( my soul and heart t b h )

like not to be a salty bitch but…….revealing that the first character to die within the wolf 359 timeline is gay…..in a throwaway comment about his boyfriend is……….not very good lgbtq+ representation……….when he is the only person in the entire podcast……to canonically be anything other than cishet…….like nice try but…….do not pass go do not collect $200 t b h

Pokemon Sun and Moon according to a guy who's played both games
  • Kukui: Loves his wife. Very pure. Needs a shirt.
  • Hau: I can't believe you fuckin kill him. Brutal.
  • Lillie: G E T I N T H E B A G
  • Gladion: Edgy boy with weird dog
  • Illima: Dreamboat
  • Hala: Would fight anyone to defend Hau
  • Lana: Hunky boy enthusiast
  • Kiawe: Totally dating Hiker David
  • Olivia: Buff cutie patootie, probably Lenora's cousin.
  • Acerola: :3
  • Sophocles: disgusting
  • Nanu: Didn't sign up for this shit. 100% done. Cat person.
  • Mina: Dead inside.
  • Hapu: Absolutely terrifying.
  • Plumeria: Secretly a Splatoon character.
  • Lusamine: Honestly the worst character and genuinely terrifying. I hate her with all my heart and soul.
  • Faba: Bean man who hates children.
  • Wicke: Everyone's mom. Very pure.
  • Mohn: beans motherfucker
Excuse Me—Newt x Reader

Prompt: 8 I With Newt, maybe the words for the reader could be something funny like “have you seen a niffler?” Sorry this kinda sucks

A/N: I am super excited about this one. I was glad I was able to do this today instead of tomorrow. Hope you don’t mind the fluff and that it meets your standards!

You had always wondered why those words. Why did you have “Have you seen a Niffler?” written on your wrist? Why couldn’t it be “Oh that’s a lovely coat!” or “How was that movie?” or at least something normal?

Well you guessed you should have counted it as a blessing. You couldn’t confuse your soul mate with a person not meant for you.

Since you had absolutely no idea what a Niffler was, you decided to research, and to your absolute dismay, you found nothing. People didn’t know anything about this creature aside from the fact that it was small.

The lack of information on magical creatures is what had gotten you into your profession in the first place. You worked at the Ministry of magic as a liaison to different sentient creature groups, specifically Centaurs and Mermaids. And you were sent by the Ministry to see if there were any differences between the British and American species. Really, you thought they just wanted to be rid of you.

You had lived in the city of New York for two years, studying the Mermaid population in the coast. You were just about to go to the muggle bank to find a way to finance a boat for your own experiments. Magic could only go so far. Suddenly a person bumped into you, muttering something about a Niffler.

“Excuse me,” you found yourself saying. “what were you asking about a Niffler?”

The man’s head shot up, pure shock in his face. “H-have you s-seen a Niffler?”

If his face had been shocked, you were bug eyed. And then you smiled, wider than you thought possible. In that instant, your souls connected as your eyes met, and the loneliness you had had since your birth was filled, and the love in your heart for a man you had just met swelled.

“A-after we find my Niffler, d-do you maybe want t-to have tea with me? Oh, I’m Newt b-by the way.”

“I’d be delighted Newt. I’m Y/N and creatures happen to be my specialty. The jewelry store is just around the corner. And then a cafe in a couple blocks. What would you bet that’s where he is?”

Newt smiled, in both pure relief and utter joy. He’d found you, he’d finally found you, and you accepted him instantly; stutter, creatures, and all. His Y/N, Newt mused as he grabbed your hand and ran. Oh he only hoped Pickett wouldn’t get too jealous.


