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A Moment of Peace

A short fanfic in which I let my love for Bellarke and the delinquents get the best of me.

I’m just picturing the scene after Clarke kills Emerson as a silent moment of love and support between the delinquents. Honestly, this is just a lot of fluff about how I hope this scene would have gone if the cameras hadn’t stopped rolling.

Everyone is regaining their breath. As Clarke regains her focus, she realizes everyone is still handcuffed. Clarke crawls over to Emerson’s body and searches for the keys in his pockets. After reaching into a second pocket, she finds them and quickly unlocks everyone from their handcuffs. Once free, they all sit silently, either concentrating on filling their lungs with air or in disbelief having come so close to death again. And Clarke just stares at these people, the people who give her a reason to keep fighting, who she almost lost, who it is suddenly so much more apparent she loves. And tears begin to form in her eyes. 

Clarke had freed Bellamy first. After a silent moment between them, he rushed over to Octavia to make sure she was okay. Despite how angry she’s been with him, he needed to make sure that she was okay. 

Bellamy resigns when Octavia stands tall, giving him a quick nod. He checks on everyone else, then glances at Clarke, who stands in the center of the room. She is shaking, however slightly, her eyes shifting. Bellamy approaches Clarke, putting a hand on her shoulder. “You okay?” 

And Clarke just looks at him, because moments ago he was practically lifeless, and he’s asking her if she’s the one who’s okay. But she nods, willing the tears to go away. But they don’t, so she shuts her eyes tightly, shaking her head. She has to be strong. 

Eyes still closed, she feels Bellamy’s arms wrap around her. He leans in close to her ear, whispering, “You’re okay… we’re okay.”

And as much as she tries to hold back, she gives in a little, letting out a small sob against his chest. A moment later, she feels another pair of arms wrapping around her and Bellamy. And another. Soon, she feels completely surrounded. Clarke glances up, eyes a bit puffy, and sees that her friends are actually surrounding her in a group hug. Bellamy sees the confusion on her face as she looks up at him, whose expression is both slightly uncomfortable and slightly amused. He gives her a small smile, which she returns. Then he rests his head on her shoulder once more, letting them settle once more into the quiet.

The group stays like this a few moments longer, a collection of fiercely stubborn young men and women who let the calm after yet another near death experience finally get to them. This moment of peace between them is almost foreign, but it’s the reassurance they need to keep going.

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I headcanon that Delinquent!Mob started wearing the gauze on his cheek after Teru managed to cut him, but he kept wearing gauze after it healed because he liked the look of it.

OMG BUT IT’S EXACTLY LIKE THAT!!  YAS *high five* (I actually have a comic in process about this fact *w*)…

(I have so many unfinished drawings omg I’m a mess!! sorry!)

BUT yeah, Teru cut him with one of his sharp knives and since then Mob wears the gauze because it makes him look rude and because it’s also a reminder for Teru to make out for the bad he did hahhaha gaah!!

I’m glad you are enjoying this au hon!

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Im writing a story where the protagonist is in high school and gets in trouble doing some immature delinquent activity, but im struggling try to find out what he did. It has to be something serious enough to get him punished at school (as a "last warning" kind of thing) but minor enough to not get him kicked out. Any help with this would be great

This can depend on a lot of things.  What kind of school is he going to (public, private), what’s his race, what race are most of the kids in the school, what kind of neighborhood is it in.

Oh yeah, and is this in America?  Because our high schools are frighteningly different from the rest of the world.

This stuff is important, because I-as a white kid in a suburban white neighborhood and child of a prominent figure in the community-couldn’t get kicked out for anything.  Poor grades, absenteeism, dress code violations, setting shit on fire, talking back to teachers; none of that shit got me in trouble (ok, well, technically i didn’t get caught for setting things on fire).

But there are black girls who are getting suspended from their schools just for wearing their hair naturally.

Each high school is wildly different from one another.  Even if they’re just a few miles apart.  The administrators have some leeway to set their own policies, and the assumptions and prejudices of the people in the community affect how they treat kids.  

You might want to consider what actions could help describe your character for readers.  Is he a little misogynist dickhead at the beginning?  He could be snapping girls’ bra straps.  Does he have anger issues?  Have him punch a hole in the wall.  Does he have issues with authority?  He can mouth off at a teacher.  Does his class, race, gender identity, etc put him at odds with other kids who have privilege over him?  Have him shout profanities at the class president. 

As usual, other folks can feel free to chime in if you have ideas!

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37 and reylo

37. Meeting in prison (I went with jail? Hope that’s okay!)

“You’re real pretty. I mean, not trying to be disrespectful, but your cheekbones are excellent. Ma’am? Officer?”

Rey had to grit her teeth, asking herself for the hundredth time how it was she got stuck again with night duty, guarding the delinquent and idiotic alike as they were carted into the holding cells at the Javin IV precinct. This one–the only one as fate would have it–didn’t know when to shut the fuck up, and honestly if he kept talking about how pretty she was they were going to have problems. Lots of them.

