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The Gift to End All Gifts (Steve Harrington)

Steve Harrington x Reader



Hi hi so this didn’t come out exactly as planned, but I don’t hate it. It’s a little less dog centric after I edited so I’m sorry, I really like it though. It’s a tad short nearly 1.2k words so yeah… enjoy

Christmas time was nearing and you had no idea what to get Steve. Well to say nearing was an understatement, it was December 20th, you had 5 days to get a present. You had known Steve forever and knew what he liked, but he had everything that he liked. He liked guitars, his hair, and you. You could get him a guitar, but he really doesn’t play anymore, he doesn’t have time, you could get him Farrah Fawcett spray, but he already has way too much of that. You were at a loss for ideas, and time was running out. It’s not like Steve was helping as he said he got you the “best gift ever” and that it’s “the gift to end all gifts”.

On your quest to get Steve a gift you went to the mall. When you walked, alone, searching for your inspiration, you saw a pair laughing and smiling and having a good time. It was Nancy and Johnathan. You smiled in the direction of the couple and they wondered over. They looked so happy, holding hands and carrying steaming cups of liquid. “Hey guys!” You exclaimed, smiling, hoping that they would have a suggestion.

“Hey, Y/N, whatcha doing here all alone, where’s Steve?” Johnathan asked.

You were about to speak when Nancy, whom you had asked to come to the mall with you, interjected, “Someone,” She said, nodding in your direction judgmentally, “ procrastinated getting a present for Steve until the very last minute.”

Johnathan laughed and said, “Wow and I know Steve’s gift for you is so good, you better impress, you’ve got a lot to go against!”

“You. Are not. Helping.” You said, “ But really, do you have any ideas ??”

“Wait he told you too? Isn’t it so cute! Oh I can’t wait for Y/N” Nancy said to Johnathan. He nodded, the two smiling like they only saw each other.

“Hi, yeah I’m right here, and still in need of ideas ?”

“The other day he was talking about how he wanted to start playing guitar again, I don’t know if he’s serious, but if that helps?” Johnathan said, “anyway, we have to go, see you later?”

“Bye Y/N” Nancy said cheerfully, bouncing away with Johnathan on her arm. You sighed and decided that, because his gift is the best, that you would get him a guitar. You had a ton of money saved up so why not. You loved when he played guitar for you so, it was really a great investment.


Today was the day, it was Christmas Even. You finally got to see what Steve got your for Christmas and to say you were nervous was an understatement. What if you hated it, you didn’t want to hurt his feelings, what if he hated what you got him, what if you make him feel bad. There were too many factors.

It was noonish and you were going over to Steve’s house for friendmas and everyone would be there. Steve, Nancy, Johnathan, and the kids, Dustin, Will, Mike, Lucas, El, and Max. When you got there you were the last one to arrive, as per usual. When you walked into the house you were greeted with a chorus of “its about time”s and “finally”s. You put down all the presents under the tree and sat with your friends. As you all were sitting, talking about anything and everything, you noticed that everyone kept staring at Steve. Eventually Steve started to notice and sighed.

“What?” He said, in a confused tone.

“You know what.” Dustin stated, nodding his head is your direction.

“Okay, I’ll go get it” Steve said, standing up and walking out of the room and down the hall.

Everyone started to get excited, El looked the most excited and was giggling into Mike’s shoulder. Dustin was smiling like a lunatic and Lucas couldn’t even look he was laughing so hard. You were so stressed as Steve walked back into the room cradling a large box with holes cut in it. Steve placed the box down in front of you and sat down next to you. The box began to shake and make little squeaky noises. “Come on, open it?!?” Dustin said, practically jumping out of his seat.

You ripped off the lid and looked inside to see a teeny tiny lab puppy. You picked up the dog and almost immediately started crying. It was so cute. You couldn’t handle it. “So, best present ever?” Steve said sheepishly, all you did was nod and hug the small puppy. All the kids were freaking out, even though they all already knew. After you had gotten over the tears you placed the puppy down on the floor and let her run over to the other kids, you turned to Steve, baffled and said,”how-“ he immediately started explaining,”I already asked your parents, they know and are very excited for her”

You smiled and he continued, “I got you a puppy because I love the way your face lights up whenever we see one. You’re cute when you’re happy”


After everyone else had left and it was just you and Steve playing with the puppy you said, “So, what are we going to name our daughter?”

