('s arm)

Okay but imagine.

Yixing leaves the car and goes to their dorms. He opens the door, changes his shoes, his slippers are waiting for him, not hidden in a shoe cabinet. His bag forgotten in a hall.

He goes to the living room, where members are waiting for him.

Everybody is silent, watching TV. They see him when he sits on the couch in between Baek and Sehun.

Kyungsoo smiles at him, leaving to the kitchen. He made his favourite dish, just needs to reheat it. Chanyeol goes with him, making tea for them.

Chen goes to the hall, gets Yixing’s bag and takes it to his room, so he wouldn’t have to do it.

Suho hears him in his room. He opens the door and asks “Is he there?” Chen smiles and nods.

Baekhyun curls up on the couch, hugging Yixing’s arm closer. Sehun lays his head on his shoulder. Next to him Jongin reaches his neck, massaging Yixing with his hand. He knows how horrible is the ache when you sleep in a plane.

Minseok comes out of bathroom. He sees them and sits down in front of the couch, his back pressed back to Yixing’s legs, head lays on his knees. He looks at him smiling.

He smiles back, his eyes tired, a bit sad, but also sparkling with joy.

Chen comes back with Suho. The leader strokes black hair, leaves his hand, massages his scalp delicately.

“Welcome home” he says quietly.

Zhang Yixing feels calm, relaxed.

Zhang Yixing feels loved.

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Jeremy borrowing Michael's sweater headcanons?

Oh my god I think about this all the time bless you

-at first it started out as a joke because Michael wouldn’t give him his red hood, if Jeremy was cold he would just hug him.

-so Jer was at his house later and picked up and old blue one and instantly wore it “since I’m yknow too good for your hood”

-Michael’s mind is instantly: fuckfuckfuckhes cutE ABORTABORT

-even tho Jeremy is taller the hoods are still big on him cuz he’s so skinny and Michael gets them like 2 sizes too big

-when Jeremy first wore the sweater he sat on Michael’s bed and just shoved his face into his arms: “it’s so soft!!!”

-he also kept rolling around and saying “I’m Michael Mell and I’m the biggest hipster you’d ever see: CRYSTAL PEPSI MAN!!” “Oh my god shut up you twink”

-after that day tho? All hell broke loose.

-everyone just became used to Jeremy wearing Michael’s sweaters it was like Michael bought sweaters only for Jeremy to wear them

-he’d only give them back when they lost that weed and slushee smell. He’d throw it in his face “wear that for a few days kay thanks”

-“Michael doesn’t it bother you that Jeremy takes all your sweaters?” “What? He doesn’t take ALL of them”

-one day Michael opened his closet to find that indeed Jeremy has taken all of them: “…motherfucker.”

-Michael now has to guard his hood with his life

Qoaad snippet from Cassie's email subscription

Fear prickled up and down Emma’s arms like goosebumps. Since she was twelve, she had been terrified of the ocean: she had always believed her parents had died in it, dragged below the surface by Raziel knew what, choked to death on bitter seawater. The surge and crash of waves, the imagined black velvet of the ocean’s depths, had filled her nightmares.

Even when she found out her parents had been murdered on dry land by Malcolm Fade, their bodies thrown into the sea after death, the fear remained. She reached for it now, welcomed it in. She could feel it filling the empty spaces, the hollows left by grief. 

She glanced back down at the sea. The surging whirlpool below, the waves slamming like dark blue walls against sheer needles of stone, looked like a painting of a maelstrom, a photograph of a hellscape taken from a safe distance.

The wind screamed in Emma’s ears like a warning. Another wave hurled itself against the cliffs, sending up an explosion of spray. Emma smiled grimly into the wind and salt, and jumped.

aleclightwoodsgay  asked:

235 + Malec?

235. “Let’s go get lost somewhere.”

Magnus finishes up reinforcing the wards and makes his way over to Alec’s office, finding his boyfriend leaning over a pile of paperwork. He knocks lightly, and Alec lifts his head, a warm smile spreading across his face as soon as his eyes land on Magnus.

