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Hi! I wanted to know why you (and others) are upset about Joss Whedon directing Batgirl? I never heard he was sketchy before.

Omg Joss. My worst ex. My most tumultuous relationship with the greatest betrayals.

Here’s the thing about Joss. I was a PEAK Whedon fan, I was a devotee. I was really sure he was a dream come true. Here’s a dude making mainstream geek content who was raised by a serious feminist, who supports woman-devoted charities like Equality Now, who writes directly to my aesthetic by creating teeny little super powered female characters who can kick your ass up your throat. I loved Buffy, I loved Angel, I love Firefly, and Dollhouse, and even Avengers 1 for a long time.

So believe me when I say he deserves the anger that is directed at him.

1. Buffy is an interesting, deeply flawed peice of media with definite feminist aims, but it is also deeply racist, dabbles in various kinds of sexism, and riddled with problems.

2. I’d actually be alright with that existing in the mid 90s because I know what the atmosphere was in television and Buffy was legitimately hard to get made, EXCEPT- nothing about the way that Joss does things has changed since then.

3. In some ways his feminism is WORSE? Like he’s always had hangups about pregnancy and birth that were confusing and offputting, but he’s never had a female character call herself a monster because of her own infertility- until he did exactly that in Age of Ultron.

4. He literally gave a speech to a room full of feminists suggesting that we junk the word “feminism” because he was not a fan, completely ignoring that the word feminism A- doesn’t belong to him, as a man, B- acknowledges decades of history of brave and amazing women who have come before us to whom we owe so much.

5. His (rejected) Wonder Woman script basically features Steve Trevor as the main character who spends the whole movie teaching Diana about pain and suffering because apparently indoctrination into the patriarchy is the only way to fix WW. It’s also- bonus! Super homophobic!


7. When faced with criticism for Age of Ultron, he had a mantrum on Twitter, blamed the studio for every problem, and then ragequit Twitter, leaving a bunch of his asshole male followers to attack the feminists he claims to support for chasing him off.

8. Firefly, his apparently “pure” vision that was not interfered with at all before it was cancelled, was a thin allegory of the reconstruction era FROM the perspective of a confederate captain basically galvanizing and idealizing the “Southern independence” lie that Americans push to pretend that the Civil War was not about slavery.

9. Literally thinks this shot is a good idea:

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march wrap-up !! (let’s all excuse my face ok ty)

Shatter Me:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌘

Destroy Me: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑

Unravel Me: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑

Fracture Me: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗

Ignite Me: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗

A Court of Thorns and Roses: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑

A Court of Mist and Fury: 🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝

Thirteen Reasons Why: 🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑

The Kiss of Deception: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌖

The Heart of Betrayal: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗

uh listen I get that 1D’s shitty team trained people to think Harry doing anything for himself is a betrayal to the other boys and somehow means the fate of the band rests on only his shoulders but… considering it’s been over a year since the hiatus started… meaning as a band they aren’t currently active… and he’s only now dropping something music wise after being ghost for so long and the rest of them have ALL been publicly working on or releasing solo material for months… it doesn’t exactly make sense to still be claiming that does it

Superfamily Trip to the Zoo

A birthday commission from a very beautiful and brave person, for a very beautiful and brave person.

Last time they’d all had a day off – a day away from attacks and betrayals and offices and labs – it was the beach.

Today? Today, it’s the zoo.

Kara practically skips on the way, holding Alex’s hand on one side and Maggie’s on the other, and James grins broadly behind the Danvers girls and their Maggie to snap photo after photo after photo.

“Hey, what about me, Olsen? I’m photogenic too! Where’s the love?” Winn teases as J’onn chuckles with his arm around M’gann, and James pulls Winn into his chest for a selfie.

Kara whines slightly about the line – “Shouldn’t Supergirl get to stroll in for free? And, you know, without waiting?” – and Alex laughs and asks before pulling Kara into her arms, because it’s going to be a long day of sights and smells and overstimulation of Kara’s Kryptonian senses, and the more love she buoys her with, the better. Kara sighs and leans back into her sister, letting her eyes close, blocking out – just for a moment, because Alex has got her, Alex won’t let anything happen to her – all sights, all sounds, all scents, all senses, except the ones that are anchoring her to the ground, to Alex.

“All good, sis?” Alex asks, and Kara takes a deep breath and nods as she opens her eyes.

“I wanna to see the birds. Can we see the birds first?”

“You don’t get enough time with them spinning around up there, Little Danvers?” Maggie teases as she tries to hold out her credit card to the cashier, but J’onn waves her away.

“DEO mental health budget. Pam will make sure Theresa approves it,” he leans down and whispers in her ear, and Maggie grins, leaning into M’gann.

“Your man’s got moves.”

“Oh, I know he does.”

They giggle and J’onn casts them a baffled look as he distributes the tickets to his children and his girlfriend.

“I take it we’re starting with birds for Ms. Danvers?” he asks, and Kara squeals in delight, tugging Alex’s hand forward. Alex yelps and grabs at Maggie, and the three of them lurch ahead, Winn stumbling after them and James racing to the front, weaving between throngs of children and parents and strollers and balloons, to get in front of his friends – his family – to photograph their laughing faces.

