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For our caution, is there a way to lose MAJOR trust points? Like to the point of nearly starting over?

I don’t think so. I say this with caution as well because I’ve not come across a single ask in the 1000+ asks i’ve got that could lose major trust points.

if you were to ever lose major trustpoints, chances are you’ll be barred from gaining them for a while or the gain will be extremely slow

while that’s like.. another thing i could add, i’d rather not, as i’m also anxiously excited 2 get to show the secrets hehe. so i’ll prob only keep it to a max of around 10% per question. gain or lose.

most empaths: soft-spoken and kind, but a little offputting. kindly tends to your emotional health with grace.

alina: okay. so i yeah i don’t know what the fuck is going on with you. so i’m gonna bounce. (leaves for a month because she feels to suffocated)

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is aradia native american? bc if so that makes me really happy i’m native and i look really similar to the way you draw her

no shes not but she’s Aboriginal Australian!


((I can’t help but see this as Style??? Someone help me))

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