So Far So Good

Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 711

Warnings: thigh riding which is a sin in and of itself. One NSFW gif.

@superpaperclip asked “Could you write something about riding Sebastian’s thighs?

A/N: Welp…I’m horny now because of that gif. Let me know if you want to be tagged here.

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I attended a dance once
It was the fancy kind
Everybody looked so gorgeous
Everybody complimented me too
When a particular love song started playing
My friends forced me to the dance floor
There was a lot of hesitation and dragging and convincing
But they finally got me where they wanted

My partner was faceless
All the men present were
It started off as so lovely, I felt I was living the dream
The men, the music, the air and my friends
But slowly it started to hurt
I thought maybe it was my feet
We kept dancing for hours
We kept changing partners
Going around in circles
But my back felt really wet
I soon realised it was blood

I wanted to run
But I couldn’t escape that dancing circle
I was being passed around
And every faceless man had a sharp knife
They would look straight into my eyes
And say that they love me
While simulatenosuly
Trying to kill me
What kind of mendacity was this party?

I asked my friends to help me
But soon I realised
There were in a worse position than me
They didn’t even notice
They kept dancing
And smiling
And thinking I was overreacting

They had bled so much
The floor was now slippery
Finally we all fell
And the men soon fled
My friends couldn’t stop crying
No matter how much I shook them
They kept on mourning
Not realizing they had escaped their death
  • you: what's the world's worst betrayal
  • me, on the outside: i don't know, cheating maybe
  • me, on the inside: when i open a fic whose summary was in third person but the story is actually in first
Nicole Caught in the Crossfire During Earp Sister Arguments:
  • *Waverly and Wynonna are arguing just to see who's better in typical sibling fashion*
  • Wynonna: "Oh yeah? Well, your girlfriend called <i>my</i> ass top-shelf."
  • Waverly: "What!? She did not."
  • Wynonna: *Smirks* "Call her."
  • Waverly: *Pulls out phone and puts Nicole on speaker* "Hey Nicole! Is it true that you said Wynonna's ass was top shelf?"
  • Nicole (with an "oh shit" expression on her face): *Contemplates lying, but realizes she isn't physically able to lie to Waverly* "Uh.. ye- yeah."
  • Wynonna: *Whispers* "Ha! Told you so."
  • Wynonna: *Gasps* *Grabs phone* "WHAT? This is such a beTRAYAL HAUGHT I'M COMING FOR YOU"
  • Nicole: "Oh um...hi..Wynonna. I didn't know you were there. Um...WAVERLY PLEASE TRY TO NOT LET HER KILL ME TEXT ME LATER BYEEEEEE." *hangs up*
  • Waverly: "Well I think I win this round. Now I gotta go run some errands, so please don't kill Nicole while I'm gone."
  • ~~~~~~~An Hour Later~~~~~~
  • Waverly: *Goes to Nicole's house and hears screaming coming from inside*
  • Waverly: "Oh no Wynonna you better not be in there." *Opens door*
  • Wynonna: *Chasing Nicole around, hitting her with a pillow, and yelling* "I THOUGHT WE HAD A BROMANCE YOU TRAITOR. MY ASS WILL ALWAYS BE TOP SHELF"
Little Notes

Bucky Barnes x Reader


Request: “A cute little Bucky X Reader idea popped into my head today. How about the reader always writes reminders/her To Do list on her hands, so she always has writing in them. She’s so busy all the time that she often falls asleep wherever she sits down in the tower. When she wakes up she sometimes finds new notes written on her hands written by none other than the Bucky Barnes. Do what you wish with this little idea, I trust your creative genius! Thank you always for writing 💜” - @lovelyladylilac

Word Count: 1972

Warning: little bit of fluff

To @lovelyladylilac, thank you for requesting the cutest ideas, and thank you for checking in on me when I’m absent for too long. Even in my writer’s block and overwhelming life you’re always there to make my day and help me focus on what makes me happy. You mean the world to me! <3

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