( out of helmet; )

TCW comic I’m too lazy to draw #67289:

A ship full of main characters of the 501st is parked at a medical outpost, picking up supplies and rendezvousing with a transport of new troopers. Some medics are aboard the ship to inspect their facilities and give the shinies their preliminary physicals. Tup is among the shinies. Kix is checking him out (…lol). 

Tup asks something along the lines of how long Kix is aboard before he goes back to the med station.

“Oh no, I stay here. I’m actually your combat medic. They just needed extra hands to get through everyone.”

Tup makes some kind of lame joke about the phrase ‘combat medic’ and whether it means 'medic during combat’ or 'medic via combat.’

Kix chuckles. “Little bit of both. Speaking of–” He gently prises the helmet out of Tup’s hands, then turns suddenly and WHIPS it across the room, nailing another clone in the ankles and making him fall over as he tries to sneak out the door.

“Wrong direction, vod. You’re done when I discharge you.”

The other clone grumbles and hobbles back to bed. Tup giggles quietly.

After seeing @jlassijlali’s screencaps showcasing the kitchen abroad the Ghost.  I couldn’t help but notice the way Ezra’s hair curves away when it reaches the back of his neck.  

Maybe it took this form due to brushing against his high collar.  This kinda reminds me of the way some military helmets sticks out.  

I’m sure there are loads of better examples but the first I’ve thought of is Agent Kallus’ helmet.

Ready for duty Sir! And might I say pleased as punch you picked me.

do u ever just laugh at the fact that they blew up the state Florida just to make sure no one would wonder where the freelancer went

3/1/14 Stadium Series: “I knew (Sharpy) was gonna jump into me, and I think Nick Leddy got caught right in the middle.” - Jonathan Toews (X) (X)

(Poor Leddy, thinking this would just be an ordinary celly, instead of a “WHEE OUTDOOR HOCKEY WHEEEE LOOK AT THE SNOW WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” type of celly.)

Poe: So I heard you got interrogated by Kylo Ren as well. You doing okay?

Rey: Ugh, you have no idea. He started monologuing, then whipped off his dorky helmet, shook out his luscious hair, and started gazing into my eyes. And then we had some strange empathetic mind connection through the Force. Like what the hell?

Poe: ….

Poe: I have the feeling we experienced two very different interrogations.


In which Jason Todd and Bucky Barnes meet at the bar every week for happy hour… and I address something in the New 52 that has been bothering me since I started reading it a few years ago.


Page 11-13 / Chapter 4 / first - previous - next (coming 2017)

in which Snas gets slammed and the artist has no excuse for this part being so short other than: im so sorry, im so lazy and i procrastinate a lot

FiNaGLC belongs to @unrestedjade


Thanks to the Russian motorcycle company Nitronos Motostudio those who like to zoom around on motorcycles can now protect their precious brains by wearing awesome cat-themed helmets. They’re called Neko-helmets and each one features a prominent pair of fiberglass kitty ears. One of them even looks like a grinning Cheshire cat.

“Fiberglass ears are firmly fixed to the body of the helmet, but in case of an accident, they are destroyed without any danger. The ears are performed of through type. Thus, up to a speed of 100 km/h, the ears do not generate additional resistance.”

Visit the Nitronos Motostudio website to check out more of their helmet designs.

Don’t worry if you love cats, but don’t ride motorcycles. You can make your car look like a kitty with our Cat Eyes Auto Sunshade!

[via Bored Panda and RocketNews24]