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I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 11

Summary: Revenge

Warning: Still more fucking cursing, and lots of violence.


“Do you know what I’ve done? What I would do again if given the chance - to you? What I enjoy doing? I can’t stop. It’s what I am.” - Donna Galanti


“Go ahead, babydoll.” Negan said in a serious tone as his outstretched hand was waiting for you to take Lucille.
You were confused, not knowing if this was one of his tests or if he really wanted you to do this.
You reached out cautiously and grabbed onto Lucille’s handle, Negan’s fingers brushing against yours as he handed her over.
A chill ran up your spine as you held her in your hands. She had a rather heavy weight to her, due to the amount of barbed wire wrapped around her blunt end.

The people in the crowd looked around anxiously, looking back and forth between you and Negan as if there was an intense tennis match going on.
You looked up to Negan to see a smile on his face and the pride in his eyes as he watched you gripping onto Lucille.
He saw the look of confusion you had on your face and leaned down to you, placing a hand onto your shoulder, “Fuck these people, babydoll. You take as much time as you need and you get your fuckin’ revenge..” He looked around, then back to you, “Now, go fucking get her, babydoll.” He whispered into your ear, his beard brushing against your cheek as he leaned back up.

“Everybody, feast your eyes on how goddamn badass my fuckin’ girl is.” Negan laughed, moving to the side to let you step in front of Amber.
She looked up at you with her face full of fear and anger.

“Go ahead, bitch, do it.” She growled, looking up at you.

You swallowed hard and had a firm grasp on Lucille, you had to admit that there was a certain amount of power behind standing in front of someone, holding her in your hands.
You wanted your revenge on Amber, but you also wanted it to be earned.
You walked over to Negan and held Lucille out to him, he took it and eyed you suspiciously, “What the fuck, babydoll?”

“You’ll see.” You said calmy, making your way back over to Amber.

She looked back up at you in shock, curling her lip.

“Get up, Amber. Get up and fuckin’ fight me before I kill you.” You growled, rolling up the sleeves of your shirt. There was still pain in your side and your eye still hurt like hell, but you were ready.
After all the shit she put you through and finding out that she was going to try and fuck over Negan, you wanted to get your hands on her before Lucille finished her off.

Negan whistled and swung Lucille over his shoulder, “And just when I fuckin’ thought she couldn’t get more badass, folks! She’s been stabbed and laying in a hospital bed and her she is up and ready for a goddamn fight!” Negan yelled proudly, kicking up some dirt with his foot.

Amber stood on her feet in front of you and no time was wasted, you both lunged for each other, you went for her neck and she grabbed at your hair with one hand and the other on your neck.
You winced as she made contact with your neck because it was already bruised and sore from where she had choked you.
You both fell to the ground in a tangled mess, but being sure to shield your head from any blows she tried to make to your already bruised face.
You kicked at her midsection, your knee landing into her ribs atleast 3 times and you could hear her gasp each time your knee connected with her ribs.
She tried to get up, but you kicked her leg from under her as all her weight came crashing to the ground, her hand still tangled into your hair. You punched her in the face hard enough to bust her bottom lip and blood began streaming down her face and onto you. “Goddamn bitch!” She yelled, yanking you by your hair and smacking you in the face.
Your eye was already on fire from the pain and it enraged you even more; you screamed, throwing her off of you.
Amber managed to rip out some hair that she was hanging onto as she fell back into the dirt again, you quickly straddled her, placing your hands on her neck squeezing with all power and watching her cough and choke. You switched it up and punched her in the face even harder, this time knocking out one of her teeth. You could hear the cheers from Negan as you were oveepowering her.
You punched her again and again, until she stopped struggling under you.
She wasn’t dead yet, but she was in too much pain to try and fight you anymore.

You stood up with your adrenaline still coursing through you, stronger than ever and you walked over to Negan.
His eyes were widened with shock and he smirked at you, and he held Lucille out to you. You grabbed the bat, looking up to him with hate in your eyes.

“You fuckin’ earned that shit, darlin’.” Negan praised, giving you a toothy smile.

You walked back over to Amber and took a hand and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck, pulling her up onto her knees.
She was breathing hard and still cursing you under her breathe.
You stood firmly in front of her and raised Lucille above your head, only stopping to Glace over at Negan and he had his arms crossed, giving you a wink.

You brought Lucille down forecully on Amber’s skull, hearing the horrific CRACK as her skull split open.
You felt the spray as her blood as it landed across your face and onto your already bloody clothes. Negan wasn’t kidding when told you to keep the bloody ones on. You brought Lucille above your head again and bringing her down for another loud CRACK.
The people in the crowd were all gasping and had the usual look of fear in their eyes when they watched Lucille do her handywork.
More blood splattered onto you.
Another CRACK.

