alrighty, with some thinking — i thought this would be the perfect solution for my starter calls and whatnots. i blame myself because when i make starter calls, i get overwhelmed or something happens and i lose them. plus with being a multi-muse blog, it’s tedious to make separate starter calls for each muse i have. So — i decided to make a permanent starter call! by clicking ❤ on this post, this enables me to —

💜 tag you in posts that remind me of our muses.

💜 post random starters for you 

💜 come into your IMs or any social media ( ie. d.iscord or s.kype ) & do some plotting or talking in general.

💜 pop into your inbox for memes, positivity, or anything like that.

💜 be a total meme to you.

this will make things more clean and less stressful on my part. all i ask is for some patience and i promise i’ll get stuff started for us! thanks  ❤ doopy.

Hey everyone sorry about the radio silence lately, I have another con coming up this Saturday and my hard drive frizzled out D^: Have a piece of a button set I was working on (of course one of the only things I have saved is OF ALL THINGS Torbjorn) trying to get my data back, pray for me dudes 😭

so all of these behind the scenes photos for next episode have me thinking about a very particular period fanfiction i wrote and golly gee whiz I don’t think i’ll ever get around to finishing it which sucks because the entire story is mapped out in my brain cavity…dang