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thank you so so much for those who follow me. it truly means a lot and gives me a little encouragement knowing that you like my writing! i have been roleplaying since i was about sixteen and i am nineteen now and i can honestly say that roleplaying has changed my life. i have never felt such a strong desire to write let alone create these stories with you wonderful people. the happiness and excitement i feel when i am able to write with certain muns or when i am writing with my favorite partners or when others want to write with me is genuine. ever since i was a little bean baby, i use to co write a stupid story with my first best friend when we were like seven and now that passion has carried on. not only am i writing amazing little stories, but i’m meeting amazing people and creating a true genuine bond that i cherish. 

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@xhiimera, you lovely little soul. you were one of the first people who formed a true connection with bay and gave me the time of day. i genuinely aspire to be you, i think your writing is wonderful. you hold such talent within your fingers to give a beauitful painted scene and expression of emotions with a few words. it’s truly amazing. i think you’re absolutely wonderful and i want to thank you for listening to me rant and calming me down and accepting the crazy and extremely wild ideas i have for our threads. i am so thankful that i am able to write with you and be your friend. i hope we continue our little threading journey insu! much love to you pal xx 

@blazedfires​, although we don’t thread anymore at the moment, you are genuinely a great soul! i do get a little scared to talk to you sometimes haha, but overall thank you so much for loving kei and offering an amazing angsty and fluffy thread! you are a fantastic writer and truly sweet and caring and i hope you continue to write and you never lose your passion! i also love your little accent hahaha so fucking cute! you’re adorable please continue to be great x 

@obscvne​, YOU GEEK MY FUCKING LIFE! i literally think you’re so funny an we don’t even talk that much. but you always reblog funny memes and funny things and i’m just like wow - this dude is hilarious. NOT to even fucking mention how angsty and wonderful our threads are! you’re a great writer and i truly don’t mind waiting for your replies i hope nobody gives you a hard time in regards to that. can’t wait for you to come back so we can thread, but until then i enjoy seeing your reblogs xx 

@mcrtel, a true gem. you are absolutely wonderful and i appreciate you so much! i know we don’t talk much, but whenever we do we are always so excited about our threads. i truly love bay and joo and rijin and jaeki and im glad i am able to develop my muses and thread with such a wonderful writer and mun! you have true talent and such a kind soul and i hope we continue to write! i hope we have more and more threads and we can become good friends! 

@oitxra​, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THE GRAPHIC. SO WONDERFUL! we’ve only been following and talking for a few days, but you’re literally so sweet and so fucking nice. your muses are incredible and wonderful and so fucking creative. you yourself are a precious stone, like a rare little finding ( little haha short climbing shelves ) i hope we continue to thread and continue to talk! as you were there for me, i will be there for you thank you so much! 

@jcndeuks​, wow lookie here, lookie here. not only are you extremely fucking talented and extremely popular. but you are also really humbling about it and super fucking nice. like i was super intimidated to rp with you and then you messaged me and i was like this sweet little bean oh my god! thank you for also being my little helper ;) i appreciate you and i hope you continue to smile wide and spread some good vibes! 

@hcllchildrcn, YOU ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAV! i hope we continue to chat and become good ole friends! you’re so sweet and so funny and literally i love how excited you get compared to me when we talk about our threads. it genuinely makes me so happy and i am so fucking happy and excited for your replies all the time! wowowowow great soul! i hope we continue to thread and talk, thank you so much for roleplaying with me. 

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i apologize so much if there is someone that i have forgotten. i appreciate everyone that i have ever had the opportunity to speak with or write with! thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to thread with you and chat with you! i love being on here and i love writing and i love seeing everyones threads. i love it all and i hope everyone can remain happy and realize that the world wouldn’t be so pretty without you! youre all wonderful and a true blessing and i hope you all have a great holiday season as well! 


Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash

Keith! When will my Life Begin animatic for the Klance Tangled AU!!

edit:sorry about the fire cracking up. I think it’s the gradient that’s causing the file to become a little corrupt. I’ll try to fix it and update it asap

edit edit: The song is a pitched down version of the original song


There are two sides to every story. Harry and Ginny tell one hundred about how the proposal went because “let me taste another bean” isn’t exactly the “yes” people expect to hear.

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short & sweet ♡

“You did everything you needed to do,” Shouyou said against Kageyama’s lips. “And you’re everything I need you to be.”
“Am I?” Kageyama asked, nearly pleading, and Shouyou nodded.
Heaven Sent, Part 13 [END] | Index

Art by me. Words by @esselley. Our collab blog is @essiecorking​!

And with that, this collaboration is complete! Thank you so much for following along!! T_T <3



a big thank you for 1000+ followers! thank you to everyone who has supported me. i would have never reached this far without all of you! i was supposed to post a mini comic, but it might take a bit longer uwu 

inspired by the song forevermore by side a

1. What’s your first name?

2. How old are you?

3. Where do you live?

4. How tall are you?

5. What colour is your hair?

6. Do you have any siblings? If so are they younger or older than you?

7. What time is it for you right now?

8. Can you dance?

9. Do you have any pets? What are their names and species?

10. What is your eye colour?

11. Are you in a relationship?

12. Have you ever been in a relationship?

13. What is your sexuality?

14. What is your type?

15. Have you had your first kiss?

16. Have you had a sexual experience with same gender?

17. Have you had a sexual experience with someone of a different gender?

18. What is your ideal date?

19. Are you a romantic?

20. Who is your celebrity crush?

21. Do you like to draw?

22. Are you a good singer?

23. What was your best subject at school?

24. Do you enjoy physical activity?

25. Have you ever done a marathon?

26. What is your favourite activity?

27. Have you ever traveled over seas?

28. What would you consider your best skill?

29. Favourite childhood movie?

30. What is your best quality?

31. What is your biggest fandom?

32. What fandoms are you apart of?

33. What is your favourite head cannon about anything?

34. Who is your all time favourite book character?

35. Do you read smutty or fluffy fanfiction? (or fanfiction at all?)

36. What is your favourite book?

37. Why did you choose that particular username?

38. Do you play video games? What is your favourite?

39. What is your all time least favourite fan theory or head cannon about anything?

40. Star Wars or Star Trek?

41. What is your saddest experience?

42. If you could apologise to anyone at all right now, who would you choose and why?

43. What makes you fizz up (get angry)?

44. Have you ever been in a fist fight?

45. What is something you would change about yourself and why?

46. Describe the last dream/nightmare you remember having?

47. What are you like offline?

48. What is your biggest secret?

49. Have you ever committed a crime?

50. What is your most controversial belief?