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anonymous asked:

lap dance for pony?

-Gets a boner in 2 seconds flat, holy shit boy
-Leans back and grinds against you
-Heavy breathing
-Desperate moans and grabby hands
-His cheeks get super flushed
-Either y’all need to go to the bedroom right now or he’ll quite literally cum in his pants

radioactivibee  asked:

A very small, yellow sparkling makes grabby hands at Drift. He bounces and giggles, chirps interrupted by a litany of, "Up, up, up!"

Blue optics brighten down at the hatchling, and his vents give a soft gasp, both shocked and awed by the tiny thing that had appeared at his peds seemingly out of nowhere; and it’s all alone too! Without caretaker or provider to watch over it! “Primus, how did you get all the way out here, little one?” He quickly bows to lift the yellow hatchling from under its arms, raising it up out of harms way, just like it had so asked of him. There’s a brief flash of recognition that passes in his processor as he examines the hatchling’s features, but whatever it is is quickly pushed aside by the innate instinct to protect… At least until he’s found someone better suited.

ayothugdere  asked:

The Zen one was so DAMN SEXY OMGGGGGGGG. I literally loved the gang au! Call me a sucker for Romeo and Juliet tropes but everything about this HC was beautifully written from the hot smut to the angst to Zen's inner feelings!!!! BRAVO ONCE AGAIN!

Ahhh me tooo meeee tooo @ayothugdere!! Give me anything Romeo and juliet or Shakespeare related at all and I am down! I am there!! *grabby hands*

I’m so happy enjoyed it my darling! It was for you after all ^_^ however I hope you can continue to enjoy the rest of them ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks for sending through the ask bubs- having a lot of fun with them!!!


I recently taught my #ratties the art of pea fishing! Initially they were horrified of the water, but #Miwa my brave little one, decided to go for it and the others finally followed. #Cute little grabby hands!!! I’m so in #love 💖

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Dirty Laundry

Request I picked up from @wwe-smutfics: Anon: QUOTE SERIES: Johnny Gargano. The two of you are relatively new roommates with the quote “I DIDN’T MEAN TO WALK IN ON YOU NAKED AGAIN! YOU REALLY NEED TO LEARN TO LOCK YOUR DOOR!“

Summary: Life wasn’t perfect. Most people weren’t perfect. My ability to spot trustworthy people wasn’t perfect. But Johnny Gargano? Oh yeah, he was perfect in every sense. Except his issue with locking doors and leaving his dirty clothes in the hallway. Ambiguous gender reader character.

Warnings: Admiring of a butt [Johnny’s], swearing, theft, skeevy ex, seeing the roommate without clothes on, and Raini’s usual potty mouth.

Rating: High PG-13?

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