('art' haha)

“I-I… I don’t w-wanna hurt a-anyone…”


This is a bit out of the blue, but I wanted to try using a palette to draw something! Sooooo…. I went ahead and looked through @lycanfriskau‘s blog and found a drabble I’d requested. Here they are. Poor Frisk…

spaceman-oceanboy  asked:

i only followed your main blog for ghe tony content, and i kinda got invested in your life an well being, and i had no fucking cluw yoy could draw!! youre so amazing and i just wanyed to say im so proud of you, good job, i love you

2 things: 

1) THIS IS SO SWEET thank u pal!!!! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my weird sporadic chatter over there!!!

2) oh my god i cannot believe it’s been so long since I drew regularly that I’ve managed to see you in my notifications on a daily basis for A While Now on my Main Art Blog and you Did Not Know That I Draw this is wild oh my gosh 

“I am not a child; I’m a Paladin of Voltron!”

I honestly do not draw Pidge enough.

This took about three hours, and I managed to get most to all of it on a screen recording! Maybe I’ll put it up as a speedpaint. I might also make this into a series? Probably not, but it’s a thought.

Do not repost without permission!

( Pidge - Allura - Lance - Keith - Hunk - Shiro )