“What do you think they think about?” Kara wonders aloud as they slip into a steamy recreation of a forest, her head cast all the way back to skim the tops of the trees, Alex’s hand in hers the only thing keeping her on the wooden floor.

“Their songs!” a passing toddler chimes as they bump full speed into Maggie’s legs. “Sorry!”

Maggie doesn’t miss a beat, getting down on one knee to be eye-level with the kid.

“That’s okay, kiddo. It’s an exciting place! So you think the birds think about their songs, huh?”

“Yeah!” The kid launches into an elaborate imitation of the chirps and calls all around them, and James asks the parents’ permission to snap a photo of the child laughing with Maggie, with Kara – because of course Kara’s dropped to her knees and started singing along with the child – Alex beaming behind them, leaning into Winn and smiling like she’s never seen such a beautiful sight as her girlfriend and her sister making bird songs with a random child.

When eventually the child’s parents thank James for happily agreeing to email them his photos – “that’s James Olsen, honey!” – they set off toward the reptile house, and Winn shudders.

“Do we um… do we have to go… you know… there? That’s usually connected to where they have the spiders and um… you know spiders and I don’t really see eye to eye…”

“Well yeah, they have so many more than you do, man,” James puts his arm around Winn’s shoulder, and Winn jumps.

“Distinctly not funny, James!”

“No, come on, we’ll avoid the spiders for you, okay? Besides, I think I know where Alex wants to go next,” James grins.

“Aww, babe, do you have a secret favorite animal you’ve never told me about?”

Alex blushes when they wind up gaping at the polar bears, a look of pure joy and pure sadness somehow mingling perfectly on Alex’s face.

“Iorek Byrinson, huh?” Maggie asks, and it’s the only thing that could make Alex tear her eyes away from the majestic creatures.

“How did you know?”

“All the other girls wanted to be Lyra. I bet you wanted to be Iorek. All that perfect armor, always protecting people he loves.”

“Are they… are they bonding over The Golden Compass?” Winn asks no one in particular, and M’gann burrows into J’onn’s chest as they all watch Alex kiss Maggie soft and tender and warm.

“See, this is why I need to finally meet Cisco, I’ll have someone to bond over Star Wars with,” he groans, and James and Kara clap him on the back supportively.

They all have to stop and wait for Alex and Maggie to finish kissing again when Maggie discovers that Alex absolutely loves butterflies – “don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone at the DEO, Danvers, wouldn’t want to ruin your ruthless rep with how gentle and melty and soft you actually are” – and James snaps a fantastic series of photos of Winn jumping up and down alongside a group of toddlers, in excitement to see a few zebras full out sprinting in their dwelling.

Maggie and Kara both break down squealing over the otters, Maggie reduced to utter mush as she gushes about how smart they are, how thy use rocks as tools, and Alex breaks down squealing over her girlfriend and her sister’s adorableness.

James squats down and stares, long and hard and serious, at a small family of elephants, and Maggie takes her turn photographing him, because “he doesn’t have enough pictures of himself, and look how sweet he looks.”

She snaps even more photos when Kara goes over and squats behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her chin on his shoulder as they both watch the creatures watching them.

Maggie earns another series of kisses from Alex – “god, Danvers, can you keep it in your pants for like a minute?” “No one asked you, Schott!” – when she buys Kara half the food court, and as Kara happily stuffs her face and debates loudly with James and Winn about the ethics of zoos and Alex and Maggie take the opportunity to thief some of James’s fries – Alex giving a portion of her share to Kara, who can never have enough – M’gann leans against J’onn, snacking on a bag of peanuts.

”And to think I was convinced I’d never have children again,” J’onn says softly, and M’gann leans up to kiss him gently.

”In your defense, no one could possibly have predicted you winding up with this crew.”

They watch as a food fight breaks out and Alex shields Kara from flying french fries while Maggie goes on the offensive against James and Winn nearly falls off the bench with laughter.

”No. No one could possibly have predicted this crew. And honestly, M’gann? I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


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on the night two of his best friends died, his love was convicted of betrayal and murder, and his friend faked his death, remus lupin was a werewolf.

imagine what he felt when he got to know this the next morning.

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Kay but I thought Fingolfin was going to burn the ships in that reverse betrayal au resulting in the Feanorians taking the Helcaraxe and then it wasn't that and now I have this newfound unfulfilled desire for Feanorian Helcaraxe trek

“Oh shit,” Caranthir yelped, splashing his way to firmer ground. “It’s happening again. Curufin, you said the asbestos would help.”

“It did,” said Curufin testily. “If it hadn’t, we’d all be underwater right now.”

It should have been freezing but the air around them shimmered with heat haze and the ice beneath their feet sighed and sweated. All the brothers shared their father’s gift for setting hearts aflame but they, no more than he, could soothe tempers once roused, not by any skill or Song that they possessed. 

So it was that the High King of the Noldor stood waist deep and sinking deeper in a roiling pool of meltwater, his fiery spirit blazing ever brighter with fury at their ignominious betrayal. 

