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Untitled #098 pt 2

A continuation of this 

Sara walked out of the brig, allowing herself a happy grin before schooling her features to that of a Captain on the mission. 

“Please, please tell me that didn’t just happen,” a very disbelieving someone said from just above her ear. She quickly swatted at it, a miniature version of Raymond flying out in front of her. He regrew and took off his helmet, looking at her with a heart breaking expression. 

“Sara, he’s not him. The Legion-”

“Ray, think very, very carefully about what you going to say.”

“But I saw, and heard-”

“You don’t know what you saw. You heard nothing,” she warned. “I need you to remember that you trust me.”

“We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to love, Sara. I don’t exactly know how you and this version of him-”

“This team is what’s important to me. This mission. So I will do whatever I have to do finish it and ensure everyone gets back alive this time.”

Ray looked at her for a moment before realization dawned on him. 

“So you are…with him…I mean…” he fumbled for the words, his face turning red and him getting flustered. She let out a sigh of annoyance when she realized what he was thinking. 

“Sure Raymond, but this stays between us.” 

He nodded, flying off in a rush. 


JSA HQ-1942 


Sara fell behind her team as they headed back for the Waverider. Rex Tyler was running behind her. 

“I need to talk to you, privately,” He added, eyeing Mick as the arsonist watched them. 

“I’ll be ok,” she said to Mick. He nodded at her and walked off.

“If you’ll follow me,” the JSA member said, walking quickly. She followed, keeping her steps light and quick, just in case this went south. 

He led her to a small cafe and sat at a three chaired table, ordering them two coffees. 

“Didn’t think I was your type,” she quipped, taking in the setting. 

“Rex doesn’t really have a thing for blondes. Myself, on the other hand….” a painfully familiar drawl reached her ears as a third person joined them. She reached under her skirt and grabbed the knife from her thigh, aiming for his under the table. She didn’t know if was the shock or if she was loosing her edge, but he stopped by grabbing her wrist. He wasn’t quite fast enough to completely stop the blade, the edge pressed into the skin of his hand. 

She could feel the blood trickling down from his cut onto her wrist as she held his gaze. He was looking at her the same way he had after their kiss. 


Good news: I finally cleaned the helmet!

Bad news: I ran out of white wine vinegar, so I couldn’t make it as clean as possible

Better news: I ordered some Brasso wadding as recommended by numerous armor polishing tutorials. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s like a special material used for polishing metals. This means my helmet is going to look drop-dead gorgeous when I use it.

I’ll keep you all posted. Until then, praise the sun!

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I think you didn't got the ficlet thing... i requested Matt+Shiro, reunite. And Broganes, mothman

Got it now! Thanks for resending.

The leader of the rebel band takes off their helmet, shaking out a head of sweat-soaked brown hair. Next to Shiro Pidge gasps.  

“I don’t believe it,” Shiro breathes, “Matt?”

“That’s what you spent the year doing?” Shiro asks, gaping. “The whole time I was gone?”

“Mothman is real, okay,” Keith says defensively.

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my nan was telling me about the time she met ewan mcgregor outside of his broadway show as she was walking down the street and he signed autographs for awhile patiently with his costars and when they got ready to leave all his costars pushed through the huge crowd and got into limos and oversized blacked out suv’s but ewan snapped on a bicycle helmet and got on a peddle bike and peddled home

december prompts- warm fire

hux ended up back at ren‘s after the finalizer’s life day party so kylo shares his favorite traditions– getting drunk on blue milk eggnog and warming up by the fire of grandpa vader’s helmet …

everything about this scene is precious gold but can we please talk about how Shiro took off his helmet so he could dry out his little hair tuft and how he’s immensely enjoying letting it blow freely in the wind

[gif source]

Ok so I’ve seen some post going around saying what if Shiro heard Lance’s talk about his insecurities through the microphones in the helmets and I just wanted to point out that:

Lance talks about his insecurities in the middle of the episode and near the end of the episode when Lance shoot’s the warden arm to free slav, Shiro says this:

He basically calls lance the team sharpshooter, so my bet is that shiro definitely heard him and he wanted to inform lance that he is important to the team.


Here’s another 2D dialogue test I animated early on for ‘Kubo’, using a classic delivery by Mathew McConaughey from the movie ‘Tropic Thunder’. This test helped to find out what Beetle’s face could do within the restrictions of his helmet, and also introduced the idea that he could gesticulate with all four limbs.

So Rogue One gave us three confirmed people who are permitted to see Vader suitless - his butler and two Red Guards. The latter are almost certainly Palpatine’s agents keeping an eye on him, and there’s a chance the former is as well.