You could see the blood pooling around Amber now. Her skull was caved in and she really was unrecognizable.
You let out a deep breathe and everything was completely silent, the only thing you could hear was your own breathing and Negan chuckling.

“Oh my goodness!” He called out to everyone while walking back over to you, “Look at this!” He leaned back, “You guys, look at my dirty girl!” He smiled, wrapping an arm around you.
You gave him a smile back and handed Lucille back to him, caked in blood and flesh.

He took her from you and began pacing back and forth again.
“Do we all get the fuckin’ picture now?” He looked around, his face going back serious, he held Lucille’s bloody end out to give everyone a good look at it.
“You fuck with the rules and-” Negan made a clicking sound with his tongue, “And if any of you fuck with her again, it’s the same thing.” He said pointing to you, “Now all of you get the fuck back to work or you’re gonna be in the same fucking predicament.” He said in a stern tone and all of the crowd began to slowly walk away back to where they were supposed to go.

You stood there, still covered in blood as Negan turned back to you, “Goddamn darlin’, that was fuckin’ something. Seeing you and Lucille together, pretty goddamn hot.” He smiled back to you, shaking his head.

You smirked and wiped some blood off of your face, “I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about the bitch anymore.”

Negan put out a hand and wiped some blood off of you as well, “Yeah well, it’s still not fuckin’ over yet. Randy is gonna get what’s fucking coming to him, too.”

“Yeah, I have no doubt about that.” You spoke, eyeing Amber’s body.

Negan turned to look as well and threw a hand up, whistling, “Dwight!”

Dwight quickly made his way over, looking down at all the blood on the ground and then to Negan.
“Dwight, you and Simon clean this shit up and feed what’s left to the walkers.”

“Yeah, boss” Dwight said.

Negan turned back to you and you looked up at him.
You didn’t know what to say, it’s not that you felt bad, but you had never killed somebody in such a violent way before, even if they deserved it.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” You said in a calm tone.

Negan nodded back, “Go ahead, darlin’. You’ve fucking earned it, that’s for sure.”

After a few minutes you went back upstairs to your room and got into the shower, you let the water run over you and trying your best to keep your stitches dry. You thought about everything that had happened. You were glad it was over, but you wanted Randy to be found too, if he had fled who knew who he was getting together with and if he was to come back and try to take over the sanctuary. You started getting mad again, at this point it was no secret as to how you felt about Negan and the thought of someone trying to fuck with him angered you, thats why you weren’t easy on Amber. It was more for him than it was for you.

You got out of the shower, dried off, putting on some clean clothes and laid down in your bed.
The sun was starting to set on another day at the sanctuary.
You laid in bed for a while and did some reading out of a few books that were on the dusty shelves in the room.
You were beginning to read an old copy of ‘Wuthering Heights’ when your door opened.
You looked up to see Negan walking in and he sat down on the bed. You leaned up and exchanged glances between the two of you.

“How are you doing, babydoll?” He asked, setting Lucille on the floor.

“I’m good.” You said in a low tone, your eyes focused on his.

He smirked and lowered his head, then looking back to you, “Okay, we’ve got that lie out of the fuckin’ way, now how about the fuckin’ truth?”

You nodding, he knew something was up.
“Look, I’m not a softy by any means but killing someone like that-”

“It was your first time - well, first time for killing like that anyway.” He chuckled and licked his lips.

You smiled back, “Yeah, I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about it.”

“You don’t have to feel any kind of fuckin’ way about it, babydoll. She crossed a damn line and you gave her a fair fuckin’ fight, that’s more than she fuckin’ gave tou, because to be quite goddamn honest, I wouldn’t have done that. Either way, that shit was gonna happen, but I wanted to give you your chance for some good old fashioned fuckin’ revenge.”

You took in a breathe, “You’re right. She damn sure wouldn’t have done the same for me.” You said, rolling your eyes.

“It gets fuckin’ easier. This world is different than that fuckin’ one that used to be, darlin’ and you are gonna have to get used to it.” He said, cutting his eyes to you.

“Yeah, I know.” You answered back.

“So, now a more pressing matter - and I’m not good with emotional shit, makes me feel fuckin’ icky. But will you stop with the bullshit and be a wife again now?” He leaned his head back and turned to look at you.

You smirked and nodded your head, “Yes, alright? I will. Because I know you’re not gonna stop asking.”

He smiled back, “Good, we’re finally back on the same damn page for once.”

“Well, it’s like I said, it wasn’t that I didn’t wanna be a wife.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know, darlin’. Now, what are you doing tonight?” He smirked.

You looked at him in confusion, “Uhh, I’m gonna be here?”

Negan shook his head, “Nah, darlin’, fuck that. Why don’t you come with me?”

