Being stuck with the boys all the time made you feel claustrophobic, and sometimes, you needed a chance to be a girl. Acting like a man every second of the day was tiresome.

You climbed a nearby hill, and sat down. There were thousands of Washington’s men here, ready to fight for this country. At this moment, you felt determination swell inside you. Finally, you were ready to battle as well. You would be lying if you said that killing those people didn’t disturb you, but battling with friends by your side made it bearable.

Suddenly, you thought of Sally Hemings, stuck at Jefferson’s plantation. You desperately wanted to write a letter to her, but Jefferson will find out first, and come to where you are. You heard some men talking about him being in France, but you didn’t want to take the chance. Sometimes, you wondered if Lafayette or the others knew who Jefferson was, but you were too afraid to ask. What if they considered him a friend? You couldn’t destroy their relationships that way.

“Are you okay?” The Frenchman said, sitting down next to you. He sat a foot or so away from you, completely the opposite of how he was acting earlier this morning. You nodded, staring at the sun rise in the sky.

“Do you ever think about what will happen after this?” Lafayette nodded, staring into the distance.

“I will go back to my home in France, and fix the problems that are happening right now.” He focused his attention on you. “But where will you go?” You shrugged your shoulders, pulling your knees to your chest.

“I don’t know. Maybe, talk to General Washington about my situation. Since he’s my uncle…” You sighed, putting your hand to your head. Lafayette looked shocked, and you explained the whole situation to him. He nodded in understanding, and stayed silent for a few moments.

“Y/N.” He spoke after a few moments. You looked at the curly-haired man. “I don’t want you to fight in the next battle.”

Good morning Tumblr! ❤️🌞
Any plans today? How’s the weather? How are you doing today????

It’s a bit grey here today (it’s fine, ok m being patient for the AMAZING weather we are supposed to have Sunday!) Not volunteering today bc they didn’t need me (thankful after the time I had last week getting harassed at the metro by a straight, ignorant, rude man) and instead taking my kitty back to the vet AGAIN bc it’s been over a week and the antibiotics haven’t helped so they will have to cut open his neck today and I’m 100% going to cry and it’s going to be expensive and sad and ugggghhh my poor baby 😭😭 please send some good thoughts, maybe some healing spells for my kitty?

My Kitten part 2

A Chat Noir x Reader story :)

Story Description: After being akumatized at the highschool that you already don’t fit in at, you are sure life is going to be purely miserable.  However, Chat Noir takes the time to talk with you after the incident, and continues to bond with you over time over your shared pain of unrequited love.  A friendship soon blossoms, but little does he know that your unrequited love is for Chat Noir.  

Part 1  Part 3

My Kitten (part 2)

“Hey, how was school today? Did you make any new friends? Specifically MALE friends?” Auntie is quick to pester you as soon as you walk into the house.

“You’re here!” you cry with surprise.  As a successful business woman, your Aunt Francine often gets home very late and leaves early in the morning.  However, she was a boisterous woman who had an obsession with your non-existent love life.

“Yes, I am.  Surprise, surprise!  Now, how was school?”

“Terrible.”  You went on to tell her all about the horrible events from that day, and being akumatized.  She is warm and comforting and soothing.

“One good thing is that I got to meet Chat Noir,” you tell her, your voice lifting a little.

“Chat Noir?  He’s rather handsome, isn’t he,” Aunt Francine smiles.  You flush.

“Maybe,” you shrug.

Of course, you feel there are no maybes about it.  Chat Noir IS very handsome in your opinion.

Well, meeting him is going to be the only highlight of the year, you think glumly to yourself.  You know full well that school will be torture tomorrow.


               “M’lady, feel free to bug me anytime,” Chat Noir winks. Ladybug rolls her eyes.  

               “There’s little chance of THAT happening, Chat,” she retorts.  He smiles weakly as she turns her back to him, and sighs quietly.  “I think our patrol is done for the night.  See you later,” she says.  He watches as his spotted lady sails over the rooftops of Paris…far away from him.  His thoughts drift to you.

               She’s someone who knows how terrible it is to deal with unrequited love, he thinks miserably.  While he is thinking about you, he remembers your evident discomfort about the idea of going back to school.  He figures that people would be understanding about you being akumatized, but at his school akuma attacks ARE rather common, and he doesn’t know what yours is like.  Chat Noir clenches his fists with determination. He is one of Paris’s heroes, and that means helping out those he know might need him.


