[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS Special Stage @ SBS 가요대전 2016


[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS Special Stage @ SBS 가요대전 2016



Ehh. Here goes. I don’t even know how long it’s been since I’ve REALLY blogged because I took a break from the bowl. I was already dull and not really into it because I was working myself hard. This particular date broke me. Ive just been exhausted y'all. To THEE worst date ive had since entering the bowl. (And I’m officially one now)

Kenneth (his real name..I did my research) is a very MANIPULATIVE and DANGEROUS man. Very dangerous ladies. He came to me on tinder looking for a SB right off the bat. It sounded too good to be true and I knew it was. I didn’t want to write this post and its extremely late but Im going to summerize because itd be waaaay too long and embarrassing honestly.

First and foremost for the one week i talked to Kenneth, he used the lure of money to threaten me get me to play his “game” his way. However, I could give a rats ass about a photo of money. Its not real money until its in my purse. The following happened the night we met for dinner…

Before meeting up, he asked what I was wearing. Assuming he wanted to match me or was “unaware” of the dress code I told him. He then asked me what panties I was wearing. When I wouldn’t tell him he sent me the pic of the money again and told me that not telling him would be dangerous. I ignored him but this was the first BIG red flag.

He blew my phone up with calls/texts the entire time I was getting ready and omw to the restaurant. I wasn’t even late…

He refused to eat and lectured/chastised me the entire night for having one glass of wine and for eating the bread at the table. He kept repeating about how alcohol is bad, how I’m going to be drunk, how I shouldn’t drive, that I couldn’t order anymore and to never drink while I’m out with him again.

A few gentlemen came to respectfully compliment me about how beautiful I was and how lucky he was to have me as a date. He then proceeded to tell me very loudly and explicitly in this QUIET FIVE STAR restaurant about how it turned him on knowing everyone in the restaurant wanted to fuck me. Seriously. Only 3 gentleman came to our table.. then he explained in great detail his fantasy of watching me have sex with older white men because he has a thing for interracial sex b/w OLD white men and YOUNG black girls.

Thoughout the dinner I noticed his flash constantly going off on his phone. I thought it was his text message alerts. I was annoyed but ignored it. Then after the 6/7th time he interrupted me mid sentence to again shout at our table “DAMMIT!”. I asked was he ok and this cockeyed fucker tells me that this entire time he’s been trying to take pictures up my dress but he couldn’t see anything because my legs were crossed and he wanted to see if I really had on panties. I didn’t even try to hide my disgust when I told him I was uncomfortable.

At this point I wanted to go home but he convinced me to go to a strip club. He offered me the requested compensation for my travels when we arrived. It was $20. I drove a truck………also it turned out to be a gay male strip club. The night was getting even more hellish by the minute. As we walk inside he hands me a single crumpled dollar and tells me to hand it to a stripper. I refused and told him it was degrading to both me and the stripper to entertain a single bill. He handed me another and literally pushed me towards the stage. I handed the stripper the money and got slapped in the face with his dick 😑😑😂😂😂😂. My pores hollered!

As i walked back he handed me a 20 and whispered about how that turned him on and how he had already masturbated to me several times that day and how he’ll get off on this too and how he hasn’t missed a single day of masturbating since HS. SOMEONE INSERT THAT NICKI MINAJ MEME OF MEEK WHISPERING IN HER EAR CAUSE THAT’S HOW I FELT!

A stripper walks up to me and asks if I want a dance. I ask Kenneth if it’s fine and he’s more for it than I am so I agree. As the stripper is dancing Kenneth is asking me if I’ll show the stripper was panties i have on. The stripper is grinding in between my legs and Kenneth is pulling up my dress. Im pulling my dress dwn and this struggle continues to go on as the stripper puts his hands between my legs. I move his hands. So I’m trying to keep my dress down and keep the strippers hands from between my legs. The stripper has me PENT down on three chair i can’t move or really breathe because his chest is on my face. Kenneth picks up my foot and is sucking my toes. IN THE STRIP CLUB!! Im trying to pull my leg away but he’s got a good grip, plus I’m trying to move the stripper to catch my breath and keep my dress down. The stripper must think he’s doing a good job because he’s moaning in my ear and all that extra shit. Finally he lets up to ducking kiss me on the mouth. That’s IT for me! I push him and tell him I’m done. I finally snatch my foot from Kenneth. Everybody is looking shocked like I wasn’t basically just gang banged in the fucking club. Kenneth gets mad because the stripper kissed me and because he was moaning in my ear. He had to be forced to pay the stripper and he stormed out. I followed behind him and he yells at me for 15 mins i kid you not about how I’m rude and disrespectful. How we were suppose to be exclusive and how I was plotting to meet the stripper at 2:30 am to fuck and his feelings were hurt. Y'all I’ve never been so blown in my fucking life! I cut him off at the 15 min mark and told him that if thinks I’m give his strange ass one more min of my time that he’s delusional.

On my way home he blew my phone up again with 5 calls and fucking TWENTY TWO messages ( broken up thoughout the night and next morning of course/ longest message in butt hurt POT History) and sent me yet ANOTHER photo of the SAME money with my name, number and the date and was basically pleading, bargaining, then threatening me then finally say “this was in my trunk. I was gonna give it to you tonight. You blew it. Continue to kiss and fool around with whoever you was before me”. Then he sent me one of those “Have a blessed day” gif with the bible 😂😂😂😂😂. I simply told him that I’m on to him and that I’d make sure he never finds another SB again.

I’ve never included a number in a blacklist but if you’re open to it, PLEASE call/ text this number to let him know he’s a piece of shit or whatever it is that you think of him.

DON’T JUST LIKE. REBLOG TO HELP YOUR SUGAR SISTERS!! I didn’t even want to write this post. It’s embarrassing to take such an L after a full yr in the bowl but it happens. I shared because I want to help so help me spread the word far. REBLOG!


[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS Special Stage @SBS Gayo Daejun 2016