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Supporting OT4 is not racist. Being disgusted that ANY band member would desert his band MID-LEG of a tour, coming up on Dubai, where a lot of ppl bought tickets specifically to see him, IS NOT RACIST. You need to stop the hate speak. This helps nothing. People will heal. Those five guys love each other. Learn from them. Spread love, not this vitriol.

Did you not read what I said about only selectively examining evidence? The evidence strongly suggests that Zayn did not leave of his own accord, that everything has been a stunt from the start. Many– especially Larries– do not wish to see this, because it is easier for them to think that Zayn is a betrayer than to think that he is a victim. Such refusal to see, is due in part to unconscious racism. This is not hate speak; it’s an argument, one I have evidence for. Your charge of “hate” being perpetuated when all I’ve done is make explicit racial undertones of discourse already present, is a tiresome and incredibly basic distraction from the point. Pointing out racism is not and never has been “hate speech.”

And not that I owe you and your facelessness anything, but I will also add that for me, ot4 is a fabrication that management wants me to believe– four left with one astray. I will not support that. My support is always for ot5, for all five– the five I loved and continue to love.

You want love to spread? Great. Make sure yours extends to empathy for Zayn Malik and all the dumbfuckery he has endured, not just this year, but all through this journey just for the supposed crime of being brown.

I, meanwhile, will go back to the business of speaking truth to power– because love means nothing if it isn’t just.

Very Unofficial Background Warboys Fandom Name List [ongoing]

So I thought I’d compile a list of fandom names for background warboys. It is by no means an exhaustive list. (Like, I haven’t even gotten into fanfiction names for some of these same characters.) These are just the names that have turned up in my little corner of the fandom and that I’ve collected over the last few months. It’s also an ongoing list! And if you want to claim responsibility for a name, let me know that too!

These names are by no means “official” in any sense, fannish or otherwise (until or unless they are superseded by canon names). 

You may know these same warboys by other names. If so…send me a note!

Got a name? Send me a note! Official, fandom, referential, nicknames, whatever you’ve got. I want more names!

  • <p><b>Alec:</b> We have some news<p/><b>Magnus:</b> We are getting married.<p/><b></b> Jace stands up.<p/><b>Jace:</b> Yes! Oh my god! Yes! All thanks to me and my campaigning to the Clave. Who is the man?! I am the best man.<p/><b>Alec:</b> Actually Jace-<p/><b>Jace:</b> I am the man!<p/><b>Alec:</b> Magnus is choosing best man, I am choosing bridesmaids.<p/><b>Jace:</b> You what?<p/><b>Magnus:</b> Jem is the best-<p/><b>Jace:</b> I am the best man! Me! After everything! Everything Alec! This is how you repay me! The betrayal, we are through! Through!<p/><b>Alec:</b> We are joking... Jace of course your best man.<p/><b>Jace*in tears* :</b> I fucking hate you so much but I love you.<p/></p>

i’m gonna have a one year anniversary party for the first time i ever saw this video

heavy metal heart, chapter 1: failed beginnings

I made it four steps out of the dining area when I heard two low voices conversing in the hall. My heart dropped to a bottomless pit of panic at the familiar sound of a Cheshire accent, his raspy tone burning a hole through my very being. There was a time when that voice felt like a warm blanket on a miserable wintery day, but the only feeling I got from hearing it today was the feeling of complete and utter betrayal.

I moved my feet quickly in the other direction, my fingers gripping onto my wine glass so tight I was sure it would leave fingerprint marks. Dark clouds descended, swirling around my body and denying me every right I had to breathe. The need to be outside increased tenfold with every passing second and I found myself steering towards the terrace at the quickest pace my trembling legs could take me. 

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Summer Reading ‘15 

The Betrayers by David Bezmozgis | The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion | Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes | Prince Lestat by Anne Rice | Perfida by James Ellroy | I Don’t Have a Happy Place by Kim Korson | Your Fathers, Where Are They? and the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? By Dave Eggers | Lucky Us by Amy Bloom | The Rise and Fall of Great Powers by Tom Rachman

See all the Summer Reading books here.

au meme: poldark + Pilot/flight attendant AU

After a decade in the RAF, Ross Poldark decides to leave military duty and become a commercial pilot, so he can be closer to home. But he finds rebuilding his life is harder then he imagined…. Heartbroken by his ex’s betrayal  and desperately lonely he finds himself drawn to a young red head flight attendant, stationed on the other side of the world. [requested by fuckyeahletsdrink]

turmoil is the god
madness is the god

permanent living peace is
permanent living death

agony can kill
agony can sustain life
but peace is always horrifying
peace is the worst thing
seeming to be.

don’t forget the sidewalks
the whores
the worm in the apple,
the bars, the jails,
the suicides of lovers.

here is America
we have assassinated a president and his brother,
another president has quit office.

people who believe in politics
are like people who believe in god:
they are sucking wind through bent

there is no god
there are no politics
there is no peace
there is no love.

there is no control
there is no plan.

stay away from god
remain disturbed


—  Charles Bukowski, Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit- hug the dark

Things I would’ve asked/told Clelli had I been playing as an Outsider:

If it was so important to save Austin and Steve last week why are you campaigning for one of them to be backdoored this week? What was the point in saving them over Jason? 