               “Well if it isn’t Aphrodite,” you hear voices whisper from around the halls.  Your stomach churns but you try to just continue your beeline to class and ignore the voices.

               “So, was your plan to date me so I would be your slave?” It was Brice, and he had stepped right in front of you.  You swallow hard.

               “Of course not, Brice!” you cry.  “I-I had not control over what I did!”

               “Sure,” another boy drawls.  “You didn’t want any of us guys to be interested.”

               “I was being controlled!” you protest emphatically.  “I wasn’t fully able to choose what I did—”

               “Fully able to?” another boy kicks in.  “But you still kind of chose to turn us into your boy slaves?”

               “N-n-no—I—” you start.

               “What kind of sick person does that?”

               “Do you REALLY think your some Aphrodite?”

               “Who do you think you are?”

               “You’re messed up!”

               “How dare you try to control me!”

               “You little brat!”

               All the boys seemed to be towering over you as they drew closer and threw angry insults at you, your protests and explanations becoming drowned out in the noise.  

               “IT WASN’T MY FAULT!” you yell, but they take no heed.  You feel your eyes begin to water.

               Crying will make everything worse! You think miserably.  Suddenly, in the middle of the huddle of boys, right in front of you, a silver pole drops down.

               What in the world… you start to think.  Down swoops in Chat Noir, who had been watching in the rafters.  The boys all looked stunned.  You hear whispers of “it’s Chat Noir!”  You gape at the leather clad hero in front of you.

               “Now, what do you boys think you’re doing?” Chat scolds them.  “How dare you gang up on her!” he throws and arm around your protectively.  “Why, she’s like my little kitten!”

of course he cheated pt. 1 (c.h)

I didn’t hear anything from Calum. I knew he came home early due to all of the tweets on Twitter but he hasn’t called or anything. I decided to just give him a call, to see what he was up too. Ring. Ring. Ring. It went to voicemail. I decided to call his mum. She knew everything about Calum.

“Hello?” Her sweet voice said.

“Hey Joy, it’s Y/N.” I said, crossing my arm so it was underneath my armpit.

“Oh, Y/N Darling!” She exclaimed. I smiled at her response. “How are you, my angel?”

“I’ve been great. I was just wondering where your son is. He hasn’t been calling or texting me and I know he’s back from tour because everyone was blowing up my Twitter.”

“Oh, darling, I’m not sure. He might be. I’m not home at the moment, I’m at work.” I heard a bit of shuffling, as if she was filing something. “If you want, you can go over to the house to see if he’s there. The spare key is under the flower pot with the purple flowers.”

“Oh, thank you, Joy.” We said our byes and I hung up. I guess this was the only other way I would know where he was.

I arrived at the house and it was still the beautiful, big house that had a really nice garden on the outside. Joy was so good at gardening. I walked up to the big door and looked around for the flower pot. It was small near my feet. I lifted it and grabbed the spare key where Joy said it would be. I unlocked the door and walked in, smelling the sweet aroma of cinnamon and wood. I looked around the house, the kitchen, the living room. No one. Then I heard noises coming from up the stairs. It had to be him. I smiled in excitement to see him after three months. I walked up the stairs, my smile growing bigger until I heard someone else’s voice. It sounded like a female. Fuck. No way. My smile faded as I walked towards the door that spelled out “Cal’s Old Flat.” I walked up to the door and I hear moaning. Fuck no. Maybe he was watching porn. Please let that be him watching porn.

I opened the door slightly to wear my eye was peaking through the crack and I see something I didn’t want to see until I was dead. Calum was balls deep into some girl, both FULLY naked on his white sheets.

“Oh fuck Cal. Right there.” The woman said, gripping onto his hair as if it were some prize she earned and she was holding onto it as if it were her life. Right there they were. Fucking on the same bed where Cal told me he loved me, where he first kissed me, where we had sex.

“Fuck, (some girl who you don’t like’s name),” He said holding down her hands as he pounded into her some more. I gasped and I guess it was pretty loud because Cal looked up at the door.

“What? Why’d you stop?” The girl breathed out, now supporting herself on her elbows.

“I heard something, or someone.” He said. I backed up away from the door hoping he wouldn’t see me peek my head through the door. I wiped the tears that fell down my cheek and I started to hyperventilate, probably having a panic attack, which I hadn’t had in like a year.