“Am I gonna come back alive, or..?” You laughed nervously, furrowing your eyebrows.

Negan let out a grunt and rolled his eyes, “Look, do I have to fuckin’ spell it out? I’m not good with this sappy shit, like I just said. Do you wanna come up to my room?”

You bit your lip and looked down, “Negan, I’m really not in the best shape for sex riggt now.”

“Well darlin’, I appreciate you fuckin’ thinking of that and God knows I’d love to fuck you right now -especially after today - but that’s not my point.” He said, picking up Lucille and walking over to the door to lean against it.

“I thought you didn’t want any company?” You asked, giving him a playful smile.

He licked his lips and crossed his arms, “Things change. And maybe I feel like some fuckin’ companionship tonight.”

“Alright.” You said and got up, following him out as you both made your way up to his room.

You weren’t sure what had made him want you to stay the night with him, maybe it was because he didnt want to admit it had scared him that you were almost killed, or maybe it was because you told him about what Amber and Randy had planned to do and this was his way of thanking you.
You didn’t know, but it didn’t matter to you.
You were just happy to finally get a chance to get closer to him.

You made it up to his room, it still looked the same as last time. He sat Lucille down on the desk and took his leather jacket and threw it onto a coat rack next to the door. You both sat onto his bed, looking at eachother.

“So, what’s with the change of heart? I’m too curious not to know why.” You asked looking up at him.

He looked back to you and leaned back onto the bed, propping his feet up, “You know what they say about curiosity and the cat, sweetheart.. And you are one fine pussy.”

You licked your lips, “I’m willing to take the risk. Why?”

He let out a annoyed groan and leaned back up and looked at you, “Well, you did almost just fuckin’ die and believe it or fuckin’ not, darlin’, maybe something finally fucking scared me for once, because maybe, I’m a little bit too fuckin’ sweet on you.”

You looked at him quizzically, “So, you’re saying…?”

He huffed, “I’m not saying anything. All I’m saying is, maybe I like you a little bit more than the other wives. I guess the fuckin’ word ‘favorite’ might come into play.”

A big smile started to spread across your face and you bit your lip, without trying to get too much into his feelings, tgis was Negan’s way of admitting that he liked you and he liked you more than the other wives, something you had been waiting for, for a long time now, but it took the process of Amber almost killing you and you actually killing Amber for him to admit it.

“I’ll take that.” You said with a smile.

Negan rolled his eyes playfully, “Don’t go getting all damn mushy on me, (Y/N).”
He said and quickly grabbed your neck, even though it hurt, you didn’t care.

He pulled you in and kissed you hard on your lips, his beard scratching your face and his tongue slide into your mouth. God, you had fucking missed that feeling.

(09.01 spoilers) LISTEN UP!

The last scene doesn’t only mean that the doctor hasn’t to deal with the daleks anymore, it means gallifrey was never attacked.
It means the doctor never run away. 
It means Rose is still working as a shop assistant in London.
It means Martha is still a doctor.
It means Donna never won in the lottery.
It means River Song isn’t the doctor’s wife. 
It means Clara never fell into the time vortex. 
This will change anything. 
Ian, Barb, Polly, Jamie, Joe, Sarah-Jane, Sullivan, K9, Leela, Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Nisslan, Peri too, Ace, Amazing Grace, Jack, Mickey, Wilfred, Rose, Martha, Donna, River, Amy, Rory, Clara… they all never expierienced somethign with the doctor.
Their experiences made them stronger.
There’ll be a little girl with a wide crack in the wall. 
There’ll be a possible girl. 

Either this season will be the greatest or the most terrible. 

I beg it’s firstly.

Fuck you, Moffat (and at the same time many kisses xoxo)

Behind castle walls

Le séjour d’Amara s’était étiré et avait été ponctué par des messages réguliers  à Tony. Elle lui avait envoyé des râles concernant les autres conférenciers , des pensées diverses et variées concernant certaines théories , et également  un sms  à chaque fois qu’on mentionnait le nom de  Stark ou Richards ou Banner par pour envie de l’ennuyer. Mais ces messages étaient devenus plus rares 2 jours avant son retour prévu et elle ne donna pas réellement de nouvelles quand elle fut de retour à New York. Il y avait une raison bien précise à cela : son orgueil. Elle n’était pas retournée au MIT , mais avait pris une semaine supplémentaire. Après avoir soigneusement évité le monde extérieur, elle s’était résolue à sortir pour acheter des courses.Amara s’était rendue à sa voiture et fit tomber ses clés. Elle jura sous sa barbe et se pencha pour les ramasser et sursauta quand un visage familier fut devant elle. Elle repositionna ses énormes lunettes de soleil et s’appuya contre sa voiture.  “ Grand Dieu, Tony…”