Since you say you’ve never formed anything solid with us, I can only assume you’ve formed something solid with other people.  That’s the only way a big showmance like yourselves could survive without being targeted thus far. You could have aligned with us last week and saved Jason, but you chose another group. That shows you have no loyalty to us and never did, so why should I trust you have loyalty now? You played us. Austin and Vanessa meant more to you.

You say it was a big betrayal that Austin didn’t try to help you stay after you helped him last week, so if he isn’t working with you anymore, does that mean he’s now working with us? Isn’t that a good thing for our side? Also shouldn’t you have foreseen something like this would happen with him if he’s such a liar and a “monster”. 

Why didn’t you fight for Jason to stay to Vanessa, especially after you all found out about his Judas persona and all the lies? What did Jason do that was worse than that?

Jason gave you a heartfelt campaign last week and it fell on deaf ears, but he was right about a lot of the things he said (the next HOH being endurance and him and James having the best shot at winning, etc.). He had no opportunity to save himself with BOB or POV, Vanessa didn’t even give him a chance to plead his case vs. Austin and he was blindsided. Your votes were his only hope. Becky had two chances to save herself (she couldn’t even win when the comp was being thrown to her), Jason literally only had you. How is it fair he went home? How can we save you when you didn’t care about saving Jason?

You told us Austin was saying anything to save himself last week, that he would sacrifice himself, throw HOH comps, that he was their puppet essentially and only cared about getting to jury, but now he won’t even look at you and isn’t fighting to save you. Yet this week you want us to take the same risk with you. Doesn’t that just prove the point that you can’t make promises weeks in advance and anyone can turn on you despite their word?

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Why was Mellie the only person that Fitz didn't punish for Defiance? Is it because she blamed the entire thing on Cyrus and Fitz believed her? Fitz didn't really look like he was buying it when she told him in the car... He shut out Cyrus and Olivia, so do you think he didn't shut Mellie out because he needed at least one person on his side?


Remember two things:

1) Mellie’s was the first name out of Fitz’s mouth when Verna told him she was a part of a group that rigged the election for him. 

2) That kiss happened right after Verna’s funeral, after Fitz told Olivia not to wait for him (*cry*). Fitz, reeling from betrayal and the murder he committed to cover it up, sought the devil he knew: Mellie. His way of punishing her was to focus on his liquor during attempted shower bjs


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You explained my question about Damon really well. I personally never understood how Damon got away with killing Lexi like he did. I really liked her. It seems like the only reason Damon is still alive is because of how good and loyal stefan is. Everyone knows if Damon died, Stefan would be heartbroken (for some reason). I suppose the writers want teenage girls to swoon over damon being the bad boy and becoming good for one lucky lady.

You’re definitely right about that, I personally do not understand why Stefan hasn’t killed Damon many years ago. He said he wanted to spend eternity with his brother, which is understandable, but he never got that eternity, did he? Instead, all Damon ever did was bring him pain and guilt and betrayal and misery. Yeah, sure, the whole blood is thicker than water and what not bullshit, but enough is enough, at some point, and Damon reached that point long before the show even started. Lexi was more of a sister to Stefan than Damon has ever been a brother, and yet he left her death unavenged. He stood aside and watched Damon destroy his life, again, for six seasons now. That’s extremely unhealthy. I might be able to get on board if Damon would show why he was worth those sacrifices every now and then, but he doesn’t. Damon isn’t fucking worth it and Stefan continues to be blind to that. Damon keeps choosing other people (especially people with Petrova faces) over Stefan again and again and again and again, and Stefan is always there to make yet another sacrifice for that shithole. It pisses me off. And the whole bullshit about how “Stefan can’t live without his brother” needs to stop. Stefan lived about 145 years without his brother and he was doing much better away from Damon than with Damon in his life, so the season six drama was so very much uncalled for. Stefan is perfectly capable of living his life without that fuckface around and he’s better off. Unfortunately a bunch of moronic hormonal teen girls decided Damon needs to be showered with rainbows and love so no matter what that fucking bastard does, he wins, and Stefan loses. Always. It makes me want to punch people.