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Still by far my fav video!! This editor did an amazing job!! 

the gang finds a pair of pants that somehow fits all four of them and they decide to do a pen pal thing with the pants because they’re all gonna be apart all summer for the first time in their lives… dee is at musical theatre camp, dennis is doing like a veterinary medicine summer course at some ivy league school, mac is getting shipped off to some summer camp for juvenile delinquents on account of Selling Drugs, charlie is working at wal-mart… somehow this ends in chardee macdennis

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What do you think will happen between Clarke and Bellamy until the end of the season? How do you think the season will end? What do you think about the theme of season 5?

I think Bellamy and Clarke will become canon this Season. Canon for me might not be the same as canon for others though. When I say canon Bellarke, I mean a kiss or a romantic confession, which I expect we will receive sometime between 410-413. 

I think 408 and 409 will be a bit rough for our ship, but I think we will be sailing happily after that. I am hopeful that they will end the season together. 

I think the Season ends with the majority of their people in cryo sleep, while our main Delinquents (plus Bellamy and Raven) will wind up in space to avoid the radiation and so that someone is still awake to wake those in cryo sleep. I think there is a possibility that Bellamy and Clarke are separated at the time of the radiation wave, but that we will get a time jump during the Season Finale and see them reunited at the end of the episode. 

I think Season 5 will be all about rebuilding and recreating a new society. I keep thinking about Kane’s: “The youth will inherit the Earth.” and I think that will be relevant to Season 5. I’m expecting Bellamy and Clarke to step up in an even bigger way as leaders this Season. Bob said recently that Season 5 was really going to surprise us though, so without seeing the last few episodes I really can’t move past that. 

Guilty Pleasure Friends - Chapter 28 - Rubyleaf - Servamp [Archive of Our Own]
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Hey~! A couple days behind schedule because Book Fair shenanigans and temporarily no time to write, but hey, better late than never, right? X’D Long story short, the new chapter’s out! This time on GPF: The aftermath of the match and the wrap-up of the sports festival arc. Featuring Licht and Hyde dealing with losing, Tsubaki being ridiculous while asking non-ridiculous questions, a Shuuhei-Tinker faceoff, and lots of Kuro-team bonding. Character development: COMPLETE!

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Chapters: 28/?

Pairings: Sloth Pair, JekyllandHyde, Tetsono, TsubaSaku and MikuTsuru

Summary: All Mahiru wanted was to make an infamous delinquent stop skipping class. Getting dragged headfirst into a gang war and making a bunch of very weird friends was never part of the plan.

Chapter Summary: "It’s a promise, right?“

Enjoy the read~!

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The young princess' search was interruptes when she was violently pushed up against a nearby wall by the tall, menacing knight. "Kyaaaaaa!!!" Charlotte-chan cried out, now pinned to the wall by the two armor plated arms. "Ehhh?!!?! Lee-senpai? What are you doing?" She blushed madly, looking deep into his drunk shonen eyes.

*stereotypical anime delinquent voice* n a n d a t ooooooooooo

so here’s what i wanna see.. i wanna see bellamy staying with the delinquents and with jasper because he doesn’t believe he wants to be saved (i don’t want that to happen, but it already has so work with ya got) and i want clarke to convince him that he’s worth saving and for her to say something more than “i need you” because in case anybody hasn’t seen 3x05 “i need you” isn’t really cutting it anymore

Self Worth, Poison and Taking a Risk on Love.

2x09: “It’s worth the risk” - Love is weakness”

3x11: “We see you for what you really are… poison to anyone who gets close” and RavenAlie bringing up Bellamy’s past

Since I joined The100 fandom, I’ve been saying this about Bellarke:

Their final obstacle will be Bellamy’s self worth and Clarke’s belief she is a poison to those she lets get close to her heart.

@velvet-tread​ brought up some points that brought be back to that statement and how true I think it is. A lot of us have said they both needed to heal before the get together but I think some were referencing moving on from past lovers. I don’t think that’s it.

Bellamy has seen his worth/value as the protector of Octavia, then Clarke, then the delinquents and then basically everyone since he was six years old. Outside of that, he sees no value in himself. Who is he if he isn’t the protector of someone? He shows is love in the protection of others. How many times has he protected Clarke - or tried to? A lot.

Clarke blames/blamed herself for her a lot of deaths. She told Wells the secret which she thought led to her father’s death. Finn’s love for her got her killed. So did Lexa’s. Well’s is an outlier here but I chalk that up to the writers not knowing where they were headed with Clarke at that point. Clarke not realizing Charlotte being a basketcase wasn’t her fault - more Bellamy’s actually. I guess you could say that if not for Well’s love for her, he wouldn’t have followed her to the ground.

This brings me to their arcs in S4.

Bellamy finding his identity outside the role of his sister’s keeper, finding value in himself, learning to love himself and him being deserving of happiness. Without this arc, he wouldn’t think he was good enough for Clarke and their relationship would be unequal.

For Clarke she first needs to realize that “no choice” is a bad excuse, a way to mentally deal with the choices she’s made. She also said she had no choice to Lexa in 3x03 about her pulling the lever in MW. I believe it’s part of her journey to accept her current self and the decisions she’s made. Those were all conscious choices. I also believe going from thinking you have no choice to making choices in the narritive, it will also be her choice to open herself up to love again and then her choosing Bellamy (I know ppl are afraid Bellamy will be her second choice).

After realizing she did in fact make choices, I want her to forgive herself for those choices and move forward. In 3x13 she also expressed the need to forgive herself. This leads into her belief of being poison to those she let get close to her heart. That, while it’s true people close to her are dead, one by her own hands, there were also lots of other factors - choices others made. Jake made the choice to announce his result to the Ark. Wells made the decision to come to the ground. Finn made the choice to turn himself in. Lexa asked her to stay and came to her room. She alone didn’t cause their deaths. She isn’t a curse. I want to her realize that love is a risk, but a risk worth taking. I’m hoping we get a callback/parallel to 2x09 cementing that Clarke sent Bellamy into that mountain because she was weak and because she thought love was weakness.

These are arcs that I see completed by the season finale, which is why, I see canon Bellarke this season.

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also the actual translation of he jimin hobi scene was 'I don't kiss guys' but the bts staff who translated the video subbed it as 'guys don't kiss' plus I think people have to take into consideration the excessive hyper-masculinity embedded into korean culture, when you're insecure and made fun of for being small and petite that only intensifies

Yeah !!!!
Also at that scene jimin was literally acting like they were pretending to be high school delinquents or something if I remember correctly


The Delinquents + enneagram types [insp.]