She looked back at him from the corner of her eye, lips pulled tight in a frown that she felt to her very bones, and rolled her eyes to see him craning his neck to watch her for any hint of a reaction. Brat.

She knew very well who Ben Solo was, even if he didn’t tout his heritage like a badge of honor. She’d seen so many rich baby brats come through with Daddy’s police badge, demanding for above and beyond treatment–and get it from the lesser, scared officers–but Solo? Took his overnight sentence like a champ. It would be admirable, she supposed, if he didn’t irritate the living hell out of her.

“I’ve got a thing for women in power, you know. Something about a uniform just gets my heart a-fluttering.”

Rey snorted, and hated herself for giving him a reaction when his next words were peppered with a smile. “So you do have a sense of humor. That’s refreshing! Usually I’m stuck with some of the uptight greenhorns who have no idea that it’s okay to laugh–.”

“And do you compliment their cheekbones as well?” she asked, voice dry, and still refusing to look at him.

“I would if they looked half as good as you.”

She actually shot him a look back, trying not to smile, but fuck it was hard. He was as quick witted as his father, and as determined as the Chief, his mother. “Well, I guess it’s too bad you’re on the wrong side of the bars. I don’t consort with criminals.”

“Give me twenty-four hours,” he said, sounding far too excited at the prospect. “And I’ll be criminal no-more. Well, long enough to at least take you out on a date.”

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OMG but well, you can’t keep a badass face after that indirect kiss!! 

(yeah the lollipop you know… it’s been in mob’s mouth first *wink wink*)

The 100 writers deadass titled 1x08 Day Trip (involving a bunch of delinquent criminal teens taking hallucinogenic nuts) and we were steady out here thinking it was about Bellamy and Clarke going for an adventure trip. hahahahahahha nah fam sorry to break it to you..

character flaws

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TAGGING: everyone, cause flaws are cool.

bold means always, italicized means sometimes/debatable. both means !!!. strikes means yes, but won’t admit

absent-minded  |  abusive  |  addict  | aggressive  |  aimless  |  alcoholic  |  anxious  |  arrogant  | audacious  | BAD LIAR |  bigmouth  |  bigot  |  BLINDLY OBEDIENT  |  BLUNT  |  callous |  childish  |  chronic heroism  |  CLINGY  | clumsy  |  cocky  |  COMPETITIVE  |  corrupt  |  cowardly | cruel  | cynical  |  delinquent  |  delusional |  DEPENDENT  |  depressed  |  deranged  |  disloyal  |  ditzy  | egotistical  |  EMOTIONAL  |  ENVIOUS  | erratic  |  fickle  |  finicky  |  flaky  | FRAIL  |  fraudulent  |  guilt complex  |  gloomy  |  GLUTTONOUS  | gossiper  | gruff |  gullible  | HEDONISTIC  |  humorless  |  hypochondriac  |  hypocritical  | IDEALIST  |  idiotic  |  ignorant  |  immature  |  impatient  |  incompetent  |  INDECISIVE  |  INSECURE  |  insensitive  |  lazy  |  LEWD  |  liar  |  lustful  | manipulative  |  MASOCHISTIC  |  meddlesome |  melodramatic  |  MONEY-LOVING  |  moody  |  NAIVE  |  NERVOUS  |  NOSY  | ornery  |  overprotective  |  OVERLY SENSITIVE  | paranoid  |  passive-aggressive  |  perfectionist  |  pessimist  |  petty  |  power-hungry  | proud |  PUSHOVER  |  RECKLESS  |  reclusive  |  remorseless |  rigorous  |  sadistic  | sarcastic |  senile  |  selfish  |  self-martyr  | shallow  |  sociopathic  |  sore loser  |  spineless  |  spiteful  |  spoiled  |  STUBBORN  |  tactless  |  TEMPERAMENTAL  |  timid  |  tone-deaf  |  traitorous  |  unathletic  |  unbalanced  |  ungracious  |  unlucky  |  unsophisticated  |  untrustworthy  |  vain  |  withdrawn  |  workaholic

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what manga is that????

I’m guessing you’re talking about this one??

The english title is called Love Attack! but the Japanese is called Junai Tokkou Taichou!, and it’s about two “delinquents” falling in love and dealing with school, jobs, relationship drama, the whole package.

Totally recommend if you’re into the Shoujo genre (but it discontinued so good luck with that)

Fake screenshots with your fave Blackwatch boys.

I have an announcement.
While I might finish off a few more OW comics, I will be stopping making them in general. 

This is because I am getting more and more busy working on my own comic project.
This thing original content of mine has been a long way coming, 2 years of hard planning in fact, and all of you have helped me practicing a few things and reacting to proofs of concept.
I will still be doing single images of OW, as well as streams


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)