“It was probably nothing, we would’ve heard it. Come on, now finish what you started.” She said.

“No. There’s someone there. Hello?” I could hear his feet shuffling and I could hear his footsteps come closer until he opened the door, looking dead at me. There were my tears. I looked down his bare torso, now covered in hickeys and red lip stains, his boxers showing half his v-line. I could see his chest move up and down and he looked back at the girl who was staring at me, her eyes opened.

“Shit, Y/N…”  I couldn’t take it. I scoffed and ran down the steps. He eventually caught up to me and grabbed my wrist. “Wait—“

“No!” I threw my hand, slapping his bare torso. “Three. Fucking. Months! I HAVE WAITED. I HAVE WAITED TO HEAR FROM YOU BUT NO. YOU WERE FUCKING OTHER WOMEN, PROBABLY EVERYDAY. HONESTLY THAT MAKES ME….” I was hyperventilating now. My panic attack was coming. I ran my hands through my hair, my tears staining my cheeks.

“Please, I—“ He tried to say, his hand reaching out to me. I backed up, not wanting to be anywhere near his hickey covered body. I put my hand out, trying to prevent him from coming any closer, and I started sobbing.

“The amount of hate I have right now for you.” I say, breathing in between my words because I couldn’t breathe at all.

“Y/N, you don’t mean that.” Calum said. He was crying now.

“Don’t mean to ruin this perfect moment right now,” I said opening the door, “but there’s someone waiting for you upstairs.” And then I was gone. I slammed the door and threw the spare key at it and ran to my car. I sat in the seat for what seemed like forever and just tried to breathe. I looked out and he didn’t even bother coming after me. Of course he didn’t. Of course he cheated on me. My shaking hands finally had the courage to grip the wheel and I just drove to the nearest friend I could go too.


I didn’t go to Ash’s, Luke’s, or Michael’s flats because I knew they would instantly go to Calum and I didn’t want to see him. So, I decided to go to Laila’s.

I sat on her long couch and just cried into the white fuzzy blanket. She sat beside me, rubbing my back, her head on top of mine.

“It…hurts…so..bad.” I breathe. I cry even harder into her arm.

“I’ll get you some tea and then we can go throw darts at a picture of his smug ass face.” I nod at her offer and she went off to the kitchen. I sat there on the really comfortable couch and looked at the big window. I stared out as the rain hit window, making everything seem to go away. My thoughts are interrupted as I hear knocking on the door.

“I’ll get it.” I say quietly, but said it loud enough for Laila to hear me. I walked over to the door, making myself look presentable and smooth out my military jacket and opened the door to reveal a puffy eyes and wet Calum. My eyes widen and started to tear up and my chest started to move up and down again.

“Thank god Y/N. Please listen to me. I…” He looked like he couldn’t finish his sentence and he started to cry. “I can’t do this without you. I need you and I’m so fucking sorry for doing that to you. I just—“

“I don’t care.” I had the courage to say.

“Y/N, please. I just—“

“I just had like ten panic attacks. Something I stopped having when we started dating. I actually thought to myself before all this shit, ‘Hmm..maybe he’s just trying to surprise me.’ But no, you know what surprise I get. I get my boyfriend fucking some girl and ignoring me because he was probably fucking her since this morning.” I started to cry. He did too.

“I’m sorry!” He cried. His hands ran through his wet hair and ran over his face. I wanted nothing more than to hug him and cry into his shoulder. But he cheated on me. He fucked someone else. And I couldn’t bear the fact that all the marks they made today is now tattooed temporarily on his torso.

“You really need to leave.” I said quietly, wiping my eyes.

“NO, Y/N, please. I can’t do anything without you.” He said reaching for me, but I backed up.

“Maybe you should’ve thought about before he shoved your penis into someone else. We’re done, Cal.” I said. I shut the door and leaned against it, shutting my wet eyes tightly. I hear him punch the door really hard and I flinch at the noise. I open my eyes to see Laila standing there with her fingers together, not knowing what to say. I ran into her arms and she quickly wrapped them around me and I cried into her shoulders.



Title: perfect

Genre: angst/fluff

pairing: sugaXreader

Request: ooh could you do a scenario with suga where you go somewhere and someone really pretty keeps hitting on him and he doesn’t realize it and you get jealous and pout and start ignoring him and get all annoyed and feel intimidated and small because of it? <3 nice blog, keep up the awesome work :D

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