“I’m all done, Mr. Head of the Institute,“ Magnus says, walking over to Alec, leaning against his side of the desk.

“Thank you, Mr. High Warlock of Brooklyn,“ Alec replies, taking one of Magnus’ hands in his and placing a soft kiss to his knuckles. The phone rings just then, and Alec lets out a frustrated groan. He glances at the screen before opening his desk drawer and throwing his phone inside it, and slams the drawer closed.

“Long day?“ Magnus guesses, and Alec nods, leaning his head against Magnus’ arm.

“Let’s go get lost somewhere,“ Alec says after a few moments. “We don’t even have to leave New York, it’s a big city, surely there is somewhere we can hide from everyone for a while.“

Magnus laughs at that and lifts his hand that isn’t holding Alec’s still to tangle it in Alec’s hair. The softest noise of content leaves Alec then and he nuzzles further into Magnus’ arm.

“You know as well as I do that thing would fall apart without us,“ Magnus says, moving his fingers through Alec’s hair softly.

“I know, but when things settle down a bit, can we go somewhere, just us?“

Magnus smiles, welcoming the warmth that fills his heart at Alec’s words, and says, “I would like nothing more, Alexander.”

cinder grew up in a home where few wanted her there, where every day was made miserable by adri and pearl. cinder was told repeatedly until it stuck that she was not human, she didn’t have a heart, she couldn’t cry. it hit her every time she lay in bed at night on her little cot, willing the tears to come in vain to relieve her of the immense sadness that washed over her whenever she was alone for too long. maybe adri had a point. maybe she was unlovable, maybe she was undesirable, maybe no one wanted a cyborg and she was grateful for the small amount of kindness shown to her by giving her shelter. cinder now lives in a palace with the love of her life, a home where she wakes up each morning with kai’s arm draped over her middle, only to be pulled even closer to his chest when he wakes and greeted with a declaration of love. cinder felt an overwhelming pressure in her heart when she walked down the aisle, arm in arm with thorne, her friends watching her with tear filled eyes as she noticed kai was already crying as he beamed at his bride-to-be. if this wasn’t love, what was? cinder has friends who would go to the ends of the earth for her; friends who greet her with hugs and grins and whose eyes never linger too long on her cyborg parts, whose eyes are never filled with disdain or disgust but only love and admiration. cinder can barely remember what it felt like to consider herself unlovable, to be so ashamed of who she was she couldn’t cover up enough. she will never be able to rid herself of adri’s harsh actions, she can never fully detach from the feeling of being so unwanted, so mistreated. but every time kai tenderly strokes her cheek as they lay talking late into the night, unable to keep his hands off of her, or thorne hugs her so tightly he nearly picks her up after having been apart from him for some time, or iko makes her laugh so hard she can’t breathe anymore, she is reminded she will never have to feel unwanted again. she is reminded she is loved, she is so so loved.

Piper is the absolute worst...and yet

Just to name a few:


Condoned the sexual assault on the prison guards at the prison assembly.

Fucked over Gloria by releasing the hostages in hopes that the so called “deal"would be given to her.

Branded a swastika on Piper’s arm (regardless if she deserved it or not that’s still fucked up)


Partly to blame for Sophia going to SHU for not speaking up against transphobic rumors that were being spread by Aleida and Sophia being attacked.


Spread transphobic rumors about Sophia. Constantly going behind Daya’s back and manipulating Daya into keeping her daughter just so she could be a grandmother

Daya, Red, Gloria, Aleida: orchestrated the sexual encounter with Pornstache so that he would go down for rape. (Pornstache is a disturbed son of a bitch but this is still fucked up)

Doggett: In the past- bible thumping evangelical Christian spreading homophobic rants casting down anything she perceived as a sin.

Tried to kill Piper.

Locked Alex in a dryer.

Bonus: Everybody hated Doggett in the beginning but then Doggett changed for the better and now she’s everyone’s favorite character.

