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I want you all to meet the newest member of the family. He hasn’t got a name yet so if you want to message your suggestion that would be super cute!
(obviously has to be food themed, we have a couple of thoughts first but I would love to hear yours!)
His breeder suggested his name be James as his leg rung is 007. I do think it is a pretty cute name.
He won’t be coming home for a couple of weeks cause he isn’t fully weaned bit I am already in love 😍

A full review of the breeder and the birds will be coming up next!

lopsided-whiskey-grin  asked:

Are you still wanting prompts? I would like to request destiel and Dean trying to teach Cas how to drive a stick shift :) I think that'd be cute and funny and I definitely need that tonight

Ooo this will be hard. idek how a stick-shift works! Also I wrote this as a HS AU because canon verse destiel and I don’t get along. 

“No….no…NO! CAS STOP!” Dean yelled in a panicked voice as Castiel almost hit a tree behind them. Dean put his hands on the dashboard and took a few breaths of air.

“What did I do now, Dean?” Castiel asked, his hands folded on his lap; knowing very well what he did.

“I know I promised you I’d teach you how to drive a stick, but I didn’t think I would die in the process.” He said with a small smile.

“You think teaching me is hopeless, huh?” Castiel asked with a smile.

“No. I just don’t understand why you want to learn so bad.” Dean sat up, “Alright, let’s try again.”


Eventually, Dean got Castiel on the road and he was doing fairly well. “See, it’s just like playing video games.” He said as he squeezed Castiel’s thigh. “

“You know how we’re going to prom?” Castiel asked Dean out of the blue.

“Yes.” Dean asked in a questionable tone.  What does this have to do with driving?

“Well the reason I want to learn how to drive a stick is because I want to take you there in a nice car and not my crappy one.” His cheeks flushed pink.

Dean was also blushing now, “But I like your car, angel.”

“I know, but I want it to be special. It won’t be very fun if my car decides to break down.” He smiles at Dean briefly. 

“You didn’t have to do this for me. I would have had fun walking to prom if you car broke down. “

“Promise?” Castiel asks, ‘Because I think I may kill us both if I try to attempt this again.” 

Dean chuckles, “No more driving?” Castiel shakes his head no and pulled the car to the side. 

“You’re too good to me.” Dean said before kissing Castiel. They then switched spots and Dean drove back to Castiel’s house. They then cuddled all night long and laughed about Castiel almost killing them both.