Again, this is in Vader’s Castle of Self-Loathing, what should be his sanctum sanctorum of angst. Yet even there, he is under Palpatine’s watchful eye at all times, even when he’s in his most vulnerable state, limbless and naked. No privacy, no dignity, and nothing he can do about it.

It kind of gives some fun context to that issue from the comics where Vader breaks the neck of a stormtrooper who accidentally sees him without his helmet. He’s lashing out violently to maintain one of the very last illusions he has of any shred of control over his life, even as he symbolically clings to his own suffering.

It also gives some fun context to Anakin voluntarily being unmasked (not even unmasking, but being unmasked ) in front of Luke, finally choosing to allow someone to see his vulnerability, finally knowing he is loved, finally capable of seeing another person and being seen as a person, face to face.

Little Details About Star Wars I Love

-how holograms are blue and glitchy and flicker, showing that even though their technology is advanced everything is so dilapidated

-Asajj Ventress’s perpetually chapped-looking lips

-When everyone cheers because they weren’t killed by the trash compacter but C-3PO thinks they are dying

-tiny Boba Fett going “Get him, Dad! Get Him!” because he supports his violent bounty hunter father like any good son should

-Padme Amidala continuously out dressing everyone

-Rey’s desert flowers, pilot doll, Rebel helmet, and home made from a rusty AT-AT

-Shmi Skywalker nicknaming Anakin “Ani”

-#livinglegend Sabine Wren pausing her mission in an abandoned, creepy Republic base to spray paint her starbird tag on the walls even though no one will probably ever see it

-Clones giving their brothers names because the Republic only gave them numbers

-On that note, Poe naming Finn because the First Order only gave him a number

-Ahsoka Tano’s reverse lightsaber grip

-Princess Leia’s early and mature wisdom

-Vader throwing his lightsaber at Luke so he will SHUT. UP.

-Ezra Bridger’s stormtrooper helmet collection

-Maul and Savage’s intricate full body Dathomir tattoos

-Clones painting their armor

-Sabe posing as Queen Amidala and smiling a little too giddily as she tells the undercover Padme to clean R2-D2

-Skywalker ponchos

-The roar of a TIE fighter

-19 year old Princess Leia smiling as she sasses two of the most dangerous men in the galaxy

-Darth Vader’s clear hatred for the Death Star, and the corresponding anxious body language of his grandson towards the Starkiller Base

-Obi-Wan doing shots in the middle of a chase scene

-The dangerous smile that spreads across Luke’s face as he tells Jabba the Hutt “This will be the last mistake you’ll ever make.”

-Recent developments that hint that when the dying Anakin Skywalker looked into his son’s big blue eyes as he said “I won’t leave you. I’ve got to save you” he is remembering a young Togrutan girl with big blue eyes firmly stating to Vader “I won’t leave you. Not this time” and how he betrayed her

A langst head canon

I just thought of this, but what if one night, Lance just breaks down and is sobbing to himself and he’s looking at himself in his helmet, saying out loud everything he hates about himself and how worthless he feels and like “you’re not good enough”, without knowing that the helmet com was on, and everybody in their rooms just heard something from their helmets, not knowing what (say it’s like late after a battle and everybody doesn’t have the energy to take off the armour) it is and then they hear. Hunk is crying, Pidge is about to break down, Shiro feels so guilty because why didn’t he notice before or pay more attention, Keith is just in shock, Allura is on the verge of tears, and Coran is already making way to lances room. Lance realises his com is on and freaks the fuck out. Coran goes in there and just holds Lance, then the rest of the team come, Hunk being the first just sobbing out apologies and hugging him. This could end two ways, very happy yes yes wee haw, or sad because Lance is like “oh wow I can’t even suffer right”

I was talking with @lovelylangst and this just popped in my very sad mind so like here take it

so we all know this is cassian dressed up as an imperial beating up stormtroopers

what i never noticed before (and i have no idea how i missed it) is that this is also cassian and jyn dressed up as imperials being partners in love beating up stormtroopers TOGETHER


There’s some things I need to change (grey camo instead of green, and the lacing patches up the pants), but this’ll get me through Youmacon at least. Come up and say hi! Take pictures with me!

Tomorrow is super casual Wash, complete with curly straw and a helmet he can’t drink out of.

kor’vas bloodthorn and sira moonwarden on a blind date

kor’vas, looking very nervous and fel-infused, wearing a cool shaldorei silk tux: so uh like… what are your hobbies

sira moonwarden, trying to eat large amounts of spaghetti thru her warden helmet: somewhere out there there are two weird bird things fucking and i wont rest until i’ve paid someone to murder them