Sooooooo Doggett is capable of redemption and gets a pass for the fucked up shit she’s done in the past but Piper who has made progress at the end of season 4 and all of season 5 doesn’t?

Point is everyone, everyone, everyone!  in this prison has done fucked up shit at one point or another but for some reason that’s beyond me Piper can’t get a pass. The ex bible thumping homophobic evangelical christian that has committed murder, attempted to kill someone in the prison, and is currently dating the man who sexually assaulted her gets a pass…but not Piper.

I just don’t understand it.

Little Boyf Riends: Waking Up Parents

“Hey, hey, hey get up,” one of Jake’s eyes popped open to see Michael poking him in the nose. Looking over at the clock he saw it was only six in the morning.

“Wha do you want?”

“We’re hungry.”

“Later, when the sun’s up…” Jake closed the eye again as he felt Rich’s arms and legs were still wrapped around his body asleep. Instead of leaving them alone the children switched to Rich’s side poking him in the back.

“Hey, hey, hey get up.” He snapped over to the two with a confused look.

“Jake, why are there children in our room?”

“Remember? We agreed to take care of them.”

“Oh, why?”

“We want food.”

“And I wanna use the bathroom but the dinosaur won’t let me in.”

“I wouldn’t let you in either after what you did to him last night.” With a groan Rich rolled over getting up and heading to the kitchen area of the room digging through the cupboards before pulling out a box of Fruit Loops. “Jake where are the bowls?”

“I moved them in the thing above the fridge.”

“I see them,” Rich went to grab the bowls but found his hand just barely touching the top of the fridge. The two children giggled in amusement at they watched him struggle to get the bowls down.

“He’s little,” as Jeremy said this Rich’s head snapped around.

“Yeah well you’re smaller.”

“Rich they’re kids. What’s your excuse?” Jake had finally gotten out of bed leaning over to grab the bowls before poring cereal into them and handing it to Michael and Jeremy before his phone beeped. “Oh shit.”

“You said a bad word.”


“Apparently they scheduled us both today.”

“What are we going to do about Michael and Jeremy?”

“Uhm…what about the daycare down the street?”

“Do we have the money for it?”

“It’s just for a day. We can borrow some money from everybody else.”

“Whoa, Michelle look!” Jeremy pulled a plastic wrapped toy out of his cereal. “It’s Nemo!”

“Cool! Hey it says playing in t…thea…teres now!” Michael jumped up. “Can we see it? Please?” His eyes widened as asked this with Jeremy doing the same.

“Maybe later, hurry up. Me and Rich need to go to work soon.”

Michael huffed before going back to eating the cereal. Jeremy was too busy trying to open his toy to eat.

Protect Myself (PART 2) - Best Friend Calum/Boyfriend Luke

Part one can be found HERE - I got a couple requests for a part 2 so I hope you like it!


I wake up with Luke’s arm draped across me and the sun blocked by the curtains. When I look at the clock, I realize that it’s already almost noon. I shift so I am facing away from him but I allow him to tighten his arms around my waist and hold me closer. Silence. 

“Morning” Luke mumbles but I don’t respond. I have hope that Luke may think I just turned in my sleep so I wait to see what he does. Luke shuffles so his front is pushed to my back and he kisses the back of my neck and sighs. “I just wish you would tell me.” He groans as he turns himself out of bed and walks into the bathroom. I lay flat on my back and focus on the off light fixture. Calum was right…of course. I need to tell Luke and I need to tell him soon but there is no way that I’ve imagined where Luke does not blow his top and tell me I can’t do something. When he returns from the bathroom he finds me sitting on at the head of the bed.

Luke knows that I have bad days. He knows that there are times that I could be given all the love and affection in the world but one person could say something that might at some point possibly be construed into something slightly rude in the tiniest of ways and it could be bad enough to me that I have to tell Luke I’m having bad thoughts. He knows that in the past I’ve been raped, he knows that I tried (unsuccessfully) to end it and he knows that even with I say I want to be alone, what I want is to be with these four idiots who can change everything. 

“Oh! You’re up” he says surprised.

