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This isn't mean to be criticism on your artwork, but my person au with the florist/baker, I think the baker would be Hanzo because baking takes precise measurements, timing, and you have to be cautious when decorating, but also express creativity! Then you have McCree, a total earth dude. Always dirty and wiping his hands off on his jeans, but he cares for the flowers and even sings to them sometimes cause he's very warm hearted. Anyway, that's just me! I'm curious what you think of this!

you know, that’s a very good point! I like the idea of Hanzo squinting at measuring cups to make sure everything is perfect- and don’t get him started on icing, he’d do that forever just to make sure it looked Perfect. And just picturing mccree singing to flowers makes me happy- i can just imagine hanzo walking into the florist shop and having to like. stop and just listen to that pretty voice before he did his flower shopping haha


Hey hey! I’ll be going to Anime Expo again, so here’s my cosplay lineup for this year’s!

  • July 2: Shigeo Kageyama (with Ritsu and Reigen)
  • July 3: APH Japan (Red Tracksuit ver.)
  • July 4: Trial Captain Ilima (reversed hair because of a mistake haha-)

It would be really cool to meet some of you! Maybe we can talk for a bit or even draw, just let me know (remember to please ask before pictures or anything). I’ll also be at the Mob Psycho 100 Meetup on July 2 and Hetalia Meetup on July 3 as well !

Hope to see you there !! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤


Just kiss him, already.

With @thekoreanpineapple‘s Altean Wedding suits because I can’t design clothes for shit.