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‘It’s time for your digital examination, Poppet.’

Senpai Seven, dedicated to @11daysofhell

My baby boy Takashi Shirogane (*´◡`) I’ll draw the others soon | Redbubble 
(Keith, Hunk)

When the DM gifts you an awesome weapon that your character can’t/won’t ever use...

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Murata stream update: more badass Genos continued! Along with the new detachable rocket arms, Genos also has new ARM BLADES!

‘Everyones so friendly Noct 8D’
'That guy was asking about my camera 8D
Its cool to see so many people interested in photography’
Prom not even noticing the guy was doing the lean
'So what lens do you use??’
'75-300’ 8DD
'Thats *big*
'Yeah you get some great long distance shots’
'I’ll bet’
Imagine Noct dragging him to the stalls near where Iggy is and releasing him
And being like 'You. Don’t wander off’
And then softer 'We’ll go check out the chocobo races’
And then he goes over to Ignis to tell him he needs to keep an eye on Prompto
Because there’s all these people here that are creeping on him
And Ignis is like 'Well, he is an adult Noctis, with no attachments. If he wanted to partake in some frivolity whilst we’re here-’
'Get your shit together Noct or back off’
Prompto’s started chatting to someone
and Nocts huffing and puffing
like what can he even say to Ignis that isn’t a string of 'No’s’
And goes and grabs Proms arm and steers him away from the latest guy
Doesnt let go of his hand
And Proms like 'weird…but ok i dig it’
I kind of imagine later in the night Nocts bringing some food over for them and Proms like
'You kknow what this is like??’
'A date 8D heehee’
Noct chokes on his food
Nocts internal cheering squad is like 'DO IT GO FOR IT’
'Yeah it uh…it kinda is’
'Right? So weird, Gladdy would die laughing’
Shot through the heart
He can come back from this
“I kinda wish it was one”
'Yeah I k-WHAT???’

They had to kidnap borrow him for a day to CELEBRATE WOO HOOO
(because you only turn 19 in outer space once)

..featuring Shiro’s infamous Shoulder Touch of Intimacy™

(Allura’s in the castle helping Coran bake a cake “Earth-style” as Lance calls it)


Yooran Week Day 6: Hair and Makeover Night (is it fuq)

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…Honestly Idek. I can’t continue with my normal commentary because I’m just all wtf at myself 8DDD But yeah HERE IT IS! Day 6 of the Epic Battle(?) with Angel Yoosung and Devil Saeran. But Devil Saeran has a new appearance? And he’s a Pokemon at that?! What in the world is going on? Tune in to the FINAL instalment of this nonsensical series on Day 7!!!


Day 4: Unlikely Friendship

Those two boys are shook

BNHA Inktober prompts by @todo-dorky

Murata stream update: Garou vs Bang (plus Garou flashback)! The contrast depicted between their states of mind is amazing.


Two city elves in the woods, WHAT CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG. 

All credits for this idea goes to tumblr user lightgetsout who created this. You, sir, are a blessing.