“Yeah” I reply sadly. He comes towards me but stays cautious.

“Are we going to talk about yesterday at all or is that something we just need to let slide past?” I look up with no emotion and he nods his head up and down. His face falls in the expectation that he will never know. 

“I just - Calum told me that you asked him not to say anything.” 

“Yeah” I say again. “I’ll have to remember to thank him for that.”I knew that he wasn’t going to leave it alone, even if he promised that he wouldn’t tell him for 2 weeks. I knew as soon as I looked in his eyes as I left that he was going to spill the beans eventually. “It’s just all jumbled it in my head.”  Luke comes over and inches towards my back. As screwed up as my emotions are right now, Luke trying to squeeze his tall frame behind me makes me let out a quiet puff of a laugh. His arms wrap around me and he pulls me back. I lean in and prepare myself for what I expect to be a fight. 

“I’m ready when you are.” I rest my head and close my eyes. I want to feel him wrapped around me for a second before I ruin this. 

“I got arrested.” I mumble quietly and Luke stiffened. His arms stayed tight and I wait.

“I think I heard wrong” he replies, he knows he didn’t but he is going me a second chance to say it. There is a fight coming but I know that Luke is going to try and stay as collected about it as he can for as long as he can.He tends to get loud and big when he is mad but I cannot handle the intimidation that inevitably comes with a man over a foot taller then you, yelling.  

“Where?” His jaw is so tight.

“Santa Monica.”

“Why?” This was definitely just said through his teeth. In an effort to keep thing calm I try to defuse it before it goes further. I can feel the annoyance rolling off of his skin. He wants me to stop being vague but I need to keep him sitting.

“I have to start with that really, it wasn’t my fault. It was bad timing for the cop to show up and he didn’t see the whole thing and it was my word against the other guy’s and I’m okay, he wasn’t able to - “

“Stop” Luke interjects. “Just tell me what you were arrested for.” 

“Assault” I mumble. 

“For” he pushes but he isn’t as tense - for now. 

“Punching a guy in the sack the way that Calum taught me.” I add the last part so that Luke knows that I used my self defense. He must know that I would only use that punch if I was being attacked. 


I stay silent for what feels like forever. 

“Why?” He says louder and the wall he put up for the anger, it’s starting to fall. 

“Because he was…” I feel the first tear fall. “He” a tear lands on Luke’s arm, still at my waist. 

“Did he fucking touch you?” In one swift move, I am turned to the side, on Luke’s lap with his eyes holding a steady gaze on my far less confident one. “Did. He. Fucking. Touch. You?” His eyes are full of fury and I start to shake. This is going the way I was scared it would. He is starting to falter and I know that he can’t hold back much longer. 

“No. I protected myself” I respond. His eyes lighten slightly. 

“What happened to him?” I just shrug at the question. 

“I don’t want to talk about him or it or the police. I want to forget it happened and I want to go back to acting like we always do” I rush out. I can’t lock eyes with him anymore. I can’t keep my fighting flame lit if Luke fixes those blue eyes too strong. 

“Last time this happened to you…” he trails off, no doubt thinking about the weeks I spent in the hospital afterwords. I can see his teeth grinding and know he is using everything he has to stay calm. 

“Last time isn’t now, Luke.” My fingers tight around each other.

“I know that but -”

“Please. I don’t want to think about it. I want to let it go and I want to just go back to what it was before this happened.”

“You want to go back to me constantly worrying that when I go to work, you are out on the street in danger of being attacked, of being raped again, of being killed? No, I’m not going back to that. You’re coming to work with us and you will come home with us and I’m not letting you -” I push myself out of Luke’s lap. 

“ABSO FUCKING LUTELY NOT, LUKE.” I yell. For the first time in a long time, my anger is like a fire. Luke is taken aback but stays seated. It’s hypocritical for me to be able to yell but expect Luke to remain relaxed but no one ever said PTSD made sense. 

“I called Calum because this is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you. You don’t get to tell me that I can’t go out and do stuff. I was able before and I will be able again, I’m not going to lock myself in a room and do nothing because of a little catcalling.” I’m beyond frustrated. I hear movement in the house and know that the others can hear our fight. 

