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↪ A Game of Thrones, XLIV, Sansa III

 Father looked at her strangely. “Gods,” he swore softly, “out of the mouth of babes …

 He shouted for Septa Mordane. To the girls he said, "I am looking for a fast trading galley to take you home. These days, the sea is safer than the kingsroad. You will sail as soon as I can find a proper ship, with Septa Mordane and a complement of guards … and yes, with Syrio Forel, if he agrees to enter my service. But say nothing of this. It’s better if no one knows of our plans. We’ll talk again tomorrow.

 Sansa cried as Septa Mordane marched them down the steps. They were going to take it all away; the tournaments and the court and her prince, everything, they were going to send her back to the bleak grey walls of Winterfell and lock her up forever. Her life was over before it had begun.

Day 100

Vento Aureo is not confirmed.

Diamond is Unbreakable began airing one year ago on April 1st 2016.

I had no gag planned for today all this time.

The real joke here is day 100 landing here. We made fools of ourselves.