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[Hey, I’m going to be on shortly. Been up and about today. I wanted to apologize for not being on yesterday. I got up at 630 after three hours of sleep and spent all day at the Toledo Zoo with my mom and my grandparents. We got home at 8 pm and I passed the fuck out and slept til midnight and then took my pills and went to bed for real and slept til ten am. I was exhausted.

But omg I had so much fun. Their zoo is amazing and it’s been so long since I’ve gone. And they’ve got so many amazing animals that we don’t have at my zoo (Though there are a lot we have that they don’t as well). But I got to see some really awesome animals for the first time irl. I saw a maned wolf up close for the first time, my favorite canine species. And they had a cassowary and it was the first time I realized how big they are. And they had tasmanian devils and so many snake species I adore that we don’t have, including taipans and Gabon vipers. It was so awesome and all the animals were really active.]

anonymous asked:

That anon needs to chill, your loki is one of my favourites and your blog is amazing. You reblog whatever you want and if the anon has a problem with it they can take a hike :/ keep up the good work, and remember that your a blessing to our dash.

[Thank you, Nonnie.<3 This really means a lot to me.;;]

{Mainverse} Awake and Alive

This verse is always open for plotting; just the main universe where Loki exists. Some triggers in verse info. Information on this verse can be found here.

{High School AU} Misery Loves Me

Loki’s high school universe; high muse for this verse constantly. Warning: the backstory for this verse has a lot of triggers. Full story can be found here

{Hogwarts AU} The Bird and the Worm

My Harry Potter AU for Loki. Timeline varies for this verse depending on the plot chosen. Wide variety of threads possible. Information found here.

{Pokemon AU} I Choose You

I have two separate Pokemon verses, one in the Pokemon universe itself, and one that is set in the Marvel universe, but with added Pokemon. Information on both verses can be found here.

{Daemon AU} The Beacon

I am very picky about roleplaying in this verse, and it would take a fair amount of plotting to get something started. But I worked hard on this verse and would really enjoy discussing it with someone. Information can be found here and in the linked tags.

Note: Information in these pages is subject to change at any time, as many of them need to be rewritten to begin with. I will not always have muse for all of these verses, and I did leave several verses out that I rarely use. For full verse information, go to this page.