“MY JOB IS TO PROTECT YOU!” Luke yells, hands flung through his hair, holding tight to release some frustration he stands at full height but I sink to the floor and cower towards the wall. Within 2 seconds of my collapse Luke is back to holding me. He is curled completely around me when the door flings open. 

“Luke” Cal says and moves swiftly to get me away. Luke would never do anything to me but Calum can see I cracked. He pulls me free and gets between me and Luke. 

“I’m sorry, I just got frustrated. I didn’t mean to - ” he is a mess. I can hear the congestion from the tears and I know he must look a wreck. I feel someone’s hand run down my face and I pull away quickly, scrambling along the floor to the door. I get up and run. 

“Y/N!” Cal says, startled. 

I see Ashton at the bottom of the steps, seconds from coming up. He doesn’t know what happened but he holds his arms open and I collide with him hard enough to knock the wind out of my lungs. I clutch to him and whimper. 

“I can’t be here. I need to… I need… Please.” I don’t know where I want to go, I don’t know what I want to do but I do know I can’t be with them. I have to get away from Luke and Cal. I have to clear my mind before I formulate stupid thoughts. 

“This is what I was trying to stop” Cal is saying frantically as he came down the stairs. I hid behind Ashton, still furious with him and scared of the whole situation. He was right and I know it but it’s too late and now…Now I need Ashton to be my protection. “Please. I can’t handle you being scared of me” I make a pathetic whine and grip Ashton’s shirt in my hands, face buried in his chest when he turns back to Cal.

“Please, just go to Luke” he tells him. He looks sad and I hate that I’m doing this to them but I can’t stop it. I need to leave, I need to be somewhere that I can’t do something stupid. Ashton ushers me to the door where he grabs his keys and we walk outside. He doesn’t say a word as we get into the car. 

“It’s my fault. I’m broken and all I do is break others.” I stare out the window as Ashton backs out. I’m sobbing now, knees to my chest, lungs on fire from finally letting it all out. Luke is looking out the bedroom window and my heart shatters when I see him realize how scared I am. He puts his hand to the glass but Ashton pulls away. 

“You have a good reason to act the way you do” Ash reminds me. 

“Not one that’s good enough…”


-Did we like it?? 

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Okay so that ask you got of an au where Shiro has a prosthetic nose and a scar on his arm. I just thought the same thing but with Sendak. So like when Sendak sees Shiro's arm and says the whole thing about not getting the latest model, instead of Sendak's arm extending it's his nose.



Rey in the script after the murder of Han:

Stormtroopers begin to BLAST AWAY AT REY AND FINN! CRAZED,




DON’T YOU STOP ME FINN I NO LONGER CARE IF I DIE HERE wait are you like, carrying me? Well Han did say “hug later,” this is later, right?

Rey in the film:

[Image description: Animated gif of Kylo Ren from the catwalk looking up at Finn on the ledge, captioned with Rey thinking, “Ew why is Creepy Stalkerson staring at my bae?”]

[Image description: Kylo Ren gets up to chase after Finn and Rey. She grabs Finn’s arm and they exit together with the caption, “Not today, Satan, not today.”]

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Gimme ur memery hell headcanons *slides u $50*