A year had gone by, with the two of you moving back to London. Sometimes, when your careers were pulling you in different directions, it was just nice to hear those beautiful words again. “Have you seen my Niffler?”

iishcuihihviuhs im blushing so h a rd

ahiufhshf i stg gabby is legit the purest person i will ever fu ckin meet on this entire planet

if there’s one person i certainly trust 100%, with my soul, heart and everything, it’d have to be gabby

i’d legit never find another person like her on this planet

asdhoshsofhwiuha gabby eu vou digitar o resto em portugese (sem acento porque essa pc america n a)

gabby sinceramente vc realmente e meu irma de alma, sempre era destinado para ser assim. voce realmente e uma irma para mim, uma irma que realmente e de sangue

se nao fosse voce, eu sinceramente nao era para ter mais luz na minha vida

eu me emocionei muITO durante de assistir ao seu speedpaint

eu tive muito nostalgia quando eu li todos os memes no fim (noizu, lemme smash, no homo, drogaria mais, myssmyss, ii yo, thicc, dicc, e muitomuitomuitomuito mais)

adhddhkdkhsh eu realmente te amo, gabby (no homo ou com homo???), minha culozinha que eu ama tanto uwu

*smoonch* beijo e q u e  i i jo


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the originals

Leave a TV show or movie in my ask box and I’ll tell you…

  • favorite male character: Klaus :D
  • favorite female character: Camille!! <3<3<3
  • least favorite character: Aurora ugh >< hate that crazy b***h
  • prettiest character: it’s a toughie cos I think Davina and Hayley are very pretty too but I have to give the crown to my Queen Camille cos she’s just so beautiful inside and out :’) ( seriously, she’s the heart & soul of the whole fam)
  • funniest character: Josh!
  • favorite season: ugh, this is so damn difficult, I can’t choose man…it’s a tie between S1 & 2. XD
  • favorite episode: Season 2 finale.
  • favorite romantic ship: Klamille!! My OTP from that show :’)<3 <3 <3
  • favorite family ship: Marcel and Davina
  • favorite friend ship: Vincent and Klamille
  • worst ship: Aurora and Klaus (they were just plain toxic and problematic already,  from the very beginning when Klaus betrayed Lucien, his friend at that time)

^ my beautiful precious baby xoxo


                                                                      K̸͜͡  ̶E҉ ͢ ̵̨͢Ý̷  ͘͠B ̴͏ ͘L ́͘ À ͝҉ D̕͝ ͠҉ ̷̧E̴̡ …

                    The hungering hollow howl echoed from a collective memory well passed, but the creature heeded it well all the same. The start. The beginning. This one, this one, this heart, this bright and shining key, t h i s  o n e  s o  m a n y  l i g h t  a n d  d a r k  a n d  l o s t. This one began–this one must end. Resentment and dark things rippled through the shadows cradling the creature’s form, the wills and desires of his fallen kin calling and urging, and he snarled quietly in the deep dark.

                    Shadows parted, and the Heartless slunk out of the darkness and into dim light and a World full of rainbows and greys. A shadow, deep and hidden from Somebody eyes, sketched out a trail before it, and it followed in curious stare until it found the light casting it.

                    It knew that face. Just barely, it could see colors that weren’t quite the same, but the features were the same. Like the one it couldn’t help but spitefully hunt. Like Emptiest. Except, this one was not empty. This one had light and bright and key. This one began, this one would end.

                    He would need to be careful, though; the collective echoed bright warnings against his instincts, stamping impressions of a disjointed tale by lingering shadows that had lasted to see. Static rushes filled with disdain and hatred filled his mind, and the Heartless growled again in irritation, and perhaps loudly enough to be heard this close to the boy.

                                                      “Ỳ̳O̤U͈͍̦͟ S̵̖H̬̖̻̙͉͔͍OÙ̞̥̘̟L̯̜͠D̝̬͈͚̰ ̷̥̺NO̴̝̩̤͍Ṯ̝͉̯̮͟ ̪͉̩B͉Ę̟̫͉̟̟ ͏̱͚͇H̱̜̤E͙̱̪R̝̟̹̯̘̟E̢͚̩̭̪͈̝,” it snarled, echoing the voices of the hearts that had given birth to it in a twisted, single tone. He knew speaking would be risky–it was always the keys and their missions to destroy and cleansebreak them all–but engaging this one would be risky either way. But … he was, in a way, taking a risk himself, wasn’t he?

                    Talons flexed anxiously, eager to strike and poised to defend, but it stayed its hand for now and glared. “BRI͜G͏HT ͘K̸E͢Y̨ AL̸L͘ ͟ALOŅE̛ ÌǸ THE DAR͝K-̶-W͠H̡Y̴?̛” he queried.