“Our daughter?” Steve questioned, with a big stupid grin plastered onto his perfect face.

“You heard me, what’s her name,” You replied, smiling at the pure happiness that was on his face.

“I don’t know, I guess to have to stay until we decided,” Steve said as his smile turned into a smirk.

“I suppose I will,” You said as you and Steve stayed cuddled up on the floor of his living room with your sleeping puppy snoozing happily in front of your legs.

“Oh wait what about your present?” You said after a few minutes of calm silence.

“You don’t need to get me anything, being my girlfriend is enough” Steve replied, nearly falling asleep with his head leaning on the seat of the couch.

You turned and kissed your boyfriend and whispered, “I’ll be right back” You stood and walked out to your car, grabbing the guitar case wrapped in paper, carrying it back in. When you got back in Steve was waiting, eyes wide, like a child, for his gift.

“So I didn’t know what to get, so I settled on this, I really hope you like it” You said hesitantly.

“Oh shut up I’ll love it” He said, grabbing at the paper. What was in the case didn’t process until he had it completely unwrapped. “Are you serious? You didn’t? You did not.”

“I did” You said, smiling again at the apparent joy spread across your boyfriend’s face as a wave of relief washed over you.

“Babe I love it,” he said picking up the guitar. He placed it back down, and placed a long kiss on your lips. He immediately turned back to his guitar and began to play. This was the perfect Christmas. The late hours of Christmas Eve spent with your new puppy and Steve quietly strumming music were what made this Christmas the best Christmas ever.

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Will Byers Headcanons (+Byeler)

Will has a small collection of novelty erasers that he absolutely refuses to use. He insists that they all have sentimental value and has a story & name for each of them.

Due to being very spacey he often misses parts of conversations leading to awkward head shaking & replies. Mike’s always got his back if he’s particularly out of it though.

Will doesn’t like how unorganised doodles look on his own skin so is ecstatic when Mike agrees to let will doodle on him. It helps them both when they’re stressed.

He gets really fixated when working on his art but Mike is content to just watch him, especially when he cutely sticks his tongue out just a little as he concentrates.

Will is so enthused by Mike’s stories whether they be for a campaign or just Mike’s stream of consciousness. It’s basically Mike’s near-incoherent ramblings with Will’s occasional “oh wow!” “what happened next?!” “no way!” and surprised gasps.

The rest of the gang are certain they have their own secret language.

Will is just eternally sleepy during the day. He can and will fall asleep at any given moment when he gets the tiniest bit cosy. Entering a room that’s slightly warmer than the one before? Good night.

However, he’s the worst for sleeping at night. Needs silence, is woken up by anything. Too hot, too cold, too restricted. Not a morning person and will be distant if he’s had a bad sleep.

Has sensory issues with audio at times. Things are too loud or too quiet or plain incomprehensible. Processing words is a big issue for him and he gets really frustrated (to the point of crying) when he can’t understand.

Gets headaches way too easily. Sounds, sights, smells — all can give him headaches. Mike is always really great at picking up on when he has one though. Sometimes has to take him away from campaigns to breathe. He always apologises but Mike repeatedly assures him it’s fine.

He tries to use Mike as a model when he begins to practise realism but Mike is a hellish fidgeter. Will can’t reprimand him though because Mike knows that he’s just as bad.

Guys can’t resist these pearls.

followed by a weird dentist appointment that gave @puzzlepeace and I some ideas

« Hey ! Ready for your check-up ? »

Yoongi lifts his head to blink at the figure in front of him. He pockets his phone and stands up when he recognizes Dr.Jung -Hobi- smiling down at him, dimples on display. The tip of his ears are curved by his face mask. Cute. He’s clad in his dentist blouse, a soft pastel green shirt with loose pants of the same shade, and abominations at his feet. Yoongi sneers at the neon green crocs. Why do all health workers have to wear these ? It’s literally contributing to the traumatizing aura of the place. Thank god the doctor’s personnality does all the work to brighten up the place.

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Steve “No One Touches My Kids” Harrington was one of the best things that came out of Stranger Things 2. | Redbubble

Overwatch: Accidental Infiltration

I’m sure everyone saw Carolina Ravassa (Sombra’s VA) post this on Twitter yesterday. 

I love them. 

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