  • they have this thing called ‘Double O-Mode’ aka Overbearing and Overprotective Mode and it kicks into gear whenever the other is sad or anxious or anythng and they did it before they started dating too the only different is now it’s not just being a mad hype man and holding the other but there is some good smooches too
  • they’ve had a secret handshake sincethe first day they met. it takes aproxx 2 minutes and 12 secs to do and they r literally whezzing by the end. they show up to class late bc its bad fucking luck to not finish the handshake.
  • jeremy is rly clingly. like annoyingly so he never lets go of michael’s hand or arm and he’s always leaning on him and acts like if he’s not leached onto michael he will drop dead
  • theyve been doing couples costumes on halloween ever since they were kids (minus the cursed year). they r all super fucking dumb (they show up to their first college halloween party w/ jeremy having a fucking outlet on his ass and and michael having the plug where his dick is) but they plan them out the whole year before and r so excited when they can finally wear them
  • michael cried throughout jeremy’s entire bar mitzvah like even when he was on the dance floor he was bustin a tear bc he’s weepy and loves his best friend 
  • speaking of jeremy’s bar mitzvah during his speech when he’s thanking michael he starts crying and they have to hug it out for a solid 3 minutes before he could finsih
  • it took jeremy so long to realize that his feelings for michael werent platonic bc he was always trying to fight the whole gross idea that bros cant be soft with eachother and shit w/o being gay so he thought all his urges where just him tryin to be real and soft and Not A Typical Dude Bro but he’s rly just gay
  • they always look at eachother with so much fucking love in their eyes like michael so much as glances in the direction of his bf and brooke is groaning ‘get a room holy shit!’
  • michael! loves! giving! hickeys! and! jeremy! loves! having! them! and like jeremy gets super embarassed when someone points them out but refuses to cover them (michael gets highfives from jake over them like everyday)
  • jeremy’s snapchat story always has a bunch of sappy shit of michael like pics of him with captions like ‘i am so lucky WOW’ and pics of them kissing and cuddling while michael just has videos of jeremy screaming at 3am high off his ass ‘IVE ONLY JACKED OFF TO FURRY PORN ONCE I JUST WANTED TO TRY IT IM NOT A FURRY’ 
  • they shotgun everytime they smoke together. its law bc i said so.
  • michael is a stress baker so basically jeremy has an endless supply of delicious baked goods
  • thursday nights are their out of the house date nights and they usually go rollerskating (it has everything. rollerskating. neonlights. popcorn. arcade games. a weird smell. makes them horny for romance)
  • they get kicked out of hoco their senior year for grinding on eachother to africa by toto
  • michael once tried to slip his hand into jeremy’s back pocket and pulled his pants down in the middle of a group hang out at a bowling alley. now everyone knows about jeremy’s troll face boxers.
Castiel & Film Night

This was requested by @lapseasteelis! I hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 356

Warnings: fluff

(gif is not mine)

It was just you and Castiel in the bunker.  You and Castiel would play board games and card games on a regular basis.  This time, before you could leave your room and grab Sorry, Castiel knocked on your bedroom door.

You opened the door and had to stifle a fit of laughter.  The angel’s arms were full of snacks and movies.  It looks like he had gone to a store and bought an arm full of movies and a cart full of snacks.

Cas brushed past you, setting the bags down on your desk.  The movies in his arms fell onto your desk as well.  “[Y/N] I know we’re used to playing games when Dean and Sam are gone,” Castiel began.  “But I think I’ve found another way for us to spend our time.  It was something Dean suggested to me.  He told me that we should have a movie night.”

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Shouto definitely isn’t staring. He’s not thinking about how toned Midoriya’s arms are, or how his eyes go bright whenever they make eye contact, or how the corners of his lips are pulled into the softest smile he’s ever seen (besides his mom’s). Definitely not.

And he definitely doesn’t flush when Midoriya says, breaking the silence, “It looks like you.”

“I, uh… what?” is his dignified response.

“Th-The ice cream. It looks like you.”

tododeku date at a retro ice cream parlor feat. a preview of an upcoming(!!) fic!

gai wakes up gasping in the middle of the night with searing pain running down his calf. he tries to grit his teeth through it and get to his meds, but just as he gets himself up into a sitting position he hears the bottle rattling and feels kakashi beside him, awake now and pressing the pill and glass of water into his hands

gai hears kakashis quiet uneven breath beside him as he swallows it down, coughing, and he lays back, sucking in air through his teeth, waiting for relief or sleep, whichever came first. he shakily feels around for kakashi until cool fingers slip into his, and he holds onto them until sleep takes him

he wakes with the sunrise, with only ghosts of the pain from before - and kakashi’s arm thrown seemingly casually over his chest