“I’ll get Celegorm,” Caranthir said at last. “We may as well try his stupid whale song idea - it’s that or swim, and that worked out so well for Amrod.”

13x18 - “Be Still, My Soul”

Everything we know about tonight’s episode.

When Maggie’s mom’s health deteriorates, the doctors are at odds over how to treat her. Meanwhile, Richard comes to grips with Bailey’s betrayal over the Residency Program, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, MARCH 30 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT) on ABC.
Written by Meg Marinis and directed by Ellen Pompeo.

Guest Starring is Marika Dominczyk as Eliza Minnick, LaTanya Richardson Jackson as Diane Pierce and Richard Lawson as Bill Pierce.

the evolution of betty cooper
  • episode one: experiences a crushing broken heart for the first time
  • episode two: feels betrayal from who she thought were her friends
  • episode three: goes a bit crazy out of love for her sister
  • episode four: realizes she hurt her friend trying to help him
  • episode five: realizes that her family has been lying to her
  • episode six: finds her sister, accuses her dad of murder, and finds out who she really likes
  • episode seven: tries to help out her sister and struggles to trust others
Silver and Flint betrayal

It’s starting to really hit me that the reason John is so angry at Flint is not because of Madi, (she’s part of it of course but I’m also pretty sure Silver is well aware Madi would not approve of bargaining with Rogers) but because of a rift that runs a lot deeper between the two of them, he feels betrayed by Flint, personally.

“I have his true friendship, so he shall have mine.”

The more I hear this line the more I consider it as the first time that John is willing to fully commit to another person. If this conversation with Madi takes place after Silver’s sparring sessions with Flint, it seems to me that throughout their training and Flint’s acceptance of Silver not telling him about his past, this is the time in which Silver fully believed that he and Flint shared a true bond that went both ways. If Flint could accept Silver as is, then Silver could return the favour. Just look at Silver’s face in this scene with Madi, it’s a sort of wary happiness and disbelief almost that he has been granted the love and respect of another person. Despite his and Flint’s differences, despite the times they’ve disagreed and the times Flint has viewed Silver as his lesser, in this moment Silver believes that he and Flint stand together on equal footing and that nothing in the world can stop them.

Then throughout season 4 it seems like everything is trying to pull the two apart, to suggest that they aren’t on equal footing at all. And watching all this unfold now knowing about their sparring sessions and conversations just makes it all ten times more heartbreaking. A huge dent in their friendship is of course the deal brokered with Eleanor where Flint doesn’t really consider Silver’s views at all on the matter, and leaves with a simple ‘trust me’. A few episodes later he asks Flint to do the same, and Flint lies to his face (at least, this is how Silver will come to see it).

So when he’s talking to Israel in 4.09 about Flint swearing his friendship falsely, this is the ultimate betrayal for Silver. Considering that we’re pretty sure John Silver has learnt the hard way not to get attached, for him to finally be in a place where he feels he can fully commit to another, and then to have that broken, it’s understandable why he would react so badly. This is only made worse by the fact that Madi -  his emotional tether, one who truly understands him, and one who would probably encourage him to view the situation rationally - is not there to help him.

When Flint shoots Dooley, we recognise that immediately as Flint being simply unable to let Silver die, but for Silver perhaps it is just another friend that Flint will put in the ground without a thought - remember Dooley is the one who held his hand and refused to leave when he had his leg amputated. I don’t know what’s worse, Silver believing Flint is not actually his friend or Flint’s knowledge that he, on an instinctual level, cannot bear harm to come to Silver.

I can’t imagine what it’s been like for Silver to have his newly and tentatively-formed relationships beaten and broken one after the other. I can’t even think about how Silver would react to knowing Madi didn’t take the deal for Silver’s life, as this to him would be like the second of the only two people he’s allowed himself to get close to, to choose a war over him. 

I just… I don’t see a way out of this… Unless the ‘Silver seals his fate’ part of the finale is some sort of drastic measure to hand himself over to Rogers in an attempt to stop the war - even though that would go against Silver’s self-preservation instinct- the only other time he’s done this is when he saved the crew rather than himself… Oh Hell. 

But we know he’s gonna live… So what if he just ends up giving in completely to his dark persona just like Flint did all those years ago. I just don’t know what to think. I’m in such pain guys I don’t think I’m gonna make it ‘til the finale.

Kuro (Dark Shiro) Week!

We are so very happy to bring to you Kuro Week 2017! A week dedicated to our lovely dark Shiro~ This event will take place June 18th-25th with a bonus day ;B

For those of you who don’t know how Voltron weeks work: There is a prompt/theme for each day an you guys create content related to these themes and post them in the tag #kuroweek2k17 where we will reblog them onto this blog for all to see and enjoy!


  • Day 1 (June 18th) - Madness
  • Day 2 (June 19th) - Identity/Memory
  • Day 3 (June 20th) - Reflection/Mirror
  • Day 4 (June 21th) - Betrayal/Deception
  • Day 5 (June 22th) - NIghtmares
  • Day 6 (June 23th) - Mind control
  • Day 7 (June 24th) - Scars/Injury

Bonus Day! (June 25th) - Free Day!

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